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Wellness Fair Saturday in Sequim, WA



If you are local to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where Rain Shadow Reiki lives, we are participating in a FREE COMMUNITY EVENT that is much needed and greatly appreciated.  When I moved to Sequim, WA in 2008 and started doing Reiki I quickly realized that there were many holistic practitioners here, they just quietly did their own thing mostly in their homes.  That’s pretty much what I do too, although I’ve built a strong Reiki community on line as well as locally in person, it makes us stronger to mix, mingle and learn from other healers.  

So, IF you are anywhere near the Olympic Peninsula this weekend, please stop by and strengthen yourself and our community by coming to the FREE WELLNESS FAIR at Blue Mountain Yoga and the ribbon cutting for their newly reopened business.  Julia is the somewhat new owner, buying the business during the quarantines, courageous.  Community is important to her as she is creating a home for other healing and spiritual practitioners as well as yoga.

Julia has done a beautiful job in gathering healers of all different modalities to contribute to the talks, demonstrations and activities.  I will be talking and doing a Reiki plus Psychic Energy Healing demonstration at 11am.  Be early, I want to start at 11 sharp so we can do as much energy healing as possible.  Everyone will get healing (if they choose) and maybe get some psychic information too.  I with my  students will also be doing FREE mini Reiki chair sessions and FREE mini psychic reading/healings from 12:30pm to 4pm at our booth.  Look for the big Amethyst crystal!! That’s us!!


IF you are not able to come, please check out the websites with links below and paroose their sites and see if they resonate with you.  So much healing talent on the Peninsula, I’m proud to be here working and living in this beautiful part of the country.

Love and Light, Josslyn 

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS   (Subject to change for life emergencies)
Got my new banner, I’m ready for Saturday!!!
Open House Schedule
9-9:55 am- Open Levels Yoga w/ Kalee
10:05-11 am “Better Buzz” – yoga for pollinating your sense of well-being w/ Alicia,
11:15-noon Rhythm Meditations w/ Zorina Wolf of Whole Person Drumming,
11 am-noon Reiki Psychic Energy Healing w/ Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki
12-1230 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony w/ snacks and refreshments
12:30-1 pm Intro to Chakradance w/ Lauren
12:30-12:50 pm Body Psychology w/ Chelsea,
12:30-12:45 pm Capoeira Demo by Joe
12:45-1:15 pm Outdoor Family/ Kids Yoga (all ages) w/ Sara and Victoria
12:55-1:30 pm Intro to Herbalism w/ Lucie
1:10-2 pm The Sister Sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology w/ Melanie,
1:15-2 pm Dances of Universal Peace w/ Premdaya,
1:30-2 pm Standing Meditation w/ James,
2:10-2:50 pm Energy Healing Self-Care Class w/ Dr. Penny Burdick,
2:10-2:55 pm Herbal Remedies for Seasonal Allergies w/ Lucie
3-4 pm ShamaniK Yoga Dance w/ Maytrelli,
3-3:30 pm Enhancing Wellness and Stress Relief by Supporting the Nervous System w/ Robin,
3:40-4 pm DNA Cleansing Meditation w/ Cathlene and Matthew, New Paradyme Healing (360)912-4312
4:30-5:30 pm Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath w/ Theresa Clark West, (360)461-4163
6-7:30 pm Salish Sea Kirtan Band w/ Natavar,
Open House Outdoor Booths 12:30-4 (unless otherwise noted)
Chakradance w/ Lauren *free chakra health checks
Visceral Manipulation Assessments w/ Nicole 12:30-2 pm,,
Mini Readings w/ Autumn Smith,
Wilderness Fusion Healings w/ Sarah and Jess, 12:30-3 pm,
Rain Shadow Reiki is offering mini Reiki chair sessions and mini psychic readings
Mini Massage, treatments, and energy clearing w/ Chelsea Anne,
Acupuncture w/ Jason Taylor,, (206)569-8255
Reiki Healing, and/or Akashic Reading. 15 minute sessions with Premdaya Wajida Mathieu
2:15-4 pm Mini Massage Sessions w/ James Burtle of Rainbow Body Massage in the Treatment Room
Consultations and mini healing treatments w/ Randy Sorenson
12-2 pm
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Reiki 1 class in late June

