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Vision Boards for Girls Night Out!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Our whole group tonight being creative, having fun and feeling great joy at being together in this process.  Having help and support from the other ladies in the group was a HUGE help to me.
Our whole group tonight being creative, having fun and feeling great joy at being together in this process. Having help and support from the other ladies in the group was a HUGE help to me.

In our quest to have more fun included in our healing journey, our Girls Night Out group (Mystic Sisters) met this week for some ‘cuttin it up!!” Magazines that is.  My industrious students have been dropping off magazines to me all month-long.  We had a whole room full!  The ladies came in and didn’t even want to eat, they were so excited to get started on their vision board, they headed straight for the magazines and started rifling through the pages searching for inspiration.  It was the darndest thing.  I had to almost pull them away to get them to eat dinner.  A quick dinner, some fun get to know you games and we were back at it.

“I can’t stop looking at my ‘graduation card!’ It’s infused with so much lightness and love from everyone.  Whatever you decide to do for the next event, I hope it involves using our own creativity. (The vision board process) Sure did bring everyone to life and I believe it boosts our own confidence that we can indeed CREATE!” Pamela Ziemann  , Mystic Sister and author

Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful tool serves as your image of the future – a tangible representation of where you are going. It represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

Lauren was the first to tackle the magazines and finished TWO boards in one evening.  WOW, I barely got my one done.
Lauren was the first to tackle the magazines and finished TWO boards in one evening. WOW, I barely got my one done.

 Because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation-by representing your goals with pictures and images-you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions…  and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly holds true here.’ Jack Canfield

Reiki & Vision Boarding

I wouldn’t be earning my keep if I didn’t teach a Reiki lesson with each evening we have right?!!  Good thing to me, REIKI IS FUN!!

M.E.'s completed vision board.
M.E.’s completed vision board.

Vision boards are all about having a physical visual manifestation right in front of you to look at regularly to help focus your thoughts, emotions and beliefs on creating your vision in your physical life.  Being able to SEE it right in front of you helps the manifesting process which is stronger with emotions and visualizations.  Even the process of creating the vision board is important and stirs up the universe into aiding you in your quest because you are putting time, effort, emotion and hopefully FUN into the process.  We put so much fun into our process, we know Divine is helping us manifest our visions.  We also put a whole bunch of REIKI into our boards!!

What does the Reiki bring to the table when vision boarding?

  • Reiki helps us to be more grounded in making decisions about which pictures to cut out and which ones to leave, saving us time and frustration.

    Pamela was making a very unique and creative graduation card for a friend of hers in a pizza box that she had carried as a prop in one of her plays.  It turned out so amazing.  Hopefully she can give him this card before he reads my blog.  LOL
    Pamela was making a very unique and creative graduation card for a friend of hers in a pizza box that she had carried as a prop in one of her plays. It turned out so amazing. Hopefully she can give him this card before he reads my blog. LOL
  • Bringing in our Reiki at the beginning helped us to be more cohesive as a group and work together to help and support each other through the process.  Everyone was sharing clips, cutting out things for other people, shouting out ideas, it was beautiful.
  • Reiki helped to set the energy in the space for lightness, community support and fun, before we even started.  I always ‘set space’ for any Reiki event and for Mystic Sisters it’s all about love, support and JOY!  (Setting space is about the intention of the feel of the energy in the space.  I make sure it’s clean and clear, safe and sacred but then add another intention specific for each event.  For this event, community, love and joy. The Reiki energy follows my intention)
  • Reiki brings in our Reiki Guides to help with intuition to know what vision of our future to go for, or which theme is right for us at this time.  Before I started, I really had no idea what I was going to create.  I just followed the Reiki and it turned out perfect for me.
  • Reiki brings in spiritual power to help us have the confidence and belief that we can in deed create that which we are setting out to create.

    Lauren was creative AND productive, she even had pictures on the back.  They beautifully expressed her vision.
    Lauren was creative AND productive, she even had pictures on the back. They beautifully expressed her vision.
  • Reiki helps us to be more creative and heal any issues around being creative.
  • Reiki helps us to take creative risks that we wouldn’t normally take while doing a process like this in front of a large group of people.
  • Reiki helps us to think less, and act more intuitively getting the job done from a higher level of thinking.
  • Reiki helps us to create our big picture vision, not our internal subconscious chaos.

…and so much more.  That’s just what I came up with in this moment. Can you think of any others and share them with us in comments!?!

Dedicated Ladies

This group was totally in to this project.  From beginning to end (midnight) they

Amber, Lisa and Lauren were my late nighters.  They were determined to finish tonight no matter what it took.  Me too, I'm a late nigher in general so I stayed to finish.  You could also call me slow, but I prefer intentional.  Smiles.
Amber, Lisa and Lauren were my late nighters. They were determined to finish tonight no matter what it took. Me too, I’m a late nigher in general so I stayed to finish. You could also call me slow, but I prefer intentional. Smiles.

were focused but at the same time truly enjoying the process and each others help and company.  I heard more than a few times “This is so much fun!”  That’s all that mattered to me, fun was the goal and fun we had.  My guides, my girls and I were happy vision boarders.

Make Your Own Vision Board

If you have never done a vision board, here is my basic instructions on how I do it.  As with everything, I’m sure there are tons of ways, this is just one of many.  Bring in your Reiki or if you do not have Reiki yet, pray for Divine Guidance and go for it.  Allow yourself to feel joy throughout the process.  If you do not feel joy, take a break and start again later when you are ready.

  • Gather a whole bunch of magazines, don’t discriminate, you never know where that  favorite photo or quote will come from.  We were all quite surprised what kind of magazines we found some of our most stunning photos.

    1. Gather a whole bunch of magazines.  Students brought them, I went to all the thrift stores in town getting free magazines and the library too.  I got a huge assortment.  don't be shy to ask people, most people are happy to put them to good use.
    1. Gather a whole bunch of magazines. Students brought them, I went to all the thrift stores in town getting free magazines and the library too. I got a huge assortment. don’t be shy to ask people, most people are happy to put them to good use.
  • Bring in your Reiki and your Reiki guides to be with you through the whole process, bringing you spiritual power, protection and support.
  • Ask your Reiki Guides to help you with your vision, what is most important for you to SEE at this time.
  • Go through magazines quickly without too much thought.  Make decisions fast and just tear out the pages that you are drawn to without judgement.  Just go, go , go.
  • Tear out photos and words that you are drawn to and pile them up, move on to the next page or magazine until you have a nice size pile and FEEL ready to move onto the next stage.
  • Clear, clean and prepare your space for the next process, cutting.  Get scissors, glue and poster board to be ready to lay out our rough draft.

