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Reiki Quick Tip – Feeling the Reiki Energy in the Beginning

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

I know it’s sometimes hard to feel the Reiki energy when working on ourselves, especially in the beginning when we are new to Reiki and our hands and bodies are not as sensitive to the energy yet.

This will change with more practice, it will.  Your hands will get more sensitive to the subtle energy and your mind will learn to be still and be able to tap into the feelings that the subtle energy creates.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, machines and science cannot detect this energy, but humans can FEEL it.

However, feeling the energy is what makes it so magical, so mystical and helps us feel so connected to our Higher Power.  Feeling the sensations of the energy is what most of my students tell me they want, but don’t feel, when working on themselves- at first.

I always feel the Byoseen (subtle energy feelings) much stronger when working on others, so in the beginning, I just worked on other people a whole lot, every chance I got.

**But knowing that daily Reiki on ourselves is the most important thing we can do for our own healing, how do we motivate ourselves to work ON ourselves when we can’t FEEL the Reiki running?

Quick Tip to Feeling the Reiki in the Beginning

**When doing a Reiki treatment on yourself, hold your hands an inch or two above your body.  We can often feel the play of energy off the body better if we are not touching it directly.  This works great for self treatment or treatment on others.  Give it a try and see if you feel a difference or not.  Once we can feel the energy more, we are more motivated to actually DO our daily self treatment.  Some people feel the energy more on the body, try both ways and see what works for you.  Pretty soon, you’ll be feeling it no matter how you DO IT.

Hope this helps.  Have fun with your Reiki.  Try new things and listen to your Divine Reiki Guides, they will give you ideas like this too.

Reiki Blessings,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

private email, phone or Skype sessions available

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Reiki Stories – Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle/Behcet’s Diesease

Reprinted from the Reiki News Magazine Winter 2014 issue

If you have taken a Reiki class or thinking about it and are not yet familiar with the Reiki News Magazine, I am here to say, this is a wonderful resource not to be missed out on.  I have stacks and stacks of these magazines that I keep through the years and reread. Plus I have them available for check out in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library.

The articles give me inspiration, ideas and motivation by hearing other Reiki stories from other Reiki Practitioners.  The magazine comes quarterly so you don’t get overwhelmed, but you are excited by the time the new one comes.  I highly recommend getting a subscription at any level of Reiki you are at.

Here is a story of physical healing that happened quite over night from the Winter 2014 issue.  Short and sweet, but powerful.  I pray it gives you some ideas about what is possible with Reiki.

Blessings, Josslyn

Most of the stories in this section of Reiki News Magazine have been documented by before and after medical tests and the observations of licensed health care providers.  Please note that while Reiki can cause miraculous healing, it does not always do so.  However most patients receive some level of healing with the minimum benefit being relaxation and stress reduction.  If you have medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that you use Reiki in conjunction with the help of a licensed health care provider.

Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle

My husband tore his calf muscle playing soccer.  The bleeding under the skin was visible immediately, and he couldn’t bear weight on his leg.  The chiropractor told him that he would be on the sidelines for six weeks.  He was devastated.  That night I gave Reiki to his calf muscle by simply cupping the injured calf muscle in my hands.  I held it for about 20 minutes in that one spot.  After 10 – 15 minutes my husband and I started to feel a massaging sensation under the skin.  My husband asked, “What is that?”  I replied that I didn’t know and suggested that we just go with it.  The massaging sensation was like a series of waves flowing back and forth.  I held the position until the movement stopped.  the next day my husband was walking, in no pain and with no limp.  the chiropractor declared him fit to play the following Saturday and was scratching his head as to how my husband could have healed so quickly!  –Alex Midwife

Story #2 lets us know what healing is possible with a Reiki Attunement

Behcet’s Disease Healed with Reiki

I had an incurable and devastating illness called Behcet’s Disease.  My symptoms were painful and life shattering including losing my eyesight.  Always intuitive, I knew there was a reason for my experiencing this ‘whole’ body illness.  I intuitively knew that I would be able to heal myself.  I became an ordained minister through the study of the Teleios Technique with Dr. Jim Cox.  Then I began certification in Reiki.  The night of the Reiki I attunement I had a dream about a white light that surrounded my body and entered through the top of my head (crown chakra).  This white light renewed and restored every cell in my body.  That was November 15, 1996.  I have not had a symptom of Behcet’s since that day.  In fact, I am now 60 but I look younger than I did in 1996.  By the way, Behcet’s Disease is described as “No Hope- No Cure.”  —Billie Watkins, M. Div., Minister



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Q & A : How Can I Run More Reiki Energy?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Benefits-of-ReikiQuestion: One of the questions I get a lot is,  “How can I run more energy?” or “How can I be a better channel for the Reiki energy?”

