Readings for Parties

Josslyn has done intuitive readings at parties before and is willing to do them again, if she feels in the mood.  This is not something she normally does or seeks out as part of her “business” but does solely for fun, to try new things and to meet new open-minded people.

If you have a girls night out or a party coming up on the Olympic Peninsula (or are willing to fly her in!!  London anyone!?)  call to discuss the options with Josslyn and see if it is a fit for both of you.  You never know.

Josslyn dressed as a fortune-teller for a Halloween party where she did readings.


Cost will be determined between the party planner and Josslyn depending upon the amount of people desiring readings at the party and how many hours you need her for readings at the party.


  • Sessions with Josslyn cost $30 for every 15 minutes or $120 per hour.


“All friendly feelings toward others come from the friendly feelings a person has for himself.”


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