Testimonials-My students using their Reiki

Here I want to honor my amazing Reiki students who have lovingly sent me letters or emails letting me know that what I do has helped them and their families.  It is up to the students to use what I teach them or not.  These students are using it and getting results.  Thank you to all of you.  You are my clients, students, teachers, friends and soul mates.  Love and Light to you all!


“Greetings Josslyn, I write to you with so much Gratitude for all you are and share.  I am so Thankful to have met you, to continue knowing you and growing with you. These last few months of connecting have been extremely helpful to me in practicing and deepening my relationship and knowing of Reiki.

I have been using the long distance Reiki with permission and in some volatile family situations around a situation for the highest good, and have received positive feedback.  I am so happy to have been able to attend the classes I have, wished to have taken more and in last weeks case grateful to myself in recognizing my cup was so full I needed to rest and digest. That was only because of your allowing me to attend that I also felt important to check what I needed most which is new for me, and very healing as well.

As a teacher you give me no pressure and fill me with encouragement, curiosity and empowerment to explore, play, be with Reiki and all it’s potential.  For this I am full of Gratitude.  Thank You So Much.”  Cheryl, Arizona by email

“Hey!  I’ve been meaning to tell you something.  I don’t know if you remember, but the day before we came for day 2 of the Reiki class that (my husband & I) took, I fell, bruising my knee real good.  I immediately ran Reiki on it and continued to do so every day for weeks afterward as it continued to heal.  So after about 5 weeks of pretty much only using Reiki for pain management, I found out that I had actually broke it!  So much in fact, that the doctor couldn’t believe I had been walking on it and was shocked that it hadn’t moved at all.  So, praise report for Reiki:  heals broken bones and manages the pain!” Reiki I Student,  I. Taylor, Ellensburg, WA by text

“Josslyn, I wanted to send you an experience I had today using Reiki for self-healing.  I woke up this morning all stooped over, lower back pain and all my joints hurting. I knew it was from the painting project I have been doing the last 5 days with all the up and down and crouching over. I was about to take a couple Tylenol when I stopped myself thinking “use your Reiki”! I sat down, put some music on and began with my intention to heal this pain in my back and body.  When I was finishing up my session I heard my dog whining and knew she needed to be let outside so I jumped up from the couch to grab her leash and didn’t realize I had absolutely no pain anywhere until I was out walking my dog! I love Reiki!” B. Owens, Sequim, WA.

“Hi! I wanted to share, I practiced Reiki on my friend yesterday.  She started crying when it was over and said she felt so good and shared some pretty incredible things that happened to her body as I was doing it.  It was pretty awesome! One of the things were her feet.  I could also feel the energy in her feet moving.  It was really interesting.  She also told me she felt like her chest was hallowed out of all the bad stuff.  She was in tears and was really grateful.  Cool experience.” Shenna Younger, Sequim, WA Reiki I student

“Good morning Josslyn,
I am enjoying your class! Wanted to share one of many take aways from your last class. You had mentioned to make space (not your dining room etc). Well we have that one-bedroom no one uses that collects useless items. I asked my husband what he thought about selling the bed and making that room the “wellness” room. It seems like we have an investment in laser, VLP, Footbath and BrainTap headset and stuff is getting spread out through the house. He agreed. I posted on FB a picture of the bed on a local FB page. No one had shown any interest, so I ran Reiki over the situation requesting guidance for the right person who was meant to have this bed (it’s a beautiful queen that has only been slept on 5 times) so practically new. Last night my close friend saw it and her dog is seriously ill and texted me she was interested. She grooms my dogs. I responded – are you interested in bartering bed for grooming? She agreed. The cool thing was it felt perfect. She was the person who was suppose to get the bed. Pretty soon this extra room will be our wellness room! When I posted the bed I was selling for $300 I was imagining what I was going to do with the money. I never anticipated bartering, but it came out. Another Reiki moment in addition to finding the right person! Reiki is creative!
I am definitely interested in any future online classes.

So much stuff to learn!
Thank you!
Blessings for a great day!
Michelle” Reiki I student, online, Illinois


“Hi!  Just wanted to say, your Attunement was spot-on.  I can feel the symbols as I draw them.  Very cool.  I can tell there is a different kind of energy working; my spine gets hot.  Different than what I feel when working with Healing Touch.
Enjoying wonderful sense of well being.  Drinking lots of water to head off detox feeling, its working.
I have used the symbols already, wonderful results.  I love how they hang in the air, and that I can give them a time frame,  while I focus on another need of the client.  They even felt so comfortable that I knew my space was in divine hands. Gave me the guidance to do some back chakra activation techniques that I have been chicken to use. Everything flowed, I did things as if I had done it a thousand times.   Absolutely wonderful!”
Rena R., Reiki II Student, Port Angeles, WA