Hello Reiki Students,
REIKI CLASS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! and so spiritual too…….
A Reiki I class has been scheduled for late June, in person and Zoom welcome.  DETAILS BELOW
Reiki has changed my life, the way I handle stress and stressful situations and most of all, it has connected me in a physically tangible way that I am able to FEEL IN MY BODY to my Higher Power of Love and Light.  THAT is a life changer! And a BONUS, my psychic/intuitive abilities were OFF THE CHARTS after my Reiki 1 attunement and just continued to grow.  Reiki is a real game changer for all of life !!  I highly recommend that in these extraordinary times of stress, Reiki can only help.  
To help your Reiki healing process further, I offer workshops and more classes to help you feel confident to continue in your Reiki practice; whether on yourself, your pets, plants, family and friends or on clients.  MOST people take Reiki for their own stress relief and just see where it goes from there.  There are a million plus reasons to take a Reiki class, none of them are wrong.  We have a Reiki community and we are here for you way after your class to help you with your Reiki practice wherever it leads you. It’s up to you how much you attend, but you can also just send us an email or post a question on our private Student’s FB page.  Rain Shadow Reiki has been teaching Reiki in Sequim and other locations since 2009 and will continue as long as we are able.  This is our soul path in life.  This is what we LOVE TO DO!!!
Josslyn and hopefully one other co-teacher will be teaching this class. 
Email or call us if you have ANY questions or issues about this class at all,
We LOVE hearing from you,
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Energy Healer
Ellen, Amber, Bren and sometimes some of our other Reiki Master/
teachers who work with us too.
WHEN:   JUNE 21ST, 23RD & 30TH 
(Tuesday, Thursday & Thursday)
WHAT TIME:  10am to approximately 4:30pm   (We will do our best to stay on time and usually do, but we also want to get to all the Reiki applicable questions the students have. The 4:30pm is flexible, but we are usually no later than 15 to 30 minutes over, please allow flexibility.)
WHERE:  Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (IN Sequim City limits)  OR on Zoom from your home  
HOW:  Click on the link to pay below, pay and we’ll take it from there.  Your payment IS your sign up. In the NOTE section please specify if you want IN PERSON or ZOOM   (First come first serve.  IF in person fills up we will have room on Zoom.) 
COST:  $330 includes the manual
RETAKES: Donation button below – If you have taken Reiki I from Rain Shadow Reiki before, we ask for a donation for our time and effort for another class.  Sometimes people say it’s like a whole new class because they learn so much the second time around because it’s not ALL new, they can take in more details.  It’s so worth it!  There is usually room in the class for retakes, if not in person, we always have room on Zoom.  I like having retake students in the class because they add a level of experience for the new students to hear about.  YOUR Reiki experience will help the whole class. 
Reiki I – more information about the class- 
Link to Pay for Reiki I – $330 includes manual –
Donate for Reiki I retake – 
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This Is What Reiki People Do for FUN!! TONIGHT

Rain Shadow Reiki Healer’s Circle tonight, 5:30pm to 8:30pm PST on Zoom.  This is kind of like a Reiki Circle but it’s all different energy healing modalities .Email us you want to come and we’ll email you a link the day of. 



  • Energy Healing Circle
  • Support group and community for empaths, highly sensitive people and  people
  • Healing us, our friends, family and the world!
  • Learning to hold space for other healers
  • Learning new energy healing modalities/tools to add to our ‘tool belt’ to help
  • Get to know some of the Rain Shadow Reiki community
  • Get to know the teachers and psychic healers of Rain Shadow Reiki to see if they resonate with you

IF you are interested in this event, this month or any other, email us at or call at 360-460-7829.  These workshops are on Zoom at this time and will continue to be on Zoom for our clients all over the country.  We can help you learn Zoom if you would like.  

