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Rain Shadow Reiki OPEN During Virus Outbreak

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center will be up and running as long as we are able.  We have many tools in which to help keep us safe and healthy and we intend to use them, share them and teach them to YOU!
Most of our work is on the phone with clients and online and we will continue to do even more of that.
**We will be doing more workshops via JoinMe app on the computer or phone and we may schedule some Reiki classes if you all want them. If you are off work or school and would like to take a Reiki class while you are home, please email us and get on our email list for online classes.
Reiki can help in so many ways to calm the fear and protect our auras from the overwhelming energy of a whole society in fear. If we can stay calm, we can act from a place of LOVE and if we can do that, we can hear our Divine Guidance which is so strong at this time. But, we cannot hear it, if we are in fear. REIKI CAN HELP.  WE CAN HELP. 
Call us or email us if you want help at this time.  Reiki is calm.  Reiki is love.  Reiki is peace.  Reiki is a vacation from the chaos.  Reiki is bliss.  Reiki is balance. Reiki is CONNECTION!
Blessings all,
Josslyn, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki or 360-460-7829
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Product Review- Portable Infrared Sauna’s to Help You Be Healthier

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Links to articles below-

Please, and I’m serious about this, talk to your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough to use an infrared sauna before using it.  This is for healthy people to stay healthy.

I’m not an expert, please do your own research, this is just a product review for a product that I have personally been using and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  AND for everything I’m reading, THESE KILL BACTERIA AND VIRUS IN THE BODY!!! TIMELY RIGHT!?!!

I have a history of chronic illness and have been a seeker for most of my life to find ways to be healthier in my body, naturally.  A friend of mine who also has Lyme Disease got one of these infrared saunas and loved it and recommended it to me.  I was hesitant at first but then thought, it’s not much money so what do I have to lose.

I’m so glad I took the plunge because I’ve been using it for four months and LOVE IT!! Singing that I love it so much!

I got the Harmony Infrared Sauna on Amazon, about $250 or a little more with tax and what not and it’s AMAZING! Singing again.

Not only does it feel so good to be hot in the winter time, but everything I read, and don’t take my word for it I’m not a doctor at all, but common sense and everything I read says that HEAT like in your body or in sauna’s, kill virus and bacteria.   Your body gets a fever so it kills the overgrowth of bad stuff in your body, right!?! In the sauna, I’ve built up slowly to thirty minutes at 151 degrees.  151 Degrees!!!! That must be killing a lot of stuff I don’t want in my body for sure. The Coronavirus is a very vulnerable virus, it’s easily killed at 133 degrees F or above.  Just breath the hot air from the sauna for five minutes straight and then again in a hour.  Do this each day until well.  (Please note: My son has been sick for almost four months straight with flu and virus’, I have a compromised immune system, I’m around kids, adults, elderly all the time AND I have not gotten anything, at all.)

But, for killing viruses it’s more complicated.  But there is also evidence that with the detoxification process of sweating it also boosts the immune system.  Plus the sauna helps with endorphins and allows the body to send out more white blood cells which combat the stuff in the body we do not want.  Lots of good going on with these infrared saunas.  

BONUS- your head sticks out and there are holes for your hands, so you can read, watch TV, play games on the phone or just meditate without your head being too hot or getting claustrophobic.  It’s amazing.  Did I say that already?!!

Do your own research.   But, know, I love mine and use it every two to three days and sometimes more.  And, in this climate with the virus outbreak, it’s very good to have products like this at home where we can use them regularly for our health.  Many people are off school and work anyways, lots of sauna time!

Here is a LINK to the one I bought


*Bring in your Reiki to support you in ANYTHING you do for healing.  Reiki brings 1. deeper spiritual healing on all levels 2.  spiritual power   3.  safe and sacred space energetically   4.  spiritual intuition and guidance.

*Drink lots of water before and after your sauna to hydrate

*Digest food for about one hour before doing the sauna (heat slows down digestion and could cause some issues)

*But, as well, don’t do the sauna on a totally hungry tummy either

*Start slow with low temp and low time and build up at a healthy pace for you.  If you feel dizzy, extra tired or any other symptoms that you feel are not normal, then reduce time or heat temp and go slower.