The Quick Answer:  Practice, practice and more practice.  Daily Self Reiki is the key.  Plus, eating and living a healthy and spiritual life, meditating, looking in the mirror, practicing what we preach, and honing our skills as a channel for the Reiki energy.

The Longer But More Thorough Answer

Some people have expressed to me that because Reiki is Divine energy it should be easy for everyone to run it the same.  Maybe, but all of our bodies are different with different abilities.  We can’t all sing the same, or do gymnastics the same, why would we expect to all run Reiki the same.  Hmmm…something to ponder.Potters

Yes, the Reiki is from Divine and once attuned, always attuned.  But, our bodies are still human and we channel Reiki through our human bodies.  Some people have physical bodies that are naturally tuned to channeling Reiki and others will need to practice at it a bit more.  It is like this with pretty much any skill, some are naturally good at pottery the first time they take a class, (not me) others will have to practice more.   For many of my Reiki I students, channeling Reiki is their first time channeling anything energetically through their physical body at all.  Many don’t meditate until after my class or do energy work.  So, this is something that is all new to their bodies.  All new, at any new skill, takes practice, even with Reiki.

Example: Singing Gift vs Reiki Gift

I truly believe that we come into this life with the God-given gifts that we require to be successful in our specific life goal.  I believe with Divine’s help, we chose these gifts carefully beforehand.  Some of us chose determination, some chose patience, forgiveness, calmness, motivation, or courage.  I believe we also chose abilities for our human body such as, some of us need to be amazing scientists, writers, dancers, artists, and others need to be excellent channelers of Divine Energy. No matter what, we have the gifts that we need in order to be successful in this life.  It is up to us to break through our fears and hone these gifts like a professional singer does.  Practice, practice and more practice.  Then be grateful for the gifts we have and we will be showered with even more abundance in this area of our lives.

The Harlem Gospel Singers
The Harlem Gospel Singers

I compare the ability to channel Reiki to singing, another gift from Divine.  Again, I believe people who need a particular singing voice will choose biologically a family combination that will allow them to have this musical talent.  Some people have beautiful singing voices from childhood.  However, they still practice and practice to hone their skill if singing is important to them.  Some people are naturals at it, others take more practice but can still be great, others have great singing voices for themselves or their shower, but don’t necessarily want to sing to the world.  It’s all good.  It is all Divine and perfect for us and our needs. But, if someone wants to improve their singing voice, they will need to practice and possibly work with a coach.

Reiki Practice

This is the same with Reiki.  If you want to do Reiki to heal yourself only, you still need to practice on yourself, daily.  YES, DAILY.  (If you actually want results)  If you want to do Reiki on others, you’ll need to practice on others and for the Highest Good, study with a Reiki Master to get help along the way or establish a very strong Love and Light connection with your Reiki Guides.  Preferably both.  If someone wants to be a Reiki Master/Teacher, this in turn will take more practice, more time, more help, more honing, more experience, etc.

Divinely Reiki

Just because Reiki comes from a Divine source it doesn’t mean we still don’t have lessons to learn about channeling Reiki energy through our human bodies.  Most of us do.  Most of us are working with the Reiki in the first place to help us with these issues.  So, sorry if you don’t want to hear it, but… “PRACTICE MAKES BETTER.”  Yes, even in Reiki, practice makes better.  You’ll feel better, be able to run more energy better, be able to FEEL the energy in your hands and body better, be able to manifest the things and life you want better.  All of the above.  JUST DO IT!

It’s worth it!

In Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Q & A – Reiki Starting BEFORE the Session Starts

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


Hi Joss,

I was wondering if you start to feel things (Reiki) working  when someone asks for sessions with you.  I am finding that as soon as someone asks me about having a Reiki session, things start working. I feel their energy allowing the Reiki from me to start some of the work.

Love and Blessings,

Sharon from Battleground, WA


Josslyn’s email back to Sharon

Hi Sharon, yes, this can happen.  Once a person decides to have a Reiki session and chooses a practitioner, the Reiki can start flowing right away.  This depends upon the client’s higher self (soul self) and what they need and want.  If they need the Reiki right away to start preparing them for the session, or because they really need immediate healing, then they can start drawing it right away.  It is up to you, of course, to allow this or not.  We all have free will.  Make sure it is within your boundaries to allow this or not.   Is it comfortable for you?  Are you accepting of this happening?  If you are not ready for this step yet, simply tell your Reiki Guides your intentions and ask them to help you find a solution that works for both you and your client.
Building Up the Ability to Run Reiki A lot
For some new to Reiki,their physical bodies may not be used to the amount of energy flowing through it yet.   Running Reiki all the time or when not expected to be doing it (check your boundaries), could sometimes tire them out.  Our bodies will gain the ability to run more energy and more often as we practice more often in our Reiki sessions, both on ourselves and on others.  This will get better in time as we practice more and our bodies gets more used to it.  Some new practitioners to Reiki may already be on the spiritual path prior to taking a Reiki class, doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy, doing other energy work, etc. so their bodies may be set up and ready to run Reiki more than others.  Some people may have physical bodies that are just made for this and have no issues at all with running the Reiki even all the time.