    After we had torn out all the photos and words we wanted, we moved to a clean table area to take the next step.  We threw the trash on the floor to keep the work space clean and creative.  We had a pile area that we didn't want to use, but thought others might want, we called it the pilfer pile.  I got some good stuff out of the pilfer pile for my board.  It was great working together.
    After we had torn out all the photos and words we wanted, we moved to a clean table area to take the next step. We threw the trash on the floor to keep the work space clean and creative.  We had a pile area of photos and words that we didn’t want to use, but thought others might want, we called it the pilfer pile. I got some good stuff out of the pilfer pile for my board. It was great working together.
  • Cut up the photos and words to get a basic idea as to how things will fit or not fit.
  • Make quick intuitive decisions, don’t think too much, work with your Higher Self and your heart, not your head.
  • Get a basic layout and start gluing stuff down.  Know it will turn out different from you plan, but perfect as it is.
  • Glue down the background first, then start with the words and little stuff, trust your intuition all the way through.  Divine knows your bigger picture, your true souls vision, it will appear naturally if you don’t stress or think too much.
  • Just Say No!  Be aware of the ‘big picture’ and what you are truly drawn to.  You may have to make some tough decisions, get rid of a photo you really like, but that just doesn’t fit the big vision.  A cluttered or chaotic vision board may reflect what is going on inside of you now, not necessarily what you want to create in your life in the future.

    Lisa said my board felt very calm and peaceful.  That is what I was going for without really knowing it.  My mind has been quite chaotic with some intensive mental healing I've been doing lately, peaceful is what I'm really ready for.  I'm putting this next to my bed so I can look at it before I go to sleep.
    Lisa said my board felt very calm and peaceful. That is what I was going for without really knowing it. My mind has been quite chaotic lately with some intensive mental healing I’ve been doing; peaceful is what I’m really ready for. I’m putting this next to my bed so I can look at it before I go to sleep.
  • Have fun and just allow the process to unfold.
  • Place the vision board where you will see it multiple times per day.  A very powerful time is right before bed, so maybe put it near your bed so you can look at it right before bed time and right when you wake up.  These are strong hypnotic state periods in your mind and you are very likely to take in this visual information more easily into your subconscious mind.

I had so much fun, I’m thinking of tackling this project with my Reiki kids group too.  Go for it, it’s a powerful and positive process.  Well worth the mess on the floor.

Let me know how it goes for you!!

Reiki Blessings,


for private sessions via phone, Skype or in person call or email me at or 360-460-7829

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Charlie & the I Ching

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I recently hosted an evening where a spiritual friend of mine who is well-practiced and acquainted with the I Ching (pronounced E Ching) , came over and taught a small spiritual group of people about the I Ching. Charlie Comstock was one of my first spiritual friends here on the peninsula when I moved here six and a half years ago.  He did an I Ching reading for me and I gave him a Reiki session.  I remember getting information from the reading that helped and made sense but I didn’t get the profound awakening to the I Ching until this evening with Charlie and our group a week ago.

We gathered around Charlie and the coffee table to throw our coins and tally our results.
We gathered around Charlie and the coffee table to throw our coins and tally our results.

Maybe this evening was so profound because of the group energy, or the introduction and stories that Charlie told about his life and his path to find the I Ching, or just because the Universe was manifesting the perfect time and opportunity for those who were meant to be touched by it, to be truly touched by it. But, for whatever reason or all the reasons, on this magical night Charlie and the I Ching graced our souls with profound and deep insight into our questions about life. It was a truly beautiful evening where not only I felt touched by the Divine Wisdom but the entire group. (Read each persons praises of the I Ching below)


On this evening Charlie told us stories about his past and how his whole life had led him to the I Ching and how important aspects of his childhood, young adult years and beyond had been important in making the I Ching prominent in his life.  He was a fabulous storyteller and we were all completely enthralled with him and his presentation.

After we tallied our results Charlie took turns reading the results for each of us and we all weighed in intuitively what we felt the results were saying.  It was intriguing how often we were all feeling the same thing.
After we tallied our results Charlie took turns reading the results for each of us and we all weighed in intuitively what we felt the results were saying. It was intriguing how often we were all feeling the same thing.

Then he talked about the I Ching and how to pose a question to get a true answer, how to translate the answer and then he guided us through the process to truly amazing results.  It is really an amazingly simple process to receive such important wisdom from the Universe. I believe we were all quite in awe of the accuracy of the answers we got.  Not just because they were answers we expected but because they spoke to us in the depths of our souls with words we couldn’t say but when we read them, they resonated with us, each of us reading for ourselves or each other. We all understood them to be true.


The I Ching is an ancient Chinese text of divination also called the Book of Changes, over three thousand years old.

The I Ching uses a type of divination called cleromancy, which produces apparently random numbers (through the Law of Attraction).

This is the I Ching workbook Charlie prefers using.
This is the I Ching workbook Charlie prefers using.

One uses three coins of any kind to ‘throw’, then decipher from an I Ching workbooks which of 64 hexagrams to read. The interpretation of the readings found in the I Ching is a matter of centuries of debate, and many commentators have used the book symbolically, often to provide guidance for moral decision-making. The I Ching wisdom follows the natural rhythm and patterns of our natural world in order to bring us intuitive wisdom about our own natural rhythms and how they relate to our lives.

The I Ching is easy to learn and anyone can ‘play’ with it for answering questions about their daily life, much like divining cards, pendulum, divining games or other divining tools.


After you throw the coins and record the results six times, you use this chart and some help from Charlie to decipher the results and which hexigram you'll be reading.
After you focus on your question, throw the coins and record the results six times from bottom to top, you use this chart and some help from Charlie to decipher the results and which hexigrams you’ll be reading.

Like any divining tool, posing a good question is the key to getting a good answer.  Charlie gave us some tips to come up with questions that were important and significant in our lives, and not frivolous.  It is good to be emotionally involved but not attached to the outcome or we might influence the outcome by our desire.  This can happen if we are not grounded and careful.

