Are you Emotionally Psychic? (Clairsentience)

From The Clairsentient Body  in the UK,  found in the “introduction/symptoms” section.  In the “Introduction/Psychic” section they have an “Are you psychic?” quiz you can take for fun.

To read Josslyn’s blog about HOW to work with your energy field to stop picking up everyone else’s stuff, click on the link to “Don’t Get Dumped On.”

“Feeling emotional, misunderstood and probably exhausted?”

You could be clairsentient; little understood clairsentience, is the ability to feel the emotions of other people.  Whilst not to be confused with empathy but to some degree both Empathic and Clairsentient beings have the ability to become a vehicle or dumping ground for unwanted emotions belonging to other people.  This cannot be dealt with by any of the normal methods of healing, which is why highly sensitive, empathic and Clairsentient beings often become depressed at their apparent inability to function like others.

This can be particularly debilitating for people unaware of their ability and finding themselves in families and/or relationships with people who unconsciously drain their energy.

Clairsentience is a beautiful gift once you learn how to work with it. Josslyn has lived it, she can help you learn how to live happily with your gift.

To establish the likelihood of you being Highly Empathic/Clairsentient, you might like to ask yourself how many of the following apply to you.  Prior to doing this it is worthwhile remembering that Clairsentience is a gift but unrecognized it is more likely to feel like a curse.  The abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience, to see and hear, are readily known.  However, to feel, as in Clairsentience, requires recognition, acceptance and it takes commitment to learn the skills to manage the energy.

As with all gifts the levels of skill will vary from one person to another, probably better understood in this case as your degree of sensitivity.

Spending time alone in nature helps people who are clairsentient.
  • Can you feel stressed and overwhelmed and find time ALONE helps you feel calmer?
  • Do crowded noisy places leave you feeling exhausted?
  • Can you feel tired on waking even after many hours of sleep?
  • Do you notice others feel better having been with you or having spoken to you?
  • Do you regularly have good or bad days in the sense of how you look and feel?
  • Can you age noticeably from one day to the next, actually looking less attractive or vital?
  • Do you suffer from physical sensitivities, unexplained aches and pains  (particularly stomach disorders, eye problems, migraines, or sinus troubles?
  • Additionally, psychological issues can include loss of personal identity, depression, inability to focus clearly and difficulty in retaining emotional stability.
  • Do you feel different and have some sense of not belonging in your family or environment?
  • You may have trouble remembering facts but be creative and imaginative.  You may also, given the opportunity, enjoy nature, walking, water or dancing.
  • In relationships do you find yourself with “emotionally unavailable” partners, probably ending up with the emotional work for two?

PATHWAYS TO UNDERSTANDING the degrees of Clairsentience and Empathy

People who are Clairsentient pick up energy from many other people and can cause their lives to feel like an emotional rollercoaster.

The first 12 bullet points on this sheet relate to one particular type of being…You can resonate with the questions above but not necessarily with this specific sheet.

The last two points are different and you do not need to be highly sensitive to experience either however highly sensitive beings are very prone to energy hosting and suffer great difficulty in facing confrontational situations, which is an indicator of the immobility response.

You will recognize most of the symptoms listed in the above list.

