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Teaching Kids Reiki and them Teaching Me!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

All photos property of Rain Shadow Reiki or the families in them.  Please do not use them for your own purposes.

My living room filled to the brim with kids, parents, Reiki Teachers and Reiki pets.  Perfect chaos.  LOL
My living room filled to the brim with kids, parents, Reiki Teachers and Reiki pets. Perfect chaos. LOL

Reiki Kids Class

About once a year I teach a Reiki Kids Class, usually close to summer break.  This is guided by the children themselves and Divine, of course.  When they are ready, they appear and tell me or their Reiki parent and I book a class.  This class, this year, was my youngest group yet.  The program I have is written for  6 and up and I have taught teen classes as well.  This class was mostly 8 and under all the way to age 2.  It was total joyful chaos and I loved it.  I believe they did too.

Sharing Love

Beautiful Isabel, pure love!
Beautiful Isabel, pure love!

Young children have a natural affinity for Reiki.  They see it and feel it as part of their normal every day state of being. Of course, I’m teaching children who are being raised by Reiki moms and dads, so they tend to be sensitive to energy and already in many cases, doing healing work without being taught.  They just do it as their natural life process.  Sometimes it’s the children who motivate the parents to follow through and take a Reiki class as well.  It’s beautiful to watch and even more beautiful if this pretense to love is nurtured into their older years and kept as part of who they are as they grow up.

Allie practicing Reiki on one of our moms, Anna.
Allie practicing Reiki on one of our moms, Anna.

Many kids will forget that they saw angels and fairies as kids or that they used to lay their hands on their siblings or parents for healing.  But, if the children see their parents doing this throughout their childhood and young adult years, they are much more likely to keep these abilities and work with them in their adult life.  This is, I believe, what will change our world for the better.  Love and sharing it daily.  To me, and these kids, Reiki is Divine Love.  And love heals.

Attunements on Children

Amber, one of my Reiki Master/Teacher students and mom to some of the Reiki kids, helped with six of the attunements and I did six too.  Kaia and Allie get their Reiki I attunements first.
Amber, one of my Reiki Master/Teacher students and mom to some of the Reiki kids, helped with six of the attunements and I did six too. Kaia and Allie get their Reiki I attunements first while the other kids color and watch the process.

When attuning children to Reiki, it’s much to me like adults.  I show the kids what the attunement is like first.  I explain to them that this is a sacred ceremony to ‘hook’ them up to the special Reiki healing from our Higher Power.    (We talk about what Higher Power means at the beginning of class.  Most of the kids prefer the word LOVE.)  And, I always make sure it is the choice of the child to be attuned.  Even the two-year olds have been talking with their mom and dad and me prior to the class to make sure this is what they want.  (I do this with telepathy but there are many other ways. reading books about Reiki, Doing Reiki with them prior to the class so they are totally aware of what it is, body language and just simply

It may look busy but the room was actually amazingly quiet.  Performing attunements in this large group of families was quite rewarding.  Also, doing side by side attunements with my friend and co-teacher was something I'll not easily forget.  Blessings Amber.  Thank you for the support my friend.
It may look busy but the room was actually amazingly quiet. Performing attunements in this large group of families was quite rewarding. Also, doing side by side attunements with my friend and co-teacher was something I’ll not easily forget. Blessings Amber. Thank you for the support my friend.

listening to them and how they behave.)  If a child throws a tantrum or shows at the time of the attunement that they are not ready, listen to them.  The right time will appear for them or not, it’s all good.  Go with the flow.

With this class, after explaining the attunement and how it’s important to be very quiet and respectful to each person’s experience, they got it.  During the 12 attunements we did, which took almost an hour, the kids colored their coloring pages, but were quiet and respectful the whole entire time.  They watched and took it in and seemed to understand the full spiritual impact this ceremony had on each of us.  Watching the other children receive the attunements had a powerful impact on all of us in the room.

For some, the whole day was just too much activity.  Vaughn, who was my very first Reiki baby and attuned himself to Reiki at 8months old, got attuned again on this day by his own mom.  These are the precious stories of my life and I couldn't be more grateful to Reiki for what I get to do with my life.  TY God!
For some, the whole day was just too much activity. Vaughn, one of our two-year olds,  my very first Reiki baby and attuned himself to Reiki at 8 months old, got attuned again on this day by his own mom. These are the precious stories of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful to Reiki for what I get to do with my life. TY God!

The parents told me after, how impactful that was to them, to be able to witness this Divine ritual.  In my previous classes I had done the attunements in a separate room while the kids were involved in a spiritual art project.  I wasn’t sure they would enjoy watching each of the other children being attuned or that they would be able to stay quiet for the whole hour.  I had also visualized it in different rooms before the class and saw this as guidance for how it would be best to do the attunements.  It may have been right for those classes and that time.  But, this experience was so great, I’m going to ask the kids from now on, get their buy in to the ceremony and go from there.  The kids are quite amazing, they know what’s best for them.  It’s up to us to trust them.

Reiki Freeze Tag!!  A HUGE hit!
Reiki Freeze Tag!! A HUGE hit!

After sitting for an hour being attuned, the kids were ready for some out-door play, so we played a rambunctious few games of ‘Reiki Freeze Tag’ where the kids got to take turns being the freezer and the healer.  It was chaos again, but hilarious to watch.  The game got especially exciting when my 14-year-old son was the freezer and we had three different healers, one of which was spontaneous and top-secret because no one but he knew he was the healer.  LOL, gotta love kids.  So much fun.

Jose practicing Reiki on his mom, Stephanie.
Jose practicing Reiki on his mom, Stephanie.

I’ll tell the rest of the story with photos, because they really say so much.  (more photos below)  It is my goal to continue to attune and teach children Reiki, to inspire other Reiki Teachers to do the same and to encourage families to do Reiki together.  One small step in the right direction equals one big step towards saving our people and our planet.  Love will make the difference, it always has.

The kids were eager to practice Reiki on their Sensei (Teacher) Josslyn and she loved it.  The more Reiki the better is what I always say.  Loving kid Reiki is the best.
The kids were eager to practice Reiki on their Sensei (Teacher) Josslyn and she loved it. The more Reiki the better is what I always say. Loving kid Reiki is the best.  I think they’ve got me well covered.