He recommends starting the questions with statements that encourage an answer with flow rather than a yes or no answer, such as:

  • What are the benefits of …….?  
  • What are the effects of …………?
  • What are the dynamics of…….?
  • Why is ………….happening to me?  
  • What draws me to …………….?  

More detailed question examples:

  • What are the benefits of me taking this Reiki class in June?
  • What are the effects of me taking a break from work and focusing on my family and myself this summer?
  • What are the dynamics involved in me creating and posting my own website for my spiritual abilities?
  • Why do I have to start a new career at this time in my life?
  • What draws me to the South West part of the country to live?

    Then you look up the symbols you got from your throws and this chart tells you which hexigrams pertain to your throws.  It's easier than it sounds.  One time through and you get the hang of it.
    Then you look up the symbols you got from your throws and this chart tells you which hexigrams pertain to your throws. It’s easier than it sounds. One time through and you get the hang of it.  Then you read the pages that pertain to the numbers on the chart.

NOTE: Once you have a question you feel good about, you can get started. Don’t forget, for the best possible outcome to bring in your Reiki to help you with the process. When I forget this step (Yes I do forget now and then) I notice the answers I get are not as clear or maybe don’t relate to my question at all. Give it a try both ways and see what you feel.


You know me, I’m a Reiki Gal, everything I do, I combine it with Reiki and I feel and know I get more accurate results. The Reiki helps me to be more centered and grounded, in the here and now. That way I am devoted to my questions but not attached to the outcome. The Reiki helps me to bless the process with spiritual power, protection of the highest and most divine order as well as bringing in my Reiki Guides for spiritual information and intuition. This time when I asked for my Reiki Guides, I saw a new I Ching Guide come in to help too. This was a pleasant surprise.  I believe he came in to help the whole group.

THE HOW: Before you ask your I Ching question:

  1. Gassho – prayer position -(hands in prayer position in front of your heart) ask Divine to bring in your Reiki through you.
  2. Ask Divine for (hands in prayer position in front of your third eye) the Highest and most Sacred Order of Reiki Guides for the greatest good of all involved.
  3. Hold the coins you choose to use in the I Ching and bless them with intention or the Power Symbol.
  4. Still holding the coins, cleanse them with intention or the Mental/Emotional Symbol.
  5. Still holding the coins, energize the coins to the perfect vibration for you and your questions answer with intention or again, the Power Symbol.


Each person who attended this workshop felt very profound results.  Each one was happy to write down their thoughts about the evening with Charlie and the I Ching.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Reiki Blessings to you all, thanks for reading,


“This I-Ching stuff was a lot more profound than I expected. Not that I doubted that the power of synchronicity could influence coins as well as it does anything else, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so relevant, eerily relevant. The words in the book were direct echoes of what my own Guides have been telling me. I suspect that Charlie might have had as much to do with that as the process itself? I will need to play with it myself and see what I get. But there was something about him that impressed me as much as “the results.” I’m glad I decided to come and have the opportunity to be introduced to both Charlie and I-Ching! Thank you!”  Amber

“Charlie is an excellent storyteller and I enjoyed hearing his life’s journeys that led him to the I Ching.  He has a great energy and is a good mix of East and West.  the readings were right on the money and made perfect sense.  By interpreting the changes and then reading the evolving answer was very cool.  I would like to do more and would enjoy hearing Charlie again.” Robert

“Charlie presented a fascinating story of his involvement with the I Ching and using it in his daily life. Having a chance to pose my own question, then casting my hexagram and having it read & interpreted was a profound experience. The descriptions of where I am at in my spirituality, mental & emotional state were ‘spot on’, and helped me understand the more complex nuances of the interpersonal relationships involved in answering my question. As a result of this evening workshop, I have already ordered my own copy of the I Ching Workbook.” Penny


Our group all working together LOVING Charlie and the I Ching!!
Our group all working together LOVING Charlie and the I Ching!!

“This (I Ching reading) changed what I thought I wanted to focus on (in life).  I now have a new passion to discover.”  Lisa

“The I Ching reading has been with me throughout this week. My static “just chill” and “just be “words echoed in my head and helped calm me. The I Ching experience was right on target!! Charlie was extremely interesting and I’d love to hear him talk again on any subject. He should do a day work shop. I always have fun at your house and get very energized.  Thanks again for all the blessings.  Hugs, Sharon”

“WOW, is all I can say.  Working with the I Ching in a group setting was extremely profound.  All six of us got answers that resonated with us on a deeper level than we had anticipated.  The ancient texts go into such detail about what is happening or going to happen, much deeper than any other divining took I’ve worked with.  Having Charlie to read the text to us helped me to be able to listen from a place of higher knowing and interpret how the text related to my specific situation intuitively.  I asked a question about a class I was considering taking and got a very obvious “NO” answer.  Not the right time.  With much detail as to what would happen if I choose to take the class anyway.  After the reading I got, all seven of us voted that I NOT TAKE THE CLASS at this time.  And, the answer from the I Ching was consistent with what my guides had been telling me.

The other questions I’ve asked in the week since the class have been just as profound and in-depth.  For example, I asked, what are the dynamics of me going to Sedona this July with my soul sister for her 40th Birthday celebration? and I got; Although your position has been less than ideal, you will finally meet with the right elements to help you achieve your aim.  Enthusiasm coupled with wise decisions lead to good fortune.  There was more, much more, but that was my favorite part.  The text gives you five or six paragraphs of information about your question, it’s very thorough and for us so far, quite accurate.” Josslyn

For sessions with Josslyn in person, on the phone, email or Skype contact me via phone or email or 360-460-7829


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Book Excerpt – “Learning Their Language, Intuitive Communication with Animals And Nature”

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

I’m reading another fabulous book “Learning their Language” by Marta Williams, this one about communicating with animals.  But it’s not just about communicating with animals it also stresses the importance of communicating with nature as a whole to keep a balance in our world.  In my opinion this is what has been missing in the modern age.  The native indigenous cultures have long since not only believed in communicating with nature but also LIVED it.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book so far.  I’m not even half way through with it and I’m already wanting to write about it.Book Learning Their Language

“To them, animals, plants, and the features of the land are relatives; every form of life has feelings, intelligence, spirit, and the ability to communicate, regardless of form and species.”  Marta Williams

Imagine what we could do to protect our planet if we learned to communicate with Mother Earth the way this tribe does?!  A great story, read on….