Thank you, 


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A Personal Message from Josslyn

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher and Owner of Rain Shadow Reiki

NOTE: Rain Shadow Reiki is still teaching Reiki, Reiki and Psychic workshops and seeing private clients via Zoom mostly, but some in person.  IF you would like to get on our class list, please email us at . We’ve love to have you in our close knit Reiki community. 

Hello, Josslyn/Joss here.  Call me either one, I go by both.  

One thing you might want to know about me if you’re reading this blog or considering a class or private session from me is that in my astrological chart and Human Design, I’m what is called a wounded healer.  I have Chiron at a place in my life path where it is challenging me to heal and look in the mirror pretty much every day for my whole life. (Most people have it at two maybe three areas of their chart for about a year and a half each time).  It seems to me sometimes that it’s drama after drama after drama; but I choose to call them HEALING OPPORTUNITIES!!

This is me in my professionally taken photos for my blog. It was taken with my son’s graduation photos and it was a happy sunny day. Good memories of this day with my son.

Since I’ve found Reiki and other energy healing modalities in 1997 when I woke up, I’ve turned the ‘drama’ in my life into healing, growth, learning and helping others.   

I usually keep my blogs to writing about ideas of HOW to work with the Reiki you are channeling.  But, life changes on a dime and we want to change with it to keep up.   Saying that, I’ll admit this to you all,  I’ve been struggling with writing blogs ever since the car crash my family was in in 2017. (If you don’t know about the crash, search Josslyn Streett + Colorado)  Two of my family members were killed and I was near death for a few weeks.  Communication is my life path, but verbally, not the written word.  So, the blog writing has been the last thing on my list and I’m very sorry to you all for that.  I haven’t forgotten about you, truly. 

But, you know the Universe, from the crash, I did not die so there must be more work for me here, and hopefully more fun. THANK YOU REIKI IN ADVANCE FOR MORE FUN!!! (Ask and you shall receive)

I am here and my goal since the beginning of the healing process when I got home from the hospital is to not just live, but thrive.  Well, that is easier said than done, even with Reiki.  But, I’m a healer, I don’t give up and that is what life here on earth takes, do not give up hope, just keep moving forward best you can; one minute at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.  Whatever you can do, just keep moving on.  And, with Reiki we have an extra special gift to do just that.  I believe Reiki has saved my life many more times then those doctors in CO.

Our human subconscious minds still think healing is linear and it goes in a straight line and gets better and better as we heal with our Reiki and intentions.  But, that is just not how human bodies work, or human soul paths.  We go back and forth, forward then back, up then down, around and around and then we transition.  Kind of like that.  So the less we are attached to the linear way of thinking, the less we will stress ourselves out.  But, as much as I know that in my conscious mine, I STILL WANT IT TO BE LINEAR in the process.  So, long story longer almost five years later, I’m still very much healing, even new issues that have come up from five years ago; it’s a constant healing process as I’m still healing my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and am teaching and working with clients in between, when I am able.  

Thank you all for being patient with me when I have really not been able to write blogs or teach or even ADULT at all.  Thank you all for sending Reiki to me and my son and our soul paths; it is much welcomed and much gratitude sent in return and Reiki blessings as well.  And, thank you for being patient even still as I’m continuing my healing path and sometimes able to DO Reiki/Psychic classes and sometimes not.  And, sometimes not writing blogs for long periods of time.  We are actually working on a new website and the goal is to do video blogs, that is my more natural way of communicating and hopefully I’ll be more consistent.  But, we’re human and so we do what we can do.

But, the other thing to know about me, especially IF you are considering having a private session or taking a class from me, I do not give up.  I just keep on going at whatever pace I’m able to and I keep healing and teaching whenever I’m able.  My son comes first, then my Reiki passion.  Because, everything I learn from healing myself, I then turn around and teach YOU ALL!! That is what a wounded healer is.  We have much to teach if you are able to go with the flow, you will heal much and learn much from us.  As wounded healers we are also able to help you go DEEPER with your healing.  We have a huge bandwidth of pain and trauma that we are able to pull from to help you go there, heal and release.  We also understand people who have been through trauma because we have been there too.  There is much to be said for a Reiki/Psychic Healing from a wounded healer.  BUT, it’s all your soul path.  So, if I resonate with you as a teacher/healer, then I’m the one to go to.  If I do not, then keep looking.

