Negative Energy Clearing

(Testimonials of this work, Prayer of Protection and disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

“I believe that the darkness reminds us where light can be.” Christina Perri, from the song ‘I believe’

**NOTE: Negative Energy Clearings are done long distance only.  Not in person.

What Do I Heal First?

Many clients email or call me for the first time asking what they should do first.  It’s rarely the same answer since everyone is unique and needs to start at a different place, especially with energy, which changes constantly.  But, through my years of doing energy work, I can positively say, starting with a full and complete clearing of negative energies is a very good start for just about anyone.

We All Have Some

Unless you are a purely enlightened person on this planet, like Jesus or Buddha, you have some sort of lower vibrating energies in your body or field and most likely do not know it.  Most people are not in ‘the know’ about this energy.  But, it is so common, most everyone has something.  About 85% of the population has entities and that doesn’t include all the other negative energies we check for.

Much of this energy is not ours and some of it is ours from past lives.  But we are ready to let it go because we’ve healed and grown and because you have been brought to this page and are reading about it.  Good for you, keep reading….

The energy stays with us until a qualified energy healer helps us to release it to Creator.  This is an on-going process as all healing is.  We have to heal within us what brought the energy to us, until we do that, we will continue to attract this energy to us.  As we heal the emotions from past lives, beliefs and karma that brings these energies to us, we attract less and less of them.

Fear Keeps Us in Fear

Many healers do not talk about this energy because they are simply afraid.  They are afraid their client’s will go to a place of fear or they will themselves.  They are afraid because they don’t have the information to properly deal with the NE’s.  And, possibly, they are also afraid these energies are created by discussing them, meaning that discussing them brings more energy and power to the negative energies and brings them to you, them or their client.  I understand that, it’s a place many of us go to. Don’t speak the name of Lord Voldemort.  I understand, I have been there plenty myself.  But, NE’s are there whether we talk about them or not.  Not talking about them is NOT protecting us.  Information and education will help.

However, I’ve always been the kind of person who felt the more I knew, the more I could deal with what is right in front of me, or behind me or in me.  So, I come from a place of education, knowledge, intuition and empowerment.  Teaching people about these energies helps us to be empowered that we can also do something about it.  Ignorance, to me, has not helped us in the past and it isn’t helping us to heal these energies now.  We must know they exist, know there is help and know how to raise our vibrations to keep our personal body and space, safe and sacred in the future.  That is what I teach, that is why I created this page, to take away the mystery and help us to heal ourselves.

SYMPTOMS of Negative/Dark Energies In Your Body or Aura

I’ve done my best to include many symptoms I have seen, I’m sure there are some more.  If you have any illness; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual that cannot be explained by medical science, you may want to consider a negative energy healing.

*History of trauma; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

*Depression/Suicidal thoughts

*Thoughts of hurting self or others (Shooting up schools, suicide, cutting, etc.)

*Anxiety/panic attacks

*Emotional ups and downs

*Just Feeling Stuck

*Thoughts not your own/voices telling you to do harmful things to you or others


*Suddenly acting out of character

*Loss of memory

*dissociation or consistently ungrounded

*Repeating negative patterns of behavior

*Feeling drained consistently

*Extreme temperature changes in body or home

*Bad odor in body or home – won’t go away no matter what you do

*Nightmares recurring

*Accidents recurring

*Feeling someone is watching or touching you when you are alone

*Desperate need to check the house or kids multiple times in a night

*Loss of self-confidence that doesn’t ‘add up’

*Addiction of any kind

*Impulse or an attraction to dangerous situations

*Sudden and unexplained illness/pain

*Consistent, Sudden or irrational difficulties with $$ or relationships

*Imagining/seeing monsters or frightening shadows

*Ongoing bad luck

*Irrational fear, anger, sorrow, sadness or guilt

*Obsessive thoughts, desire or fetish that won’t go away


Recommendations for the healing process:

  1. Have a NE beginning clearing
  2. Allow integration for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Reiki yourself a lot if you have Reiki, eat healthy, sing, exercise, do things that are happy and healthy to raise your vibration.
  3. Next, do ThetaHealing and Reiki work with Josslyn to first return soul parts, download feelings that you do not have and to remove any beliefs that are keeping you at a lower vibration and allowing even attracting these energies into your field.  KEY!!  Heal what is attracting them to you!! They cannot come into your space unless you allow it. (Consciously and/or Subconsciously) What is bringing them to a client is different for every client, this is the one-on-one healing that is needed to stop them from coming your way.  I recommend one session a month or quarter, whatever you can afford.  Integrate the new energies in between.
  4. Work with Josslyn on raising your vibration to keep yourself safe and sacred.  This could entail energy work, prayer, essential oils, crystals, sound healing, other energy tools, etc.
  5. Learning Reiki to keep your vibration high and your aura sacred helps a great deal.
  6. Continue to heal yourself and reach out to Josslyn for help when you feel you need it.  Don’t be dissuaded by fear to stop the healing, that is their only power.

