Psychic & Spiritual Path Mentoring

Josslyn can mentor private clients in person, over the phone or over Skype.

One of the parts of my “job” I find very fulfilling is mentoring others.  I see myself walking the path right along with you and I LOVE to see the progress that is made over time.  I do this by working with Reiki, with my Reiki guides and the client’s guides as well.  By reading the energy of these ‘helpers’ I am able to know what is most important for the client’s path, learning or healing.

I find that the people who are drawn to me for mentoring are people who are:

  • looking for a new spiritual path, but don’t know what that is or how to achieve it
  • people who have had intuitive abilities all their lives and just don’t know how to work with them or are afraid of them
  • people who just desire someone to walk the healing path with them, guiding them from a place of spiritual awareness
  • people who feel drawn to helping others, being a light worker in this new age and want support in how to do this and what is most important first
  • families with sensitive and/or psychic kids who need help understanding and working with their abilities.

I love to be that person to guide and walk the process with you, I find it extremely rewarding.

It’s much more fun to walk the path together! Anything can happen!

How I can help you walk your path, many ways:

  • I can work with my intuitive abilities to get to the heart of the issues each time we are working together.
  • I intuitively know how often is best for each individual to come and see me.  It saves my client’s time and frustration.
  • I offer Reiki circles each month to allow for practice and question and answer time regularly.
  • I am available to my students by phone or email for extra help in between sessions.  You never need to feel you are on this path alone.
  • By walking the path with you as your mentor I help you stay focused on your ultimate goal, keep you moving forward, help you out of the difficult times with Reiki support and give you a kind, non-judge mental ear when you need it.
  • I can help get to the deep levels with difficult issues or blockages that you and meditation cannot get to or have had a hard time getting to.  Sometimes we just need someone else to help us.
  • Educate you on energy for you personally.  We are all unique, what works for one person does not always work for another.  I intuitively know which visualizations, meditations, books, lessons, will work best for your unique soul.
  • Help with meditation.  Especially when you are getting started with meditation and visualization it helps to have guidance to get you going and keep you motivated with new ideas that are designed just for YOU!
  • I can teach those with intuitive/psychic abilities to work with them, trust them and enhance them while feeling empowered, not afraid.
Allow me to help you find your way through the maze of life!

My mentoring process:

I tailor this process for each individual client.  It is up to us to determine what works best for you and your unique path.  I do highly recommend taking at least a minimum of a Reiki I class for the information and education about energy and the self-healing abilities.  Also, taking the class helps you receive additional guidance through your Reiki guides that you get during a class.  After that I recommend the Reiki circles once a month for continued education on energy, meditation and getting answers to your questions.  Then we determine how often is best come to me for private sessions in order to keep you moving forward.  But, again, it is your process and we will tailor it to you even if a Reiki class is not included in that.

If intuition or psychic abilities are what you want help with, I would also recommend attending my Psychic Circle class which is held once a month.  See that page to read more about what we learn in that class.  It helps one to get practice in a safe and secure environment with other students who can help one to feel a part of a spiritual and intuitive community.

Grouping sessions together in a package can be done to lower the cost.

Cost of mentoring program:

Josslyn charges $30 per 15 minutes or $120 per hour  for all sessions.

  • Buy in Bulk to save $$– 6 hours paid in full, $600 ($100/hr.). First session 2 hours, the rest are up to you. (If you wish to include PEMF for any of these hours, that is an additional $25/hr).

Call Josslyn at 360-460-7829 or email her at for more information.

3 thoughts on “Psychic & Spiritual Path Mentoring

  1. I believe that I feel! A recent situation in my life triggered it. I’m am so desperately confused. I really don’t have any thing left I feel completely drained I would really appreciate your help I believe things resonate with me. My family urges me to get therapy. But I believe no talk therapy will get to the root of my issues.which simply stem from me and my feelings.I believe you will help me! Thank you

    1. Blessings Kris, I have been there. I understand how difficult it is to wake up and not understand anything any more. I’m happy to help. If you want to book a phone or skype apt just give me a call or email me. 360-460-7829 or I’m in Washington State, Pacific Standard Time. A first session is a minimum of two hours. We can group sessions together to save money if you like but I keep my rates low on purpose. Call me and we’ll talk. In Love and Light, Josslyn

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