Practicing your Reiki Gassho Meditation daily will help your body adjust to running Reiki energy and help you to be able to run more Reiki, more often.
Practicing your Reiki Gassho Meditation daily will help your body adjust to running Reiki energy and help you to be able to run more Reiki, more often.

Everyone is different and we must not compare ourselves to anyone else.  Reiki is perfect for all of us at exactly the right time, teaching us as we go, as we practice.  For me, due to some chronic illness, I had to build up to this ability and it took some time and practice.  But, I got there.  I worked on my grounding, my boundaries and I really focused on being grateful for simply having the Reiki and being able to channel it.  Being grateful for where we are on our path at that time, no matter where it is, is very important to the Reiki path and being able to run more Reiki.  It was for me anyway.

Possible Solution
You might want to get a Reiki box or some designated box/bowl to put people’s names in and allow the box to act as the channel.  That way your body is not channeling to others all the time.

I purchase my Reiki Boxes from Mary Riposo at ........ for about $10 each.  They make wonderful gifts for people who work with Reiki.  That is how I got mine, a gift from a dear friend.
I purchase my Reiki Boxes from Mary Riposo at Integrated Energy Healing for about $10 each. They make wonderful gifts for people who work with Reiki. That is how I got mine, a gift from a dear friend.

I use a Reiki Box that has been charged with Reiki and Reiki Symbols and can thus channel the Reiki all the time, even when I’m not putting my hands on it and running Reiki.  I keep the box next to my bed and do Reiki on it almost every night before bed. It’s become a beautiful spiritual ritual of helping others and I feel good about doing it.  This seems to help me.  That way I can ask if people want to be receiving Reiki before during and after a session and you can put them in the box.

Please let me know if this did not answer your question,


Thank you Joss,
That is so helpful! I love the idea of a Reiki box. The Reiki was very strong with a new client the other day. The strongest I had experienced. She wants to work with me more and I’ll discuss this with her.  I’m excited to be working with a new client that I don’t know. Somehow it helps me in receiving the confirmation from a person I don’t know. I am amazed daily by the way Reiki works in my life and makes it so much more…I don’t even have a word for it. I ‘Reikied’ my office space at work. I can feel the entire office sighing in relief.
I miss you so much!


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Crystal Bowl Healing Circle in Sequim, WA

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Last week we had a special treat in our small town of Sequim, WA.  (Sk-wim)  A new couple who moved to Sequim from Texas recently hosted a crystal bowl introduction and healing circle.  Pat Coughlin Mawson is a certified Hypnotherapist and apparently her and her husband also have a passion for sound healing.  They’ve only been here four months and are already holding community events.  I’m very excited about sound healing and have wonderful memories from the powerful singing bowl healing I had in Sedona, AZ eight years ago.  So, even though my mom was visiting, I felt strongly that I needed to attend this healing session.  Luckily my mom was pretty open to a new experience and decided to come with me, along with eleven Reiki friends.

Me with my mom.  I'm playing the quartz crystal bowl which everyone kept saying sounded like it was talking.  This was my first time successfully playing the singing bowls.  Once I got a few tips, it was quite easy.  There were six bowls total and two of them were very large.  If I couldn't tell if my bowl was 'working' I'd hold the balloon up close and could feel the vibrations of the balloon much easier.I could hear the bowls that were not near me easier than the one I was playing.
Me with my mom. I’m playing the quartz crystal bowl which everyone kept saying sounded like it was talking. This was my first time successfully playing the singing bowls. Once I got a few tips, it was quite easy. There were six bowls total and two of them were very large. If I couldn’t tell if my bowl was ‘working’ I’d hold the balloon up close and could feel the vibrations of the balloon much easier. I could hear the bowls that were not near me easier than the one I was playing.  Their sound and vibrations were brilliant and powerful and just plain lovely to be around.

What a fabulous evening it was.  I’m so inspired I am now on the hunt for the perfect quartz crystal singing bowl for my Reiki room.  I can’t wait to incorporate this into my healing sessions along with my drum.  I have said it before, my guides have been giving me messages for the last couple of years that sound healing is the healing of the future.  I am starting now!  More about how it felt, continue reading.

