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Reiki Didn’t Work For Me

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

*****If you believe Reiki didn’t work for you, may I suggest you read on…..

**2nd in a series on being successful with your Reiki practice when it doesn’t come easy to you.  Here is a link to the first blog, Signs that your Reiki Really is ON.

In my classes, like my teacher before me,  I tell people to look back after one year of being attuned to Reiki and they will see how their lives have changed a great deal.  IF AND ONLY IF they are actually working with their Reiki regularly.  DAILY IS BEST.
I encourage you to work with your Reiki each and every day in your life, make it a part of your daily living and you will see major changes for good happening right away.
 However, what if Reiki doesn’t come easy to you?  What do you do then?
Easy………. like any other new thing in your life, stick to it, make it a priority, and then DO IT!! DO IT ANYWAY!!
With Reiki, I’m a very go with the flow teacher.  I believe the more we attempt to control our spiritual practice, the more Divine gives us lessons for control.
But, for this one thing, starting a new and very important habit that can literally change your life for the better — This One Time, Don’t Go With The Flow.  

In the beginning doing Reiki will be new and therefore different. Anything different to us can often be construed as STRESS!! ………..Oh no, not that!
If your mind translates the Reiki as stress then you will probably protect yourself from the stress by NOT doing it. Sabotage will occur, you stop doing it and then you end up seeing no benefits and it’s easy to say “Reiki didn’t work for me.”  When this is really not the truth at all.
We must work at the habit of the Reiki.
The daily work, the consistency to learn it, feel it and want it, is the hard part, the Reiki itself is the easy part.
Joss’ Story
“Doing Reiki for others came very easy to me, I’m a giver and always have been.  Receiving was totally new to me.  Therefore, doing Reiki on myself daily did not happen for quite a long time after taking my Reiki classes.  I knew I had these mental belief blocks to doing Reiki on myself, and I knew I needed to heal them, so I decided to do a lot of Reiki on others and INTEND to heal these blockages in my belief system during these healings on others.  Since our client and ourselves both receive Reiki, this was my indirect way of healing myself, the scenic route to healing an issue.  Longer, but also effective. This takes a little longer, but for me it worked – until it didn’t.  I reached a point where my intuition was giving me signs that this was no longer what I needed, I needed to do hands on Reiki daily.  I needed a new plan.  
So, I decided the old fashioned way was best for me.  It was close to the end of the year, so I decided that on New Years Day, I would make ONE New Years Resolution.  For that entire year, I would do Reiki on myself every single day, no matter what.  This was the only new major commitment I made that year and I stuck to it, because I knew I needed to and because I made the commitment to myself.  There were only two days where I had the stomach flu and did not accomplish my daily Reiki, every other day I did.  And what is more important, now doing Reiki on myself became MY NEW NORMAL.  Now, if I don’t do daily Reiki, I don’t feel normal and my body, mind and spirit remind me of this at the end of the day.  It’s a win/win.”
 Other Help – ME!
IF after a month of doing daily Reiki, you still have blockages that you can’t seem to budge, call me for a private session.  That is when we need other healers to help us.  Divine wants us to work together as a community.  He wants us to work as a team, to trust others.  If you have truly done all you feel you can do, that is when you ask for other help.   And if you are truly ready, mind, body and spirit, Reiki and myself will help remove the blockages that are holding you back.  Helping people move forward on their spiritual path is one of my specialties and one of my most favorite paths to help with.  I feel there is no other path that is more worthwhile than working on our connection to our Higher Selves.  I’m happy to help with this process.
 I pray this motivates some of you to take some action in your lives and practice your Reiki.  It’s all good.  It’s all part of YOUR personal journey.  Ask yourself, do I want my journey to start NOW?
 In Love and Light of our Divine Source,
 Josslyn or 360-460-7828
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Q & A: Is it disrespectful to your Reiki Teacher to get another attunement?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

“If I’ve already had a Reiki Level 1 attunement from one teacher, is it disrespectful to my original teacher to get an attunement from another teacher?  I was under the impression that you only got an attunement with each level of learning.  Is it ok to get more? Thank you, M

Good Question, thank you M. No, it is not disrespectful to your teacher at all to get another attunement. Reiki Master/Teachers have often come to me and asked me to exchange attunements with them for a boost in energy or for a special intention in their energy or even just to bond with each other by sharing this very special ritual. And, your teacher wants what is best and healing for you. If you FEEL an attunement is for your best and highest good and you are not currently in the same area with your teacher, talk to the Reiki Teacher you are currently working with about having one or ask Reiki Source to send you the right teacher for you.


Reiki Attunements do a whole lot more than ‘hooking’ you up to the Reiki Source. Yes, you would think that is enough, and it is. Actually, that is incredible. But, to prepare your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) for the attunement and ‘hooking’ you up to Source, the attunement also prepares your body to receive the Reiki and allow the Reiki to flow through you.