We now follow-up the kids Reiki class with summertime Reiki fun.  We’ll meet as often as we can to reinforce the Reiki healing they have learned so they can have real hands on practice.  But, the daily practice with their Reiki parents is the most important.  Our kids do what we do.  They watch us.  If we do Reiki, they will.  If we speak lovingly, they will too.  It’s all up to us as parents to reinforce the positive ideals, or not.  Don’t worry, Reiki will guide you along the path.  You truly are not alone in this.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Thanks as always for reading and for your loving comments,

I’m so grateful,


for private sessions email Josslyn at or 360-460-7829

Jose and Kaia practicing Reiki on each other.  So precious.
Jose and Kaia practicing Reiki on each other. So precious.


All photos property of Rain Shadow Reiki or the families in them.  Please do not use them for your own purposes.


REIKI KIDS ROCK!!!                                                          CONGRATULATIONS NEW REIKI KIDS!!!                          All photos property of Rain Shadow Reiki or the families in them.  Please do not use them for your own purposes.


Isabel and her mom Stephanie receiving her certificate.
Isabel and her mom Stephanie receiving her certificate.
All the kids received Reiki I certificates to represent their learning, practice and accomplishments.  Congratulations to ALL the children at the Reiki class.  Some who were there I cannot show out of respect for their parents choices but we had twelve amazing children attuned to Reiki on this day.  Twelve precious souls who can now call themselves Reiki Healers.
All the kids received Reiki I certificates to represent their learning, practice and accomplishments. Congratulations to ALL the children at the Reiki class. We had twelve amazing children attuned to Reiki on this day. Twelve precious souls who can now call themselves Reiki Healers.
Kaia helping Allie with a sore neck.  Reiki heals on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Kaia helping Allie with a sore neck. Reiki heals on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
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Reiki I Class Plus Baby M., Completed Successfully!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Baby M nursing while mom writes notes in her Reiki binder.  Multi tasking is not new to moms.
Baby M nursing while mom writes notes in her Reiki binder. Multi-tasking is not new to moms.

Well it took two weeks, four classes and eighteen hours, but we completed the Reiki I class with a nursing baby and it was FABULOUS!!  I’m posting a few photos here for fun.  We knew this class would take a little more time and patience due to having an 8 month old baby with us, but really, he was the most well-behaved and the quietest of us all.  LOL.  Baby M rarely fussed at all and when he did we knew it was for a good reason, diaper, nursing or I was just talking way too much.  Usually the last one.

I got a whole lot of baby holding time during this class, during each meditation, each practice session, it was a great blessing to me who has older kids.  I got my 'baby time' for sure.
I got a whole lot of baby holding time during this class, during each meditation, each practice session, it was a great blessing to me who has older kids. I got my ‘baby time’ for sure.

He liked watching me talk a lot, as long as my hands were moving too.  He watched all the attunements with great interest, 35 minutes straight and he watched each person while they did the practice healings on each other, until he got bored with that and was more into his teething and rolling over.

The ladies involved in the class had great questions that provoked interesting conversations thus causing us to have a wonderful time but also go a bit over on time.  But, as we learn in class IT’S ALL GOOD!  I had a great time and I believe they did too.  Hopefully some of them will comment here so we know. Hint hint.

Amber practicing on Gigi.
Amber practicing on Gigi.  This hand position is good for relaxing and dissolving stress and fear, sinus problems, eye, nose, tooth and jaw ailments.  It also balances the pineal and pituitary glands which correspond to the 6th and 7th chakras.

When working with Reiki I teach that there is no wrong.  It’s important to remember this when you leave your class and go home to practice.  I’m not with you but your Reiki guides are.  They will remind you, you cannot do it wrong.  Even if you do something ‘wrong’, you learn something from it and thus, it was perfect all along.  Therefore, IT’S ALL GOOD!!  This allows us to open up our box of possibilities and try new things, stretch our abilities and imagination and thus, learn more, do more and be more.  It is one of the things I love most about doing and teaching Reiki.  I cannot do it wrong!  Even not doing it, is a lesson in and of itself.

The practice sessions went really well.  Each person was able to FEEL the energy both giving and receiving.  The practice session is the most important part of the class.

Gigi practicing her Gassho (Gas- show) meaning 'two hands coming together' or 'prayer position'.  This is a time of grounding, centering and intention.
Gigi practicing her Gassho (Gas- show) meaning ‘two hands coming together’ or ‘prayer position’. This is a time of grounding, centering and intention.  At this position she is calling on help from her Reiki guides

It takes everything we have learned through the days of class and brings it all together in action.  DOING and having an EXPERIENCE with energy is critical to being able to go back home and feel confident practicing by oneself.   During class each person gets to practice on oneself and on one other person, cementing in their new abilities.

I find that each and every class had a common thread to it.  We have something that brought us together, something we all have in common.  This class, among other things, was, of course,our love of children.

Congratulations ladies you have completed Reiki I class!!
Congratulations ladies and Baby M. you have completed Reiki I class!!  Go practice and have fun with it.  I have a feeling your families will get lots of good Reiki practice too.  Lucky families.

Blessings to Baby M and all the ladies who participated in this experiment.  I’d call it a success all around!!

Love and Light to you all,


More photos of this class can be found at my Facebook page.  Click on the LIKE for FB on the right hand side of my site and you can do there and view them. or 360-460-7829

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Reiki I Beginner class…Plus Baby

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


Another first for me, I taught my first Reiki class today with a nursing baby in it.  This class came together so quickly I knew it was meant to be.  I didn’t even know  three of the ladies in the class a month ago so I know my guides set it all up for us.

I didn’t take a Reiki class until my youngest son was three years old.  So when I was approached by a nursing mom to take a Reiki class, I was very happy to accommodate and so were the other three ladies who signed up.  Each person knew there would be a baby in the class and that we may have to stop and allow his mom to take care of him throughout the class, but they all wanted to be a part of this class.  It was a beautiful thing, I must say.  Each ‘mom’ took turns holding him, mainly because we all wanted baby time, but sometimes to keep him occupied while his mom could meditate or write in her journal.  We are holding class for shorter days but more of them spread out, to accommodate not only Baby M and his mom but also another mom with a young child in day care.  See how it all works out when it’s meant to be?!  Perfectly.  Many woman with young children want to explore their spirituality but have a hard time doing it with young children at home.  I totally understand.  I’ve been there.  I’m grateful to be in a position where I can be flexible.  And, I get to have some baby time too.  A win/win.