  • This “feeling” of being different will probably have been with you from early childhood-you may also have been able to see and hear in a way others could not.
  • If you were misunderstood as a child you are likely to have been told that you “shouldn’t” feel that way.
Clairsentient people often feel like they don’t fit in anywhere, even in their own families.
  • You may have been a target/blamed or made to feel responsible for other people’s problems, including authority figures, primary caregivers, teachers or siblings.
  • In adolescence this could progress to friends, work colleagues or partners.
  • A continuing pattern of “others” not understanding and or saying there must be something wrong with you because they do not “feel” that way.
  • A pattern of trying to “conform” or understand why you felt that way will have caused physical and emotional distress.
  • Not knowing how you know but “knowing” anyway, things others do not seem to know or understand.
  • Feeling guilty and responsible for other people’s happiness.
  • Choosing to stay in situations for the sake of “others” even at your own detriment.  These decisions will be taken primarily for emotional rather than financial reasons.
  • Always giving others the benefit of the doubt whilst failing to see your own “goodness.”
  • Having an inner knowing that you are the “stronger” person even though you are accused of being over sensitive, emotional, irrational and imagining things that do not exist.
Healthy boundaries allow you to be your UNIQUE self within Divine and allows all good things in while keeping lesser energies OUT!
  • If earlier difficulties existed you may have a deep fear of confrontational situations.  You will have probably unconsciously developed some level of coping strategies to avoid these but having to face a situation can cause great anxiety.  This will be at a level of feeling very vulnerable and helpless, whilst manifesting physical symptoms of heart palpitations, nausea, frozen fear; this will be followed by a period of time trying to calm yourself while pent-up energy rushes through you body.  This may seem to others an inappropriate or exaggerated response to what appears a fairly ordinary exchange or minor problem.
  • You may serve as a “host” to another person(s); whilst supplying their “being” with energy will make you feel and appear the weaker person, the other person(s) strength can depend on you as an energy source.  You may not recognize this yourself, however, erratic and depleted energy is a symptom.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
Mother Teresa

To read Josslyn’s blog about HOW to work with your energy field to stop picking up everyone else’s stuff, click on the link to “Don’t Get Dumped On.”

“Listening to Complainers is Bad for Your Brain”  Article with some ideas on how some famous sports figures ‘protect’ themselves from lots of people dumping on them.

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  2. Thank you, I believe this explains a lot of things about my life. I do believe being that I was a child who experienced some pretty bad things, trauma (rape) and abandonment that perhaps I took on the energy from that, and developed what I’ve been diagnosed with : Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Either way, interesting connection made. Thank you.

    1. I was molested frequently as a child and raped. Clairsentient is connected with the 2nd Chakra. You could definitely have taken on their energy. I took on his. I even took on his pleasure he felt and was never able to feel my own. You can look up a soul retrieval (shamanic) Journey. This helped majorly!
      Thank you for your journey.
      Love and Gratitude

      1. Thank you for reading Durga, yes you are correct. You can take on other people’s emotions and thoughts. I do Soul Retrievals for clients and students regularly when they are ready. Yes, it does help immensely especially when one is doing the healing work to help themselves feel safe. When you feel safer in your body, then the soul parts are more likely to be ready to come back. Soul Retrieval and consistent healing on yourself is truly important. Reiki can and will, given time and intention, heal the pain and suffering from trauma. I’m proof. Blessings, Josslyn

  3. You are welcome Rainbow, thanks for reading. Click on the link to “Don’t Get Dumbed On” and learn HOW to help yourself by protecting yourself from continuing to pick up energies from other people. Abuse is a common thread for people who are Clairsentient. It is important to protect yourself energetically as well as physically, every day. The energy part people don’t realize effects them a great deal. Good luck, glad this helped a bit. Joss

  4. Hello, My name is Gabrielle and i’m 14, i’ve been interested in all the sixth sense stuff and everything, and when i came across Clairsentience it explains quite a lot of my life, like my parents not really understanding how i feel, and constant tiredness and mood swings, mostly in the negative, but when i was younger i was bullied a lot and i developed stammering, because i literally didn’t talk for months and when i did, i basically forgot to. Therapists say i’m a very negative person with negative feelings if thats something to do with it (i don’t know) but my anxiety is terrible when im doing confrontations. But i know there’s something here that i’m linked to, because i had this friend who peered pressured me and my friends, and i could feel everything like they were my own, and i was blamed for everything, i felt responsible and i always had a sickening feeling in my stomach when i knew something bad was going to happen with my ‘peer pressuring friend’, like getting into an argument with her. But what i do notice is that my friends mostly come to me when there are problems, like on the phone, and they always feel better but i feel a bit worse in a way – i cant describe it. But this has helped me understand a little bit, but i still don’t know what it could be, it could be me – or i could be a little clairsentient and might not know it. But if i could have some feedback, i’d be much appreciated, thanks for this 🙂 x