What are Negative and Dark Energies?

Negative Energies, in my definition, is any energy vibrating at a negative rate of energy, below our own and not always our own.  We are also dealing with and talking about dark energies, which I believe, originally came from Creator of Love and Light like all of us did at one time, but became dark (we won’t philosophies about how or why at this time) and is now responsible for many of our lessons about fear, hate, judgement, and anger.

I believe there is purpose to everything.  Our Creator is infinitely intelligent and expansive, understanding way beyond our capacity to comprehend.  The many differences among all energies adds to the availability of lessons and experiences.  There is no good, no evil, simply varying levels of experience.  As long as each being learns from the experiences it encounters, and growth occurs as a result, this is the intention of our Creator of Love and Light and will guide us to move forward in our own expansion as well.

Healing Goal

It is my goal to help others in this process by educating, healing and clearing these energies so each client may move forward on their spiritual path in their own way, time and process.  And then, helping them to heal the aspects of them that attracts these energies to them so they can start feeling empowered to not attract them.

*Free will is in tact with my process  – I ask each soul what healing they are ready, willing and agree to in the moment

*All life and the Universal Laws are respected

*Divine Love and Light bathe and fill each person after the healing for one month or more

*Protection is placed around each person’s aura


Using Reiki and Theta Psychic Healing both, Josslyn does all clearings long distance to anywhere in the world.  She can check each person, land, car, piece of electronics, for a whole list of possible negative energies.

NOTE: Josslyn does not recommend anyone attempting to do this work with out proper training and many years of healing experience.


*Earthbound Entities – Souls in the body/aura
*Dark Entities -Dark Souls in the body/aura intentionally doing you harm, their goal is to slow you down spiritually (Some call them Demons)
*Dark magic – from past or current lives
*NTF- Negative Thought Forms–  current/past life-theirs/ancestral/others (Negative strong belief systems that have become ingrained into your consciousness on all levels hindering your spiritual evolution.) 
*Medical Hexes – Beliefs put there when there is an imbalance of power in a medial relationship and strong statements become a subconscious belief ingrained.
*Unhealthy Cords/hooks – Unhealthy connections, like an umbilical cord.  Unhealthy energy can be sent through the cord either way effecting both persons negatively. Our agreement unconsciously must be involved for these cords to be attached to you by yourself or others,  current or past life. We all have cords and must raise our vibration and surround our aura with Divine’s love and light to keep from getting any more.
*Vows taken – current/past life, they stay with us keeping us from free will until they are cleared
*Alien interference & Inter-dimensional Beings
Healing done after –
*Josslyn through Divine Creator heals the physical body, chakras and energy bodies as well as the aura when she is done.
Imprints – Strong emotion, pain and suffering left behind from us or others.  This is energy that is stuck in time and stays in your space until it is cleared.  After Josslyn cleans your home of these the you can keep it up with salt lamps, intentional prayer, Reiki, crystals, salt/fire but not incense, unless it’s incense with intentional prayer and/or Reiki.
 *Earthbound Entities – Souls that have not gone to the light and are vibrating at a negative rate of energy.
*Dark Entities(DE) -Dark Souls intentionally wanting to do you harm and slow you down spiritually by keeping you sick, depressed, addicted, STUCK, etc.
*Dark magic
*Unhealthy energetic energy underground, in the air and on the land.  All locations are different and have different issues.  I check different detrimental energies to a location and clear them.
*Unhealthy Entrances into a space-Energetic entrances to a space or land can bring in negative energies of all kinds.  These will keep your space unhealthy until we can clear them all. This can typically be done in one healing but if a location is haunted it may take more.
 *Divine Love and Light filled the land/car after the clearing is complete

Shop: Negative Energy Clearings

Person Clearing:

Adult $200  (Adult Quick-Check within 12 months of initial,$100, Partial repeats $15 per entity removed) For some people they only need one initial healing, then repeats about every year.  But, those who are ‘haunted’ will need a process of healing and repeat clearings to stay clear.