Baby M asleep in my arms while I continue teaching a Reiki I class after he fell asleep during our morning meditation.
Baby M asleep in my arms while I continue teaching the Reiki class after he fell asleep.

Baby Fix

I got extra long baby holding time, while we did our morning meditation, which is about 30 minutes long.  I got to hold him while I read the meditation so his mom could get the full effects of the visualization and relaxation.  I put my book on a music stand, held Baby M. and fed him Cheerios and let him suck on my finger for most of the meditation.  Near the end he fell asleep in my arms so I got to continue holding him until lunch.  He was so calm and didn’t mind being held by a total stranger.  He loved my brightly colored blouse and the little sparkles on it.  Such a blessing.  One of my students took a picture of me right after the meditation when Baby M had fallen asleep.  Here is me teaching Reiki while holding a sleeping baby, which felt oh so natural.  Brought back some wonderful memories.  Our babies truly do grow up so fast.

Just thought I’d share this beautiful moment.

Blessings to all the ladies in this class and Baby M for hanging with us all day, we have three more days and I’m really looking forward to them all,

Love and Light to you all,

Joss or 360-460-7829

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Reiki Round Table – February 3,2014

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Last night, ten woman and two babies gathered to talk about Reiki and other spiritual issues surrounding Reiki practice and our spiritual journeys.  For me, as many Reiki events are, the evening was nothing short of MAGICAL  It is so difficult for me to describe these feelings to others who were not there, but I will do my best as a means to inspire others to start their own spiritual round table group or come to ours. (Been to Sequim lately?)  Finding a spiritual group you vibrate well with is more important than ever as we are, many of us all at the same time, waking up to a whole new spiritual way of living.  Have guidance and fellowship to help you through this is key to progress and having more fun with it.  Please read on, especially if you were not at this event.


I’m sure each and every person there had a different experience and the same experience all at the same time.  I felt a connection, a synchronicity with each person both on an earthly level and a soul level.  As they would talk, I would connect with them on the levels of having been through what they had been through, understanding the feelings they were having but also FEELING them myself as well, feeling their soul speak the truth, speak from a higher level of being without even realizing they were.

The ladies and babies of our February 2014 Reiki Round Table for Rain Shadow Reiki.Photo by the amazing Chelsea.
The ladies and babies of our February 2014 Reiki Round Table for Rain Shadow Reiki. Photo by the amazing Chelsea.  Please do not reuse this photo without permission.


We talked about so many different topics starting with a basic introduction as to what Reiki is to the new guests, then moving onto talking about our souls and our higher self and what it is, downloads of information, vortexes, spirit guides, the difficulty of the healing journey and finding bliss in our lives in the process, plus many other topics I’m sure I’ve absorbed into my psyche but don’t consciously remember at the moment.  It was beyond fabulous!  We got really deep last night and it was beautiful, confusing and fascinating all at the same time.  It was poetic.


I can’t share details because everything we say in round table is kept private, but I can share how I felt.  I felt a spiritual community coming together.  I felt a group of ten women and two babies who mostly didn’t know each other, sharing and baring their souls and feeling healed by it.  HEALED BY IT!!  I felt elated by the time the evening was over, full of gratitude and literally exploding with Love and Light of our Divine Creator and of these individual souls.  I couldn’t go to sleep because I was so filled with gratitude and joy, so I stayed up and wrote love notes to my two boys and snuck them in their bedrooms for them to find when they got up in the morning.  Then I settled down and did Reiki on myself.  I felt the Reiki working very powerfully, with flashes of light every ten seconds or so like an MRI machine moving over me.  My eyes were closed, the light was within.  I hadn’t had that experience in about seven years, since a Reiki Master in C.A. worked on me without touching me but created a light show that has not since been surpassed.


I’m incredibly grateful to my student, L.T. for inspiring this event.  I’m grateful to all the spiritual people who come to participate.  I’m grateful to Divine Creator for all that is.  I’m grateful to all our Reiki guides who come and surround us with power, protection and support throughout.  And, I’m grateful to my family for supporting me in these Reiki endeavors even though it takes my time away from them in the evenings and weekends.  (Maybe they are happy for the break.  LOL)

So there it is.  Worth taking two hours of my evening on a school night to be with a group of people just talking?  SO WORTH IT!!  I can’t wait for the next one!  What will Divine bring to us then?  I’m already looking forward to it.  The next Reiki Round Table is scheduled for Monday, May 19th at 6pm.  I pray you can make it, if not in person, then in spirit.

Love and Light to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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My First Teen Reiki Class

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

I’ve had enough middle schoolers interested in Reiki lately to have a class just for them.  Most of them have parents who are students or clients of mine, or both.  This works best I have found as the parents and kids can do Reiki together at home and reinforce the practice of Reiki together.  These kids are amazing as you could have probably guessed.  They know they are different from other kids in many ways but spiritually is definitely one of them.  It is not always easy for teens to talk to other kids about spiritual issues.  At Reiki circle they get the chance to talk openly about their spiritual beliefs with no one making fun of them or condemning their thoughts and actions.  It’s a very open and safe forum for everyone.

The 1st Rain Shadow Reiki Teen Class!!!  4-13-13, photo by Gigi Christensen please link if used.
The 1st Rain Shadow Reiki Teen Class!!! 4-13-13, (Photo by Gigi Christensen please link if used.)

“I am grateful for Teen Reiki class that I was able to be here with these wonderful people and have this experience. I’m grateful for Reiki because it can be used for healing and cannot be used to harm. And I will always have it with me, because it is an infinite source.”  E. W., age 12 1/2

Teen Class

After introductions, we started the class by teaching the kids a blessing ritual to cleanse our auras with sage.  Then we moved on to measuring each person’s aura with diving rods.  We talked about how to work with spiritual tools in a safe and effective way.  They learned how to bring in their God for protection beforehand, how to program the divining rod for what they want to find and then to find it.  Each person got a turn with the rods.  We measured our auras before the class and again after the class.  Every single participant, including the parents, were able to increase their aura size by the end of class, most were able to double their aura size.  (We measured the auras the second time right after doing a self-treatment with Reiki.)  We talked about how when our auras are cleaner and clearer from doing Reiki, we are happier and healthier on all levels.  We also talked about other ways to achieve this such as; listening to beautiful or happy music, thinking positive thoughts, talking with a trusted friend, running Reiki on our food and drink, eating and drinking healthy food and  liquids, and getting plenty of exercise out-of-doors, just to name a few.