  5. Hi Gabrielle, Thank you for reading first of all. I cannot diagnose anyone obviously, but if you felt this made sense to you then I’d listen to that. One way to help you would be to practice this simple daily meditation every day for a month and see if you feel a difference in your mood, your ability to talk and work with others and your emotions. This meditation has saved me from a life of solitude. I wasn’t able to go out in public without picking up ‘stuff’ from everyone around me. I didn’t know what was me and what was them. Here is the link to the meditation, it’s simple but the more visualization and feeling you put into it the stronger it will be for you. Please feel to email me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help. It would be a very good idea to have your mom and/or dad read this page too if you feel it will help them understand what is going on with you. Hopefully this can help you all to understand what is going on. Many times this sensitivity is happening with more than one family member without anyone knowing it.
    If the link doesn’t work you can look under the blog post categories on the upper right side for “5 minute daily meditation” under the category of Learn By Experience or a blog called “Don’t get Dumped On.”
    Blessings to you my dear, it is a learning journey you are on, I pray you find what you need to feel good about being YOU!! Joss

  6. Thank you for posting this, it was more than just helpful it was just what I needed right now. I’m not typically one to want to ask strangers questions but I was wondering if perhaps you could offer advice on something. If you would rather not that’s perfectly alright I understand completely.
    I’ve known for quite some time that I can “feel” or “know” things that others can’t but I’ve never accepted it as anything more than having an over active imagination. I’ve come to notice that my boyfriend is extremely empathic and I mean extremely. If I even feel the smallest around of distress he completely crashes whether I tell him about it or not. I’m worried that we may be draining each other unintentionally while we try to subconsciously ground ourselves. Is there any grounding techniques that you have found that work particularly well. I’ve tried stones, they work the best for me but lately I’ve been feeling more sensitive to everything and its overwhelming, I’ve tried visualization and just going outside to walk or being alone but I feel like its just increasing and I really have no idea what to do or who I could talk to about possible solutions. I’m sorry if I seem too forward.

    1. Amanda, we have recently found some copper tools that really help empaths at there is two particularly for empaths that I wear called the 444 or the 888. Check them out and see if they resonate with you and your energy and your boyfriends. Blessings, Josslyn

  7. I don’t mind at all Amanda. That is what I’m here for, to help others, especially those who are also emotionally psychic. I went through much of what you described, not knowing what I was, I thought I was really judgmental because i would think things about people when I’d meet them, then I’d find out I was right. It wasn’t until I took a Reiki class and started meditating regularly and running Reiki regularly that my abilities really blossomed and I knew what I had in them. Then it was just a matter of grounding, boundaries and trusting myself. That came with practice, a lot of it and taking risks. At the point that it sounds like you and your boyfriend are at you are right, you need some help. I do mentor people over the phone or Skype. I also teach Reiki over Skype and it works great. If you are not sure, first and foremost you need a daily meditation for grounding and boundaries so you both stop picking up other people’s energy and information from others. I can turn it ‘off’ and ‘on’ when I want, it’s up to me. That takes practice and discipline but it’s very possible once you have strong grounding and boundaries. This takes again, practice practice and more practice. But, you will feel in control of your energy once you do it, not others energy being in control of you. I recommend two blogs for you to read off of my sight. The first one is the blog I recently wrote on “Grounding for You”. (Stones are great but typically not strong enough for being the only type of grounding. It takes intention, visualization and breathe.) I’ll link if I can in the next comments. The other blog is a link from the Emotionally Psychic page, but I’ll link that one too in another comment below. It’s a “5 Minute Daily Meditation” for people who are Clairsentient and really for anyone who needs boundary work, that’s pretty much 80% of the people out there from my perspective. If you can’t work with me to get help, I highly recommend you work with someone to help you gain knowledge and confidence for your gifts. They are gifts and once you have knowledge to go with them, they will no longer seem like curses. I am speaking from first hand experience on this. Please feel free to call or email me from my contact page info if you need more personal help. Believe me, I understand how hard this is in the beginning. It does get better if you work with it. Blessings to you and your boyfriend, I pray you get the advice you need here and from others along your journey. Joss

  8. Dear Josslyn,
    Thank you very much for the article. I can without any doubt, relate to the things you mentioned. I will also add that, I always thought that I wasn’t normal. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this. I’m just trying to take one day at a time.