During this Reiki ritual your energy bodies, chakras, Joy Circuits, energy meridians and aura all get a boost, a clearing and a healing. Reiki wants your body to be at it’s highest vibration when you are connected to the Divine Healing Energy of Reiki, so it raises your vibration. This attunement process is very healing to you on all levels and will also clear any blockages that could be keeping you from reaching your full potential. This is one reason people see/feel detoxifying processes for 30 or more days after a Reiki Attunement, because it’s deeply healing. I have had people report miraculous physical healings after attunements as well because blockages were cleared.

So, if this process is so good for you, any Reiki Teacher worth their weight in Reiki would want you to have one if you want one. We as Reiki Teachers want our students/clients to heal and be happy on their healing path, so the attunement is just one more way to help that happen.

Thank you for your questions, email or comment them to me on any page and I’ll get them. .

More about Reiki Attunements HERE.

Reiki Attunement Events

Blessings all, Josslyn

This question came because we were talking about Reiki Attunements with our event coming up soon. After we initiate new Reiki Master/Teachers we like to offer them a place to practice their attunements. This is coming up this Tuesday, January 29th. Details following.

Hello all Reiki Friends, We are holding a very special event, an Attunement Event. With this Attunement Event, we are honoring our new Reiki Master/Teachers and holding space for them to step fully into the energy of a Reiki Master/Teacher. Please join us if you live in the Olympic Peninsula area to learn more about our sacred rituals. R.S.V.P. to for the location which is near Sequim, city center. Blessings, Josslyn, Ellen & AmberDETAILS:* Tuesday, January 29th, 5:30pm to 9pm.*What is a Reiki Attunement?…/what-is-r…/what-is-a-reiki-attunement/*Donations accepted*We’ve had three new Reiki Master/Teachers who are practicing their Reiki Healing Attunements and Reiki I Attunements.*Anyone can have a healing attunement even if you have not been attuned to Reiki. To make the healing stronger with the attunement, you add your own intention.*All students and clients who are already attuned to Reiki, can choose to have a Healing Attunement or a Reiki I Attunement.*Attunements are healing in and of themselves. You can get them anytime you feel you need an energetic boost. They raise our vibration just by having one. Attunements take about 7 to 10 minutes per person and align your chakras, get your meridians energized and clean and clear your aura, all from a Reiki attunement. When the attuenement is finished it’s like you’ve had an energetic ‘tune up.’*We will have heavy appetizers provided by our loving Mystic Sisters, spiritual ladies night out circle of women.*Everyone who wants to be attuned will be and you will learn how to hold space for our new teachers as well as the people getting attuned. With the group energy, this will be a very high vibrational evening for everyone.

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Signs That Your Reiki Really Is ON!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I know, we all want to FEEL the Reiki flowing when we do our self Reiki.  Lets face it, the truth is, we often just don’t feel the Reiki sensations in our hands as strongly when we work on ourselves as when we work on other people.  I know, I had this issue in the beginning too.  But, over time and with a whole lot of practice on others and myself, my hands got much more sensitive as well as the rest of my body and now I feel the Reiki every single time I put my hands on my body to heal myself.  Truly I do.

Patience, practice, patience and more practice.

I know that’s not what we really want to hear, do more practice.  But, with Reiki and many things in life, this is the best answer.  The other option is not doing it at all and we know where that gets us –nowhere fast.

Other Signs Your Reiki Is Working – Yes it is!

So, in the meantime, while you are waiting and hoping that the sensations will just start by magic, why not DO IT ANYWAY!!  Get your Reiki I manual out, and sit down and do a self Reiki session.  Do all the hand positions, just like you did in class and ‘see’ if you can’t maybe feel some of these other signs that the Reiki is on and working.

Here is what to ‘look for’:

  • deep breaths/change in breathing pattern
  • yawning
  • tears/weeping
  • body twitching/stretching
  • eyes fluttering/blinking
  • sense of calm sweeps over you
  • sleepiness
  • feeling of release
  • lightness throughout your body/mind/spirit
  • throat clearing
  • nose running
  • tummy gurgles
  • muscles relaxing

These are all signs the Reiki is working to help relax the body and relieve stress.

Another tip:

Watch for these same or similar signs on your pets when you are doing Reiki on them.
Watch for these same or similar signs on your pets when you are doing Reiki on them.

We can see many of these happening for our clients when they are receiving Reiki from us too.  It’s fun to watch for the signs and know that the Reiki is working.  But, it also helps us to KNOW the Reiki is working and helps to keep us motivated to keep doing it, keep moving forward until our hands do get more sensitive and we start feeling the really COOL sensations of the heat, tingling, throbbing and more.  I know, it’s natural to want to feel these sensations, I do too.  They help us to know we are connected to Divine Love.  Patience grasshopper, patience.