*Wear a towel and I put a towel on the chair and also folded up on the back of the chair to support my lumbar as well

*Clean with vinegar or natural products after because you will sweat A LOT!!


We will be here, helping in anyway we can energetically, as long as we are able.  Holding space for us to rise above and heal from ALL the issues that are being shown to us to heal at this time.  This is ONE BIG HEALING OPPORTUNITY!! WOW

Blessings to you all,

Josslyn Streett



Infrared Sauna for the Common Cold



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Virus Fever: How Reiki & Psychic Healing Can Help

By Josslyn Streett, Ellen Hammer and Amber McCarter, Reiki Master/Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

We at Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center are committed to helping you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Healing is our passion and we think about it ALL THE TIME!!  So when the world is in crisis over shared fears, such as a viral outbreak, it affects us all a great deal.  Most of us at Rain Shadow Reiki are empathic, so when the world is out of balance, we feel it acutely.  We immediately go into healer mode and ask Reiki, “How can we help?” There is a lot that energy healing, combined with psychic healing, can do to help you be more able to fend off disease.

Rain Shadow Reiki Healers- L-R- Ellen, Susan, Bren, Amber and Josslyn

**Read on or scroll to the bottom to read what we can DO for you.

We have been hit with yet another epidemic, of sorts. But not the kind of viral epidemic the media is talking about.  The epidemic that we have actually been hit with, YET AGAIN, is FEAR.

Each time another virus or bacteria starts affecting people, we are bombarded with messages of fear about what will happen from the media, the government, community leaders, and friends and family on social media.  And if we look at the recent twenty year history, it rarely if ever has gotten to the high levels of victims that the media predicts.  Usually not even close.  But again, they keep us glued to the news with updates, and that is what they want.

With Reiki on our side, we have tools to not allow the fear into our space/body/mind/emotions.  The energy of fear gets into our aura, into our subconscious, into our physical body and then makes us even more vulnerable to illness.  This energy of fear keeps us feeing like a victim instead of feeling spiritually powerful.  It is important to keep a level head and not play into the fear – to keep it out of our auras and out of our bodies completely.

Yes, do the common sense things: wash your hands, cough into your tissue or your elbow, limit physical contact with people, stay home from crowds if you feel better about it, and even use hand sanitizer if you feel it is needed.


…if you want to stay calm and feel spiritually powerful, safe and sacred – keep reading!

Get out in nature and have fun, it’s good for every part of you and your energy field!

There is a whole lot that Reiki and Psychic Energy Healing can do to help you be healthier.  We can help you be healthier, not just at this time with this particular virus, but going forward for all the other viruses and human life issues that will hit in the future.  And we are human, so they will come.  We cannot keep you from getting sick – sometimes this is just a normal part of life.

But, here are just some of the things we can do to help you be healthier and stronger in the year 2020…


***The Reiki Psychic Healers at Rain Shadow Reiki can support you in this way – we can pull energies from you that are negatively effecting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, (aura, physical body, subconscious). Your cleansed and strengthened energy will neutralize physical and energetic threats for you, and if you come into contact with things like this current viral outbreak, you will be able to fight them off easier.

We can pull these harmful energies from WHEREVER they come from: news, friends, family, doctors, social media, community, TV shows, books, movies, etc.  Following are some of the sources of these harmful energies that will be healed, and the tools and approaches we can use to do so…

*Fear: Pulling lower vibrating emotions from specific situations can help you take your power back and help you feel stronger.

*Phrases that have gotten stuck in your subconscious can keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

*Pulling the energetic version of the virus or bacteria you are battling neutralizes the energetic version so you can move forward with healing. (The energetic version is in your aura and body before the physical one.)

*Healing beliefs that keep the virus strong and you vulnerable.  Beliefs play into the power of thought, and beliefs about control, vulnerability, death, illness, being healthy, etc. can keep you in a cycle of illness.

*Emotions can keep you down and less healthy than you can be.  They affect our immune system and every system in our bodies.  This is usually the absence of the positive emotions – we can bring in the positive emotions and pull the less than positive ones.