Healing Power of Crystal Singing Bowls

from pamphlet by Pat Coughlin-Mawson, C.Ht.

Crystal singing bowls are made of pure quartz.  The human body has many crystalline structures, such as our bones, DNA, and blood.  These structures have a natural resonance with quartz.  Even our cells contain silica, the same substance found in quartz.  These natural affinities make these crystal singing bowls naturally healing to our bodies.  Quartz crystal singing bowls, unlike their Tibetan counterparts, can also be tuned to a specific note.  This makes them perfect for sound healing and the balancing of specific chakras.

Research on Healing with Sound

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, the Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, has done extensive research on singing bowls and their effects on the body and emotions.  He has found, we are bombarded with disharmony on a daily basis.  We all have a natural inner harmony.  But, every day, day in and day out, we are exposed to disharmony-loud noises, horns honking, people yelling, doors slamming, and on and on.  All these noises generate vibrations which our body feels.  disharmony is inevitable.  If we return harmony to our body, our lives can be transformed.  Singing bowls show astounding results for helping bring harmony back to our bodies.  Dr. Gaynor has used singing bowls with his patients with astounding results.  A diagnosis of cancer can create an extraordinary fear in a patient.  When Dr. Gaynor treats them with singing bowls, they are suddenly relieved of their fear and able to live in the moment.  He has seen marital problems, job related stress or illness relieved.  Everything in our lives can be transformed when we are in harmony.

For more about Dr. Gaynor’s research and sound healing look into his book The Healing Power of Sound.  I got it for about $9 on Amazon used.  


Many of the people were able to put their feet in the bowls and feel the vibrations throughout their whole body.  My friend Gigi  did this and said it tickled.  I heard others say that they felt vibrations radiating through their entire being all at the same time.
Many of the people were able to put their feet in the bowls and feel the vibrations throughout their whole body. My friend Gigi did this and said it tickled. I heard others say that they felt vibrations radiating through their entire being all at the same time.

The crystal singing bowls is one of those healings that you just have to experience for yourselves.  Pat and her husband plan to do these healings once per quarter if you’d like to get on their email list.  Or get on mine and I’ll forward the event updates to you.  We all got a chance to sit in the center of all the bowls going all at once.  I could hear each of them in their own magnificent way and feel the vibrations coming from all sides.  I could feel it through my whole body at times, at other times I could feel it working in my chakras.  It was intense.  I felt my chakras opening up, I felt the healing energy moving through me and I felt myself fill with such gratitude  that I started to tear up and weep.  This often happens for me when I feel such powerful gratitude coming from Divine healing.  It is the greatest, fullest, most loving feeling I have experienced.  So magnificent and helps me feel one with our Divine Source.

Run Your Reiki Too

Of course, I bring my Reiki and my Reiki guides with me to any healing session. I typically activate the Reiki prior to going in or if I forget, I’ll do it before the session begins.  The Reiki surrounds me with spiritual power so I can bring in the best and most beautiful of the vibrations and let go of all the ‘old’ and unneeded energy.  The Reiki brings in powerful Divine protection to make sure I don’t take on any energy from other people in the group and to make sure that all ‘old’ energy that leaves me goes to the highest and best place possible for healing.  I send mine to Mother Earth or to the Angels to take it to Heaven to be “recycled” into love again. The Reiki also fills and surrounds me with spiritual support; intuitive ideas, guidelines, visions and suggestions for getting the most out of my experience.  Such as, which intention to work with, when exactly my chakras are open and ready to move into the center for healing, etc.  Reiki is with me throughout the whole experience making sure it is ALL IN PERFECT  DIVINE ORDER and that I leave feeling blissful and healed.  This is a particularly important step if you are a sensitive person.

Experiencing or Buying a Singing Bowl

I recommend, just like with stones, finding a place that sells bowls if you want to try them.  Play them all that are available to play and get a feel for the vibration.  If you want to purchase one, choose with your intuition.  Choose the one that you are drawn to the most.  Walk away for a bit and look at other things in the store.  The bowl that you keep thinking about, that is YOUR bowl.  If you do not have a place near by and want to purchase one off of the internet, again, use your intuition to select a site to buy from.  Pray to your Reiki guides or directly to your Higher Power to make sure they send you the perfect bowl for your healing.  Put emotion into it, let Divine know how you want to use the bowl and why you want it and TRUST that what you get is perfect for you and your needs.