I’m so grateful for you reading and making loving comments letting me know you are out there and that what I’m writing is helping you in some way.

Thank you,

Reiki Blessings to you all,


Private email, phone or Skype sessions available or 360-460-7829


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Peninsula Healers Circle – March 2015 BELLY DANCING for Healing and Fun!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Bringing some fun into our healing circle of amazing healers on the Olympic Peninsula!
Bringing some fun into our healing circle of amazing healers on the Olympic Peninsula!

The Peninsula Healers Circle is a circle of holistic/integrative healing practitioners living and working on the north Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.  We meet on the third Friday of each month to learn from each other and meet and get to know other healers.

Our goals are:

  • to build a mutually supportive community of healers
  • to develop a more in-depth understanding of the different healing modalities offered by members of the circle
  • to offer a site where people can locate healing practitioners of various modalities in our areanetworking and referral base
  • to offer appropriate integrative care to our clients

March Madness- Belly Dancing!!

BellyDancingEdit2015Something new for the Peninsula Healers Circle, to accommodate more healers who work Friday mornings, we will meet in the evening for the change of season months; March, June, September and December.  We are hoping to get to know a more diverse group of healers this way.  For March our evening presenter was changed at the last-minute due to illness.  Rena Raymond and Barb stepped up one night before and organized a belly dancing class and henna night for all of us.  It was a blast.

Joss’ Laymen’s History of Belly Dancing

 Rena and Barb have been belly dancing for thirty years and much of that together as a team.

Me on the right with my Reiki Master/Teacher student, Amber.  Amber has taken belly dancing lessons for years so she helped me a lot.
Me on the right with my Reiki Master/Teacher student, Amber. Amber has taken belly dancing lessons for years so she helped me a lot.  Thanks Amber!  The teacher becomes the student, every time.  LOL

I was surprised but happy to learn that until approximately fifty years ago, belly dancing was a dance by women, for women.  The woman created the dances and danced them for their health and happiness, not for the men.  The men were not allowed in the women’s chambers and this is one way they stayed healthy and active and expressed themselves.  Each dance has a purpose, tells a story, much like the Hawaiian dances.

I also learned that the movements in belly dancing are very purposeful and intentional.  Each movement helps the body remove blockages in the energy system and creates a stronger body both physically and spiritually.  This is how energy healing works, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture and more, they balance the body and help it heal itself by removing blockages in the system.  The whole dance is actually an energy treatment for the whole self, mind, body and spirit, and very beautiful too.

Learning the basics.
Learning the basics.

But, not so easy for me personally to accomplish in the beginning.  For me, not being a dancer or very graceful either, I could see this would be a somewhat long learning curve, but, a fun one!   I can’t think of a better way to get a workout and I really did feel better simply by wearing the beautiful jingling out fits they wear.  Those are the most fun.  I have to say, after practicing some of the figure eight moves with my hips, my lower back did feel much better the next day.  And, the most important part, it was a BLAST!!

After the dancing and potluck dinner, Rena painted some of the ladies with Henna.  They were truly beautiful.  She also taught us that the material they make Henna with is made from herbs and essential oils and is healthy and healing for the skin & body.  SO COOL!
After the dancing and potluck dinner, Rena painted some of the ladies with Henna. They were truly beautiful. She also taught us that the material they make Henna with is made from herbs and essential oils and is healthy and healing for the skin & body. SO COOL!


Who knew there were so many fun ways to heal yourself.  I have found, when we bring joy and laughter into your healing process, it just expedites it, it works.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  Here’s to finding more ways to bring joy to our lives each and every day.
Reiki Blessings to you all,
Josslyn or 360-460-7829


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By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

A BIG HUGE CONGRATULATION TO MY REIKI II CLASS THIS WEEKEND!!!  Karen, Jayne, Stevie, Jeanne and Rena all showed up and blew me away with their open hearts, their dedication to daily self practice and they desire to learn more, more, more, about Reiki and healing.

Reiki II EditBarb3-15,1This is a class of ladies who really know the benefits of practicing their Reiki on themselves, their loved ones and their pets.  In a few short months of having Reiki in their hands, they have done a whole lot of practice and seen the benefits to it also.  When you DO the Reiki, you will FEEL, SEE, and EXPERIENCE the magic in your life.


Here are some testimonials from them and their Reiki recipients:

“Hi Josslyn,    I was working in the yard for three hours.  Usually, I can resolve my lower back pain with walking, but this time that did not help.  What did help was Karen (his wife and my Reiki student) running the Reiki to my lower back.  It felt like a hot pad was applied, and after about 30 minutes, all the pain was gone. I was amazed by the outcome.  I am looking forward to your Reiki I men’s class coming up soon.  I am grateful for your teaching, devotion, and compassion of Reiki.   Thanks, Dan M. from Sequim, WA”

Reiki II EditBarb3-15,2
My classes are such animal loves, Mandy LOVES it and gets a ton of Reiki and attention from all the ladies. She often steals the show, as in this picture.