*Activate the body systems -(immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, etc.) to help you be your healthiest and strongest version of you.

*Talk to your body and find out what it needs or wants to be strong and healthy.

*Read past lives that have affected you in the past and are still keeping you vulnerable to dis-ease.

*Grounding: Many healers in the spiritual world believe that staying grounded can help your body be more resilient to dis-ease, stress, and anxiety.

*Teach you Reiki: Reiki helps the body, mind, emotions, and spirit be stronger. Doing Reiki on yourself will help lesson fear and stress, and boost your immune system. When you are balanced energetically, you can fight off anything better.

*Healing Attunement: a special Reiki attunement with specific intentions for healing the physical or emotional body.  (This is currently on special for March!)

**When you’re not feeling spiritually powerful your energy is more vulnerable – feeling spiritually powerful can make the difference between being a victim or a warrior. We can check your current percentage of spiritual power, and help you to increase that.

Take back your power and release the fear to Source.  If you would like to book a Reiki Psychic Healing Session or a Healing Attunement which is on special this month of March, call us.  Our passion is energy healing and we’d love to help.


Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren and Susan


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Our Pets Want Reiki Healing TOO!

Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

This month we are offering pet Reiki Attunements AND Negative Energy Clearings together as a package deal.


We ran a special on pet attunements in January.  When we communicated psychically with the pets to ask what level of Reiki Attunement they wanted, some of them said they wanted a clearing first.  

We listened and told their parents.  Their parents listened and after their clearings, then they were ready for their attunements.  Last blog we wrote about the benefits of having your pet attuned to Reiki.  Many of our clients emailed us and we got to attune cats, dogs, horses and we’ve even attuned chickens.  So Amazing!! Some of them had clearings/healings too.

Here is one of our client’s stories about her dog Cala who told us she needed to be cleared of negative energies/entities before her Reiki Attunement.  Now she is attuned to Reiki and much happier.  Thanks Jo for writing to us to share.

February Special-  Pet Clearings and Reiki Attunements are on special for $90 for both.  Email us with your pets photo with only them in the photo, their age or birthday if you know it and their full name.  Your pet chooses which level of Reiki they want to be attuned to.  Last month we have pets choose every single level of Reiki.  So much fun and so healing.  Our pets LOVE REIKI TOO!!


Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren & Susan, Rain Shadow Reiki Healers

Read on…..

“My dog, Cala, was suddenly not doing well this last January.  She had a seizure in December but seemed to bounce back after a few days and back to her happy self. A few weeks later I noticed that her tail was not lifted up and her head was down when she walked.  It seemed an effort for her to lift her head to look at me.  My first thought was that she was getting ready to transition and her body was just getting tired.  I figured the seizure took more out of her than I suspected. 

When Rain Shadow Reiki announced a special on Pet Attunements to Reiki, I thought that would be perfect for Cala.  She could ease her own pain and discomfort by using Reiki as a healing tool for herself.  I signed up for the Pet Attunement and the response I received from the Healer was that Cala needed a Negative Energy Clearing more than anything.  I paid for a Pet NEC and when I received the response there was an immediate change in Cala.  

I got home from work that day and she met me at the door, tail up and wagging, head held high with a crooked smile!  She was so happy!  I couldn’t believe the change in her.  She had had entities in her body and aura; some dark, some not dark, along with other stuff that needed to be cleared.  I am so thankful Cala’s Soul answered the Healer and told her exactly what she needed.  Now I’m going to see if she is ready for a Reiki Pet Attunement!  I bet she is!

Thank you Rain Shadow Reiki!

