Rain Shadow Reiki Healer’s Circle

Reiki for Healing Grief Support Circle

Josslyn and other healer’s present will facilitate this deeply moving and healing event once a month.  This Circle is for anyone who has Reiki and considers themselves a healer, or an empath, or a helper or just wanting to be.  Or, if you just feel you need help and don’t know where to turn, this is a safe place to start your journey.  Healers, empaths, psychics, and Highly Sensitive people have unique experiences with life and how they handle the human experience. We often feel the odd person out, or that we don’t fit in, like the Island of Misfit toys, we are always searching for someplace we feel normal.  This is that place.

This Circle is meant to be an on-going support circle for healers where we intend to attend once a month to focus on healing ourselves, our friends and family, others and Mother Earth.  We focus on holding space for each other, learning new processes of healing, connecting with others who we can learn from and loving and understanding what each person is struggling with.   We will attend with the intention for true healing and pure holding space for each other to bond and heal as well.  This is done best with consistent attendance and connection to the group.  Intention is powerful and just by attending, you are healing.  But, each circle will be completely different and by attending consistently you give a big message to the Universe as well as yourself that you are truly ready to move forward in your healing, and you will.

Josslyn has a powerful and intense healing purpose in this lifetime.  Her soul has created situations all through her life that keep her on her personal healing path, no matter what.  (It’s in her astrology chart.)  And, then she takes these lessons and teaches others.  This soul purpose also creates an energy for everyone around her to heal and move forward in a powerful way while also having fun and feeling joy.  Even just by being around Josslyn regularly, the energy takes hold and starts moving you forward on your healing path.  This can be uncomfortable to some if they do not feel completely ready.  But, if you intend to heal and are open to the process, good and hard, surrender to it then you will find yourself feeling positive about your progress.   Healing is especially amplified in the group energy events like this circle.

So, sit down and talk to your guidance and see if you FEEL you are ready to heal yourself and connect with other ‘magical misfits’, then come and join us for what we feel will be an incredibly moving experience.

In this circle we will:

*Be aware of a safe and sacred healing space

*Everything in this circle is confidential!


*Bring in our Reiki with intention

*Introduce ourselves and share about ourselves

*Meet other liked minded souls and share our stories and healing WHEN we feel ready (You can attend and just say your name and then listen if that is all you are ready for.  Healing will still take place.)

*Share our healing and learning processes

*Do Reiki healing on ourselves to heal and release the energy that comes up during the group

*Learn more ways to aid ourselves in the healing process with multiple modalities

*Learn how to hold space for people and ourselves

*Have past life readings IF it is necessary for someone to move forward

*If it’s for the Best and Highest good for one or more participants we may do Reiki Psychic Healing or ThetaHealing, again, we’ll go with the flow and allow healing to happen in an organic fashion

*Go with the flow of Reiki and be flexible for healing miracles

Rain Shadow Reiki Healer’s Circle is held on different days throughout each month usually at 5:30pm to 8:30pm on the.  Please check for dates on the RESOURCE CALENDAR section.  The cost is $36 prepaid to get your Zoom link.  No one is turned away for lack of funds.  But, people who donate and participate in this way get more out of their journey than those who do not. This is an energetic intentional giving and receiving. If you cannot afford the fee find another way to donate.  Be creative and talk to Josslyn about this.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Blessings to you all,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Email Josslyn to get more information about any events at rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or call 360-460-7829.

Josslyn – “Shortly after I got home from the hospital after the crash my family and I were in in 2017, my guides started talking to me about healing grief and a new focus, an addition to my healing path in the future which would be about helping others in their process with grief as well as educating others on how to support those loved ones going through the process of grief.  This Circle is a direct culmination of the plan my God/guides have for us in facilitating that goal. In helping to facilitate this circle I will be walking beside you on this journey, healing with you, learning with you, forging ahead with you, one step at a time.  Together we heal, together we lift each other up, together we find our true empowerment within ourselves where it always exists, we just need to find it, in ourselves.  We will find it together. By learning to hold space for others and ourselves we become better healers and better humans.  And, we are able to love and understand one another better and truly feel the oneness.”

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