“A contemporary example of this relationship can be seen in the U’wa, a tribe who have lived in the cloud forests of the Colombian Andes for thousands of years.  The U’wa are now threatened by development;  Occidental Petroleum has been exploring for oil on U’wa tribal lands.  Oil extraction would result in destruction of the region and the U’wa way of life.  At one point, the U’wa vowed to commit collective suicide if the project went forward, because they view death as preferable to watching the destruction of their homeland.  They believe that oil is the blood running through the veins of the earth.  In their words:

‘Oil is the blood of Mother Earth…to take the oil is , for us, worse than killing your own mother.  If you kill the Earth, then no one will live.’

If humans hope to survive and thrive on this earth, we will have to relearn how to live in partnership with all other life forms.  Our beliefs about animals and the natural world must shift to something more like those of our ancestors and contemporary indigenous people.  Learning intuitive communication helps make this possible.

There is tremendous power in being able to communicate intuitively with animals and nature – a power to help stop destruction and bring protection and positive change.  The U’wa reconsidered their original plan for dealing with the oil companies and devised a new strategy.  They decided to talk to the oil and tell it to ‘move’ and hide from the oil company drills.  I recently read that Occidental Petroleum, the multinational oil company doing the exploratory drilling, announced that it was relinquishing control of the U’wa ancestral lands after company oil exploration last summer came up dry.  That kind of collaboration to protect nature becomes possible once you have the ability to communicate intuitively with other life forms.”

Did you know the trees talk?  Well they do.  They talk to each other, and they’ll talk to you if you listen.  Trouble is, white people don’t listen.  They never learned to listen to the Indians so I don’t suppose they’ll listen to other voices in nature.  But I have learned a lot from trees: sometimes about the weather, sometimes about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit.” Walking Buffalo (Tatanga Mani), a Stoney Indian of Alberta, was educated in white man’s schools but never gave up his relationship with nature.  At the age of eighty-seven, in a speech he gave in London in the late 1960’s he described his ability to talk to trees.

I pray you enjoyed these quotes from this great book and maybe have come to want to read it or even think about things you haven’t considered prior.  This book is available for check out in the Sequim, WA lending library at Rain Shadow Reiki.

Here is a link to a You Tube video about animal communication with wild animals that brought me to tears.  The work this woman is doing, the spiritual work we are all doing is precious and incredibly valuable to our whole planet.  This video is 52 minutes long and worth it.  Enjoy.

Blessings to you all for reading and moving forward on your own spiritual journey,  I love reading your fine comments, please keep them coming.

Josslyn Streett or 360-460-7829

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Reiki Lost and Found

By my husband, Robert, writing as a guest writer about his real life shoe finding incident for Rain Shadow Reiki

To read the first article Josslyn Streett wrote, “Using Reiki to find lost objects.”

Reiki Lost and Found

“In front of our house we have a 10 foot wide by 50 feet long patch of juniper bushes that came with the house. I’m not a fan of junipers, one reason being they “eat” things! Baseballs, squirt guns, toys of all kinds…and shoes! In true “Little shop of horrors fashion” our junipers “ate” a neighbor boy’s shoe last night.

Under the noon glow of the pacific north-west overcast sky, half a dozen of the boys and I climbed into, over and through the whole patch. We lifted, tugged and pulled on branches. We stuck our heads under the top layers and peered into the nether regions the sun had long ago forgot. We looked and looked for 30 minutes, covering every square foot (or so we thought). When we were convinced the lost shoe was not in the bushes, we looked around the rest of the yard. This too revealed nothing so I turned back to the dreaded bushes.

Robert scanning the juinpers with Reiki running  for the shoe.
Robert scanning the junipers with Reiki running.

When I still couldn’t find it I decided to do a “Reiki scan” of the bushes, much like I do when performing Reiki on a person. I set my intention to find the object as I slowly walked the length of the bushes, using my hands to direct the Reiki and “pick up” on what area to look in. After walking half the length of bushes, I had an ‘knowing’ that my hands were over the area, but continued until I was ¾ of the way to the end. The “scent” had gone cold and I could tell it wasn’t at that end. I turned around and went back to the area, roughly half way, that I had stopped at before. I looked around, then feeling this was the right spot, I reached in and moved one branch to find the shoe lying there!

Reiki Success!!”

Reiki makes each and every part of our lives more successful, we simply have to work with it regularly for it to have an impact on our lives.

Love and Light to all of you reading,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

To read the first blog by Josslyn Streett on HOW TO use Reiki energy to Find Lost Objects click on the link. or 360-460-7829

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Like Mother, Like Son-The Lessons We are Teaching As Reiki Parents

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

I was driving home with my boys last night and they knew I wasn’t feeling well.  I have a little cold in my nose and sinuses and just wanted to get home, treat myself to some Reiki and the hot sock treatment and go to bed early.  I’ve had chronic sinus and sore throat issues from childhood and allergies and often deal with this is the fall and winter time.  My twelve-year-old son, from the back seat, says very matter of fact and maturely, “Mom, have you ever thought that maybe this sickness is from a past life?”

Mama Proud

My boys and I on the Dungeness Spit in Sequim our first visit.
My boys and I on the Dungeness Spit in Sequim our first visit.

I smiled and responded, “yes honey, yes I have.  And you are right, it is. I’ll do Reiki on it tonight before bed time.”  It made me proud that I’m teaching my kids to think on all levels.  I’m teaching them that there is much more to illness and disease in the body then just taking a pill for it.  That illness has spiritual roots, emotional, mental as well as physical roots.  Yes, sometimes a cold is just a cold and just on the physical level.  But, most of the time I have found it to be on more than just one or two body levels at a time.  For me it’s usually all four levels (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) and this needs to be investigated each time I’m clearing a layer.  If I do not clear the energy from all four layers each time then the cold continues and often gets worse as if I’m not really listening to its message.