“I am so grateful that I now know how to run Reiki on anyone and anything.  I ‘love’ that it heals the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and you can use it on any animal, with their permission of course.  Josslyn is such a great teacher and person.  She has taught me so much today and that makes me happy.”  A.C. age 12 1/2

Favorite Part

To my surprise, a few of them said that the meditation was their favorite part of class.  I guess I thought the Reiki on animals or the diving rods would be their favorite part, but they really liked going into their minds and seeing what they ‘saw’ there.  That impressed me.  These teens proved to be deep and introspective when they shared what they saw in their meditations.  They were also very good at visualizing even with little or no prior experience.  Most of them asked to do more long meditations in the future at Reiki circle.

“I am grateful to be able to have this experience.  What I like most about Reiki is that it is an infinite Source, that is very reassuring.”  J.D. Age 14

Mandy’s Favorite Part

The feeling seemed to be mutual, Mandy loved the kids and the kids loved doing Reiki on Mandy.  She couldn't seem to get enough of it.
The feeling seemed to be mutual, Mandy loved the kids and the kids loved doing Reiki on Mandy. She couldn’t seem to get enough of it. (Photo by Josslyn Streett, please link if used.)

I can tell you for sure, our dog Mandy’s favorite part of class was when all the kids did Reiki on her for practice.  Mandy does love to be the pet example for animal Reiki classes.  She basks in it and soaks it up.  The teens also worked on our cat Cosmo but that was before I remembered to get the camera out and take photos.

Mandy kept moving around to show us where she wanted us to do Reiki on her.
Mandy kept moving around to show us where she wanted us to do Reiki on her.  (Photo by Josslyn Streett, please link if used.)

I have found that after taking a Reiki class, kids tend to do Reiki most on their pets.  Unless they are encouraged by their parents, the children are a little more shy about doing Reiki on other people.  Even in class this seemed foreign to them, touching others in this new way.  This may take more help from their parents.  I like to encourage and help them along in it, not force them.  Working on pets is a beautiful gift to them and their pets.  If that is all they want to do with their Reiki, I’d say that is a whole lot.  But, I have also found that if I am truly hurting or in pain in some way and I ask my kids to do Reiki on me, they jump to any chance to be able to help me feel better.  If your kids have Reiki in their hands, ask them for help to feel better.  What a wonderful gift they are giving you, and what a wonderful gift you are giving them as well.

A BIG THANK YOU to all my Reiki kids and their families for supporting them in their Reiki adventure.  I’m so grateful for all of you!!

In Love and Light of our Divine Source,


360-460-7829 or

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Book Review- Sylvia Browne’s “Past Lives of The Rich And Famous”

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher of Rain Shadow Reiki

I have enjoyed watching Sylvia Browne on television for years and read many of her books.  I have at least 8 of them available in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library, and have read them all myself.  I like her no-nonsense, no apologies attitude and the fact that she is highly talented as a psychic doesn’t hurt either.

Book Exploring the Levels of Creation Sylvia BrowneI just finished re-reading “Exploring the Levels of Creation” and got so much good information the second time reading it,  I decided to join her Facebook page.  (I rarely read books twice.) While checking out her page I saw she had a newer book out, “Past Lives of the Rich and Famous”. Not having TV, I’m a little behind on up and coming things.  I have no idea when it came out, but it’s new to me.  Boy that sounded like a fun book so I got it.  I do love anything having to do with past lives and I wanted to know, like everyone else, who these rich and famous people were in past lives.  Don’t you?

All the people in this book that she reads the past lives for are dead, to respect their privacy I’m assuming or not to get sued, probably both. ( I list many of them at the bottom of this blog.)  So, some of the people are from a generation before me but I know and am familiar with them.  When I finished this book I realized it is not the fluff book that many may think it is.  It is a very interesting study into past lives and the effects they have on our every day lives.  It has also been a wonderful lesson in judgement and it made me think a lot about how to use this knowledge in the past life healing that I do with my clients.  It was well worth my time in reading it and I highly recommend it if you have any interest in past lives at all, not just the celebrity aspect but the learning and healing aspect too.

THE One I Can’t Get Off Of My Mind

The reading that has affected me the most and I can’t get my mind off of, has been the past life story of the King of Pop himself, M.J.  I don’t want a whole bunch of wild fans coming to my page for the wrong reasons so I won’t put his full name here, but I do believe most of you can figure out who I’m talking about.  Maybe some photos will help.

Book Past Lives of the Rich and Famous Sylvia BrowneM.J. was a HUGE influence in my musical life growing up.  But, the mysteries behind his life and personality I believe are what makes this reading so amazing.  So much of his past lives explains why he was the way he was in this life; child-like, constantly working towards perfection on his face to his own personal definition  and how he was so passionate about helping children and children’s charities.  I personally never believed that M.J. would hurt children but he was attacked by a lot of people who simply didn’t understand him.  I don’t pretend to understand him but it never felt right to me that he had done the things people had accused him of doing.  I feel that sharing his story is an excellent lesson in UNDERSTANDING others rather than JUDGING them.  This is something most of us on earth need to work on and reminders like this one, help.  It was a very good reminder to me as well.  I found myself judging him on the plastic surgery issue.  I’d find myself wondering why he had to have so much, why he wanted his face to look so different.  His past life reading, in my opinion, answers these questions too.  It’s helped me to see that we don’t always have to know people’s motivations to do things that we see as different because they may not even know.  If our preferences to look a certain way are based in a past life, and many of them are, then none of us can fully understand WHY until we’ve investigated the lives creating them.  It’s all about understanding or just not judging in the first place.  It’s a tough one but the more we are aware of ourselves doing it, the more we can work on it.

Michael Jackson HappyI tried to go on with the rest of the book and enjoy the other readings but I kept thinking about the M.J. reading.  For weeks people would bring him up in conversation when rarely did he ever come up before in my many spiritual conversations.  My 12-year-old son who barely knows who he is would read an article about M.J. from a magazine that we don’t even get.  Signs kept pointing to me writing this blog and I know I better not ignore my guides AND the signs, so here I am, writing a blog about Sylvia’s book because I’ve been told to and I want to.  In respect to Sylvia’s wonderful  and fun book and double respect to M.J. for his life’s work,  here is an excerpt from Sylvia’s book, which I highly recommend buying and reading yourself, “Past Lives of the Rich and Famous” a past life reading by Sylvia’s guide, Francine about the King of Pop, M.J.