  9. Thanks for sharing Lina. There are many of us out there. You are without a doubt, not alone. Read the two blogs I posted above, they can help a lot. If you do the Daily 5 minute meditation every day, put more time into the visualizations in the beginning, you will feel like a whole new person. Blessings to you, Josslyn

  10. Josslyn,

    I have experienced and deal with almost everything you have described in your post above. I wonder, how do we use this “gift” to help others, other than the fact that they use our energy for their benefit. In other words, do we protect our energy and channel it for the right people? etc. ?
    I don’t want to just protect myself from others abusing this gift, but use it to serve, since I believe that we all were given gifts from God to use for the benefit of mankind, and the earth.

  11. Thanks Ann, that is a very good questions. We do want to protect our own energy and keep our own personal energy completely in tact. Divine Energy is limitless, there is enough for everyone and then some. Work with Divine Energy only. If you want to help people and don’t know how, take a Reiki class or some type of energy healing class that works with Divine energy to channel it, not your own energy. We do not have to lessen ourselves in any way to help others. We don’t want to give our energy away to anyone. And, it is not necessary to at all. I mention above, a blog I wrote a while back with what I have worked with as my solution to this issue. Read the blog and the HOW and see how it feels to you. Practice the visualizations and work with it every day to see how it feels to you. In the beginning spend more time on the visualizations and intentions and over time you will be able to do this in only 5 minutes a day. Here is the link:
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. In Gratitude for you, Josslyn

  12. Hi my name’s Magz, i’m a tad worried because my answers were mostly yes aside the fact that i don’t get tired much at all

    I’ve been looking for ages now about why i’m so different, so far i concluded that i may be an indigo being, but this clairsentience seems to fit much more accurately.

    Currently i’m struggling with pre-homelessness and poverty and have been suffering severe depression for the last 3 years after to my partner of 10 years played with my heart and mind before abandoning me (haven’t seen my son for 2 years, i tried to be a responsible parent howver i can’t emotionally deal with my ex)

    I have my reiki cert 1, my friend attuned me to reiki 2 to meet his client quota for his masters and i sort of attuned myself to the third symbol so my mind/body/spirit balance is off with spirit holding about 60% of that and mind being 30% (yes physically i’m quite a mess but logic and knowledge keep me going)
    I saw your post on crystals, i think i may need to acquire a -blue kyanite, chevron amethyst, azurite malachite and a hemetite to carry c:

    Any advice on what i should do about my possible clairsentience? I’ve been contemplating on showing some religious higher ups this new freckle formation on my forehead (yes third eye is surrounded by 3 new freckles forming a triangle pointing up) i’ve got the same formation on my right hand but they have been there since atleast highschool, hence my concerns about all of this.

  13. Hi Magz, Thanks for reading. It’s possible to be an Indigo and Clairsentient, I am both. What I recommend to help you turn your clairsentience from a problem into a gift is to practice the meditation I have blogged about at this link:
    Do this a couple of times every day for ten minutes in the beginning and when you get the intentions and visualizations down then you can do it in five minutes every day. This helps with boundaries, where to send the energy from other people and your ‘old’ energy that is no longer of use, grounding to Divine and to Mother Earth and much more. It is all key to taking care of your energy field when you are emotionally psychic. We take out the trash, eat, use the restroom, clean our bodies, but we also need to take care of our energy every single day. People who are highly sensitive like us, need to be particularly attuned to our energy fields and how they are doing throughout the day. This mediation will help a lot, but, the trick is, you have to do it daily. The triangle freckle is very interesting. It sounds like you might also be a Starperson, a term coined by Doreen Virtue in her book “Earth Angels.”
    Many Blessings to you, Joss