Reiki Mom, Reiki Kid

The night before my son said this I was doing Reiki on my him so he could fall asleep due to a tummy ache.  He’d been indulging in left over pizza for days on end and was now feeling the effects of it and having trouble moving the pizza through.  (This was not the usual gluten-free pizza they eat.)  I was grateful for Reiki that I was able to help him through it naturally, calm him down and get rid of the pain he was having so he could fall asleep.  Fall asleep he did, rather quickly too.  And, when he woke up he was quite chipper and told me right away that his tummy ache was gone and that the Reiki worked.  It makes me feel good because these, I know, are long-term lessons my boys are learning, lessons that will stay with them whatever career they go into, where ever they go in life.

Me doing Reiki on my oldest son in the Rain Shadow Reiki room.
Me doing Reiki on my oldest son in the Rain Shadow Reiki room.

Childhood Stays With Us – It’s All Good

My parents didn’t know about natural remedies when I was a kid and I had plenty of medicines since I was sick a lot and extremely sensitive as a child.  But my dad was a Psychologist and believed in NOT using medicine to solve all your issues.  He quite often questioned our medical professionals and did not take their advice.  Then he’d search for answers that felt right to him, right for our family.

At one time multiple doctors thought I had to have jaw surgery for my T.M.J. (Temporormandibular Joint) issue.  He said “No Way!”  The doctors said I wouldn’t be able to eat normal food and would be sucking through a straw by the time I was 30.  He still didn’t believe that surgery was the answer.  Well, I’m over 40 now and I’m still eating food.  My parents kept searching for other ways to heal my issue as it got very painful in my teen years.  My parents opened me up to other ways to heal.  Very advanced for their time back then, they found through friends an Osteopathic doctor who did Craniosacral therapy and basically solved my T.M.J. issues.  I still go now and then for Craniosacral therapy to get ‘tune ups.”  More often my Medical Intuitive, Candia Sanders works on my cranial bones energetically, long distance, and that does the trick.  I also do Reiki on my head to keep it in order in between healings.  If I can do it myself gently and naturally, why not do it?!!

But, I’m still chewing to this day with little or no pain.  That lesson has stayed with me my whole life and has molded who I am today and how I heal myself and my family for everything else in my life.  For that I am extremely grateful to my parents for teaching me these lessons.

Reiki is More Than Just For Healing

Many questions and sharing tonight at the Kids Reiki Circle.  We had nine boys and girls who just couldn't get enough time to share.  Learning about energy is never boring and always an adventure.
Many questions and sharing at the Kids Reiki Circle. We had nine boys and girls who just couldn’t get enough time to share. Learning about energy is never boring and always an adventure.

Reiki is not just a way to heal but also a way of life and a way to teach children about how to go about life in a spiritual manner including your Higher Power each and every minute of it.  Reiki also teaches how to heal your karma and prevent creating more karma by being aware of what it does to you and others around you.  My boys and other Reiki kids are learning that everything we do has an effect, good or bad, and that it can all be taken into consideration before we do something.  It also teaches naturally and gently that everything has consequences, even as simple as eating too much pizza.  But, that it is all good because he learned quickly and fairly painlessly that next time he eats pizza, he might want to NOT eat it, or go easy on it and eat a whole lot less of it.  These little lessons stay with us just as much as the big ones.  They stay with us certainly more than me lecturing to them about eating healthy food.

It is also important to teach our kids to question our medical professionals.  They may know more about medicine, but do they know more about YOUR body?  No, they do not.  YOU are always the best compass for your body and what will work best for you.  Question, research, and try new therapies always until you find what works for you.  This will teach your children to do the same.  This teaches us to think for ourselves and to use our own intuition, rather than just blindly following the ‘experts.’

For so many reasons, I’m more grateful than ever to be a Reiki Master, but even more grateful than that to be a Reiki Mom!

It’s Easy to Become a Reiki Mom

If YOU would like to be a Reiki mom, take a Reiki class.  Come to my Reiki circles and bring your children to my Kid’s Reiki circles.  If you do not live in the area then find a Reiki Master near you and encourage them to start a children’s program.  Feel free to refer them to me for help in starting a kids program.  I’m always happy to share my resources with other teachers who want to work with children.  It takes more time and effort but the rewards are HUGE and so worth it.

Thank you Divine Source for this blessing and gift you have given to me and so many,

In Love and Light, sending blessings your way too,


for mor information about Children’s Reiki classes clink on this LINK to Josslyn’s  Kid’s Reiki classes page!

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2012 in review – The Stories About the People that Made the Year Great

By Josslyn Streett, Rain Shadow Reiki Master/Teacher

Time to celebrate and be grateful
Time to celebrate and be grateful

Whoo Hooo!!  What an amazing year this has been.  One year ago I listened to Divine Source and started a blog/website for my Reiki practice.  It has been a year of learning a lot about building my own site and keeping it up, internet blogging and meeting other bloggers.  I’ve also learned about marketing and socializing on the web, as I joined Facebook and started a Page for Reiki there as well.  And it’s been a year of facing my many fears to write about what I love to the web public at large but is still not so popular with the world at large.  What a year it’s been!!

Following My Intuition

In case you do not know, I write what comes to me intuitively.  I write about what I feel Divine has put into my head.  I always have a thousand different blog ideas rolling through my head and if I don’t put them down on ‘paper’ they don’t go away.  So, I type them into drafts on my blog and save them.  Then I add to them until I feel they are complete.  Then I  send them out to cyberspace and pray the people who need to read them, will find them.  And, they do.

People’s Stories

The WordPress people have been kind enough to supply me/us with statistics below about how many blogs I wrote my first year (57), how many views I had in the first year (7,400), how many countries I’ve reached (99) and how many views I have on my busiest day (86).  But, what I remember the most when I think about what has happened to me and my Reiki life since starting this blog in January 2012 is the people.  And, I’m not just saying this.  The people are always what matter to me and my life.  Here are a few of the stories that stand out to me.  Please feel free to comment at the bottom if I have forgotten your story or you simply haven’t told me that my blog and writings in some way connected to your life.  I’d love to hear that.

People Who Found Me- The Stories

  • I wrote a little blog about the tree frogs in my back yard because their song was so beautiful one evening.  A woman in Sequim who had just moved here from Colorado was sitting reading in her window seat of her new home one day.
    Western Green Tree Frog
    Western Green Tree Frog

    A little tree frog came to visit her there each day.  She decided to look up what the tree frog meant for her spiritual life and found my site.  We met for tea, have much in common including children the same age and have become fast friends in a very short amount of time.  We had dinner with their family last night.  I’m eternally grateful for this new connection that came though this blog.