Book excerpt “Past Lives of the Rich and Famous” by Sylvia Browne

The Past Lives of Pop Star M.J.

Michael Jackson Boy“M.J. was a young soul, with only nine incarnations on this earth, and the lifetime that ended in 2009 will be his last.  One of the most remarkable aspects of his past lives – and I’ve never seen this in all my years of doing regressions and consulting with my spirit Guide, Francine, about specific people’s histories – is that Michael’s ninth and final incarnation was the only one in which he lived past the age of fourteen.  For everyone who’s ever wondered why he seemed so much more comfortable with children than adults, now you know.  And let me stress something with absolute certainty; he was no a pedophile.  Not once, not ever, and it’s tragic that he was misunderstood enough to even be accused of such a thing.  As for his passionate, lifelong involvement with children’s charities, I should add that seven of his lives were spent in poverty – three in Africa, one in El Salvador, two in the Middle East, and one in the Appalachian mountains of the United States.  He ached for starving, impoverished children because he was one, over and over again.

But there’s no doubt that the point-of-entry incarnation that most dramatically shaped the extraordinary lifetime of the superstar we knew as M.J. took place in Burma, about a century before Christ was born.  His name, as best I can make it out from Francine’s high-pitched chirping, was Tha.  He was born prematurely and weighed just over three pounds at birth.  His beautiful young mother was very ill and depressed after delivering her first and only baby and traveled home to her parents in India to recuperate, leaving Tha in the care of his father and a live-in nurse.

Michael Jackson SeriousTha’s father was a member of the king’s court, and a loyal and trusted aide.  Rarely has a father adored his son more or been more sensitive to the emotional and physical fragility into which Tha was born.  Tha was a sweet, happy, introverted child, curious and funny and intensely respectful.  In fact, the first time Tha, at the age of three, was presented to the king, after a lot of coaching from his father, he genuflected so deeply and for so long that the king began to wonder if the boy had fallen asleep.

Tha was four when his father and a group of friends took him on a hunting trip.  On the first day, Tha’s father was excited to have killed a tiger, until his son let out an agonized scream, raced to the dead animal, and threw himself on top of its carcass, sobbing and asking his father over and over again, ‘How could you?  He did nothing to you.  How could you kill him?’  His father surprised and deeply saddened by his son’s despair, held him and promised he would never hunt again.  He kept that promise for the rest of his life.

Michael Jackson SunglassesThey had barely returned from the hunting trip when Tha developed a fever and his skin broke out in a painful rash and blisters.  At first his father had thought it might have been a reaction to the trauma his son had suffered on the death of the tiger, but finally the king’s finest physicians were summoned to examine the boy.  Their conclusion was that Tha, with an already compromised immune system from his premature birth, was severely allergic to the sun.  From that day forward Tha never set foot outside the house, and his environment was kept as dark and sterile as possible to prevent any further inadvertent threats to his health.

The great delight in Tha’s life was one of his father’s skills, which had also proved to be invaluable in the king’s court:  Tha’s father was a brilliant puppeteer.  He’d created an amazing collection of hand-carved marionettes, to which he was constantly adding, and Tha proved to be gifted as well at the intricate carving and painting required to give each of them a distinct personality.

The marionettes served a far greater purpose than that of  simple entertainment.  They were also used as a kind of liaison between the king and his subjects.  When the king had news or an edict to announce to the pubic that he thought might be unpopular, he dispatched Tha’s father and the marionettes to perform the announcements, which helped to soften the blow and separate the king from his subject’s disfavor.  And when there was news or a message from the people that might displease the king, the marionettes were the perfect buffers against any initial rage he was likely to inflict on a living messenger.

Michael Jackson DancingThe marionettes mesmerized Tha.  He loved carving and painting their intricate faces.  He loved designing costumes for them for his father to sew.  He loved watching his father rehearse with them for upcoming appearances.  But most of all, he loved duplicating their every move, from their lively dances to their oddly stiff but graceful ways of greeting and interacting with each other.  He was brilliant at it and would practice for hours, watching his reflection in the windows of the house to make sure that even the slightest gestures and steps were perfect.  His father was in awe of his talent, and he treasured the private recitals Tha performed just for him every night after they’d finished their dinner.  Sadly, no one but Tha’s father ever saw those performances; he would have proudly  had his son dance for the king, but Tha was too shy to even consider such a thing.  His father, always respectful of his beloved son’s sensitivities, never forced the issue and remained the only person to be blessed with a ‘preview’ of the extraordinary entertainer we knew as M. J.

Tha’s lifetime in ancient Burma ended when his immune deficiencies finally caught up with him.  He died of complications from pneumonia at the age of thirteen.  His father never recovered from the death of his son.  But Tha, when he arrived at Home, was overjoyed to be greeted by his mother, the woman who had ultimately died giving birth to him.

By the way, no one from that lifetime accompanied M.J. into his final incarnation.”

Michael Jackson puppet likeAfter reading this life of the famous M.J., I couldn’t help but be amazed at how much his past lives had shaped his most recent incarnation.  I know this of course through all the many readings and past life regressions I have done with clients but it still amazes me each and every time, this one in-particular.  I couldn’t help but think that he was carving his own face in the perfection of his long ago beloved marionettes and that his skin sensitivity to the sun effected his skin in this life as well.  So many parallels, it explains a lot, to me anyway.  I’d be very interested to hear your opinion on this famous reading.

Some of the other famous people Sylvia reads past lives for are Elizabeth T., Mother T., The Duke, J. Belushi, K. Cobain, M.L.K. Jr, H. Bogart, A. Earhart, L. Ball, M. Monroe, K. Hepburn, J. Hendrix, and many more.  Well worth the read, very interesting and entertaining in more ways than just puff.  I found each and every life and how they paralleled the person’s most recent incarnation the most interesting part of all.  But then again, I am very interested in this topic, obviously!