I pray many of you get to experience these beautiful healing tools.  You may just fall in love like I did.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829


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My First Energy Ball

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

My first proof of the universe as energy came the first time I felt energy between my hands.  That was about 16 years ago.  I was a newly wed and my husband and I were seeing an acupuncturist and herbal medicine doctor for the first time.  She was an American who had studied in China and also did an energy healing technique from India called Pranic Healing.  She could tell we were newbies and was patiently teaching us about alternative medicine and more.  On one of these visits when Robert and I happened to be together she taught us how to create an energy ball between our hands.  She got the energy flowing and helped us by adding energy from her Pranic Healing techniques.  I was unable to make the ball by myself and needed help.  My husband was able to do it right away by himself.  He still teases me about that.

But, with help,  I felt the energy.  I couldn’t see it, it wasn’t there, but it was there.  I felt it so tangibly in my hands, it felt just like a medium-sized rubber ball in my hands but it was invisible.  I was blown away, totally and completely blown away.  That was my ‘A Ha’ moment and it has stayed with me all this time and stays with me when I teach my classes.

That moment was the moment I ‘woke up’ to energy, woke up to the universe around me, woke up to my true belief in God being all around us every minute of every day.  It was the moment that literally changed my life forever.  To me, it was the first moment I was aware that magic existed.  I had stepped into the magic world of Oz and didn’t even know it.  I know it now.

It is best to be grounded, centered and focused with intention when doing any spiritual work.
It is best to be grounded, centered and focused with intention when doing any spiritual work.

Energy Ball

Many people can make and feel an energy ball without having Reiki or Pranic Healing in their hands; but for many it takes practice and help.  I had a lot of medical issues at the time, my personal life force energy was low and had difficulty getting enough energy centered in one place without help.  But, I have found, when one is attuned to Reiki, this is not an issue at all.  Everyone can create and feel an energy ball between their hands with the Reiki energy flowing.  I do this with my kids Reiki circles almost every time.  They all love it and ask for it regularly because FEELING is BELIEVING.  FEELING energy is PROOF to many of us that the invisible is still real.  It was enough for me and it is enough for the kids, what about you?

How to make an Energy Ball

I’m sure there are more techniques, but here is mine, or one of them.  Practice, practice and more practice.  If you can get the hang of it, it is a lot of fun and blows people away.  Teenagers love this.

Having an energy ball between your hands looks something like this. Notice his hands are a bit farther apart and his fingers are together. Photo by EmptyxFx
Having an energy ball between your hands looks something like this. Notice the hands are a bit farther apart and his fingers are together. Photo by EmptyxFx
  1. Breathe, get yourself grounded to your God, Divine Source, Creator, Great Spirit, whatever name feels right to you.
  2. Thank Divine Source for being with you and kindly ask that you be surrounded with power, protection and support while you do this spiritual activity.
  3. Breathe, get yourself grounded to Mother Earth.
  4. Breath, get yourself centered and focused on your energy field where ever you feel your center to be, your solar plexus, heart or the center of your head.
  5. Continue with your breathing while you rub your hands together for a few seconds and get them warmed up.
  6. Open and close your hands with your fingers together about ten times with the intention of opening and activating your palm chakras.  Rub them a bit more if you like, it doesn’t take much though.
  7. Place your hands about four inches apart and breath more.
  8. Intend with your thoughts and feelings that Life Force Energy from your God will accumulate between your hands.
  9. Slowly and with intention move your hands in and out just an inch or so until you feel something between your hands.  It may feel like a rubber ball in between your hands, it may feel like heat, or tingling, cold or fire in between your hands or it may just feel like a very slight presence.
  10. Keep breathing with intention and keep moving your hands in and out slightly until you feel energy there.
  11. Once you FEEL the energy then you can move your hands out a bit farther and farther and PLAY with the energy a bit.
  13. If you are not able to feel this but a friend is, then have them add their energy to yours and see if this helps so you can feel the energy.  This does take some practice for many people.  I was not truly able to do this myself until a great deal of practice and having Reiki in my hands has helped a whole lot.

Have Fun, Be Safe

Have fun with it but please play responsibly as with any spiritual tool, always call in your Divine Source to be with you for power, protection and support.  I don’t do ANYTHING without my Divine Source protection all around me, especially spiritual work.  You can do this by tuning into your God and asking, or you can tune in and surround yourself with Love and Light of a beautiful color, like soft white or pastel pink.  Lovely colors are very powerful protectors and they feel good too.  But, that is a whole other blog.

Do you remember your A Ha moment?  I’d love to hear about it.  Please comment below.