  • I wrote a blog about one of my favorite healing stones, Kyanite.

    A woman in up state New York State had just purchased some kyanite from her local store.  She went home to look it up and found my blog.  She called me for a reading and wanted to know about mentorship. She is very psychic herself but does not have anyone near by that she knows of to receive help from and has not had positive vibes from the spiritual people she has found in her area.  I’m so glad she found me.  I truly enjoy mentoring other Light-Workers.

  • A woman in the UK found my site and read about my struggle with depression.  She too has dealt with this and could relate.  She emailed me and we chatted on the phone a couple of times.  I did a long distance healing on her and now she and her mom have now decided to take a Reiki class from me, from the U.K.  They will be my first International students, taught over Skype.  AWESOME!!
  • Another woman was told she’s a Light-Worker.  She didn’t know exactly what that meant so she went on the internet to do research.  She found my blog and called me right away since we both live in Sequim.  We made an appointment for a Reiki session.  She signed up right away for a class and came to a circle.  She certainly is a Light-Worker and a motivated one at that.  I so look forward to where this relationship will go as well as her healing abilities.
  • A third and different woman also in Sequim who I have known for a while but had not told her what I did, was also told she is a Light-Worker by another psychic.  Her son and my son are very good friends at school but rarely played after school together.  So she and I had not gotten to know each other very well beyond school events.  She went on the internet to do some research about Light-Workers and found my site.  She immediately called me and was so excited that there was someone in our small town teaching Reiki and spiritual classes to kids and adults that she could barely contain herself.  And, someone she already knew!  I was equally excited.  We had both felt a friend connection prior but had not acted on it. We  have gotten together for tea, Reiki circle and she will soon be taking my Reiki I class.  Our boys are happy too because now they get to see each other at Kid’s Reiki circle as well as at school.
  • I’ve had many other people call me who found my website.  The call me asking about what I do and how I can help them in their spiritual lives; men and women alike, although, probably mostly women.  Some are from the Olympic Peninsula where I’m from and many are from far away.  I am meeting some really amazing people, all because I listened to the messages that Divine sent me and even though I had fears about doing so, I followed them.

Divine’s Help

I am constantly amazed at how the people who I am supposed to meet and work with, through Divine’s help, find me.  It is an excellent reminder at the power of Divine’s spirit and my ability to work with it to manifest the healing practice I desire for my life.  I am not in this for numbers.  I do not care if I reach millions of people.  I care that I reach the people who Divine wants for me to meet, the people who need to work specifically with me.  That is my goal, to meet the people I can help the most.  I’m so grateful I followed Father God’s message and completed the site and all the blogs I was told to write.  What if I had not written the Frog Totem blog?  I would have missed out on an amazing friendship. No, Divine has a way of hooking us up anyway.  But, it’s a very nice story of how we met and I much prefer it.  I’ll keep listening and keep writing.  I hope you read.

The statistics are below if you still want to read those.  Find out what my five most popular blogs were this year.

In Love and Light of the Divine,

Thank you for following this blog,

Josslyn Streett, Rain Shadow Reiki Master Teacher/Healer

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Just for Fun- Practicing with your Intuition with Signs

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Reader of Rain Shadow Reiki

Just For Fun – Practicing Your Intuition – With Signs

Hey, lets lighten things up a bit….

Do you ever read road signs the ‘wrong’ way and think, “Hmmm, my way made more sense.”  I do this often.  Sometimes you don’t know right away if the way you read the sign makes more sense or now, you just have to trust your intuition. Trust and remember, this is all for fun and practice.  Do not take it too seriously or you are not doing it right.

Which voice do I listen to?

Reading Billboards

There is a huge billboard I pass every time I drive from Sequim to the neighboring town of Port Angeles.  The billboard is for an insurance agency in town.  Even though I know it’s there I forget and as I drive by I read it the same every time, quite subconsciously I’m sure.  The sign says “You are a neighbor, not a number.” But, no matter how much I know that is what it says, I still read it as “You are a number.”  Hmmmmm, what is my mind telling me?  To me my mind is telling me NOT to go to this particular insurance agents or maybe it’s a message about ALL insurance agents.  Probably not all because I’ve had many agents I liked very much and didn’t feel like a number.  So, I have to go with my gut and TRUST that this particular agency is simply NOT for me.

I read this as “Car accident, who cares?”

Dig Deeper

Maybe it’s telling me I feel like a ‘number’ in some other way and I need to look into that subconsciously.  Ask the questions.  “Why do I feel like a number?” or “Where in my life do I feel like a number, not a valued person?”  The right questions will help get you to what needs to be worked on with Reiki.

This may seem trite to many but to me it is a normal and every day occurrence of living with my brain and my intuition.  And, really, what have we got to lose by trusting the message in any way it comes?  Not much.  There are plenty of other insurance agencies out there to choose from.  Avoiding this particular one is pretty easy.  Or, it could bring me to something within me that needs healing and I wasn’t consciously aware of it until reading the sign. Things to think about.  The key is to think about them and not just brush them away.

My twelve-year-old son who was looking at billboard messages with me said he read this as “Your haircut couldn’t be worse!”

Bipolar Corn?

I was in the grocery store the other day.  I was pretty much done and just scanning the area to see if there was anything I missed.  With the juicing I do, I buy a lot of veggies.  Due to cost and availability I don’t always buy organic but make sure I Reiki my veggies or pray over them before I take them home.  (Another blog on that later).  So, I was scanning the veggies and read “Bipolar Corn!”  What?  Bipolar Corn?  I went back to reread it carefully and it said “Bicolor Corn” instead.  Hmmmm, it made me stop and think.  Corn is one of the biggest Genetically Modified crops in our country.  In my intuitive world, my mind is telling me no matter which veggies I buy not organic, DO NOT BUY THIS CORN!  So, easy enough to listen, I didn’t buy the corn.

This could have been a message about this particular corn, all non organic corn or just that my body does not want corn in general.  Whatever the message, I stopped to listen to my body.  That is what counts.

True or not True?

