Ways to use Reiki Every Day


Work with the Reiki energy in your home to raise the vibration and make it more peaceful, protected and inviting.

For more information on HOW to use Reiki on these list items go to my post on Reiki Every Day– Part 1 Home.

Play with Reiki with your plants, seeds and flowers.

Use Reiki on EVERYTHING:

  1. The walls, ceilings, floors, air, windows and doors, inside cabinets and closets.
  2. New items coming into the home.
  3. House hold appliances, plumbing, air conditioner, heater, electricity, etc.
  4. Electronics- T.V.’s, computers, printers, stereos, I-pods, cell phones, car engines, gaming consoles, DVD players, etc. 
  5. Batteries of all kinds
  6. Anything you ingest into your body; food, drink, vitamins, prescription medication, alcohol.
  7. Find missing things
  8. People, family members, friends, neighbors, enemies (sending love & blessings)
  9. All living things, pets and plants
  10. Protect your emails, mail, identity, bank accounts, drivers license and passport, investments, etc.
  11. Make all your communication as loving as possible; websites, blogs, Facebook pages, snail mail, emails,
  12. Spiritual Items & tools; pictures, statues, art, crystals, shells, candles, pendulums, oracle cards, healing wands, etc.
  13. Boogie men and bad dreams
  14. Cooking & dining
"Reiki" all your food and drink

The possibilities of how you can improve your personal life at home are endless when you work with Reiki.  Can you think of any I forgot?

For more on HOW to use Reiki with these items go to my post on using Reiki Every Day!


Play with Reiki on EVERYTHING at work too!

  1. Helping you to learn new material.
  2. Office Unity; help everyone in the office feel safer, calmer and more at ease.
  3. Office Equipment
  4. Sales forms & potential clients.
  5. Goals- manifest what you truly want in your work life.
  6. Writing-help you to be a better writer or a less procrastinating writer.
  7. Helping yourself be more successful each day by using Reiki on yourself before work.
  8. Put Reiki in your productProgram your day to work out smoothly and easily.

For more on HOW to use Reiki to make yourself more successful at work go to my blog Reiki Every Day Part 2 Work.

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