Intuitive Readings During a Session

Please read the “Energy Healing Sessions” page first.

Josslyn works with her God-given intuitive abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Empathic  (see “glossary” and “Intuitive Readings” pages for more information) to give readings to clients during a Reiki/IEH healing session.   She can turn these abilities on and off as the client wishes during a healing session.  If you want Josslyn to intuitively “read” your energy as well as do healing during a session then just let her know that is what you want.  If you want only energy healing then tell her that as well.

Our spirit guides are always with us ready to help. All we have to do is ask, and say thank you.

During a healing Josslyn trusts your and her guides to know when information is needed to help the healing move along.  But, it is a personal choice and totally up to the client.  If you are not sure, then it is best to call to talk to Josslyn about the options more throughly so you can make the best decision for you.

The cost is the same for all services.  However when you add in the intuitive information to an energy healing session, the session usually takes longer and thus costs more.  When I receive information we discuss it, clear it out and put in Reiki energy.  This takes a bit more time, however, Josslyn believes and her clients would probably agree, it is worth it.

Joss reading intuitive information from a client during a healing session.


  • Sessions with Josslyn cost $30 for every 15 minutes or $120 per hour.
  • A first time full session takes a minimum of two hours.
  • A full session with just energy healing (Reiki and/or IEH) usually lasts about 45 minutes to one hour.
  • After a first time full session then you can request a mini session for 30 minutes minimum, in 15 minute increments, especially if you have a certain area that you want to concentrate on.
  • A full session with Reiki and intuitive information usually takes about two hours minimum.
  • Buy in bulk to save $$– 6 hours paid in full, $600.  ($100 per hour) First session 2 hours, the rest are up to you.

Josslyn can be contacted at 360-460-7829 or

“The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me.  My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.”

Meister Eckhart

2 thoughts on “Intuitive Readings During a Session

  1. Mam can i get intutive readings??

    1. Hi, yes Tania, we charge $95 per hour for intuitive readings. We can do them via email or video chat. Email us at or call us at 360-460-7829 if you would like to schedule a reading. We have web pages for spirit guide readings, past life readings and more. But, can work with whatever intention you choose. We can take PayPal or Square for credit cards. Blessings, Josslyn

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