“Thanks for the reminder to notify you when we aren’t feeling right about Reiki Josslyn. One really good thing I have noticed since I have been working really hard on my boundaries being protected is I’m finding more and more joyous people around me. This comes as a complete surprise to me. I guess that I have envisioned my boundary protection as a shield to ward off negative emotions, energies, and thoughts from others. But I am feeling that in wording off the negativity I am receiving more positive things. This makes me feel really good about myself as well as others. Thanks again for all that you do.” Stevie Wagner, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“Hi Josslyn,    I was working in the yard for three hours.  Usually, I can resolve my lower back pain with walking, but this time that did not help.  What did help was Karen (his wife and my Reiki II student) running the Reiki to my lower back.  It felt like a hot pad was applied, and after about 30 minutes, all the pain was gone. I was amazed by the outcome.  I am looking forward to your Reiki I men’s class coming up soon.  I am grateful for your teaching, devotion, and compassion of Reiki.   Thanks, D. Maloney”

“Thanks Josslyn.  It shows how great a teacher you are.  You always said to us that we need to work on it (practicing at Reiki).  Also, doing meditation daily is addictive for me and I feel it certainly helps the Reiki to flow in daily.  Now, having the symbols will make it even flow in better.

I do recommend you because of your natural empathy and steadfast dedication to Reiki.  It is not for people who just dabble in this and that.  Reiki is life changing and I feel is something that brings out our spirituality even more.  It definitely resonates with me.   It is definitely helping my husband and me to ascend and I am seeing it in others who you have taught who are using it to help them ascend.

I also want to tell you that yesterday was the 5th year anniversary of my mom’s death and it was the easiest one for me to get through.  I have to thank you for helping to release her energy from me for her to move on.  I did not understand it at the time, but I certainly do now.  Reiki has also helped me with that.  Your classes have also helped me tremendously.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, JOSSLYN!”  Karen, Reiki II student in Sequim, WA

“Good Eve to you,  I spent some quality time with the horses today (running Reiki for them).  Hercules’ back is so much less painful.  It has relaxed a little more.  They both seem soft and gentle.  Princess often shows the whites of her eyes but she was cuddly with no anxiety tonight.  They both soaked up Reiki.  Herc didn’t stand off at all (The first time we worked with him with the Reiki he stood away from us, but took it in for a long time).  They stayed close to each other in the pasture today, more than usual.  I think they have had a shift in their herd behavior.  I didn’t see the usual  “you’re in my space so I have to pin my ears”.  Post-energywork horsie bliss.   I remember you saying the Reiki can settle in over a number of days.  Seems that they are still improving.  Namaste.”  R. Raymond, Reiki I student from Port Angeles, WA

“Ive already done 2 treatments! I’m in love with Reiki! It makes me energized after! I feel so good! I feel like this is a lightening rod to Divine! I cant wait to go down this path I feel like this is such a magical gift! I haven’t felt like this in a long time! Its amazing!” Michele from Sequim, Reiki II Student

“Josslyn, I just want to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you coming into my life. You do such an awesome job with all the classes you offer plus the Psychic Circle.  I find them very educating, intriguing, and fun all at the same time.  Thank you for sharing yourself, your family, and home.  I am blessed.  You are a beautiful spirit and healer, and I love being a part of your life on this planet.    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for fulfilling your purpose in this life!!!!

 The very best always, Karen”

“Hey Joss,

 just to share a funny story with you today.  

I had a patient in yesterday, a man who works hard as a floor layer and had a sore back.  

I got him to lie face down on the couch and did some acupuncture on him. Meanwhile the nice music was playing. I had done Reiki in the room and a Gassho intention that all the patients would be blessed with healing today!!

So I told this guy to imagine all the negative energy as a cloud coming out of his body and going down the drain aided by the mushrooms!!

He ended up snoring! He said he had never been so relaxed! He looked at me weird afterwards as if I had put a spell on him, and said ‘can we do that again next week?’..

So what a lovely technique to use with the right people!

  And wouldn’t ‘thank you to the mushrooms‘. Be a great title for a book!!

Have a great day

Xxx Julie”  Julie is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has trained in Acupuncture too, in Liverpool, UK and a Reiki I student.  Via her cell phone she was so excited to tell me.  Way to go Julie!  I’m so proud of you to simply GO FOR IT!!

These beautiful red mushrooms make a great visualization for recycling the energies you no longer want or others try to 'give' to you.  They give me a happy feeling just looking at them which can help with your overall intention of Love while working with difficult people. Click on mushrooms, to read the full blog.
These beautiful red mushrooms make a great visualization for recycling the energies you no longer want or others try to ‘give’ to you. They give me a happy feeling just looking at them which can help with your overall intention of Love while working with difficult people. Click on mushrooms, to read the full blog.
Josslyn,  I visited my general physician last week.  I am trying to get better medication or a more natural way of handling my blood pressure.  I saw her a month ago and she changed it and said come back in a month and lets see how it is doing.  I take my blood pressure around noon each day, then do Reiki and take it again.  I record both to show the after Reiki numbers.  She said she was very impressed with how the Reiki reduced my blood pressure so much, usually at least 10 points, sometimes 20.  I told her I learned it from you.  She said, ‘well tell your daughter the Reiki is really helping you, I noticed you are more centered also.’
So there is a good testimonial for Reiki.    Love, Mom”
Carol K., A Reiki I Student and my mom, Encinitas, CA

“I had a total knee replacement three weeks ago. I am walking around and doing fine right now. The physical therapist says I am about three to five weeks ahead of schedule for this level of recovery. Other than sporadic self-treatments with “soaking up Reiki” in my entire body and occasional laying on of hands to the knee, I’ve not done anything special. Makes me go “hummm….”