Jo Owens

Sequim, WA


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Reiki Pet Attunements Special for January

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Divine Guidance has told me this month to offer Reiki Pet Attunements at a discount.  A pet attunement usually costs $75 and this month we will be discounting them to $50.  In this pet attunement, we talk to your pet and explain what a Reiki attunement is, ask them IF they would like to be attuned, ask them to what level of Reiki they would like to be attuned and then attune them at the end of the month.  We will be also offering them a special extra layer of Divine safe and sacred space by adding a Divine Golden Column of Light around their aura.  We will ask them if they want this installed as well.  Pets have free will and may at any time refuse either of these energy tools or change their mind and ask for them.  We respect the free will of all beings.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

The attunement process is a ceremony of spiritual awakening and introduction that celebrates the creation of a new connection between the student and Divine Source that aligns you with your Highest Good. During an attunement you are ‘tuned in’ to a different vibration of energy, a higher frequency.  The attunement process also prepares your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for accepting and channeling the new vibration of Divine energy that will be flowing through you from the time of the attunement and after.  The chakras are aligned, the physical organs and tissues are energized and healed and your spiritual channels to your Higher Self and your Divine are opened up and prepared for spiritual awakening.  It’s a very personal and deeply spiritual process for many.

Why attune your pet to Reiki?

Any animal lover knows, our pets are highly emotional and intuitive.  

They can be hurt just like us.  They can heal and be healed just like us.  They can take on the energy of people just like us.  

Animals are usually connected to Divine, Mother Earth and their intuitive forces in a more grounded and easy manner than humans, but they still need help healing in this modern world.  And, many of us know with our pets, when we are under stress or ill, they do their best to heal us, often taking on the energy of the illness themselves. 

I have worked with many pets like this who get sick at the same time their ‘parent’ is sick, doing their best to help their parent while at the same time not knowing where to send the energy, just like many humans do. (Empathic anyone?)  Usually I work with the animal a little bit, showing them pictures from my mind on where to send the energy or how to transmute it safely.  It doesn’t take much.  Animals, with a tiny bit of guidance, usually pick up energy work very quickly.  Some are naturals, like people, and some need more tutoring, also like people.  We are all both similar and unique at the same time.

I was reminded of this recently when someone in my family suddenly got very sick and their dog started acting depressed, anxious and unsure of himself.  When I sat with my Reiki and asked what I could do for this family member to help the situation, I received the message, “Attune her dog.”  I saw visions of her caregivers and dog getting overflow of energy of stress, worry, sadness and more coming from her out to all of them.  The energy wasn’t going up to God (which is where we want to send it) it was going onto everyone around her, including her beloved canine best friend.  Reiki showed me that if I were to attune her dog, her dog would not only be able to transmute the energy to Divine for her, it would protect him, the caregivers and help heal his human best friend.  Again, Reiki is a win/win for all involved.

When our pets are attuned to Reiki, they become a channel for Reiki, they automatically emit Reiki healing energy from all their pores into whoever is nearby and wants it.  They are quite natural channels and once attuned simply and quite easily understand how to process the healing energy and help those around them.  Pets are already healing to be around and to pet and love, but the Reiki protects them and us as well.  

After this family member’s dog was attuned, he seemed much happier, more relaxed, very much less stressed.  He seemed to be smiling now and I hadn’t seen that, probably ever since I’d known him.  And, he continues to be a smiling Reiki dog even now.  I believe he knows he’s helping and the stress of the illness isn’t on him any longer, it’s on God, it’s on Reiki.  Now he can just be a loving support and not CARRY the burden of the energy of the illness.

A win/win!  Reiki is always a win/win!!

To Order a Pet Attunement

$75 per pet

*Email us with a photo, full name, birthday (as much as you know, even a guesstimate is good, for identification purposes only)