In Love and Light of our Divine Source,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki or 360-460-7829

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Like Mother, Like Son-The Lessons We are Teaching As Reiki Parents

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

I was driving home with my boys last night and they knew I wasn’t feeling well.  I have a little cold in my nose and sinuses and just wanted to get home, treat myself to some Reiki and the hot sock treatment and go to bed early.  I’ve had chronic sinus and sore throat issues from childhood and allergies and often deal with this is the fall and winter time.  My twelve-year-old son, from the back seat, says very matter of fact and maturely, “Mom, have you ever thought that maybe this sickness is from a past life?”

Mama Proud

My boys and I on the Dungeness Spit in Sequim our first visit.
My boys and I on the Dungeness Spit in Sequim our first visit.

I smiled and responded, “yes honey, yes I have.  And you are right, it is. I’ll do Reiki on it tonight before bed time.”  It made me proud that I’m teaching my kids to think on all levels.  I’m teaching them that there is much more to illness and disease in the body then just taking a pill for it.  That illness has spiritual roots, emotional, mental as well as physical roots.  Yes, sometimes a cold is just a cold and just on the physical level.  But, most of the time I have found it to be on more than just one or two body levels at a time.  For me it’s usually all four levels (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) and this needs to be investigated each time I’m clearing a layer.  If I do not clear the energy from all four layers each time then the cold continues and often gets worse as if I’m not really listening to its message.

Reiki Mom, Reiki Kid

The night before my son said this I was doing Reiki on my him so he could fall asleep due to a tummy ache.  He’d been indulging in left over pizza for days on end and was now feeling the effects of it and having trouble moving the pizza through.  (This was not the usual gluten-free pizza they eat.)  I was grateful for Reiki that I was able to help him through it naturally, calm him down and get rid of the pain he was having so he could fall asleep.  Fall asleep he did, rather quickly too.  And, when he woke up he was quite chipper and told me right away that his tummy ache was gone and that the Reiki worked.  It makes me feel good because these, I know, are long-term lessons my boys are learning, lessons that will stay with them whatever career they go into, where ever they go in life.

Me doing Reiki on my oldest son in the Rain Shadow Reiki room.
Me doing Reiki on my oldest son in the Rain Shadow Reiki room.

Childhood Stays With Us – It’s All Good

My parents didn’t know about natural remedies when I was a kid and I had plenty of medicines since I was sick a lot and extremely sensitive as a child.  But my dad was a Psychologist and believed in NOT using medicine to solve all your issues.  He quite often questioned our medical professionals and did not take their advice.  Then he’d search for answers that felt right to him, right for our family.

At one time multiple doctors thought I had to have jaw surgery for my T.M.J. (Temporormandibular Joint) issue.  He said “No Way!”  The doctors said I wouldn’t be able to eat normal food and would be sucking through a straw by the time I was 30.  He still didn’t believe that surgery was the answer.  Well, I’m over 40 now and I’m still eating food.  My parents kept searching for other ways to heal my issue as it got very painful in my teen years.  My parents opened me up to other ways to heal.  Very advanced for their time back then, they found through friends an Osteopathic doctor who did Craniosacral therapy and basically solved my T.M.J. issues.  I still go now and then for Craniosacral therapy to get ‘tune ups.”  More often my Medical Intuitive, Candia Sanders works on my cranial bones energetically, long distance, and that does the trick.  I also do Reiki on my head to keep it in order in between healings.  If I can do it myself gently and naturally, why not do it?!!

But, I’m still chewing to this day with little or no pain.  That lesson has stayed with me my whole life and has molded who I am today and how I heal myself and my family for everything else in my life.  For that I am extremely grateful to my parents for teaching me these lessons.

Reiki is More Than Just For Healing

Many questions and sharing tonight at the Kids Reiki Circle.  We had nine boys and girls who just couldn't get enough time to share.  Learning about energy is never boring and always an adventure.
Many questions and sharing at the Kids Reiki Circle. We had nine boys and girls who just couldn’t get enough time to share. Learning about energy is never boring and always an adventure.

Reiki is not just a way to heal but also a way of life and a way to teach children about how to go about life in a spiritual manner including your Higher Power each and every minute of it.  Reiki also teaches how to heal your karma and prevent creating more karma by being aware of what it does to you and others around you.  My boys and other Reiki kids are learning that everything we do has an effect, good or bad, and that it can all be taken into consideration before we do something.  It also teaches naturally and gently that everything has consequences, even as simple as eating too much pizza.  But, that it is all good because he learned quickly and fairly painlessly that next time he eats pizza, he might want to NOT eat it, or go easy on it and eat a whole lot less of it.  These little lessons stay with us just as much as the big ones.  They stay with us certainly more than me lecturing to them about eating healthy food.

It is also important to teach our kids to question our medical professionals.  They may know more about medicine, but do they know more about YOUR body?  No, they do not.  YOU are always the best compass for your body and what will work best for you.  Question, research, and try new therapies always until you find what works for you.  This will teach your children to do the same.  This teaches us to think for ourselves and to use our own intuition, rather than just blindly following the ‘experts.’

For so many reasons, I’m more grateful than ever to be a Reiki Master, but even more grateful than that to be a Reiki Mom!

It’s Easy to Become a Reiki Mom

If YOU would like to be a Reiki mom, take a Reiki class.  Come to my Reiki circles and bring your children to my Kid’s Reiki circles.  If you do not live in the area then find a Reiki Master near you and encourage them to start a children’s program.  Feel free to refer them to me for help in starting a kids program.  I’m always happy to share my resources with other teachers who want to work with children.  It takes more time and effort but the rewards are HUGE and so worth it.

Thank you Divine Source for this blessing and gift you have given to me and so many,

In Love and Light, sending blessings your way too,


for mor information about Children’s Reiki classes clink on this LINK to Josslyn’s  Kid’s Reiki classes page!

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Reiki Is Always With You

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

A Josslyn Reiki Story

Colorado River view
Colorado River view, lower Grand Canyon, photo by Robert Streett

Years ago when we lived in California my husband and I used to go on camping trips in canoes with a large group of his fraternity friends from college.  We would load up the canoes with camping gear, food, jugs of water and take off down the Colorado River for three days.  It was a blast.  The company was great and we loved getting away from it all, literally.  This was ‘dig a hole’ to do your private business, type of camping.  When I had my two boys I took a few years off and Robert went without me.

Our youngest was almost three years old when he went on his first Colorado canoe trip.  He was a natural.
Our youngest was almost three years old when he went on his first Colorado canoe trip. He was a natural.