“Thanks Josslyn.  It shows how great a teacher you are.  You always said to us that we need to work on it (practicing at Reiki).  Also, doing meditation daily is addictive for me and I feel it certainly helps the Reiki to flow in daily.  Now, having the symbols will make it even flow in better.

I do recommend you (as a Reiki teacher) because of your natural empathy and steadfast dedication to Reiki.  It is not for people who just dabble in this and that.  Reiki is life changing and I feel is something that brings out our spirituality even more.  It definitely resonates with me.   It is definitely helping my husband and me to ascend and I am seeing it in others who you have taught who are using it to help them ascend.

I also want to tell you that yesterday was the 5th year anniversary of my mom’s death and it was the easiest one for me to get through.  I have to thank you for helping to release her energy from me for her to move on.  I did not understand it at the time, but I certainly do now.  Reiki has also helped me with that.  Your classes have also helped me tremendously.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, JOSSLYN!”  Karen, Reiki II student in Sequim, WA

Reiki II EditBarb3-15,3
My classes are such animal loves, Mandy LOVES it and gets a ton of Reiki and attention from all the ladies. She often steals the show, as in this picture.

“Good Eve to you Josslyn,  I spent some quality time with the horses today (running Reiki for them).  Hercules’ back is so much less painful.  It has relaxed a little more.  (Hercules had been badly injured by a bad shoeing) They both seem soft and gentle.  Princess often shows the whites of her eyes but she was cuddly with no anxiety tonight.  They both soaked up Reiki.  Herc didn’t stand off at all (The first time we worked with him with the Reiki he stood away from us, but took it in for a long time).  They stayed close to each other in the pasture today, more than usual.  I think they have had a shift in their herd behavior.  I didn’t see the usual  “you’re in my space so I have to pin my ears”.  Post-energywork horsie bliss.   I remember you saying the Reiki can settle in over a number of days.  Seems that they are still improving.  Namaste.”  R. Raymond, Reiki I student from Port Angeles, WA

These testimonials are just from a few months of working with Reiki in their lives.  My point, REIKI WORKS, IF YOU HAVE IT USE IT!

Reiki Blessings to all my students, all my clients and all my blog readers.  I’m so incredibly grateful for ALL of you!

Josslyn Streett, incredibly grateful to be a Reiki Teacher

360-460-7829 or

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Peninsula Healers Circle – Radiant Circuits, Our Ticket to JOY!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

This month’s Peninsula Healers Circle topic was taught by Mary Ellen (ME) Bartholomew, a Donna Eden Energy Practitioner and Reiki Master from Port AngelesPeninsulaHealerCircleFeb15,11Let me just say, SHE WAS FABULOUS AND SO WAS THE TOPIC!!  So much of what she talked about, truly spoke to me.  It was eye-opening and I couldn’t help thinking “Wow, if everyone knew this and did this daily, there would be no depression in our world at all! Maybe even no fighting or war?!!”  Suffering from depression for so many years, I felt that joy was gone for good and I had no idea how to bring it back.  Reiki helped me with this over time and still does.  But, now I can see, I might have found my joy much quicker if I had known how to reactivate it through my energy field with the Radiant Circuits.

Chakras, Meridians & Radiant Circuits

Similar to chakras and meridians, the radiant circuits are another part of our energy system but once activated they do not have to run on any particular pathway, they can go anywhere they are needed.  They connect all our energy systems.  Donna Eden calls them Radiant Circuits but other names are Joy Flows, Strange Flows, Extraordinary Vessels and more descriptive names.

M.E. had us up dancing, tracing and bringing bliss into our bodies!!
M.E. had us up dancing, tracing and bringing bliss into our bodies!!                                                                           (all photos for Rain Shadow Reiki or Peninsula Healers Circle only.  Do not use otherwise)

They are the only energy system in smaller creatures, like bugs.  And the very first energy system that is created by a fetus, before chakras and meridians.  Thus the Chinese believe the radiant circuits to be the first energy system in our body’s energy system even though they were not discovered first.  The purpose of the Radiant Circuit system is to give us access to feel joy, bliss and uplifting feelings.  It is our soul’s true goal and purpose to BE IN JOY.  Radiant circuits also act as a tie between the other parts of our energy system, the chakras and meridians.

How Do We Activate Them?

Mary Ellen taught us in our class how to trace the Radiant Circuits like you would the meridians.  And four of them are the same as the meridian system of pathways.  If you are familiar with Donna Eden’s energy medicine at all (check out YouTube) you know in order to strengthen or activate your meridians you trace them along their path.