Children $150  (Child Full Repeats within 12 months of the initial healing,  $100, Partial repeats $15 per Hitch Hiker)

Pets – $50 (Repeats within 12 months, $25)

Emergency Situations – Extra $50.00 – Josslyn can take emergency situations and clear them as soon as she is able ahead of her other clients.  ONLY in extreme cases where DE’s are involved; suicidal, haunting, depression, imminent harm, etc. Josslyn will check with Divine if an emergency session is necessary and do them first.  Due to the fact that this often takes extra time, the urgency and comes at inconvenient times for Josslyn, her healers and her family they have an additional charge.

Repeat clearing can be needed for- Earthbounds in the aura, DE’s in the Aura, Soul Contracts, Negative Thought Forms, Inter-Dimensional beings, Alien interference, Energetic Garbage, vortexes, aura healing and more.

Going Deeper- ($150 w/in 12 months of Initial Clearing or Full Recheck) When someone is ready for a deeper healing we can ask their Higher Self if they are ready to see beyond their protections and denials into deeper and sometimes dark lives.  The soul must choose this, but most people just ‘know’ when they are ready.  This healing is a FULL report just like the first one and goes into many parallel lives to receive brand new information that was prior to this protected by the soul.  Know one knows how many Deeper healings they may need.  We just ask when we feel ready.

Partial Clearing – One entity at a time – If someone just needs a couple of entities removed, Josslyn can do this for an individual charge IF she has already done a full healing on the person within 12 months.

NOTE: If someone is highly sensitive, depressed or ill, they can attract NE’s to their aura quite easily.  They DO need to do further healing work with Josslyn to learn how to raise their vibration and expand their aura with love and light.  Taking a Reiki class is recommended but it must be used daily to help.

House Clearing:

Land/homes residential – $75  (Repeat within 12 months of the initial, $40) I cannot put protection around a piece of land, so repeat clearings are recommended once a year, more if you have had symptoms of a haunted property.

Land/industrial/business – $150 minimum basic small business, large will be quoted depending upon how much time it takes.  Price depends upon the size of the property and how many people come in and out, a hotel or hospital, for example, is more complicated, more time to clear than a hair salon. We are adept at large properties and haunted properties and can do it and very effectively. (Repeat within 12 months of the initial clearing, $75.00 minimum basic small business) Most businesses have quite a few entities.  I highly recommend having your business cleared for the health of your employees, customers and business profits at least every six months.

Cars/Electronics/Haunted items – $50 (Repeat w/in 12 months of the initial clearing,$35)

Websites: $75 (Repeat w/in 12 months – $40)

Client Testimonials:

Via voice mail, “Josslyn high it’s Holly, I had to touch base with you and give you an update on this….re-emerging.  I mean, It’s just a spectacular feeling, I can’t think of another word other than spectacular, amazing, awe-inspiring, all of those adjectives come to mind for me about this process.  I am reawakening, you know, I am reawakening.  I am so filled with gratitude for this experience and to you for helping me re-emerge.  I am filled with hope again about my life and my future.  And that in itself is priceless.  It’s magic.  I’m sure you know how the feeling of hopelessness is very terrifying. Especially for a someone like myself, I’m just not a hopeless person.

As I go over that report, it’s a little terrifying and it makes complete sense now that I was shadowed with this jacket of darkness on me because of these dark entities and spirits that had glommed onto me in my cracks and whatever.

I did go and see my estranged husband, I spent two days with him and I wasn’t even phased by the negativity and the anger that emanates from him.  And I talked to you about the issues with him, I was far more calm and I wasn’t, I don’t know, I didn’t feel like I got infected by him at all.   I was definitely shielded by whatever that is (the Reiki around her for 30 days after the healing), it didn’t even phase me.  That was very empowering.” Holly from Sequim, WA

“My home was recently cleared by Josslyn. We’ve owned our home for over a decade and have never felt comfortable using most of the downstairs areas in our home. One room in particular felt dark, heavy and unsettling. We’d tried to use the room as an office in the past but always ended up moving stuff out and using it for storage. My husband even suffered depression and anxiety during a short time while using the room for his office. I always had the sense that we weren’t welcome downstairs and we just made the most of the upstairs areas. After having our home cleared by Josslyn we started feeling less uncomfortable using the space. Gradually we started using certain areas regularly. I started using the wreck-room space on a regular basis. My daughter is no longer scared to be down there, in fact she enjoys playing downstairs with or without us. The room we’d used as an office/ turned storage is once again an office. It feels full of love and light. It’s now one of my favorite rooms in the house. My husband is using it as his home office and, even more exciting, I am using the room for Reiki Healings. Our entire house feels full of love and light. We’re so thankful to have our entire home back.” Angie G. from Port Angeles, WA