Robert D. a Reiki I, Sequim, WA”

“I am an Army veteran who suffers from Post-traumatic stress disorder and had never heard of Reiki before meeting Josslyn. I am the type of individual that doesn’t want to burden others with my problems, so I usually just hide my pain and “grin and bear” it. However, since I was introduced to Reiki, my life has totally turned around for the better. Reiki has brought out so much in me that I didn’t know existed. I am much more spiritual than I’ve ever been and I have Reiki to thank for it.  I used to have extreme nightmares from serving in the Iraqi war, but since knowing Reiki, the nightmares have diminished.  I am now dreaming peacefully and have even been able to see my spirit guides in my dreams.  Since being introduced to Reiki, I have been exploring my spirituality in more depth.  I study and meditate each day and have even become a minister so that one day, when I become a Reiki Master, I will be able to practice Reiki, so that I can help others.”

Michael G., a Reiki II, in Sequim, WA

“I had never heard of Reiki before I met Josslyn. When I was invited to Reiki circle, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I have an open mind, so I wanted to see what Reiki was all about. I was hooked right away after the first session. Now I’ve been doing Reiki for nearly a year and not only has it had such a positive impact on my physical health, but my mental and spiritual health as well. I immediately took the Reiki I class, and shortly thereafter took the Reiki II class. Before Reiki, I had constant bloody noses due to my sinuses and now I have not had a bloody nose in almost a year. I have not had any medical treatments or surgery. Reiki has helped clear up my sinuses all on its own. I work at a job where I stand on a concrete floor for 8 hours, so I suffer from back, neck, and hip pain, and Reiki really helps alleviate the pain. I am so happy that Josslyn introduced me and my family to Reiki for many reasons. I look at life differently now, I implement Reiki in almost every aspect of my life. I’m not perfect, and even though I am open-minded, I have a hard time making changes in my life, so I don’t always call on Reiki for everything, but I am a work in progress and am a better person for having Reiki in my life. “

~ Brooke G., a Reiki II in Sequim, WA

“I have been giving nightly Reiki to my wife’s arthritic knees. The pain was getting so bad that she was having trouble sleeping. With the treatments (he says about 15 minutes each night), she has been able to sleep well and gets up in the morning feeling great and walking without pain for almost the entire day.   (He’s also been working on himself) Typically my headaches last 8 to 15 hours. Two nights ago, I give myself a ten-minute Reiki treatment with one hand over the ache and one hand on the opposite side of the head. I felt a lot of heat from my hands to the point where my head began to sweat under my hands. The heat felt good, but did not diminish the pain. I kept the Reiki flowing for ten minutes. At first I thought that the treatment had no effect because there was no immediate relief. But about ten minutes after the treatment, the pain began to fall off. After about 30 minutes, I was pain-free. It doesn’t sound like much, but cutting an 8-hour headache down to 30 minutes is a good accomplishment.”

Robert D., a Reiki I in Sequim, WA

“This past Saturday was my first Reiki Circle, and what an awesome time it was! Working with other Reiki students and masters gave me a window into some of the different techniques of Reiki and I truly learned that there really is NO wrong way to practice Reiki. Especially exciting was working with the kids. They are a great inspiration for the imagination and brought an electric feel into our group.  In my eyes, Reiki circle is an opportunity that definitely should not be missed. Not only was it a great learning experience for my own practices, but the power of the combined energies alone was an experience of its own kind.The healing I received was completely unique in that I was getting 5 different perspectives at once! After Reiki circle, I feel extremely motivated to continue on my path with Reiki. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, Joss!”

Lauren H., a Reiki I at the time in Sequim, WA

“I looked for my soul,
but my soul I could not see.
I looked for my God,
but my God eluded me.
I looked for a friend
and then I found all three.”

William Blake

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  1. Very inspirational messages from your students Joss, you are a very special teacher, healer and friend. Looking forward when we return from our trip south to attend one of your Reiki Circles and down the road aways Reiki !!
    Blessings to you…

  2. Thanks Joan, I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love with such amazing people. I can’t think of a more rewarding path then empowering people on their spiritual path. I look forward to seeing you at circles too. Let me know when you are back and be safe on your journey. Blessings, Josslyn

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