 It’s all good, it’s just not all easy!!

SESSION/CLASS – IF you would like a private session via Zoom/phone with me or one of our Reiki/Psychic Healers, call or email us at 360-460-7829, .  We add our psychic healing gifts/modalities with Reiki for an incredible healing experience. 

Thank you for reading IF you stayed this long,

Thank you for your patience, 

Thank you for your loving comments,

Thank you for opening yourself up to all Reiki has to offer,

Thank you for being courageous and doing something new and different,

Thank you for wanting to be connected to Source,

Classes will start as soon as my Reiki tells me to start,

Love and Light, Josslyn/Joss


Rain Shadow Reiki’s monthly Healer’s Circle; a spiritual community support group, energy healing and psychic workshop/class and a healing – ALL IN ONE!! It’s AMAZING!!

P.S. -Monthly RSR Healer’s Circle for all energy healers; of self, pets or clients is still going strong on Zoom.  Email us if you want a like minded spiritual community.  Reiki is not required, first time is FREE!!!  

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Join Us for March Healer’s Circle on Zoom

Come Join Us for Healers Circle
Wednesday, March 30th –  Rain Shadow Reiki Event – on ZOOM
Rain Shadow Reiki Healer’s Circle is a Reiki Circle, other healing modalities circle, spiritual support community and energy healing class, ALL WRAPPED UP INTO ONE EVENT!! 
The healers who show up get to create the event each time.  We call it Healer’s Circle because we learn more than just Reiki every time; we learn many different healing modalities to heal ourselves and those we love, and the world. 
What to expect:
The first half of the event is a support group for people who are healing themselves in this life and maybe even healing others as well.  It is for ALL people who feel they are drawn to healing work, not just for professionals.  We introduce ourselves at first, talk about the challenges we are having or not having especially being highly sensitive, empathic or psychic.  Any of the healers who attend may respectfully help with their unique life information and experience, we learn from each other’s wealth of knowledge.  Then we take a break.  The second half of the event, Creator tells us what to do as far as a healing modality based on what happened in the first half of the group.  We never know what we will do and it’s usually quite unique and different, usually fun and quite often we learn so much.  Josslyn is ready if our Divine Guidance says we need to have a channeled meditation for healing, do Reiki Psychic Healing, ThetaHealing  or some other type of psychic healing.  But, anyone is welcome to teach something new from their specific wheelhouse as long as it is Divinely Guided.  We go with the Divine Flow!!  With Reiki, we know it’s always for our best and highest good. 
  • Wednesday, March 30th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm PST
  • $36.00 (link to pay below)
  • Your payment serves as your RSVP
  • On Zoom
  • Please contact us with any questions ( or 360-460-7829)
This Circle is for Energy Healers of all modalities to get together and hold space for each other to share, heal, learn and BE.  We will be talking about being a healer with the unique challenges and gifts and what that means.  Discussing the challenges we are having in our daily lives and how best to heal them.  We will be learning to hold space for each other and ourselves.  Then we will organically flow into healing ourselves, each other, our communities of our planet and Mother Earth – wherever spirit guides us!
It is INCREDIBLE every single month!! We leave feeling more clean, clear, magical, heart centered, connected and more in tune with the Creator.  We can’t wait!!  
Reiki is not required, but always recommended.  In the flow of the monthly events, each person can share their healing modalities with the group as organically needed, wanted and of free will. It is not required. You can just show up and listen, it’s all good.  We ask you to introduce yourself and just be a part of the group as much as you are ready, willing and able to be. 
Hope to see you there!  Call or email with any questions.
Rain Shadow Reiki
Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren
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Reiki has been one of the greatest gifts to us at Rain Shadow Reiki and so many people in this lifetime!! We feel blessed every day to have this incredible healing energy in our lives. 