Practicing holding points to help calm Triple Warmer meridian and activate Radiant Circuits.
Practicing holding points to help calm Triple Warmer meridian and activate Radiant Circuits.

You can do the same with Radiant Circuits.  In fact, there are many good videos on YouTube that show you how to trace these radiant circuits.  I have posted a link to one that I like HERE.  It’s about 6 minutes long.  My favorite part of the whole class was at the end when Mary Ellen played a great song called ‘Thank You For This Day’ by Karen Drucker and we all danced to the music  with gratitude and positive affirmations in it, drawing infinity symbols around ourselves and incorporating tracing the radiant circuits to the music.  It was beautiful and I can’t think of a better way to start each day.  Just the dancing with so many like-minded souls activated my joy for sure.  The whole process brought me joy and helped me to feel empowered towards my goal this year which is to bring in my love and joy!

Other Ways to Activate Radiant Circuits

There are other ways to activate the circuits and if you add the intention to any of these activities you can activate them in a faster amount of time and feel joy in your life sooner.  But, like any intention and energy healing, this is an activity that needs to be done on a daily basis and is well worth the effort.  

Learning the different ways to activate the Radiant Circuits.
Learning the different ways to activate the Radiant Circuits.

Once the Radiant Circuits are reactivated they also help us cope with the modern-day stresses of life in a more joyful light-hearted manner, helping us to get through even the most difficult of days on Earth in a more positive manner, holding onto our bliss at the same time.

Intention can be something like “It is my intention that this activity is activating my Radiant Circuits & creating joy in me as I do it!”

Reiki, Stretching, Yoga, exercise, Qi Gong, affirmations, dance, music, singing, walking with intention, creativity, gratitude, being with a beloved friend, confiding in someone you trust, anything that brings happiness and health to YOU, etc.

This is a Reiki blog, so you can bet I’m going to be adding in intentions to activate the radiant circuits for my clients during sessions and if it is needed, my guides will help me with this and I’ll know how to do it in combination with Reiki.  I can’t wait to see what results we get.  I’ll be watching the Donna Eden videos and working with Mary Ellen along the way to learn more about this fascinating new possibility.

Triple Warmer

I truly believe our souls want us to be happy and find our place of bliss.  However, while in human form on Earth most of us are constantly in fight, flight or freeze mode.  This is due to modern-day societal stresses and our triple warmer meridian, which protects us by keeping us in this stressed state.  (We must be prepared for action in case of an emergency –  that is how Triple Warmer thinks).

My favorite way to calm the Triple Warmer (the fight, flight or freeze meridian) because it's so easy to do anywhere.  Hold the spleen point under the breast and the other hand on the side of the arm above the elbow until you feel calmer, then switch and do the other side too.  Called the Triple Warmer Hug.
My favorite way to calm the Triple Warmer (the fight, flight or freeze meridian) because it’s so easy to do anywhere. Hold the spleen point under the breast and the other hand on the side of the arm above the elbow until you feel calmer, then switch and do the other side too. Called the Triple Warmer Hug.

Typically Triple Warmer keeps us in fight, flight or freeze mode.  Or it takes us there unnecessarily out of old habits.  Situations all day long trigger old stressful or even traumatic memories and they take us back to FF or F mode.  This is reactivity mode where Triple Warmer activates inappropriately and when not needed.  Triple Warmer was meant to protect us, help us have quick reactions and sudden or immense strength in times of need.  (We don’t need to be the HULK all the time, but we are too often.)  TW can pull energy from all the systems except the heart.  Radiant Circuits can help to bring in calm during times of stress causing us to not go into FF or F and instead stay in a state of bliss.  THIS IS HUGE, PEOPLE!!  Modern Americans are in a state of Fight Flight or Freeze almost every day.  This is a major cause of illness and depression in our country.  This is why Reiki and other energy healing techniques like activating the Radiant Circuits is so vital at this time in our history.  It can truly help people to not only cope, but to truly find their bliss.

 A BIG HUGE thank you to Mary Ellen for introducing us to this amazing and life changing energy system.   I look forward to practicing more and bringing in more bliss and less stress.  I hope reading a bit about this has motivated you to watch one of Donna’s videos and learn for yourself.  I know I’m going to be blissed out all day today and I’m grateful for it.

“If we were talking to you on your first day here, we would say, “Welcome to planet Earth.  There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have.  And your work here — your lifetime career — is to seek joy.  As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who- you-really-are.  And in doing so, you will utilize your profound freedom.  Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you.” Ester and Jerry Hicks card pack for Abundance and the Law of Attraction

To learn more about the Peninsula Healers Circle check out our website.  We strive to bring healers of all modalities together as one great healing energy on the Olympic Peninsula with love and support.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Thanks so much for reading and sharing,

Josslyn Streett

360-460-7829 or


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Reiki Quick Tip – Reiki Your Email

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Joss’ Dramatic Email Story to Draw You In

Years ago, before I knew Reiki, my husband and I were in the process of buying a franchise business.  It was an enrichment activity place for children and would help children to learn how to feel, understand and relate their emotions more powerfully and spiritually.  It was amazing.  However, after months of planning, preparation and training, we had severe ethical differences with the owner and ended up severing ties with her and the whole business idea.  It was the death of a dream for us.