“Hi Josslyn
Need to let you know that I am better than ever!!! I really feel great. My cleansing was amazing. My appetite has returned and I crave healthy foods. My depression has been lifted. You are a gem. Oh and I got a new job.  Amy” from Sequim, WA (1 Month after NE Clearing)

“I have been blessed to worked with Josslyn Streett.  She’s be such a life changer for my family. 
My six year old son has struggled for years with behavioral problems. We’ve been on a strict diet and doing many other things but still had a missing piece.  After Josslyn did some spiritual clearings, we noticed a tremendous change.  It was very challenging, but Josslyn stuck with it and has helped get my son back to the sweet angel he was meant to be. I cannot express the gratitude for her gifted talent and time. I highly recommend that everyone get their family and home spiritually cleansed by Josslyn Streett. It may sound crazy or weird but until you have lived it and experience the change- it’s freedom from unwanted negative junk in your life you may not realize is causing problems. Thank you Josslyn and may God continue to bless you and all who you are blessed to work with. Eternally grateful for your services.   Jamie B.,  FL”


“After following Josslyn on FB for awhile and reading her articles and posts, I found myself wondering why I hadn’t had a clearing done yet! I have felt like i wasn’t following my path in life and that I had lost myself somewhere along the way.  My negative energy clearing was done 2 weeks ago. I was intrigued by the report and especially felt that the past life section resonated with me!!!!

As the first few days went by, i didn’t notice anything other than a feeling of being “lighter”…that’s the only way i can describe it. About 5 days after my clearing though, i noticed something about myself.  I was laughing and just enjoying small things much more!!! A general joy in regular moments in my life!!!  It kind of caught me of guard at first…it was almost like it was just bubbling up!!!!.That has continued..much to my delight!!! The past 4 days however, i have seen the biggest change.  I have always had an issue with my throat chakra. At 61 years old, I have never stood up for myself…I’ve continued to let people take advantage of me. I stay silent…never able to express myself to people because I fear any type of confrontation or rejection. Well….that has changed!!!! Without any conscious thought or effort on my part, I have found my voice! I have stood up for myself in the workplace and also have been able to set boundaries with people where there have been none!! In the past I have tried meditation, acupuncture, chakra alignment…nothing really worked! I feel a sort of freedom that i haven’t felt before! I am so grateful to Josslyn!!! I also have a chronic hip issue that has had episodes of relief since the clearing and I’m hoping to see more improvement in that area as the days go on. I look forward to working with Josslyn more in the future and I have recommended her to several friends and coworkers…and family members!!! Thanks again Josslyn!” Ida H. from CA


“Hey Josslyn, Um… Wow… Our family has had many signs that our house was inhabited by more than just our family, box elder bugs and a few stray mice. We’ve had stories of sightings for decades as well as several uncomfortable incidences ranging from “Did you just see that little girl pass by the kitchen table?!” to my three year old sending “something” out of his crib in the dead of night and my baby reacting to all the things in the house that we couldn’t see ourselves including the antics of a pet bird who had passed years before he was born. Needless to say, I had gotten guidance to clear the house and land. 
I naively tried to clear the house myself. The “others” wouldn’t let me even light the clearing sticks! I struggled for the longest time and then a surge of anger took over and caused me to beat on the wall with a random plastic basket! Once I realized that it wasn’t “me”, I was able to pull myself together and to get the sticks lit and went through the process. I cleared the house in that way several times, but it was obvious to me that it wasn’t enough. 
I found a shaman locally, but he kept being unavailable when I needed him. Fortunately, I ran into Josslyn and was happy to discover that she clears houses! I’m so glad that I didn’t employ the other person because I feel that Josslyn did a more thorough job than he would have. I was out of town when I found Josslyn and she was able to clear the house remotely. Before I had a chance to tell my husband that she did the clearing, he said that he had been seeing “things” out of the corner of his eye scurry around the house all day long! He had never see anything supernatural before! He thought he was going crazy and was relieved to hear that it wasn’t him. (Not that it was easy for him to believe what was going on.) After Josslyn cleared all the negative energy, entities, vortexes, elevators, curses, etc., etc., we are able to feel safe and to enjoy our space with those we’ve personally invited — family and friends!

