Testimonials for Joss’ Intuitive Readings

Here I want to honor all the clients who have lovingly sent me letters or emails letting me know that what I do has helped them and their families.  Thank you to all of you.  You are my clients, students, teachers, friends and soul mates.  Love and Light to you all!


“Doing my spirit guide reading with Josslyn really helped me get past my block of doing Reiki for me. I had been skipping sessions for me and only doing sporadic ones for friends and family. This guides’ session helped me  remember why I wanted to learn Reiki and gave me guidance on what to focus on.
Thank you!  Kat”  Kat K. from Seattle, WA

“Hi Josslyn,   

I wanted to thank you for the incredible past life reading you did with me. And I really felt your Reiki healing energy you sent me. I’m so intrigued by what you do. I am signed up to take Reiki in Dublin at the end of August, but I feel an affinity to you and everything you’re doing. EVERYTHING! I recently found myself hugging a tree in Germany, and I really felt the incredible strength and compassion of the tree. This was before our reading, and then I read on your site that you have a class on speaking with trees. WOW! I had no idea that there were others like me, I guess because I’ve been living overseas for so long now. So, I feel hopeful about my path. I also bought the book you recommended to help my marriage. The 5 Love Languages. I feel very distant from my husband at the moment, but hope to become more close as we read this book together.
Thank you for being such a healing light force. I hope to have some more energy work done by you in the future.
Thank you again,  Pamela B.”

 Pamela B. from Italy 

“Thanks again Josslyn,
I just listened to our session again today and took some notes.  Being this was my first actual reading ever, I think you set the bar pretty high.”

Michelle P. from Orange County, CA

“I had a spirit guide session with Josslyn and I felt it quite accurately conveyed the information I was feeling. Josslyn is very good at communicating messages from spirit guides and I would highly recommend her to anyone!” Stacey G. from Sequim, WA


I can’t thank you and Amber enough for our session yesterday, it was more than I could have asked for.  My daughter came home from school in the best mood, so happy, like a weight had been lifted. It’s hard to describe in words but I definitely noticed the change in her for the better.

We talked about her owl and hawk and her angel David (I printed pictures for her and she keeps them in her pillowcase), etc at bedtime.  She was so sweet, her little face just lit up!

Lil sis was NOT happy she didn’t have a picture of an animal/angel in her pillow so I’ll be getting back with you on that, ha!

I think it would be a good thing to have another session for Gina as you suggested in the near future as well.

Honestly Josslyn I can’t thank you enough for everything, so blessed that our paths crossed. Until next time my dear. You ladies take care and I’ll be back in touch soon!! Xx”

Michelle P., Orange County, CA

“In the Reiki I class, Josslyn does a neat meditation so you can meet your Reiki guides. Everyone in the class had an amazing meeting with their guides except me! I couldn’t “see” anything. So Josslyn agreed to do a private reading with me. Wow! So cool! Not only did she name and describe my three Reiki guides in detail and relate their messages to me, I also got to hear about my guardian angel that I’ve had since birth (including a crazy validating detail!) as well as an Archangel who had an important message for me and my family regarding an on going issue we are trying to resolve. I got way more than I expected and am still trying to do all the suggestions that I got from my team. I feel much more connected to them and I have confirmation that I’m not alone and am always cared for. Thanks, Josslyn!!!”

A. Durkin, Wisconsin

 “I have had a recurrent lower back issue for decades, dating back to a car accident. It flares up randomly, usually right when it is most inconvenient. I have relied on a few different approaches to treating the pain and reduced mobility, which would clear the problem up in a week or two. This time I asked Josslyn for a session of distance Reiki because I urgently needed to be functional for a short business trip and needed immediate relief. Josslyn kindly accommodated me, and within an hour I was much better. But imagine my surprise when in less than 24 hours, ALL the pain and reduced mobility was 100% gone! This has never happened so quickly before. It is a few days later and the treatment is holding perfectly. I am just flabbergasted. Josslyn is amazing!  And the beauty part is, it’s ALL TRUE! You are a magician.Lb xoxo” -Laurel B. from Port Angeles, WA