In Love and LIght of our Divine Creator,

Josslyn Streett or 360-460-7829

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Heat in Your Hands

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

Years ago, before we had kids, my husband and I for fun, yes for fun, would drive over an hour to the valley in Southern California to go see a British medium named Brian Hurst.  (I have his books in my lending library, one of them is “Heaven Can Help.” Come check it out, it’s great.)  He worked out of his home.   One Saturday night a month he opened up his home to about 40 people for a group reading evening.  (I believe he still does this, check out his website for HOW to get in on it.)

Please, please, please don't ever attempt a seance without a well experienced and qualified medium or psychic to help you.  As well as, never do anything of a spiritual nature without calling on your Divine Source of Love and Light first.  This is very important.
Please, please, please don’t ever attempt a seance without a well experienced and qualified medium or psychic to help you. As well as, do not do anything of a spiritual nature without calling on your Divine Source of Love and Light first. This is very important.


Some people call them seances but I’ve never felt comfortable with that term.  Having a reading has never been for me like they show in the movies with all the costume and drama.  I don’t much care for that image of mystics from the movies personally other than at Halloween and on board walks while on vacation at some hoaky touristy place.  At Brain’s we all sat in fold up chairs in rows with him at the front, in his living room/dining room combo, just talking to whoever came though for the loved ones in the room.  The more vocal spirits usually came though first.  It was quite normal to us.

To get a seat to this event you had to call far in advance and only on the first day of each month at a certain hour for only one hour.  I believe he still does it this way so people are not calling him all month-long.  You must follow this procedure for a reservation because he fills up quickly and he sticks to it.  For a small amount of money (I don’t remember how much it was, but I’m thinking around $20 a person) you could go to a medium reading session and maybe get a personal reading or maybe not.  But, personal sessions are expensive and if you didn’t have the money or want to spend that, this was a great deal.  And better yet, a great experience.  I can say, it was always interesting and healing for me.

Comic by John Crowther, it's important to have a sense of humor about these things.
Comic by John Crowther, it’s important to have a sense of humor about these things.

An Uplifting Event

We often took friends or other family members, some were believers some were not sure.  Most were won over by the time we left.  Since Robert and I had already had private readings prior, we mostly went to hear the other readings.  I went to hear the stories of love and life.  You might think that going to talk to people who have died would be depressing.  To me it was always the exact opposite.  To me I left feeling better about the world, less weighed down, with less fear of dying myself and usually feeling quite uplifted and lighter.  Most of the readings were about love.  These loved ones who had passed on to what I call Heaven were coming to this man to send their message of love and survival beyond the earthly plane.  To me, how could that be anything but uplifting?

The Reading that Changed My Life

But, one night, I heard a reading that changed my life in ways I had no idea until today when Divine told me it was time to write about it.  The reading that left an imprint on my human self and gave me direction without even knowing it.

One Saturday night we were there listening to the readings.  Brian came to read a man, I’ll call him Ted.   He was to Brian’s left in the front row of the dining room area and we were to Brian’s right in the back in the living room area.  We could see Ted from the front where usually we saw many people’s backs as they spoke.  Ted was an attractive black man in his early thirties, and when he stood up I noticed he was very tall with very large hands.  He could have seemed intimidating to some, being that he was so tall but he had a very humble and gentle appearance to me right off the bat.  He was shy at first, as many are when they believe they will have a loved one  come though to them.

The deceased loved one who came though turned out to be not a relative or a significant other, but a client of this man.  He was an elderly man who had died from cancer and  Ted had been his massage therapist.  But, he was more than a massage therapist as Brian went on with the reading.  The deceased client was thanking Ted for his compassion, his healing and his friendship.  They had worked together for the whole time frame that this man had been fighting the cancer and went to Ted for stress relief and relaxation.  The two men had become friends and obviously good friends to the end if this man came to Brian to talk to him.  His gratitude for this man and his friendship was overwhelming.  Many in the audience were tearing up including me.  It was a reading to remember for sure even without what happened next.  For me, it was the reading that changed my life.

Healing Heat in Your Hands

It doesn't feel this hot most of the time, but you get the idea.
It doesn’t feel this hot most of the time, but you get the idea.

Brian relayed the elderly man’s message with tenderness as he always did.  He said to Ted that when he would do massage on his client his hands would heat up and healing energy from God would come though his hands.  The client in Heaven was telling Ted this.  I was astounded.  I was amazed that this man had healing in his hands and didn’t even know what it was.  Ted said he had felt it now and then too but didn’t know what it meant.  The elderly man who had passed, went on and on about how the healing in this mans hands had helped him though many difficult nights when he couldn’t sleep due to pain from the cancer and that after his massage sessions with Ted he could sleep again and the pain would be gone.  I remember thinking “Wow, how amazing that would be to have heat in your hands and be able to heal.”  I felt like the man had magic in his hands, and he did.  He now knew too and I often wonder what he has done with that knowledge.