    1. Thank you for the fast response, i will look into your meditation, but i believe meditation is just being comfortable, listening to resonant music and stop your train/s of thought. when i do this i get strange ideas since i’m technically just listening i would provide examples but then others would release it and potentailly weaponize some of them (most relating to chi/ki manifesting physicly, amplified and some even work around physics) Due to my situation my time spent alone has increased significantly so i’m constantly meditating (even when i go the the shops i let my mind ‘wander’)

      I’ll definately research earth angels and starpeople when i return from applying for more houses. The list of possibilities regarding these freckles could range from coincidence to messiah (i would say anti-christ but with who i am that shouldn’t be the case)

  14. Magz, energy goes where our mind directs it to go. Energy is all about intention and emotion. A guided meditation like this one is about intending where we want our energy to go and directing it there with daily practice, emotion, visualization and intention. Otherwise, our subconscious is in charge of this and that may be not what we want. Consider this and consider that meditation has many different forms and this is a positive one. Blessings, Josslyn

  15. Wow. I am nearly speechless, and full of joyful tears right now. I feel like my little universe has just magically unlocked, as I accidentally stumbled upon this. I always felt like there was something different about me, something more. I remember as a child only truly being at peace in nature. It was the only place I could clearly think without becoming overwhelmed. If I couldn’t be in the ocean, I would retreat to the woods. It sounds strange to me, but I can distinctly remember how I always felt when I was out there. I just could never adequately describe it, despite my never ending journey to find my “missing piece”. From always being told I have adhd (that seems to worsen as I age) to my stomach ulcers and esophagus issues.

    I feel like everything just clicked in an instant. When I was a teenager, I saw a psychic just for fun with my mom and her friend. This was nearly 15 years ago. At totally random times throughout my life, I have remembered bits pieces of what she told me, and it clicked things together for me. Or I would just get a feeling, and randomly think of her (even though I can’t remember what she looks like)…and it would bring me peace. I’ve always just pushed it to the back of my brain though. I wonder if it runs in families though? I can feel my sister struggling sometimes, and I would be willing to bet that she has an gift…probably even twice as strong as mine.

  16. Blessings Amanda, so grateful this information spoke to you and helped you to understand yourself just a little bit more. Life has a way of doing that for us. Yes, I believe these gifts can be inherited and I also believe they can be chosen by us before we come into human form, then we chose a biological mother or father who has these gifts to pass on to us and I’m sure there are other ways too. Knowing you are not alone is very comforting and can help in the journey a lot. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, Josslyn

    1. Thanks for your reply Josslyn. After I wrote my comment I decided to give my sister, Erica a call. I felt like not only would I not sound crazy to her, but that she could really benefit from reading this as well.

      I was surprised when she told me that our mother has told her many times that she always knew we both had some sort of spiritual abilities.
      Apparently she knew all along we both have a sixth sense, and that we were brought into this world to use it to help people.

      I believe Erica is more sensitive to everyone’s emotions/feelings and I want to help her ground herself. She also has the ability to see spirits. Now that I think about it, I can remember several instances when she has come into contact. Everybody just chalked it up to a kids lively imagination, but my mom and I always believed her. They never frightened her though, except one time a couple years ago. She was visiting me here in FL, and had a vivid dream about something evil trying to make contact with her. She still sleeps in my bed with me when she visits. I have always been able to just “feel” them, however oddly enough I have had the same dream several times in this place…I just have never told her because she was so frightened, and I also wasn’t sure exactly how “real” it was despite how real it felt.

      Anyways I could write all day long so I’ll just stop here haha. I just want to thank you for creating this website to help people like us understand our lives better. You have truly made an impact on my life for sure. All from reading a random article on sex, seeing the word clairvoyance, and Google magic. The world certainly works in strange ways!