Once we got our house clearing and found out everything that was in there, we decided that we’d better clear all the people in the house to make sure nothing attached to us. It was a very, very good thing we did! My poor family!! Before the personal clearings, my family had a lot of anger and depression. My six year old’s “self talk” wasn’t pleasant or positive, my husband was barely hanging on because of severe depression and lack of energy, my teen aged step son was very negative and angry, my three year old had PTSD and I felt angry and overwhelmed. After the clearings, we had all different kinds of detox-like symptoms. My husband felt “empty” and “alone” and stayed in bed for a day and a half with bad dreams. But once he got up, he felt renewed! He suddenly had the creative energy to tackle the long ago set aside goals he had and the depression lifted! (Of course it’s a mystery to him why his long term depression lifted and he got a sudden boost of energy.) My children who didn’t seem too affected other than waking from dreams in the night, were in better moods and were more affectionate (one has ASD) even give his grandparents unprompted greetings and hugs. 

Thanks, Josslyn!!”  A. Durkin, Wisconsin 


“Dear Josslyn,
I wanted to wait until my cardiologists appointment to let you know about how I am progressing.  He gave me several tests, including a two-week home heart monitor, office EKG, and echo-cardiogram.  I had my appointment with him today to go over the tests results.

(Bob’s Symptoms from another email- My heart was frequently skipping beats and fluttering and sometimes beating rapidly, and sometimes I had chest pain.  When my heart was acting up like that I would feel dizzy and too tired to go on my regular walks or do my exercise.  Naturally since I had already had heart surgery I was alarmed by this and went to the cardiologist.  He would not say what he suspected was wrong, but he started me on testing with a home heart monitor that I had to wear constantly for two weeks.  That was also when I requested help with healing, as I was afraid that I might be headed for more surgery or other invasive measures.)

Those symptoms have now disappeared except for an occasional mild fluttering sensation. When he did an EKG and echo-cardiogram in his office today everything, including my blood pressure, was normal.  I am now also back to walking and exercising as I normally do without any problems.

I am much better!  The symptoms that I was having have all but disappeared!  The doctor has advised me that my heart shows no sign of damage or disease, and the symptoms I am still having are mild enough not to be of concern!

I would like to thank you!  Please include this as a testimonial however you see fit:

Josslyn is a good soul.  She took a request for help from a total stranger and did more than I asked for to help me.  In addition to sending me Reiki to help heal my heart symptoms, she did a remote cleansing of dark energies.  I had no idea that such things might be surrounding me, but the list of these energies that she cleared was long!  I still find this quite remarkable!

The medical problems with my heart have cleared almost completely, to the point that the doctor is no longer concerned and has given me an almost total clean bill of health.

Thank you Josslyn!

Bob Tucker”


“I want to start by saying this is making such a huge difference in my life. I have hope again and excitement for life when I had none for months. You may use that as a testimonial and I will give more too!
I still have times of anxiety / feeling weird / nausea but they don’t happen as much. When they aren’t happening I feel really good. When they do I pray for Gods love and light to fill me and emanate from me and it helps. I have to do it several times a day.
Sleep is a bit better. I’m able to fall asleep (still have to use medication to do it) but wake up a lot and can’t fall back asleep. My brain still feels really active and I feel speedy in body and mind. My head feels a lot clearer when the anxiety isn’t there. 
The house feels good to me but I wonder if there’s still something because my system feels bothered and still on edge. Whether it’s in me, my husband or house I don’t know…or perhaps I’m adjusting from this deep work. 

Also, after being away from (my husband) for a few hours and then seeing him again I feel like I need to keep a distance so I think I’m sensing whatever he’s got going on. I’m pretty sensitive to this stuff especially now. I’m not as scared though so I know a ton of changes have happened. 

I’ve tried to give you a lot of info because I don’t know what normal is anymore I’ve felt so bad these last few months and you have the experience when it comes to this. It IS so much better, even though I still feel somewhat off. 