Life Goes On

Not long after those sessions at Brian’s, my husband and I had children.  I was in a whole other chapter in my life and being a healer was not on my mind at all.  I forgot about Ted and his story but I did pray often to Divine Source to give me a gift to help others and heal myself.  But I had no idea in what form that gift would come, or if it ever would.  I prayed for this for years while I raised my kids and worked on healing my depression that was still hanging around.

The Divine Reminder

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Divine reminded me of this story and how I had felt at the time.  I had felt like Ted had magic in his hands, Divine Magic.  I had thought that would be the best gift in the world and now, here I was, with that exact gift.

Heat in My Hands

Yes, my hands heat up, they also get cold when they need to, they also tingle, vibrate and feel energy as others feel a cat’s fur, naturally and often without thinking about it.  But, no matter how long I have this ability, this gift from God, I never forget how lucky I am to have had my prayers answered.  I never forget that I have heat in my hands and can help other people and that I have Divine Source to thank for that, along with the determination that he/she granted me with.  And, I don’t forget to thank God for this gift each and every day, each and every time I use it and more times in between.  It’s more than just thanking or being grateful that I feel.  I feel the gratitude deep down to my soul so severely sometimes that I weep because I can’t believe God has given me this gift. It is the best feeling in the world and it helps me feel close to our Creator in ways I never have been before I had this gift of Reiki.  To me this is my passion and without knowing what I was praying for, I got the very best gift I could have ever asked for.

Super Flying Healing Mom

Super Mom can fly, heal and teach!
Super Mom can fly, heal and teach!  Cook?  Who said anything about cooking?!

When my kids ask me what kind of super powers I would want if I were a super hero, after flying being my first choice (come on, who doesn’t want to be able to fly like a bird) I say “Of course, I’d want to be able to heal people.”  My kids say “Mom, you already do that.  Pick something else that you can’t do yet.”  Because truly, in all the world, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do than help people heal themselves though Divine’s love.  Can you?

Anyone can learn Reiki.  Anyone can be a healer.  Anyone can learn Reiki and have heat in their hands.  Through our Divine Source and with Reiki, I can teach you.  After all, being able to TEACH people to heal is my next choice of super powers and I can do that too.  At this point in my life I feel I couldn’t be more blessed than I already am.  Thank you God for your many, many blessings!

Josslyn Streett, Rain Shadow Reiki Master/Teacher/Reader/Super Hero or 360-460-7829

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Congratulations New Reiki Kids!!

By Josslyn Streett

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our six new Reiki kids!

Saturday we had another Kids Reiki class.  Six children and their Reiki adults celebrated Divine Source Energy by learning about Reiki, the history of hands on healing and Reiki, Reiki spirit guides and animal guides, feeling energy, meditation, chakras, auras and much more.  Thank you to Tim, Jerica, Josiah, Lilly, Kayella and Makena for being so brave and loving as they learned something totally new.

Reiki kids excited about Reiki history!

Divine Source, God, Great Spirit and much more

We started the day talking about all the different names there are around the world for God and how they need to trust their own intuition to know what name feels right to them and their families.  The kids did their very first meditation to find their safe place and then each one shared what their safe place looked like to them.  Many of them saw power animals and spirit guides at their safe place.  I was encouraged with how well they did for their first time and how much they seemed to enjoy it.

The Reiki kids wrapped colored bandanas all around Amy to learn the location and color of each of the seven major chakras.

Chakra Rainbows

During our chakra and aura lesson we learned about the healing effects of color and how their energy is a rainbow of colors.  As an example we wrapped colored bandanas around my special Reiki helper, Amy Meyers, to show them the colors of each chakra and the placement.  It was a blast.

Magic Eye Art Project

Jerica with her magic eye art, beautiful!

While I did the individual attunements my Reiki assistants, Amy Meyers and Lauren Holloway both led a Magic Eye art project.  The kids made an almost, full sized mirror image of themselves using their magic eyes.  They closed their eyes to ‘see’ what they look like energetically and then created it on a large piece of paper with glitter, stickers, cut out pieces of paper, tissue paper, crayons and more.  As you can see from the photos they were extremely creative as well as intuitive.

Reiki I Attunements

While the kids worked on the art projects I was in the Reiki room doing attunements and Reiki guide readings.  Each child choose to be attuned to Reiki and each one had a different experience during the attunement.  Some felt tingles, some felt heat, some felt flowing or rocking movement while they were being attuned and some said they just felt love.  I appreciate how everyone feels and reacts to the energy differently.

