Energy Healing/Intuitive Workshops

The goal of these workshops is to be ALL IN ONE.  Meaning, we will be healing you, teaching you to tap into your intuitive abilities, teaching you HOW to psychically heal yourself and be in community with like minded people online. 
Anyone can benefit from them and anyone can do them! Yes, everyone has intuitive abilities, more than they believe or know.

“Receiving Reiki training and workshops from Josslyn and her team has allowed me to more fully experience spirit and the growth it brings as we open to it. I have learned and healed so much from all the teaching and resources that Rain Shadow Reiki offers. I know that I will be working with RSR in the future, and I look forward to participating in their growth and expansion.”   – LB, Port Angeles, WA

NOTE for Psychic Circle Class: I will not be teaching a Psychic class right now because I’m rolling it all into these workshops.  The best way to learn to be psychic is to DO IT.  In these workshops we will be DOING it every time in a non-confrontational way that feels safe.  So, If you had wanted to sign up for my Psychic Circle class, take as many of these new workshops as possible.  Then take them again and again. Your intuition will grow and improve and you’ll be trusting it much more.
In these workshops we will be running Reiki, doing Reiki Psychic Healing, ThetaHealing and more.  Reiki is not a requirement to get the benefits from these workshops.  But Reiki makes any healing opportunity better, deeper, safer, more connected to your Creator, more powerful and always respects your soul’s free will and soul contracts, meaning the healing goes at your pace, never too fast or too slow.  
IF these workshops sound interesting to you, please email us at  to get yourself signed up on our email list and to get set up with Join.Me, the software we use for online meetings. Read on for descriptions of what the workshops will include, we are very excited about these FUNSHOPS!!
Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren & Susan (Agent S)

 Empowerment Series: $45/Workshop

The first workshops will be:
1 – Empowerment for Body Balance, Love and Healthy Immunity$45 
In this workshop we will be intuitively pulling from your physical, energetic bodies, and your subconscious, the fear and other lower vibrating emotions and beliefs that keep us vulnerable to virus and bacteria. We will be pulling the actual energetic virus. (We will be pulling four viruses: Coronavirus, Sars, Epstein Barr and Influenza). This neutralizes your energy to them helps you be stronger to fight them off.  
Then we will be downloading positive beliefs and emotions to support your subconscious in order to attract healthier situations in life. 
This workshop will be different every time and we recommend, especially during the virus outbreak, taking this workshop once a month or as often as you feel the fear creeping back into your space. 
These workshops will be interactive – you will contribute the emotions, beliefs and words that have been predominant for you at this time and have gotten stuck in your energy field.  Also, we will be exploring hexes that get stuck in your subconscious from media, social media, medical personnel, movies, books, and TV.  You will be leading us on which ones have been the most hurtful to you, and we will pull them with Reiki and sending them to the Light. (Blog about this workshop)
2 – Empowerment for Intuition – $45 
This workshop will be focused on working with and opening up your intuition to keep yourself healthy every day.  The best way to remain calm in times of chaos is to trust the information coming from Divine Source through you.  To do that, we must be calm.  To be calm in times of chaos, we must have calming techniques.  There are a few energy techniques we will teach you that are vitally important to be able to do this. 
We will work with our Source who sends our Divine helpers of Love and Light, teach you the importance of being in your Light and how to get there, clean and clear your chakras, look at which psychic chakras to work with and how, grounding, boundaries, and more.
There are so many decisions to be made every day that count, especially during difficult times.  Trusting your intuition is one of the best ways to stay calm and know you are safe and sacred every day.  
3 – Empowerment for Coming into Resonance with Modern Technology – $45 + $44 material cost
Focused on how to resonate with technology so it is healing to you, not harmful.
This workshop is focused on using a healing tool from Twisted Sage, combined with Divine Love and/or Reiki, to help you be in vibrational resonance with EMFs, 5G, Wi-Fi, cell phones, and any modern day technology that many of us Highly Sensitive People and empaths find draining. 
Some people are boosted by modern technology, and some feel very drained and even in dis–ease by it.  Much of this has to do with who you are, your soul gifts and contracts, as well as your beliefs about technology.  But, we can also choose to raise our vibration, our beliefs and our emotions about modern technology and then it doesn’t affect us negatively.  It’s a process for sure, but we have found, with this particular tool, it is much easier.  And, FUN!!
This tool gives you energetic ways to create safe and sacred space around yourself, around technology and more.  It creates safe and sacred space for the long term and works even if our focus is not on it daily. Plus, we can put safe and sacred space around cell towers, 5G towers, water towers, and whatever else you can think of to raise the vibration of and create healing energy from these technologies.  It’s quite amazing. 
We work with this energy for ourselves, our pets, our homes, cars, water in the home, schools, hospitals and much more.  THIS is a tool we can really help our whole community with while also respecting the free will of everyone.  This is a powerful workshop that you can take with you, and continue healing for anyone in your life who chooses it.  Reiki is not necessary to take this workshop.