Does it really matter?  Not to me.  That’s the thing about intuition, unless you are going to do a full-blown numbers study, there is really no way to know for sure if these messages are accurate.  I just have learned over the years to trust mine and go with it as much as possible.  These are little things in my life that I choose to listen to because I don’t have much to lose if I don’t.  It’s an easy way to start listening to your intuition more and practicing on a daily basis.  Sometimes I like to do the opposite just to see what happens.  The rebel in me I guess.  Sometimes there are consequences and sometimes there are not, that I know of.  I don’t think I’ll risk it with that corn though.

The Rebel

FreewayTrafficNightOne specific time I remember NOT doing what my intuition told me to do was when I was living in the L.A. area.  It was after 10pm and I was driving home.  No traffic at all, I was flying along.  My intuition was telling me to go a different freeway than I normally go.  From where I was at I could have taken three different routes home.  Three different freeways.  This other freeway was out of my way a bit and I didn’t want to go that way.  So, I ignored my intuition and didn’t do it.  Sure enough, a few minutes past the interchange to the optional freeway, there was a traffic jam.  The freeway was jammed up due to an accident that had just recently happened.  As soon as I could, twenty minutes later,  I got off and took side streets home but it added easily forty to fifty minutes extra to my drive home rather than just an extra ten if I’d taken the intuitive freeway.  NOW I always go the way my intuition tells me to.  I learned my lesson.  O.K. maybe not always, I still have the rebellious streak.  And, the curious one too.  Sometimes I just want to see what will happen.  Never a dull moment either way.

Practice with your intuition and share ideas here as to HOW you do it and HOW to have fun with it.  Have you read any good signs lately?

Love and Light to you,


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Artemis Protecting Us As We Prepare to Birth a New Vibration of Energy

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

This message has been coming through from my guides lately and my clients’ guides. It is linked to a message for women that I received and blogged about before at Healing the Solar Plexus and Self Love.   It’s a short blog and I suggest you read it again after this new blog.  The self empowerment messages in the blog particularly are important.  The messages from each of these blogs connect to each other.  I asked my guides today, “What message do you want me to post on this big day, 12-12-12?”  This was the answer.

Holding Space

Goddess Mabon
Goddess Mabon, I used this photo in my Solar Plexus blog but my guides wanted me to use it again.

Many of us have been in waiting, holding space, preparing.  But, for what?  We have been waiting patiently for direction, waiting in faith that the answer will come and we will know what to do.   If what I write here feels right to you then do it.  This is the message I have gotten and I will do it.  Many will without even reading this, automatically, intuitively they will sit in meditation and do this.

Women Around the World Unite

Women all over this planet have signed up to participate in this birthing process much before we came to Earth.  We came from all over to help with this process.  Divine works with our grounded earth energies by us being on the planet and having a very different vibration because of being here.  Divine uses this to help bring in this new energy.  In that way we are needed and participate by sitting in space for this energy to come in, to be birthed.


Rebirthing the energy for earth
Re-birthing the energy for earth

We are all currently in a process of rebirth.   We are preparing to rebirth the earth energy right now.  We are preparing with many thousands of other women light-workers all over the earth who are holding space and preparing to do this with us.  Many of us are needed to do this, to usher in the energy that is coming.  These women play a vital role in this process and many of them have come to earth at this time just to do this.  When I sit in meditation and FEEL the energy of this group of women it feels like a sorority, which means “sisterhood.” We all chose this before we came, we chose to do this together and all are needed in order to follow though with the process and our path.  Some will chose to go home after this process and some will stay to continue helping the earth with other tasks.  Mother Nature is at the head of this sisterhood of women and she is aiding and guiding us in any way she can to help us to know what to do.  (more on that later)

Women and the Birthing Process

Mother Nature pregnant with the earth
Mother Nature pregnant with the earth

Women have been chosen for this process because it is our God-given natural ability to birth, not just babies, but energy and love as well.  Any soul can come to earth and chose to be a woman at this time to do this and many have. There are many reasons we choose to be male or female and giving birth, the experience of creation and nurturing, is one of those reasons.  It is an amazing gift because we are in Divine’s mirrored power of creation when we participate in this beautiful and amazing gift to the planet.  The ability to create, bring forth something totally and completely new and different is a huge undertaking and an even bigger blessing to each and every one of us.  Many of the women in this sorority have been mothers in this life and/or many other lives.  It is a part of our soul to birth and go through the birthing process as a part of preparing for this day as well as learning from the experiences.  We have prepared and we are ready.  Now what?

What do we DO Now?

"Mother Nature Speaks Her Truth" by Roger Kirk Nelson
“Mother Nature Speaks Her Truth” by Roger Kirk Nelson

Mother Nature wants us to all gather together and meditate before December 21 to the 25th, 2012.  Meditate visualizing the other ladies in the sisterhood in a circle together with us.  Visualize all of our hearts connecting with all the other women and Mother Nature in the middle helping and guiding us along the way.  She wants us to SEE ourselves connecting to each other, working together for this process.  We need to do this while holding the intention of bringing forth this new vibration of energy to the earth.  The more we do this meditation and visualize the other women, Mother Nature and the earth as well the more we will get messages about what else we need to do.  for some just being may be enough.  Being in a place of Love and Light and allowing may be enough.  Each person will get individual messages to listen to and follow though with.

Artemis Protecting Us

Artemis, Greek Goddess of the New Moon
Artemis, Greek Goddess of the New Moon, she looks a little wilder to me, like the photo above with the hair flying all around. But, I thought this one was beautiful.

I was meditating today and a new guide came to me to work at my crown chakra area.  I’ve been doing a lot of healing on my top three chakras lately with the help of fall head colds.  This new guide came to me and introduced herself as Artemis and also said Artemisia, which is a plant.   I think she knew I would ‘know’ where to do my research if I had both words together as I always do research when I receive a new guide.  This guide was tall with long flowing greek like white robes.  When I do research I do it to receive left brain information to add to my right brain intuition.  Here is what I got on the internet that spoke to me.

Left Brain Info on Artemis

Taken from Susan Weed’s Herbal website

“Artemis is Apollo’s sister, and Queen of the witches. She is the goddess of the moon, the herbalist, the midwife, the birthing woman, and the hunter. Artemis is an untamed wild woman who runs free with the deer and the hounds. She is the woman who runs with the wolves. She is “Mother of all Creatures.” “Leader of the Sacred Bitches.” “Great She-Bear.” She is owned by no man, and thus she is “Forever Virgin.” And the plants named after her share her qualities.

