Weddings, Ceremonies and other Rites of Passage

Josslyn is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church in Modesto, CA since 2007.  If you are on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, looking for a spiritual ceremony but not a religious one, contact Josslyn to get to know her a bit to feel if she is a good fit to perform your personal ceremony.

This is not a part of Josslyn’s normal day to day work, but she finds participating in the emotional and monumental moments of one’s life a great honor and privilege.

Cost depends upon travel, time before, during and after the event and needs of the ceremony.  This will be determined on a case by case basis.

Josslyn has ceremony books to help you write the perfect ceremony for you or write your own from scratch, whatever feels right for you.  It is your special day, and needs to be tailored to your personalities.

Ceremonies include but are not excluded to are: weddings, renewal of vows, baby naming, blessing and dedications, adult baptism, house and office blessings, funerals, pet funerals, ending of pregnancy ritual, mid-life ceremony for women, empty nest ceremony, missing person ceremony, and more.

Josslyn Holds the Space For You

Josslyn cleanses space, sets space for “clean and clear, safe and sacred space” prior to any ceremony.  If you have another intention for the space she will set the space for your

intention as well.  Josslyn’s intention is that the space will be clean and clear of all old energies from other people and other situations, bringing in new possibilities and new positive Love and Light energy for your fresh, clear path in life- during and after the ceremony.  Safe and sacred space allows for Divine Love and Light to flow through the space easily, bringing a light and loving feeling to the ceremony for you and your guests.

You may contact Josslyn at or 360-460-7829


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