Renee” (I cleared her and her house, her hubby is next)

“Dear Josslyn,
Thank you for the house, person and car clearing.  I am amazed how it has helped me regain mental peace and a sense of balance.  Previous of clearings, I was having a difficult time understanding my emotions.  Everyday felt like an emotional roller coaster of stress, negativity, depression, panic feelings, irritability, worry, and there was no reasonable explanation for it.
I am so grateful for the many good things I have been blessed with in my life, especially a loving family and friends, so it has been very confusing why I have had these feelings.
Although I have more work and a lot to learn, I feel like I am off to a good start thanks to you Josslyn.
C. Sanders”, Sequim, WA


“I had the most amazing healing from Josslyn Street a couple of weeks ago. its hard to put the experience into words because I’m still realising how the spiritual clearing has helped me and is still saturating my layers as she said, like an onion. I’ve been having an unusually hard time in life. I feel like Im living my truth, but no matter what I do, I keep getting my butt kicked. I felt like I had monkeys on my back that  I just couldn’t shake. It’s great how she has learned to do the healing from afar. Its convenient, quick and private.The processing becomes personal.  I was able to feel the cleanse and removal as she was doing it. The cleanse kinda felt like big globbs of stringy bubblegum were being removed from my aura. I felt lighter as expected, but it was a more clear, shimmery, dimensional lightness not so much weight. The light left me feeling innocent, protected, warm and fuzzy. My senses were heightened, I literally could see and smell better.  Right after the cleanse I could take slow deep breaths. That was very significant for me. It had been a long time. I slept like a baby, dreamless and surrounded by pink light.

     I woke up to a busy day planned but was surprised that I had no dread or anxiety. I felt safe and protected still. All through the day I noticed my confidence had changed. I could read and communicate with people better. I felt the light spreading to others through me. People seemed to be opening to me, sharing themselves. I caught myself singing and smiling! I had the guts to follow through with helping someone who asked me for support, even though I might get energetic backlash from doing the right thing. I feel protected! I know I keep saying that, but I’ve felt vulnerable for a long time and to know that Reiki is constantly surrounding me is just awesome! I feel more connected with spirit. I feel spirit right there communicating with me, showing me the way.  I was too foggy before to see it clearly. I’m motivated to detox and treat my body like a temple.  The next day after this I got three job opportunities! I feel that Im not stuck anymore, that Im moving forward. I am so very blessed to have had the treat of receiving Josslyn’s help. I trust her with everything Im made of. She is the real deal. I cant wait to see what more she learns and were her path takes her on her road of healing. I recommend her to everyone. 

                                                                                      Thank you!” Heidi B. from Port Townsend, WA

Prayer for Protection


Prayers for Healing and Protection: A Gift from God


Shakuntala Modi, M.D.

Sit in a comfortable position and take three slow, deep breaths.  Then you can either read this protection prayer aloud or record it on a cassette tape and listen to it every night before sleeping and in the morning after you wake up.

“I pray to God to request the angels to please put the magnetic sheets around the whole creation and heaven, and everything and everybody in them, including my family members and myself. Put them around the void all around the creation and heaven and in between them, around the space that was used by Satan as purgatory and the space under that; around the dimension that used to be hell, but now is a dimension of Light; all around the universes, galaxies, solar systems, parallel universes, planets, suns, moons, stars, comets, asteroids, intra- and inter-dimensional pathways, black holes, the whole Earth, and all the parallel dimensions or worlds around it; around all the continents, countries, states, districts, cities, towns, and villages; all the homes, buildings, structures, streets, and everything in between.

Put the magnetic sheets around all the buildings, such as schools and other educational buildings of every kind; prison buildings, courtrooms and legal buildings; healing places such as hospitals, mental institutions, nursing homes, medical clinics and doctors’ offices; all of the worship places; bars, and places of recreation, gambling places, brothels; graveyards, funeral homes, and crematoriums; all the transportation vehicles and their stations and parking places; government buildings, science, and research buildings; all the electrical power sources, electrical and electronic appliances and gadgets, including the computers, printers and televisions; satellite stations, nuclear power plants; all the political and religious leaders and their homes, offices, and cars; museums, art centers, buildings related to motion pictures, all of the buildings, places and areas of entertainment; all the libraries, publishing companies and bookstores; all the news media buildings, such as television stations, radio stations and buildings for the newspapers and magazines; and all the other buildings and around every room, attic, basement, and hallway in every building and home.

Put the magnetic sheets around all the volcanoes, tectonic plates, water bodies such as rivers, ponds, waterfalls, and oceans; all the forests, mountains and desert areas; all the streets, farmlands, drinking water sources, and land all over; air and atmosphere; all the natural and created vortexes all over and around the earth and creation and under every home, building, street, and land.