Mikao Usui Sensei was given the gift of Reiki in March/April 1922 on Kurama Yama, a sacred mountain north of Kyoto, Japan.
IF you so chose, join Rain Shadow Reiki as we are celebrating the 100-year anniversary of this important event.
We are asking for new ways to thank Reiki for helping us so much. Contemplate ways you can show gratitude for your Reiki practice and do them. Make it just for you, simple and intuitive; know it’s a nice way of connecting with your Reiki in a way we don’t usually do. 
Reiki guides us, heals us, protects us, and helps us with our intuitive guidance.  Reiki is truly a gift.  I really do not know how other people get through this thing called LIFE ON EARTH without Reiki.  It is that much a part of me, all day, every day.  
Josslyn, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei as he was called by Reiki students in Japan, was born on August 15, 1865. He was born in Taniai village in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture, which is located near present-day Nagoya, Japan. He received the “Great Reiki Light” in 1922 on the sacred Mt. Kurama, located North of Kyoto city, the ancient capital of Japan.  

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Reiki As the ENERGY

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki, in Sequim, WA


The only limits to Reiki and what it can heal in your life – are our own limits of belief.

Reiki is a band of energy vibrations of healing energy that comes from a Divine and intelligent source.  There are many names for this source, but in Reiki Class we learn that Reiki is not religious, it is spiritual.  It is whatever the Love and Light Creator is in your heart.  In a Reiki I class, we learn to channel this energy through our bodies to ourselves or others to heal.

One of the ‘definitions’ of Reiki is, “Divinely Guided Life Force Energy.” Meaning, the energy itself comes from a Divine, intelligent source, it knows what to do, where to go, how much Reiki you or your client needs.   Reiki does this part for us.  That means anyone, ANYONE, can easily DO Reiki healings.  

Reiki is often taught as a technique, but it’s actually the energy.  We teach technique with it in order for people to easily access it, but Reiki is the energy that pervades all living things.  Although many people, even Master/Teachers, talk about Reiki as a technique because that is a tangible thing that people can grasp onto and understand.  We teach technique with a Reiki class to give students a starting point and some confidence in working with their Reiki.  But, Reiki is the energy and not the technique.  

Why does it matter that we know that Reiki is the energy and not the technique?

I have found that many of my students get wrapped up in their heads with Reiki when they are first starting (Any new modality we learn, actually, we are in our heads a lot first to learn it in the left brain, knowledge area.) Students focus on the hand positions I taught them and not the part where I said “You cannot do it wrong.

Many of us are so trained to do things ‘right’, do things a particular way, do things the expert’s way, the way in the book………………….. that we forget, Reiki and our Higher Knowing guide us.  We already know how to do this, our human self just needs to step aside, break through the fear, remember it and go for it!

Reiki being the energy, allows us the freedom to know that as long as we’re doing it with honest intention, we are doing it ‘right.’

Practicing your Reiki Gassho Meditation daily will help your body adjust to running Reiki energy and help you to be able to run more Reiki, more often.

And, Reiki is always good and can do no harm.  So, you literally cannot do it wrong!!

So do your Reiki or take a Reiki class from us, knowing you cannot do it wrong. Knowing it is always ON when you ask it or intend it to be.  And, if it always for your best and highest good for all involved. 

Knowing I cannot do it wrong, gave me permission to be daring, to play with it, to try new things, MY way things and to be DAUNTLESS!!!

I teach classes online currently on Zoom.  If you would like to take a Reiki class email me and we’ll see if it’s in the Divine plan.

In Love and Light,

Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren, Susan, Molly, Margaret, Steph, Deborah & Heather, Reiki Masters for RSR


Email questions about Reiki to, we have a Rain Shadow Reiki Facebook page and we are in Instagram.  360-460-7829 (Leave a VM, we will call back.)

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Reiki I – A Step Towards Self-Realization

 Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA – We teach Reiki and Psychic classes and workshops online via Zoom monthly

“The First Degree of Reiki is a step toward self-realization, reconnecting our spiritual self with our physical form, and bringing more light into our body, mind, and soul.  It brings us into a harmonious relationship with spiritual energy, and helps clear and release denser energies so that we are capable of receiving and transmitting a very high frequency of healing light.”        