  17. Amanda, so happy, again. Love reading your wonderful comments. If you ever want to send those spirits to the Light, I have a wonderful friend who specializes in that. She’s a wonderful and amazing woman and I’ve learned a whole lot from her over the years. Email me if you’d like her info. There are a whole lot of ‘ghosts’ around but it’s really best for them to be at home. Many Blessings to you and your sister on your journeys, Joss

  18. Yes! I answered yes to all but one of the above questions about clairsentience. Please help me learn more about this.

  19. Now we know what you are working with Joe. It’s a gift and I’ll help you figure out HOW it’s a gift. Start with this blog and the 5 minute meditation at this link it is also at the top of this blog underlined. Then I’d recommend you take a Reiki I class as I teach HOW to work with your Clairsentience as a gift, not a curse. I’ve made it through, you can too! Blessings, Joss

  20. Holy schneikies!!!!!! Spot on!!!!!

  21. LOL, Thanks Sara.

  22. Oh My God, it’s like someone wrote down My life story. This is what I’ve dealt with My whole life and I’ve felt extremely lonely at times. But now I know that there are other people feeling the exact same Way as I do. I’m so Happy I found this website! Thank you, really!

  23. Blessings Leah, so glad this information was helpful to you. Now, what do you do about it. Go to the top of the blog and start practicing the 5 minute meditation with great visualizations and emotion and your life will change for the better. It needs to be done EVERY DAY! This will also protect you in many ways but it seriously helped me with my anxiety and depression issues. So glad you are reading and getting what you need to understand yourself. I have many people contact me every month who feel the same way, alone. We are not alone and we are not without help. I also highly recommend taking a Reiki class so you are channeling Divine Healing Energy any time you need. It is for much more than healing. One of the biggest benefits of having Reiki, I have found, is showing me my path and helping me to stay on it. Anyway, I’m going on and on. In Love and Light, Josslyn

  24. Thank you so much for this knowledge, I felt as if you were describing the me exactly. It has given me the tools I needed at a time when things are tough. I read through “Don’t Get Dumped On” Awesome.

    1. You are very welcome Michelle. Thank you for letting me know this information helped you. It has helped me a great deal as well. The trick is to keep up the daily energy practices that you read about in the blog “Don’t get Dumped On”. If you can do that you will be feeling much better soon. Blessings to you on your path, Josslyn

  25. I was ment to read this article this morning lol even though this is a few years old. I sooo needed this. I have been at odds with myself and sometimes wish I can just shut it all off its very over whelming.

    1. Blessings Cristal, Believe me, I know it’s overwhelming. Every day is a challenge in balance for us. It’s ok. We have a purpose and even if we do not know what it is yet, we do have a purpose and will help to change the world we live in for a more positive situation. In the meantime, I’ve created a quick daily meditation of intention that helps me a whole lot. I can be ‘normal’ much of the time, going out in public and what not without being affected. Some days I still can’t, some days are still overwhelming but most days are good. Scroll up to the top of the blog and click on the link to my blog, DON’T GET DUMPED ON and read that, print it and practice it daily. It will help you a great deal. We take care of our physical bodies daily and think nothing of it. It’s time to learn how to take care of your energy body too. Pray it helps you. In Love and Light, Josslyn

  26. Hello my name is Nicole, I’m 44 yrs old. I have always been a HSP as long as I can remember being just a little girl. I have always been very empathic for all living things animals, people nature, the earth. I’m almost positive I an clairsentient, I feel everyone’s emotion on a deep level, I tend to absorb other people’s negative emotions, and it makes physically ill because I can’t decider their energy from my own energy. Im pretty sure this is big reason why I have been depressed for so long, because I didn’t know I had these gifts until a couple yrs. ago. I’m definitely don’t know.what to do next. I feel I need some energy healing or some kind of healing. I heard of amanea healing it’s pretty effective and fast. I need to learn ways to protect my own energy. Can thank you Nicole