If you see an Artemisia growing beside the door — or painted on it — you’ve arrived at the home of a herbalist or a midwife, a home guarded by Artemis.”

Right Brain info on Artemis

Intuitively what I got from this passage is that Artemis is the guardian goddess for all the women in the sorority and will be with us though this change protecting us along the way.  Include her in your meditations and prayers and thank her for coming to help us at this time.  Communicate with her and get any more information about what we can do to help bring forth this energy at this time.  When I visualize the circle of women with Mother Nature in the center I see Artemis all around the outside of the group circling us, protecting us as we join our hearts as one.  She feels beautiful, gentle yet powerful.  She is an amazing Goddess of feminine power and can be called on for many other uses; animals and wildlife, camping and hiking, children, environmentalism, fertility, conception and adoption, and increasing and honoring intuition.  Feel free to call on her.  Remember to say thank you.

And, a BIG Thank You to YOU for reading and following.  Look to the right of my blog to join my Facebook community.  We’d love to have you.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about visualizations and messages.

In Love and Light of the Divine Source of All That Is,



“Archangels & Ascended Masters” by Doreen Virtue

Susan Weed, Herbalist

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Joss’ Thoughts – Cold and Flu Season?

A great number of friends are getting sick lately, colds, flu, stomach flu, etc.  It’s easy to say “It’s cold and flu season, this is normal.”  Maybe, maybe not.  Lets not forget that physical symptoms of disease usually are just a symptom of emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease first.

In between naps and fb, sit with yourself and your body and ask your body what it needs.  Listen to it and then trust it enough to DO what it says.

My body has been needing a great deal of “ME TIME!”  This is difficult for many moms especially working moms.  So, I’ve been NOT doing other things that can be cut out and spending time meditating, taking Reiki baths, sitting with my stones and crystals, reading, watching my favorite Jane Austin movies and preparing for Christmas early.  This is hard for me to do with my ‘to do’ list growing for work, home and family.  But it is what my body, mind and spirit need right now.  So, the hard part, LISTEN.  Listen to it and DO what you can do to help you feel better.  Then healing will take place.  If that isn’t enough, maybe you need some Reiki.  Most Reiki practitioners work long distance, so no matter where you are, Reiki can get to you.  Even if you are home sick in bed.  Reiki can help you heal the spiritual, emotional and mental part faster and easier so that then the physical body will follow.

Love and Light to you all, Josslyn

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Reboot My Life, Day 5

Eighth in a series of blogs written by Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki for her series on nutritional healing and juicing.

To catch up start with blog 1, A Sensitive System or search categories under Nutritional Healing.

Day 5

Day 5 was my first day of only juice for breakfast and lunch and then fasting by drinking only coconut water all afternoon and evening.  On this day I also drove an hour to my Naturopath for my second colonic.  I was tired after the two hours of driving and the hour of the colonic but did well and handled it all with no major issues.  I juiced my veggies and put them in a thermos before I went so I’d have it for when I got out of the doctor’s office.  (When having a colonic you do not eat for 2 1/2 to 3 hours before hand or drink any liquids for an hour before.)

Juicing and fasting on the run.  That’s how it’s done.

UGH, The Horror 

I do have to say the coconut milk, which is supposed to help you re-hydrate and give your body much-needed electrolytes and vitamins, tastes to me, HORRIBLE!  Now, I will eat almost anything in the name of good health.  I have taught myself to like many foods I didn’t like before, all in the name of good health.  If I think my body needs it and wants it I will learn to like it,  BUT NOT THIS.  I felt like a little kid again, plugging my nose while drinking it just so I could get it down.  Wining, scrunching my face, wincing, practically crying because it was so bad and I knew I had to drink it.

O.K. That’s Pretty Bad

Coconut water, a huge new trend, but is it really that good for us. I hope not because I don’t know if I can ‘down’ this one.

My kids found this hilarious since it’s their mom, the one who always says “you can try anything once”, or “You can learn to like anything that is good for you.”  They both acted like “Hey, this is no big deal.  I bet it’s not so bad at all, we’ll prove her wrong.”  Well, they tried it, with these confident cocky looks on their faces and they attempted to pretend it didn’t taste bad, but they couldn’t do it either.  Because I had made such a big deal out of the bad taste, they of course, had to play it down a lot and NOT make a big deal about it.  But their faces told the whole story.  Finally my older son says “O.k. you’re right, that’s pretty bad.”  Maybe it’s the brand, I don’t know.  This coconut water thing is all new to me.  There MUST be a better way. UGH.   Here is an article about coconut water by Dr. Mercola.  Read if you want to know all the great health benefits about coconut water.  It helps me to get it down to know a bit about how it is good for you, but I’m still plugging my nose the whole time.

Everyone Is Unique

Chicken is not supposed to be good for people with blood type B or AB according to Dr. D’Adamo of the book “Eat Right for your Blood Type.” I eat based mostly on this diet.

I also am not one to believe that everything that is supposedly good for you is good for everyone.  I believe we are all different and all need a unique diet.  I like the healthy eating plan by Dr. D’Adamo from the book, “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” because they seem to work for me and many of the people I know AND it is unique for each person.  No diet is ever the same for any one person.  That makes more sense to me.   I have not muscle tested strong for coconut products in the past so I’m not totally sure about this water.  I’m drinking it for the cleanse because I’m doing my best to stay as close to the recommended diet as possible,  but I’ll have myself tested for it again before I decide if I’ll continue with it after the fast.  Just because hundreds of people do well with coconut oil, or coconut water, or brussel sprouts, does not mean that I do well with it.  Just because chicken is healthier for some people does not mean it’s healthy for everyone.  Seriously.  I listen to my body to determine that.  I encourage YOU to do that too.  Listen to your body.  Get yourself muscle tested for items you are not sure about or if you are not at a place where you trust your intuition enough.  When you get tested, you’ll be surprised at how spot on your intuition usually is.  Trust, it’s one of the toughest parts of intuitive abilities.  Empower yourself one day at a time by trusting your intuition a little more each and every day.  What have you got to lose? Probably not much at all.  Give it a try.

Hang in there and I will too!

Love and Light to you all,