Emails can carry the good or 'bad' energy of the person who is sending them.
Emails can carry the good or ‘bad’ energy of the person who is sending them.

Unfortunately, it was the death of much more than that too.   Our beloved dog Marley died at exactly the same time in an accident.  It was an accident, however, I still felt at fault and felt a great deal of guilt over the situation.   I was grieving our family member and our business dream at the same time.  We didn’t know where to take our dreams from there, it was just too painful to move on.  It was a very hard time especially since I didn’t have nearly as many coping skills as I have now with Reiki.


NO, don't open that!!

At the same time of us feeling defeated, depressed and in limbo, the franchise owner’s friend sent me a scathing email about the situation.  She, of course believed her friend to be ethical and didn’t believe us.  The email was extremely unkind but even worse, she powerfully put ALL of her emotions into the email as she wrote it and transferred them to me when I opened it.  As soon as I clicked to open the email, I felt fully every hurtful emotion she was feeling towards us come through the email before I even read it.   It got into my auric field and brought me down like a ton of bricks.  I was still grieving and working through my own fears and issues with leaving the business behind and feeling responsible for our family member’s death, so her email and the emotional energy that came though with it, easily got into my unprotected auric field and exacerbated any difficult emotions I was already feeling ten fold.  I got physically sick on top of the depression and had trouble functioning for weeks afterward.  I didn’t fully realize at that time that an email could carry energy like that and affect me to such a degree.  I finally realized what was happening and started meditating and doing some healing work that I knew at the time to help me remove this energy from my body, mind and spirit.  Over time I got better and was able to put it behind me.  This is obviously an extreme situation, but it is the extreme that sticks with us and teaches us some of our biggest lessons.  And I learned an important one, REIKI YOUR EMAILS, COMING IN AND GOING OUT!!


When we Reiki the emails we can neutralize any less than loving feelings we may be having at the time we write the email, so the other person doesn’t receive them energetically.  We can also neutralize any of those same feelings that may be coming IN on an email from someone else BEFORE it gets to us.  We all have stressed or negative feelings from time to time,  but we don’t need to be sending them out to the world or to our friends via emails and pm’s.

BONUS: When we Reiki emails going out, the Reiki will help to heal any less than loving feelings we are having at the time too.  It’s a win/win.

We do not need anyone’s permission to do this because we are not sending Reiki TO the person, we are sending it to the email, surrounding and protecting the energy of the email.   We are sending Reiki to the email so it is full of positive love energy.  If the person on the receiving end chooses to take some Reiki that comes with the email, that is between them and their Higher Power.



As always, this is my way.  Feel free to use this one or trust your higher self, your Reiki Guides and you own personal knowledge to come up with a way that feels right for you.

Reiki incoming as well as outgoing emails with this process:(also snail mail, Facebook, etc.)

  1.  Gassho- Hold your hands in the prayer position at your heart and ask Divine to send down the Reiki.  Hold your hands in prayer position at your third eye and ask Divine to send down your Reiki Guides of the Highest and most Sacred Order of Love and Light. (If you are in a hurry you don’t always need to do the Gassho, as long as you do it much of the time. Or you can do this in your mind, silently without the movements if you are at work.)
  2. While I have the email or message that I’m sending pulled up on the computer screen, I simply hold up my left hand flowing with Reiki towards the screen with intentions that it’s getting to the email, every letter, word, paragraph and space. I imagine the email and the Reiki flowing to it. (If around other people, simply do this with your eyes.)
  3. Let the Reiki flow with intention.  You can visualize the Reiki flowing into the email, dancing around the letters.  Flowing through the message or just melding with its essence.  Intention: Clean and clear, safe and sacred.
  4. If you have Reiki symbols – I like to use the CKR sandwich;            1.  Start with a blessing symbol like the Power Symbol (CKR) or a master blessing symbol (UDKM or TDKM) for the intention of sending blessings to the email and anyone who reads it.  (We can send a blessings symbol without permission.)                                            2. Then I send in the Mental/Emotional Symbol (SHK) and chant in my head the mantra with my intention, ‘clean and clear,’ three times each.  This will clean the email of any stress or emotion that you are feeling when you write it.You can chant the Reiki symbols in your head with the intention that they are flowing out your hands and into each individual email you are sending out.                                                    3. End the sandwich with the Power Symbol (CKR) for energizing the email to the perfect balance for you and the person receiving it.
  5. Reiki your email until you feel it is enough.