    1. Blessings Nicole, yes, I can help, but the actual ‘work’ is up to you. I would start by reading and DOING the visualization exercises I write about in the blog linked above called Don’t Get Dumped On. Do these multiple times a day, as often as you need to in the beginning and then at least once in the morning before you go out after you have gotten really good at it. Our energy bodies will follow our intention. Thus, doing this every day tells your energy that you no longer pick up other people’s ‘stuff’, that you are strong in mind, body and spirit and that you are highly protected by Divine Love, which is the greatest and most powerful protection there is. Do this for at least a month, starting nothing else new. And then contact me if you still need help. We can schedule a private apt and with that I can get specific information from your guides as to what you need most. This process will also clear your current energy but it takes some time, so two to three times a day for the first month will really help. I totally understand because this is similar to my story and the kind of clients/students who are attracted to my energy because I’ve been there and have found resources, techniques and abilities to help myself and others. In Love and Light, Josslyn

  27. I have known I was different but now I have a term for it. Not only am I very Clairsentient but have had numerous dreams to come true and often I hear a song in my mind, turn on the radio, and the song is playing and in the same spot where it was in my mind. All of your “Do you…” Listed above, I do. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the alien with the other people as it is how I have always felt inside my family..anyway I look forward to your posts and thank you in advance for your time and gifts!

    1. Blessings William,
      Thank you for reading and sharing. I’m grateful this page spoke to you and hopefully has helped you to understand yourself a little bit better. Understanding and awareness can bring a great deal of healing to our complicated ‘alien’ lives.
      Grateful for you,

  28. I have all of these symptoms (and can see auras) but I haven’t been through any in of trauma or abuse other than (If these count) self harm,self blame , high stress levels,extreme insomnia,depression, anxiety disorders and minor panic attacks. I often give off large static discharges and I occasionally get hysterical and I sometimes hyperventilate. I have only just started secondary school this year and I feel like I have to take care and control of my colleagues , while also taking care of someone I know with many physical disorders and a traumatic past. I have been bullied before, and I crack under the smallest of pressures. I have an extremely short temper and all of this leads me to contemplate suicide every now and then, which makes me appear bipolar occasionally. I was wondering if anything was seriously wrong with me, but apart from being left out due to having a bladder-related disorder, I never really thought about it.
    So, is there something wrong with me?

    1. Hi Rob, I’m so sorry to hear how hard this human life has been for you. I can relate, truly.
      Everything on the page does not have to apply. Not all Clairsentient people grew up with abuse, many of them did, some did not. It just sounds like you are a HSP or Highly Sensitive Person and HSP people are often psychic too. I can’t answer if there is something wrong with you, I don’t know you and have no way of telling you that just by a post.
      Dis-ease in our body, mind and spirit comes from ALL levels. I have many of the issues you talked about as well and mine is on all levels and yes, I’m HSP as well and psychic.
      It means that it may take more time and effort to figure out what exactly works for us. It also means that our dis-ease is on the physical body level, the emotional body level, the mental body level as well as the spiritual level. I work on all of them with Reiki and I’ve been working on myself for over twenty years diligently. It’s not an easy life being so sensitive, but there are great moments that make it very worthwhile and I’ve been able to find a balance that works for me.
      The best advice I can give you is to pray to your higher power for the best possible healing for you today, ask that each and every day. Then listen and accept what comes and work at it, don’t give up. There is always something to learn and better ourselves with. The journey is worth it in the end. If we give up, commit suicide, we just have to come back and do it again. That is our choice as a soul. So we might as well stick it out and do our best here and now, in this moment. That’s all we can do.
      I’ve been on the brink of suicide many times, not sure why I’m still here sometimes except that I know deep down I have a higher calling and that I have something to do while I’m here. I’ve had a lot of support from my husband and kids too, which helps a lot. Find out who your support is. Find out who you are and what is contributing to your dis-ease. It’s a process and probably a long one and even a hard one.
      Ask your higher power for help each and every day, I really believe having my family and my Divine Source of Love and Light has gotten me through the toughest times – PERIOD!