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Happy New Year/Decade

We all wanted to wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at Rain Shadow Reiki
Josslyn, Ellen and Amber, Reiki Master/Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center
Rain Shadow Reiki is still under construction in our physical space, it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL when it’s done.  But we are also still working. 
We are seeing clients in person and on the phone or Skype.   90% of our work is on the phone or Skype.  So we are working with our psychic healing clients mostly on the phone, especially during construction.  We can do almost everything on the phone that we can do in person, except in person Reiki and the PEMF machines. 
Please call us if you feel stuck, feel OFF, or just feel like you need to release stress and worry.  We can do so much to help most any feeling you are having.  You won’t know until you call and talk to us.  Twenty minute consultations of your situation are always free and welcome.  We love to connect with ‘old’ and new clients alike.  Maybe your energy is just feeling OFF and we can help.  We are here, even with construction, for our clients and students.
Josslyn and Bren, if you call Rain Shadow Reiki, you will usually get Josslyn or Bren (Right) on the phone. Bren is typically answer the phone, she’s our office manager. But, Bren is also an amazing Reiki Master as well. She keeps us organized and therefore much more calm.
2020  is a BIG YEAR, lots happening numerological and astrologically both.  Possible history will be made this year and we’ll need our Reiki this year more than ever.
2020 is a double 2 year which equals to a 4 & a double 0 year which is a number bringing in Divine energy, twice as nice!
This means: Healing and Psychic abilities will be amped up with the double 2 & 0 meaning that information from Divine will be more clear and I encourage you to listen and translate, write it down to see how accurate you are.  Because, this year will be a HUGE year for developing your intuitive abilities.  The more you know you have been right in the past by writing it down, the more you trust your information and translation.  
Josslyn is an experienced mentor to people wanting to learn to work with their intuitive abilities.  She’s been helping people for many years develop and practice with them.  Her gifts are getting right to the main issue of what is blocking you, doing healing or intuitive or energy work to help unblock you and move on in your soul path.  There is so much she is able to do to help you gain momentum in your psychic and intuitive life.  Short term or long term mentoring is available.  We have bulk sessions where you can get a discount.  Call and talk to us about it if you are interested or have one session then book for the bulk rate.  (360-460-7829- Regular price is $95 per hour.  Bulk price is buy 6 hours, get one free.)
This year being a 4 (2+0+2+0=4) is also all about TRUTH.  Lots of truth will be coming out and also hearing truth from Divine Source will be more possible with this double Divine energy.
There is a lot going on this year, Reiki will be a major tool in your toolbox to help you through.  Also, be ready for change. The more you are going with the flow of the Universe and ready to heal and change as needed, not get stuck or fight the change, the easier this year will be for you.  It’s a big one, get ready for the BIG ROLLER COASTER.
CALL AND SAY HI!!  See how we can support you.
Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, and Bren
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By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Thank you for being patient with me for new blogs.  

The healing process: mind, body, emotions and spirit is slow at this point and writing blogs is not something that I have been able to do easily.  I do want to share more about how Reiki has healed me and my son, but it may come later and in a different way.  We are considering pod casts and videos which are easier for me now.  If you have any opinions about that, please comment and let me know how you feel and if you would like that version of communication.  

In the meantime, I would like to congratulate and send Reiki and love to all of my new and experienced Reiki Masters.  I am teaching some now, a little less then I used to, but when I can, I’m teaching.  And this last weekend we had a Reiki III Master Class that lifted us all up. We had two free retakes and four new students.

Having more experienced students retake the class for free is a win/win for everyone.  The new students get more experienced questions and richer topics from the Masters.  The Masters get to be a mentor to new students, they get to be with like minded people all day, refresh knowledge that they may have forgotten, a nice refresher.  And, for me, I get to be with Reiki people all day, which is the BEST!!


Dianne, Carol, Molly, Jennifer, Lisa and Sharon

Thank you, Josslyn 


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What is a Plant Spirit Reading? This Months SPECIAL!! Read More…..

Each spring and summer month for 2019 we are running a special called, SUNSHINE SPECIALS!!
Because sunshine is so valuable here in the Pacific North West, we are discounting many of Rain Shadow Reiki’s services each month for you to get a very good idea about all of what we do here.  We do Reiki, yes, but much, much more…..
Plant Spirit Readings are done by Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki and Shamanic Herbalist, Ellen Hammer.  They are done in person OR on the phone or via email.  So ANYONE can have one.
What is a plant spirit reading?
Simply put, a plant spirit reading will connect you with your green helpers of love and light, the energies of the plant devas and nature spirits.  After a quick conversation with you to form an intention for the reading/healing, Ellen will connect to your higher self and connect you with your plant guides, allies and helpers.  She may end up recommending to you to sit in nature, drink a tea, sing a song, take a tincture, breathe with a plant or connect with a plant as a spirit guide.  This is all done with Reiki, for your highest and best good AND ALWAYS with Love and Light of Divine.
SUNSHINE SPECIAL FOR JULY- Plant Spirit Readings are HALF OFF at $50, available all year round for $95
To order a Plant Spirit Reading simply call or email at 360-460-7829, email or click on the link . 
Here is a link to the payment page to pay online-
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Reiki Didn’t Work For Me

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

*****If you believe Reiki didn’t work for you, may I suggest you read on…..

**2nd in a series on being successful with your Reiki practice when it doesn’t come easy to you.  Here is a link to the first blog, Signs that your Reiki Really is ON.