Makena loves elephants and saw them as her power animal

Every attunement is different for me as well.  With some the energy comes in fast and ready like the child, some comes in slow and hesitant, others calm and peaceful, others come in happy and joyful, but each one feels full of love and creates a very humble feeling of gratitude in me.  I often tear up or even cry because I feel so incredibly grateful that Divine Source has entrusted this mission to me.  I feel so small in comparison and yet so spiritually powerful at the same time.  It is the most amazing feeling to give a Reiki attunement and especially to children.

With children I can often see or feel the immenseness of the ‘mission’ they have ahead of them in this life and feel how spiritually powerful THEY are.  These kids are amazing.  They have a big purpose in this life and a lot to do to prepare themselves.  I feel genuinely honored to be a small part of teaching these children about energy, our Divine and spiritual guides so they hopefully never lose that sense of wonder and that belief that miracles really are possible.  They will so need that as they grow up in this world and doing their best to create positive change.  It’s a huge calling and each time I do an attunement on a child, I am reassured that we are in good hands, that they are truly ready for this task ahead. A truly brilliant feeling.  Working with these amazing kids helps my faith grow each and every time.  What a blessing.

Kayella with her magic eye art, she saw birds as her power animal.

Feeling the Energy

After the attunement we practice FEELING the energy and healing with the Reiki.  Each child and adult makes an energy ball in their hands until they can feel the pressure of something there, something between their hands that is invisible but tangible at the same time.  Some say it feels hot, some tingly, some like a worm crawling in their fingers, but they all feel it.  Then we combine our energy balls and the children took turns standing in the middle of them inside one huge ball of Reiki.  That is always a highlight.  Sometimes we sing beautiful songs to help the energy feel stronger.  The more joy you feel the more the energy runs and the more likely you are to feel it on your body.  This is one of the kids favorite exercises and we do it as often as we can at Kids Reiki circle.

Perfect End to a Perfect Day

Each child receives a Reiki I certificate just like my adult students do but the kids’ certificates have gold stars on them. They are cool!

We handed out the certificates and the kids went home.  I always remind the Reiki adults that it is up to them to continue the Reiki training at home and support their Reiki kid by practicing with them as well as bringing them back once a month to Kids Reiki Circle.  Reinforcement and practice is key to each Reiki kid being confident in their practice and learning of energy.  I’m so excited to see where each of these kids go with their Reiki path.  The options are endless.

Love and Light to all of you wonderful Reiki kids, their parents and my Reiki helpers.  Thank you to each of you for entrusting me to this very important task!

If you are interested in your child taking a Kids’ Reiki class in the Sequim, WA area please call or email me and we’ll plan a class together.  If you are not in the Olympic Peninsula area but want to find a Kids’ Reiki class try Barbara McKells‘ website or talk to a Reiki Master in your area about starting a kids class.  Spread the word that Reiki and Kids go together better than peanut butter and jelly! or 360-460-7829

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher and mom to two boys and a whole world of children

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  That’s why I love Winnie the Pooh.

A.A. Milne

Reiki is Love, you just have to feel it to experience it in order to understand it.  The best way to FEEL it is to TRY it.  If you have never tried it, you have no idea how it feels or what it is or what it can do for you.  I can write and talk and email until I’m blue in the face, so to speak, but TRYING it and FEELING it is what will truly make a difference in your life.  So, what have you got to lose?  Nothing but that box around your beliefs.

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God’s Desk Lamp

My eight year old, Sawyer, has had a harder time in the learning process of Reiki than his older brother.  Sawyer likes to see things to believe in them, like a lot of us.  He also is a bit more afraid than his brother in looking like someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about in front of friends and other people.  He wavers in his belief in God because, like Santa, he hasn’t seen God yet.  It’s been a fun process showing him all the things we cannot see but we know are there, like gasses, farts, helium inside balloons, and of course, Reiki energy.  We quite often practice making energy balls with our hands in the kids Reiki circle to remind the kids how easy it is to FEEL the energy that they can’t yet see, and thus, know it’s there and real.

Map of Strait of Juan de Fuca, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island to the left and Sequim, almost bottom right. (click on the photo to make it larger)

Anyway, today we had some light snow flurries and Sawyer and I were looking out the window watching them.  We have a lovely view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the San Juan Islands and I was looking over at the storm over the islands.  Amidst the snow storm I saw a stream of light shining through the clouds onto the islands and I pointed it out to Sawyer. Quite spontaneously, he said “Wow, mom.  It looks like God turned on his desk lamp!”

I have to say, it made this Reiki Mom proud.  I couldn’t resist sharing.  One of the best parts of being a parent is the great things your kids say.