Also, put the magnetic sheets around all the areas of natural and manmade disasters; areas of conflict, war zones, all the living and training areas of people in the navy, army, and air force; around all the ships, planes, cars, trains, buses, spaceships on the ground and in space, and all other transportation vehicles and their stations and parking places; around the mind, body, and soul of all the humans, aliens, elementals, animals, insects, reptilians, plant life, and creatures of every kind; around every system, every part, every organ, every endocrine gland, and thirty-two strands of our DNA; around our kundalini, meridians, nadis, chakras, psychic antennas, grid system all over the creation; the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies; and all the connecting cords between every soul and dimension throughout the creation and heaven.

Put the magnetic sheet around Satan, his demons, their warehouses, and the dark portals in every place and every person and the dark places they lead to. I request the angels to please activate all the magnetic sheets that are put around the whole creation and heaven, and everything and everybody in them, including around me, my family members, all our homes, workplaces, and cars. Turn the switch on the magnetic sheets to the Eject sign and expel all the foreign entities, dark shields, dark devices, dark energies, and infectious agents of every type, everything [that] is responsible for our weight problems and allergies to different foods, etc.

Eject everything negative from every system, every part, every organ, every endocrine gland, from all the thirty-two strands of DNA, kundalini, meridians, nadis, twelve major and all the minor chakras, psychic antenna and all the connecting cord to God and Light, masters, angels, heavenly guides, higher self, inner-self, Akashic records, to the Earth, and to every soul and dimension throughout the creation and heaven.

Also eject everything that is responsible for our ego, arrogance, feelings of superiority, inferiority, prejudice, anger, hate, jealousy, guilt, shame, selfish and self-centered thoughts and behavior, feelings of rejection, addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling, money and other things; fears, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, perfectionism, obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behavior, paranoia, psychosis, desire to judge and criticize others and ourselves, desire to scream at and control other people, Tourette’s syndrome, autism; lack of confidence, shyness, and all mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relationship problems.

Eject everything responsible for our unresolved physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship problems coming from this life and all our past lives from the beginning of our existence, and all our negative thoughts, decisions, and promises made during all the past lives.

Eject all the aging hormones, aging tissues and cells, gray hair pigment, and let the youth hormones flow through our body and reverse the aging process.

I request the angels to collect everything that is ejected in the net of Light, transform them, and take them to heaven, please.

I pray to God to please flood the whole creation and heaven, and everything and everybody in them, the void all around the creation and heaven and in between the dimensions with the white, crystalline, liquid Light; cleansing, healing, and removing everything that is left over, from the whole creation and heaven and everything and everybody in them, including me and my family members.

Then I request the angels to turn the switch of all the magnetic sheets to the Attract sign and allow all the missing soul parts that we lost in this life and all the other lifetimes, from the beginning of our existence, to come back from Satan, his demons, people, places, darkness, from heaven, from this time and space and beyond. Allow them to integrate with whom or wherever they belong after thoroughly cleansing and healing them.

Clamp all the cords to the missing soul parts that cannot be brought back at this time, twenty or more times. Turn the switch to the neutral position.

I pray to God to please fill the whole creation and everything and everybody in the creation, and all around the creation, with the violet liquid fire and let it blaze into intense flames and heal and realign our DNA.

Shield everything and everybody throughout the creation, including myself, my family members, friends, coworkers, and all our homes, workplaces, cars, and the places where the dark portals were in people and places.

Create the Light centers all around the creation and everything where the magnetic sheets are placed.

Please infuse all the connecting cords between every soul and dimension throughout the creation and heaven with the crystalline, golden, liquid Light, and remove everything that does not belong there.

Please cleanse, heal, and shield all the chakras, kundalini, meridians, nadis, psychic antennas and our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, with triple compression chambers and crystalline Light. Open them when needed and close and shield them when not needed, please.

I pray to God to please cleanse, heal, and bless the food, drink, medicine, and everything I consume and the air I breathe, so they can be beneficial for my mind, body, and soul.

Please increase everybody’s immune system to the maximum level.

I pray to God to please activate my Christ self and Christ self-vision. Do this for every soul and dimension throughout the creation.

Please cleanse, heal, and activate all our kundalini, chakras, meridians, etheric nadis and their pressure points, psychic antennas, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, all thirty-two strands of DNA, including the self-healing strand of DNA, and all the channels of communication with God, masters, higher self, inner self, heavenly guides, angels, and other heavenly beings, with the Akashic records; all our heart, blood and all the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, brain and every center of the brain, every part and organ of the body, mind and soul of every human, alien and all the other souls, and also connections to all the souls and the earth and other dimensions, and infuse them with the crystalline, golden, liquid Light.