Quote from- Jade Elizabeth Hardisty and Catherine Morris (Josslyn’s Reiki Teachers) from the First Degree Reiki Teaching & Study Guide or 360-460-7829 for classes, workshops and readings

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Life’s Twists, Turns & Two New Masters

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Owner for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

SELF Reiki is the most important use of Reiki. After the attunement, we Reiki ourselves in order to allow and feel the new vibration of energy flow through our bodies.

This new world we live in coupled with this new Aquarian energy has us creating our lives new daily(We’ve been in an Earth sign for 800 years, solid foundation, now in Aquarius for 200 years, air sign, flexible and new every day).  I have seen the changes right before my eyes and they are definitely testing us to GO WITH THE FLOW and be much more flexible. But, if we are able to get out of bed each day, embrace this as a positive change and say, “Hmm, what am I going to create my life to be today?!!” Magic can happen.

I also see this in our classes and workshops.  

We had nine people wanting to take Reiki III in March.  The numbers dwindled day by day.  Real life emergencies, last minute work trips and more situations took people out of the possibility of taking this class.  We had four people two days before and then the day of, two.  What does this mean? It means two amazing people were meant to take this class at this time, so we did it.  But, no, it didn’t go that smoothly, this is Post 2020 by the way, it’s a whole different energy in a whole different world.  The night before, everything changed.  So, we changed.  My Reiki Guidance helped me come up with a whole new plan that would work with our two teachers and two students alike.  We quickly shifted gears and switched our one day class, to a three day format.  It worked beautifully.  Molly was able to Co-Teach with us the first two days, but at the last minute choosing days, that was pretty amazing.

Practicing Reiki on others is a way to cement into our beings the new symbol, the process and the ability to do it again and again in the future. Confidence is key to DOING.


And, so, that is how the whole class went.  Twists and turns all the way along.  Very loud neighbors, stress, anxiety, the outside world pushing in and threatening to damage our peace, but it didn’t.  Reiki guided us the whole way and we learned so much, instead of crumbling.  It was perfectly beautiful in the ‘imperfect’ way it presented.  

CONGRATULATIONS REIKI MASTERS HEATHER AND COLLEEN!!! These ladies had many twists and turns to get to this class. Many years after Reiki II, they did not give up, followed their own unique Reiki path and are here NOW and that’s how Reiki goes. Beautifully unfolding in each of us, in Divine Time.

This class communicated to me more spiritual enlightenment and development than any other before.  It was Divinely Guided that these two Reiki Students were meant to be here at this time.  It is always Divinely Guided and I do not use that ALWAYS word lightly at all.  Reiki Classes are always Divinely Guided.  So, I don’t have to worry about anything.  In the 12 years of teaching, I have rarely cancelled a class, even after the major crash my family was in.  I’m sure there was at least one, but I can’t think of one right now.

IF we are listening, Reiki will show us another way.  Every time.

This ability to be flexible and go with the flow of the energy in the world, is something Reiki has taught me.  It’s something that has been INFINITELY valuable to me in my life and will be going forward.  

Reiki is Divine Energy.  It knows what is coming and it changes BEFORE.  Then, it teaches us HOW TO DEAL!!




Thank you for helping me send Reiki, Love and Light to Heather and Colleen,



or 360-460-7829


Heather doing a Reiki session on her daughter. Her daughter gave her a raving review of much less physical pain, even though she doesn’t quite believe in Reiki. Yet.
Molly and I hold space for our students and let them know we are there for them. There is no need, in Reiki class, to criticize or correct. The student’s intuitively know what to do, or they will ask us. Reiki is the main teacher, always.
Heather is doing Reiki on Dawn’s joints, one of the hand positions. Chakras and joints, those are the main areas for Reiki sessions.