You can use this process for letters, pm’s or other forms of communication.

Thank the Reiki and your guides!  Send the email with Love & Light!

I hope these blogs are helping you to open up your idea box about what to use your Reiki for in your daily life.  Every time you work with Reiki, your life becomes more spiritual and in a lot of ways, easier.  Go with the flow baby!!

In Love and Light,

Josslyn Streett

360-460-7829 or

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Recipes I Like – Roasted Acorn Squash with Portobello Mushroom

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I absolutely LOVE the fall!  I love the colors, the flavors and even the weather here in the Pacific North West, which lately has been a lot of rain. Not typical for Sunny Sequim.

Being with spiritual friends recently sharing a condo and cooking together at a healing retreat, I made this dish for them and they all wanted the recipe.  I decided it would be easier to share it with everyone, and then I realized I already had on a blog two years ago when I was doing a cleanse.  But, decided to post it again by itself because it’s so good, it deserves its own blog.  This recipe is a great reminder that healthy food can be delicious and easy to prepare too.  Pray you enjoy this as much as my family does.

“I wondered, “Why have I been chasing happiness my whole life when bliss was here the entire time?” 
 – Elizabeth Gilbert from “Eat, Pray, Love”

Acorn Squash with Portobello Mushrooms
Acorn Squash with Portobello Mushrooms

I got this recipe from two years ago when I was participating in a 15 day juice cleanse with Joe Cross from the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  (The movie is well worth watching)  Most of the food on the pre-cleanse was truly wonderful, but this is my favorite recipe from the whole cleanse, along with the juices we made.  Yum!  It’s healthy and easy to make.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and I do, it would be a great Thanksgiving add-on for sure.

Don’t forget to run your Reiki when you cook, adding Divine Love and Light to every dish you prepare.  Reiki in your food helps to cleans out any toxins and boosts the nutrients to the vibrational level of your body so your body gets the best out of your food.  It’s a win/win!

Blessings to all my Reiki friends,


No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.”
Laurie Colwin

Roasted Acorn Squash

Serves 4 as a main dish

2 med Acorn Squash

3/4 t. Sea Salt plus 1/4 t. Sea Salt

This recipe can be a main dish for four people or cut them up to be a side dish for more.
This recipe can be a main dish for four people or cut them up to be a side dish for more.

1/2 t. Black Pepper

6 T Olive Oil

2 Cloves Garlic, minced

1 Large Portobello Mushroom (I use 2 because I like them and they cook down)

1 Large White or Yellow Onion, chopped

3t Fresh sage, finely chopped

(You can add a little red pepper too if you like a little more spice.  My family doesn’t so I’ve omitted that ingredient.)

Acorn Squash:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Trim ends of each squash.
  3. Stand the squash upright and half lengthwise.
  4. Scoop the pulp and the seeds out and discard.
  5. Brush each squash half with olive oil.
  6. Sprinkle each squash half with 3/4 sea salt and pepper
  7. Arrange acorn, large cut sides down on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  8. roast the squash until the flesh is tender and the edges are golden brown, 25 – 35 minutes.
  9. Remove from over, flip squash over and set aside.


  1. While the squash roasts:   Heat olive oil in medium sauce pan over medium high heat.
  2. Add onions and garlic and saute for 2 minutes until onion is clear.
  3. Add mushroom, sage, 1/4 salt and saute 5 minutes.
  4. Fill the squash with mixture and bake upright for 10 more minutes together. or 360-460-7829





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Congratulations to Our Newest Reiki I Students! The Ones Who Made it Through!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

FIRST, A Big Huge Congratulations to our newest Rain Shadow Reiki, Reiki I students!!

Congratulations Mary Ellen, Camille, and Jayne, much Reiki Love to you all!
Congratulations Mary Ellen, Camille, and Jayne, much Reiki Love to you all!

What a wonderful and fun group of women.  I know, I always say that, because it’s true.  I’m blessed to have deep, inquisitive, curious, strong, respectful, spiritual and simply amazing students to take my classes.

Of course, as teacher, I take some credit, because I put the intention into my manifestation of amazing students every day, that I only get the best of the best students who vibrate well with me and are meant to take my classes.  But, it’s a collision course for success, because they’ve been doing the same in manifesting the right Reiki teacher for them, so it’s literally impossible for them to NOT find me and for me to NOT find them.  I love the way the Universe works.

Healing Crisis BEFORE a Reiki Class

When I took my Karuna Reiki class from William Lee Rand, he sent the books out beforehand so we could study the many symbols prior to the class.  My ‘healing crisis’ or as I call it, HEALING OPPORTUNITY started right away and lasted in my opinion for a few years.  It was powerful or pre-menopause, not 100% sure on that one.  But, the healing opportunity started as soon as I received my manual a month before the class when in the summertime, I got a head cold.  I don’t get head colds in the summer.