When my youngest was almost three years old we started going again, the whole family.  We took some friends of ours for their first time, a single mom, Cat, with her four-year old son Blake.  They were adventurers like us and had a great time.  However, the second night on the river Blake came down with a fever.  Cat came to my tent at about midnight concerned.  We were out in the middle of nowhere and she had used up the last of the children’s Tylenol when she put Blake to bed.  I woke up anyone who had children on the trip and asked but no one had any more medicine to give him.  Blake couldn’t sleep and was crying and very hot.  I had just received my Reiki II level advancement and asked her if she wanted me to try Reiki on him to calm him down.  She was aware of the Reiki I did and jumped at the chance to try something that may help.

Our family has always had a thing for rocks.  Here is our oldest son holding a rock he found on the trip and brought it back in the canoe with us.
Our family has always had a thing for rocks. Here is our oldest son holding a rock he found on the trip and brought it back in the canoe with us.

A Long Reiki Night

I laid down next to Blake and asked him if I could put my hands on him to send him some healing.  Cat laid on his other side and told him it was ok.  He was very cranky and hot and just plain miserable.  I laid my hands on his head and after only a few short minutes he calmed down and went to sleep.  Cat and I noticed that whenever I had my hands on him he seemed cooler.  He certainly was calmer.  After about an hour I figured that was enough so I told her I’d go back to my tent. As soon as I got up he awoke and started crying and fussing again.  So, I put my hands back on him and ran the Reiki again.  I tried a few times to get up and go at different intervals with the same reaction each time.  I finally asked her if she’d prefer I just stay in her tent all night and she seemed happy I offered.  I stayed all night long running Reiki the whole time.  I’d doze off at intervals here and there but held the intent that the Reiki would continue to run though my hands to Blake. As long as my hands were on or near his little head, he was calm, cool and sleeping.  I was tired the next day but so grateful for this gift God has given to me to help others.  When you have nothing else with you, Reiki is always with you.

We left first thing the next day, a day early to get Blake back home to his own bed.  He had an ear infection and was better in a few days.  Having the Reiki to help him sleep and be calm was a true blessing.

I had forgotten about this scenario until tonight when my oldest son came in with a tummy ache.  While I was giving him Reiki to fall asleep I drifted back to this story and felt the urge to tell it.  You never know what circumstances you’ll be in but you can always count on the Reiki being with you.

Reiki is Always With You

Once you have been attuned to Reiki you are always attuned to Reiki.  Even if it has been many years, the Reiki will still run through you when you place your hands on someone with the intent to heal.  If you have not worked with Reiki in a long time it may be nice to take a class again and get a refresher, even another attunement.  The more the better I say.  But, it is not necessary.  Once you have Reiki, you always have Reiki.  I suggest you USE IT!!  And use it often!!

In Love and Light,


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Reawakening Spirit Guides

Reawakening Spirit Guides

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

Victorian fairy painting

I have noticed lately that the guides who come to help are a little different during readings, healings or attunements.  I’m meeting guides I haven’t worked with or been introduced to before during readings.  In many of these readings they simply FEEL different.   These guides are combinations of guides of Universal energy, star energy combined with Earth elemental energy.  When I talk to other psychics who do spirit guide readings I find that they are experiencing the same thing, especially among elemental or earth type spirit guides.  I personally believe this means that as more and more of us truly BELIEVE in them again, they are waking up from their ‘lack of belief’ induced slumber and are ready to aid us in this new energy that is emerging and changing.  I believe that when people stopped believing in fairies, mermaids, angels and even God, many of the elemental beings went into a deep sleep within the earth or in another dimension, ready to be reawakened as soon as they are needed again.  Now is the time, they are reawakening.  They are here once again to help, because WE are asking for their help.  We are grateful for their help.  The more they are needed, the more that will wake up to answer the call.

The Neck/Nix are shapeshifting water spirits who usually appear in human form.The German Nix are types of river merman and mermaid who may lure men to drown.Nixes in folklore became water sprites, who try to lure people into the water. The males can assume many different shapes, including that of a human, fish, and snake. The females are beautiful women with the tail of a fish. When they are in human forms, they can be recognised by the wet hem of their clothes. The Nixes are portrayed as malicious in some stories but harmless and friendly in others.
(Source: paranormalnight)


It is time to open up to the possibility that everything we have read about, fairies, mermaids, water sprites, gnomes, leprechaun, Atlantis, etc. are all possible, are all truly here on an energetic level and want to help us save our earth and ourselves.  They are not just a figment of our imagination, they are real on an energetic level and who knows what could happen if many people start believing again, they may be able to have the strength need and desire to be real on a physical level as well.  I believe they once were a long time ago.  I do not believe it is an accident that more than a few different ancient cultures all around the world have stories of mermaids, fairies and other ‘little’ people who come to help and be merry or create mischief.

Talking to fairies

Even though it’s easy for me to believe because I talk to them, see them and work with them daily, they are as real to me as the internet is to you.  But, I have always believed.  I never stopped believing as I grew from child to adult.  Even in the pre-teen years and young adult years when I forgot about them, I still believed.  Maybe not in the same way I do today, but I believed that there is way to much that is unexplained in the world, way to much magic in the world NOT to believe in something just because I hadn’t seen it.  I was open to all good things being possible.  That is all it takes to start.  Open to the possibility that it could be true and if it is, you are open to EXPERIENCE them for yourself.  Maybe I remembered somewhere in my soul that I had once talked with them, once played with them as a child.  Somehow I kept that memory and that belief in magic and unseen things.  You too have memories in your soul about spirit guides.  You too can open your heart, stop being afraid of what people will think, what you think, if you believe in unseen things.  What have you got to lose?  Nothing, nothing at all.

Here are some fairies found in “The secret sketchbooks of Brian Froud”. Brian Froud is one of my favorite fairy artists. He has many beautiful books on fairies, good and bad.

Open your heart and your mind

It is time to open our hearts and our minds both, to POSSIBILITIES!!  The possibility that maybe we don’t know everything.  The possibility that maybe we don’t have to ‘see’ something in order for it to be real.  The possibility that science cannot explain everything that exists. The possibility that maybe dreams do come true and maybe we can manifest everything we need and maybe we can live in harmony with each other and our planet without feeling a lack in our hearts ever. Maybe World Peace is a possibility!  The more we all open our hearts to good things, new things, ‘CRAZY’ things, the more crazy will be the norm.  I take great pride in being thought of as not ‘normal’ whatever that is, would you like to join me!!?