Colleen was not able to have a person IN person for a Reiki session. So, she used her imagination and used a pillow as a surrogate for her friend who was actually receiving the Reiki. With Reiki, there is ALWAYS a way. (I’m using that word a lot in this blog, always.) Ask Reiki and you will get guidance in HOW to do something even when you thought it wasn’t possible.




More Reiki on Heather’s daughter.







Colleen performing a Healing Attunement on her surrogate pillow and her friend receiving it where she is. A Healing Attuenment is a process of giving a 7-10 minute Reiki healing for one specific intention. It is a nice quick way when there is one obvious issue that is rearing it’s head. Or, it’s a great way to give someone a quick example of Reiki when they haven’t had Reiki before.
Time to CELEBRATE!!!
Time for GRATITUDE!!




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REIKI I – Reiki For Movement

For Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (All classes, workshops and readings available online)

REIKI UN DO!!! (ooon doe)

How many of you remember learning how to use ‘REIKI UN DO’ in your Reiki Class?

In Reiki I there is so much to learn and it’s ALL NEW and more than a little overwhelming, that we often forget much of it.  

Moving our bodies heals us just in the act in DOING it.  But, what if we could heal our body deeper, safer and with Divine Guidance with us the whole time? Yes, of course we can.  Reiki does just that.  Reiki Un-do is a quick, easy ‘short cut’ and when we say it, we can say it with POWER and that helps too.  Reiki Un-do is one of the tools we can work with to help our movement/exercise to be a deeper healing practice.  

Reiki Un Do helps us get motivated, helps us heal through many incarnations while moving, and get to all levels that are ready, willing and able to be healed in the moment.  Reiki Un-do is one of these tools that I see people forgetting they have learned in Reiki I and maybe some teachers don’t teach it so you didn’t learn it.  But, in daily life, it’s one of the ones I use consistently.

It’s another way to easily TURN ON our Reiki.  

MY REIKI PROCESS – First thing in the morning I roll out of bed and literally get on the floor to start my Physical Therapy exercises before I do anything else, otherwise honestly, they may not get done at all.  I rarely even bring in my Reiki with my Gassho first.  SO, I say happily out loud or in my mind, “REIKI UN-DO!” and I know Reiki is with me and helping me exercise, also helping to motivate me.  That’s the minimum I do.  Sometimes I’ll do more, if I am feeling it.  Here are other ways I start my Reiki for movement:

  1. “Reiki Un-Do” means, for me, “Reiki please move with me, heal me !”
  2. When I do more, I’ll say “Thank you Reiki for helping this exercise make me stronger, healthier, happier, etc.” (Place in your own intentions for your movement.”
  3. When I put on music, I’ll say “Reiki Un-Do, Reiki Dance with me!”
  4. Sometimes I’ll talk to Reiki more while I’m moving and sometimes that’s all I do.  It depends upon how I feel that day and time.
Bring Reiki while doing ANY movement activity!! Reiki brings; healing, spiritual power, safe and sacred space and intuitive guidance.  But, it also, always respects the soul’s own Free Will.  It won’t go against our soul’s plan even if you want it to. 


WHY do we want to make the extra effort to bring in Reiki while we move?

  1. Reiki brings Spiritual Power when you call it in.  It will help remind you to exercise if you ask it to.  It will help you feel spiritually powerful enough to go to the next level or take on a new exercise program or class.
  2. Reiki brings Healing with it.  Any exercise will go deeper in your healing process then if you do not bring Reiki in.  It will heal you on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually all at the same time, just because you bring Reiki in to move with you.  It helps you make the MOST of your time exercising.  Get maximum healing for the time you are doing it. (I do some of my deepest grieving/healing during my walking or dancing time. Movement HEALS US!)
  3. Reiki creates Safe and Sacred Space around you and for you while you are moving.  Protection from picking up other’s energy at the gym, protection from hurting yourself (Unless there is a healing opportunity that your soul chooses for you), and intuition for listening to your body while you are working out.

HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE, thank you for your questions, we love them!!

AND, hope this helps your exercise be a little more SPIRITUAL & FUN!!!

Love and Light,

Josslyn and Ellen, Amber & Bren, Reiki Master Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki 

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