Make all the biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons ineffective and bring peace and harmony all over the Earth and the whole creation.

I pray to God to please bless me, all my family members, friends, all the people around them, all the humans, everything and everybody in the whole creation, with an abundance of whatever we need, including food, shelter, daily necessities, money, job, unconditional love and forgiveness towards ourselves and everybody around us, deep inner peace and faith in God that nobody and nothing can shake, boundless joy, happiness, energy, motivation, kindness, compassion, and humility. Please bless us with all the gifts we need to fulfill our purpose, including gifts of intuition, inspiration, patience, good sense of humor and good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

I request the angels stay on guard around me and my family members, friends, coworkers, and each and every human being, living being, and our homes, workplaces and cars, and all the other transportation vehicles, in this dimension and in all the other dimensions, to protect us and guide us in the right direction as long as our soul exists, please.

You have my permission to take any action on my behalf to protect me and my family members and every human and living being as long as our soul exists.

I form an intent not to be possessed and influences by any spirit and reject all the works of Satan and his demons and human and alien beings under their influences.

I also form an intent to accept the works of God and achieve God’s purposes and to achieve my goals and purposes that I planned in the Light by dedicating my life to God.

I pray to God to please fill the whole creation and everybody and everything in the creation, including the whole Earth and everything and everybody in it, including myself and all my family members and friends and all the human beings, other living beings, and their homes, workplaces, cars, and everything and everybody in them with the violet liquid fire, like violet lava. Please let it transmute and heal all the karmic problems with my family members friends, coworkers, and all the other people in my life, so we can live in peace and harmony.

Do this for every soul throughout the creation for the good of everybody.

And now, imagine a column of brilliant, dazzling, shimmering, vibrant, relaxing, and healing, white, crystalline Light coming from above your head from God. Watch it going through your head, permeating and healing each and every part and organ of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes, pushing out and removing all the human, demon, alien, and other foreign entities, dark shields, dark devices, dark energies, dark connections, all the negative thoughts and desires, and all your anxiety, fears and worries out of your mind, body, aura, cord, soul, and surroundings. Just imagine your whole body lighting up like a powerful Light bulb.

Now imagine this Light spreading an arm’s length all around you, below your feet, above your head, in front of you, behind you and on both sides of you – creating a brilliant, dazzling, shimmering bubble of crystalline Light or tube of Light all around you and your silver cord to God.

Imagine this shield covered with a triple compression chamber of crystalline Light, spiritual mirrors, and rays of brilliant, vibrant, white, crystalline Light.

You and only you have a right to live in this body and shied. If anybody or anything tries to enter your shield, you will be aware of it at the subconscious level of your mind. Instead of allowing them into your shied, you will request the angels to remove and send them where they belong.

Now imagine the violet, liquid fire pouring like a violet lava from God through your connecting silver cord in and around you like a waterfall, permeating and penetrating your mind, soul, and every part, every organ, every cell and DNA of your body and soul, igniting into intense violet flames, spreading in you and all around you, all through your home, workplaces, cars, and everything and everybody in them, and miles and miles around them, nonstop, twenty-four hours a day.

Also, visualize the violet flame blazing through your family members, friends, coworkers, people who harmed you, people whom you harmed, and even your enemies.

Put all your day-to-day problems and issues, including all your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship problems, in the violet fire, and they can be resolved and transformed.

Imagine yourself, your family members, friends, coworkers and all humans and their homes, workplaces, and cars shining like a brilliant, dazzling afternoon sun.”


Modi, Shakuntala. Prayers for Healing and Protection: A Gift from God. Houston, TX: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., 2013, pp. 158-64.

DISCLAIMER: I, Josslyn Streett, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication. I assist people in correcting energetic imbalances in their bio-field that assists the body to release its innate healing ability. When the energy of the body is balanced and moving correctly, the body’s innate natural energy heals itself. All healing is self-healing between you and your Higher Power of Love and Light. I recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice and my work is a complement to regular allopathic medicine and any other healing modality. My spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. I am a minister and my work is spiritually based and I believe all healing is spiritual in nature. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the energy sessions. The energy sessions help many people but like any modality it won’t work for everyone.  The healing is up to you and your soul, I am just the facilitator, channel and translator. Blessings, Josslyn