Water Sprite emerging from the water

I invite you to call me for a spirit guide reading.  I invite you to come to a Reiki class and FEEL the energy for yourself.  EXPERIENCE your personal Reiki guides on the first day.  I invite you to learn how to meditate so you don’t need me to FEEL the presence of your personal guides.  Are you ready to truly BLOW your mind?  Are you ready to truly OPEN YOUR BOX to a much larger size?  I’m here and ready to help you when you are.  It’s an awesome ride and I wouldn’t live this life on earth without it.  I need magic in my life to be able to see the true rainbow of colors and adventures that are available to us here.  Don’t you need magic in your life, real magic?

Welcome back Spirit Guides

“Where Moonbeams Fall
In the soft muted colours of the night, the ethereal fairy dances among the moonbeams, scattering stardust in her play. Serenity and inner joy are reflected in the radiance of her expression and the lightness of her fairy ballet as she dances in communion with the universe.” By Josephine Wall

Josslyn Streett is a Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic reader and mom.  If you would like a reading over the phone with her you may contact her at or 360-460-7829

Josslyn charges $60 per hour for all services.

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Congratulations New Reiki Kids!!

By Josslyn Streett

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our six new Reiki kids!

Saturday we had another Kids Reiki class.  Six children and their Reiki adults celebrated Divine Source Energy by learning about Reiki, the history of hands on healing and Reiki, Reiki spirit guides and animal guides, feeling energy, meditation, chakras, auras and much more.  Thank you to Tim, Jerica, Josiah, Lilly, Kayella and Makena for being so brave and loving as they learned something totally new.

Reiki kids excited about Reiki history!

Divine Source, God, Great Spirit and much more

We started the day talking about all the different names there are around the world for God and how they need to trust their own intuition to know what name feels right to them and their families.  The kids did their very first meditation to find their safe place and then each one shared what their safe place looked like to them.  Many of them saw power animals and spirit guides at their safe place.  I was encouraged with how well they did for their first time and how much they seemed to enjoy it.

The Reiki kids wrapped colored bandanas all around Amy to learn the location and color of each of the seven major chakras.

Chakra Rainbows

During our chakra and aura lesson we learned about the healing effects of color and how their energy is a rainbow of colors.  As an example we wrapped colored bandanas around my special Reiki helper, Amy Meyers, to show them the colors of each chakra and the placement.  It was a blast.

Magic Eye Art Project

Jerica with her magic eye art, beautiful!

While I did the individual attunements my Reiki assistants, Amy Meyers and Lauren Holloway both led a Magic Eye art project.  The kids made an almost, full sized mirror image of themselves using their magic eyes.  They closed their eyes to ‘see’ what they look like energetically and then created it on a large piece of paper with glitter, stickers, cut out pieces of paper, tissue paper, crayons and more.  As you can see from the photos they were extremely creative as well as intuitive.

Reiki I Attunements

While the kids worked on the art projects I was in the Reiki room doing attunements and Reiki guide readings.  Each child choose to be attuned to Reiki and each one had a different experience during the attunement.  Some felt tingles, some felt heat, some felt flowing or rocking movement while they were being attuned and some said they just felt love.  I appreciate how everyone feels and reacts to the energy differently.

Makena loves elephants and saw them as her power animal

Every attunement is different for me as well.  With some the energy comes in fast and ready like the child, some comes in slow and hesitant, others calm and peaceful, others come in happy and joyful, but each one feels full of love and creates a very humble feeling of gratitude in me.  I often tear up or even cry because I feel so incredibly grateful that Divine Source has entrusted this mission to me.  I feel so small in comparison and yet so spiritually powerful at the same time.  It is the most amazing feeling to give a Reiki attunement and especially to children.

With children I can often see or feel the immenseness of the ‘mission’ they have ahead of them in this life and feel how spiritually powerful THEY are.  These kids are amazing.  They have a big purpose in this life and a lot to do to prepare themselves.  I feel genuinely honored to be a small part of teaching these children about energy, our Divine and spiritual guides so they hopefully never lose that sense of wonder and that belief that miracles really are possible.  They will so need that as they grow up in this world and doing their best to create positive change.  It’s a huge calling and each time I do an attunement on a child, I am reassured that we are in good hands, that they are truly ready for this task ahead. A truly brilliant feeling.  Working with these amazing kids helps my faith grow each and every time.  What a blessing.

Kayella with her magic eye art, she saw birds as her power animal.

Feeling the Energy

After the attunement we practice FEELING the energy and healing with the Reiki.  Each child and adult makes an energy ball in their hands until they can feel the pressure of something there, something between their hands that is invisible but tangible at the same time.  Some say it feels hot, some tingly, some like a worm crawling in their fingers, but they all feel it.  Then we combine our energy balls and the children took turns standing in the middle of them inside one huge ball of Reiki.  That is always a highlight.  Sometimes we sing beautiful songs to help the energy feel stronger.  The more joy you feel the more the energy runs and the more likely you are to feel it on your body.  This is one of the kids favorite exercises and we do it as often as we can at Kids Reiki circle.

Perfect End to a Perfect Day

Each child receives a Reiki I certificate just like my adult students do but the kids’ certificates have gold stars on them. They are cool!

We handed out the certificates and the kids went home.  I always remind the Reiki adults that it is up to them to continue the Reiki training at home and support their Reiki kid by practicing with them as well as bringing them back once a month to Kids Reiki Circle.  Reinforcement and practice is key to each Reiki kid being confident in their practice and learning of energy.  I’m so excited to see where each of these kids go with their Reiki path.  The options are endless.

Love and Light to all of you wonderful Reiki kids, their parents and my Reiki helpers.  Thank you to each of you for entrusting me to this very important task!

If you are interested in your child taking a Kids’ Reiki class in the Sequim, WA area please call or email me and we’ll plan a class together.  If you are not in the Olympic Peninsula area but want to find a Kids’ Reiki class try Barbara McKells‘ website or talk to a Reiki Master in your area about starting a kids class.  Spread the word that Reiki and Kids go together better than peanut butter and jelly! or 360-460-7829

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher and mom to two boys and a whole world of children