“When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters.  One represents danger, the other opportunity.”        John F. Kennedy

HealingCrisisChangeThis can happen with any of the healing classes we take.  As soon as we make the firm decision to change or evolve the healing opportunity can start.  This is not the ‘fault’ of Reiki, this is a conscious decision your soul and human self has made to change, but change also comes with evolution, raising our vibration, learning.  This can look like an emotional upset, cold or flu symptoms, strange dreams, trouble sleeping or being challenged by some of your old belief patters in hurtful and difficult ways.  This is the cleansing process that the student chooses when they choose CHANGE.  When they choose to evolve and get rid of the OLD and bring in the NEW vibration, our body, mind and spirit start to dump out the old stuff that no longer serves us.  Some people start this process after the class, but yes, some of us lucky ones start right away.

From Six Down to Three

Thus, I had three people sign up for the class this week who were not able to complete it. Two of them were so sick they weren’t able to even attend the class, one came and went home early.  Could they simply have colds?  Yes, of course.  Could they be detoxifying old stuff they no longer need and thus triggering a Healing Opportunity?  Yes, of course.  It doesn’t matter the why,  the answer is the same, REIKI!!!  Drinking lots of water, extra rest and taking an epsom salts bath helps a great deal too.  So, my recommendation is, stick with your first intuition to evolve and take the Reiki class at your next possible opportunity.  If you already have Reiki, REIKI YOURSELF A WHOLE LOT, EVERY DAY!  That is my prescription for a healing crisis/opportunity.

“Healing is not an overnight process, it is a daily cleansing of pain, it is a daily healing of your life.”   Leon Brown, found not guilty from new DNA evidence, after 30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  

I’m greatly proud of ALL my Reiki students for being on their spiritual path and continuing to move forward despite difficult conditions.  You are so much stronger than you know.

LOVE THIS PIC THE BEST! Such excitement.
LOVE THIS PIC THE BEST! Such excitement.

And, again, congratulations to my wonderful new Reiki students from this weekend, the ones who did make it through.  I cannot wait to see where your Reiki path goes.  So exciting.



Reiki Blessings to you ALL,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Peninsula Healers Circle – ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

The Peninsula Healers’ Circle is a circle of holistic/integrative healing practitioners living and working on the north Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.

Our goals are to:
  • Build a mutually supportive community of healers
  • Develop a more in-depth understanding of the different healing modalities offered by members of the circle
  • Offer a site where people can locate healing practitioners  of various modalities in our area
  • Networking and referral base to offer appropriate integrative care to our clients

 What We Learned This Month

This month  at the Peninsula Healers Circle, member Debbie Ritter introduced our group to some of Byron Katie’s teachings called “The Work.”  This is a process to use when we are emotionally triggered by a situation involving someone else close to us.  The worksheet we did was called “Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet.  But, it really turned into, as you can guess, finding out new insights into why we ourselves didn’t like the ‘neighbors’ behavior and YOU GUESSED IT, it always comes back to US.  This is our own personal universe after all.

PeninsulaHealersCircle9-19-14,1We all took the time to fill out the worksheet on a situation we were all dealing with.  The process is not difficult at all and you can just follow the directions right on the form that you can print off from Byron Katie’s website.  I like that it gives you the process, the left brain process to attack an emotional/mental issue you are having with someone.  The first step is to analyze the issue by asking “Is it true?”  Then “How do you react when you believe that thought?”

The Turn Around

Second and the most insightful part for me was turning each statement around to ourselves.  For instance if your statement was “My husband doesn’t listen to me about his health,” you would then turn that around to 1. the self, 2. to the other person and 3. to the opposite.  For example:

  1.  “I don’t listen to myself about my health.” Then contemplate this idea and write it on the worksheet.
  2.  “I don’t listen to my husband about his health,” then contemplate this idea and write it on the worksheet.
  3.  “My husband does listen to me about his health,” and contemplate this one and write it down.

This process, and following it step by step brought me and the others many new insights into our belief systems.  Then it’s up to us to change what we want to change now that we have some new ideas.

I do a process similar to this for myself with Reiki but I can see that by having the worksheet, nothing gets left out, no hole in your thinking is left to be found or not found later.  It was really fabulous and easy to follow but may take some WORK in being totally honest with yourself.  At Byron Katie’s  website you can print your own worksheets for The Work and have them ready any time you get triggered by a situation.

Check it out if you are feeling you need a little more help with judging others, or yourself.


Always run your Reiki when doing any kind of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual healing, including The Work.  Reiki will help you go deeper in your healing and make sure you are protected while in the process.

Next month at the Peninsula Healers’ Circle I will be talking to the group about the importance of past life healing.  I can’t wait!

In Love and Light of our Divine,

Josslyn Streett

360-460-7829 or