In my classes, like my teacher before me,  I tell people to look back after one year of being attuned to Reiki and they will see how their lives have changed a great deal.  IF AND ONLY IF they are actually working with their Reiki regularly.  DAILY IS BEST.
I encourage you to work with your Reiki each and every day in your life, make it a part of your daily living and you will see major changes for good happening right away.
 However, what if Reiki doesn’t come easy to you?  What do you do then?
Easy………. like any other new thing in your life, stick to it, make it a priority, and then DO IT!! DO IT ANYWAY!!
With Reiki, I’m a very go with the flow teacher.  I believe the more we attempt to control our spiritual practice, the more Divine gives us lessons for control.
But, for this one thing, starting a new and very important habit that can literally change your life for the better — This One Time, Don’t Go With The Flow.  

In the beginning doing Reiki will be new and therefore different. Anything different to us can often be construed as STRESS!! ………..Oh no, not that!
If your mind translates the Reiki as stress then you will probably protect yourself from the stress by NOT doing it. Sabotage will occur, you stop doing it and then you end up seeing no benefits and it’s easy to say “Reiki didn’t work for me.”  When this is really not the truth at all.
We must work at the habit of the Reiki.
The daily work, the consistency to learn it, feel it and want it, is the hard part, the Reiki itself is the easy part.
Joss’ Story
“Doing Reiki for others came very easy to me, I’m a giver and always have been.  Receiving was totally new to me.  Therefore, doing Reiki on myself daily did not happen for quite a long time after taking my Reiki classes.  I knew I had these mental belief blocks to doing Reiki on myself, and I knew I needed to heal them, so I decided to do a lot of Reiki on others and INTEND to heal these blockages in my belief system during these healings on others.  Since our client and ourselves both receive Reiki, this was my indirect way of healing myself, the scenic route to healing an issue.  Longer, but also effective. This takes a little longer, but for me it worked – until it didn’t.  I reached a point where my intuition was giving me signs that this was no longer what I needed, I needed to do hands on Reiki daily.  I needed a new plan.  
So, I decided the old fashioned way was best for me.  It was close to the end of the year, so I decided that on New Years Day, I would make ONE New Years Resolution.  For that entire year, I would do Reiki on myself every single day, no matter what.  This was the only new major commitment I made that year and I stuck to it, because I knew I needed to and because I made the commitment to myself.  There were only two days where I had the stomach flu and did not accomplish my daily Reiki, every other day I did.  And what is more important, now doing Reiki on myself became MY NEW NORMAL.  Now, if I don’t do daily Reiki, I don’t feel normal and my body, mind and spirit remind me of this at the end of the day.  It’s a win/win.”
 Other Help – ME!
IF after a month of doing daily Reiki, you still have blockages that you can’t seem to budge, call me for a private session.  That is when we need other healers to help us.  Divine wants us to work together as a community.  He wants us to work as a team, to trust others.  If you have truly done all you feel you can do, that is when you ask for other help.   And if you are truly ready, mind, body and spirit, Reiki and myself will help remove the blockages that are holding you back.  Helping people move forward on their spiritual path is one of my specialties and one of my most favorite paths to help with.  I feel there is no other path that is more worthwhile than working on our connection to our Higher Selves.  I’m happy to help with this process.
 I pray this motivates some of you to take some action in your lives and practice your Reiki.  It’s all good.  It’s all part of YOUR personal journey.  Ask yourself, do I want my journey to start NOW?
 In Love and Light of our Divine Source,
 Josslyn or 360-460-7828