“I have recently noticed some interesting changes in my general anxiety level that I wanted to share with you – I think the change is the result of the psychic reading/healing you did. Remember the boy being sacrificed? I think I have been carrying a lot of that fear.  Since our session I have been much less stressed in situations I would normally be very concerned about. I have made 2 trips to Seattle in the last 10 days without my usual I-5 phobia.  And I’m not freaking out about the windy weather, which has been a PTSD thing since one of my horses was killed in a storm. I don’t know any other reason for the improvement. So Thank You !” G.C. from Sequim, WA

“Josslyn,  I can’t thank you enough for helping me get back on line.   I enjoyed our time together SO much. I spent an hour yesterday clearing, cleansing, and blessing my office space.   It’s time I regained my power and will work to keep my co-worker where I can keep an eye on her. I  am excited to have your in my life Jossslyn.   And my guardians are really happy to have your voice for me to hear.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to make any if your June events, but please keep me on the mailing list and know that I am there in spirit. I look forward to our next meeting. Namaste, C.B.” from Port Angeles, WA

“Hi Josslyn,

 I want to thank you again for doing that past life work and removal for me.  (I removed a knife from their back from past life issues.) Its given me an awareness of the reasons behind several experiences of being stabbed in the back, one of which happened with my sister last year right around this time.   If you hadn’t done what you did, I could have lived the rest of my life without that healing and subsequent awareness ever taking place.  Knowing about this informs me of a vulnerability that has repeatedly led me into back stabbing relationships with people.  In each relationship, there was something there right from the start that felt dangerous or off in some deep way which I chose to ignore.  Placing myself in emotionally dangerous situations has been a theme throughout my life and from which I’ve been trying to free myself.    Thanks again, Many  blessings to you and your family.”   C.T. Sequim, WA

“Josslyn you helped me tremendously with the passing of my mother four years ago. I have been suffering from so much grief that you helped me by connecting with my mother through your guides. What you told me about my mother verified what my mother and I were going through, something I have never experienced before. Josslyn you made me understand that my mother needed to crossover, and with your help she did this. I feel very blessed and comforted by this, and I thank you Josslyn for all you have done for me and my mother. This experience has changed my life and will always be with me.”

Karen Maloney, Sequim, WA

“I’ve known Josslyn for about 3 years now, and should have written something for this page a long time ago. The trouble is finding the words that will accurately express my gratitude for her presence in my life, both as a teacher, and as a friend.  She is a truly gifted healer, and her intuitive readings have provided me with amazing insight, and helped me to work through many issues that had been holding me down. I am immensely grateful.”

Amy Meyer, Sequim, WA

“Joss has done (Spirit Guide and Power Animal) readings for all four of my children and they are spot on.”

Julie Markley, Sunnyvale, CA

“Hi Dear Josslyn;

Thanks for your warm heart and beautiful soul.  I do appreciate your positive vibes, energy, and healing you did for my sister Farnaz. (Farnaz was in the hospital for cancer treatment) I love all the explanations you gave. It gives me Goosebumps seeing how accurate and detailed you can get. Farnaz was feeling so much better today and I believe you had a lot to do with it!

With love, love and nothing but love

Faranak, L.A. CA”

“Hi Josslyn-

I wanted to thank you so much for your reading.  It offered a beautiful and different perspective on my present situation and emotions.  I certainly have had a shift in my feelings towards my husband, specifically those of anger and disappointment.  I now believe that it is important and necessary for me to give our marriage another shot.  I feel so much more at peace.   I still have inner spiritual work that needs to start A.S.A.P. I thank you once again for shedding light on a different approach to handling stress and life’s ups and downs.  I look forward to subsequent readings with you! Blessings!”

Jackie A., Chicago, IL

“The words shared don’t matter as much as the vibration they come from.”

Elina St-Onge

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