      If you want some specific ideas of things I have done that have helped a lot here are some ideas: (start saving up and do one at a time as you can afford it. Reiki first is my opinion)
      1. Take a Reiki class so you have Divine Healing Energy running through you and then USE IT DAILY on yourself WITH INTENTION. About $175 depending upon your teacher.
      2. Have your entities removed from a healer friend of mine, She charges $175 for your whole person and it takes about two weeks but you also receive Reiki daily for 6 weeks. She’s amazing and does great work.
      3. Go to 23&Me and have your genetics tested for $200 this will tell you what part of your issues are physical.
      4. Work with a doctor of naturopathy to help you get some supplements to support you physically rather than prescription drugs, if you can afford it.
      5. Meditation, meditation and more meditation (meditation is cheap or even free)

      These are the top things I found that helped me a great deal. Take one at a time or start with what feels right to you, or throw them all out. It’s your path, your journey.

  29. I have just recently come to understand the things I feel and why I feel them. I am an open door for information on how to use this amazing gift I have been given but not sure what rout to take. Please give me in site. It takes so much for me to ask for help from someone but have realized I need help to be able to help others.

    1. Blessings Jason, thank you for reading and commenting. You are asking me, so my advice comes from my experience in the world. I would recommend you start by taking a really good Reiki beginning class, learning about energy and working with Divine energy. Reiki IS Divine healing energy. It is not a technique, although they teach you that too to support you. But Reiki IS the ENERGY you will be working with. The Reiki is Divinely intelligent and teaches you every time you work with it. Healing and teaching all in one. Secondly, I would recommend you read my blog on basic energy meditation to do each day to learn how to work with your personal energy field. This is a beginning exercise, but done with the Reiki will help you to add to it over time as you need to. The blog is called “Don’t get Dumped On” and you can google it with my name or Rain Shadow Reiki and find it. Start there and let me know how it goes. In Love and Light, Josslyn

    2. Also Jason, read the other comments above, there is some good information in them. Josslyn

  30. Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me.

    1. You bet Jason, hope it helped. Follow your Higher Self, it does not steer you wrong, your ego may, but your soul self does not. Blessings, Josslyn

  31. Hello, I am in need of assistance. I have had an overwhelming sense of dread for almost a month, and it keeps getting worse. If you are interested in helping me, please reply back and I can tell you the full extent of it so maybe I can find some way to figure out what my body is trying to tell me. Thank you in advance.

    1. Blessings Cait, if you want an appointment you can call or email for one. I charge $95 per hour.
      Or, I have a page where I offer free Reiki. I send the Reiki, you listen to your Higher Power to figure it out. If you calm yourself, go to the center of your head where you can be neutral, listen honestly, you may be able to listen to your body and figure out what it is.
      Here is the link: /
      Another option is to have your entities removed. I recommend a full Negative Energy Clearing which we do, check out We recommend this as a first line before other healing can be really effective. We charge $200 for the whole body, all entities, curses and hexes and more. It may be that.
      In Love and Light, Josslyn

  32. I believe that I am clairsentient and I need help

    1. Hi Trustin, at the very top of the blog I have a link to another blog I wrote called, “Don’t Get Dumped On.” I recommend you start with that mediation and visualization which takes about ten minutes twice a day in the beginning. It helped me a great deal to clean out the energy that wasn’t mine and keep out any new energy that wasn’t mine. But, it can take time. It’s different for everyone how long it takes, but depends upon how much energy of others you have taken on, your beliefs about the process and you being worthy, etc. But, it does work.
      I also mentor clients over the phone for help with this all the time. My prices are very reasonable ($95 per hour) and I give actions to practice in between sessions, first and foremost, the visualization. That’s where I would recommend you start. You are empowered to learn how your energy works and how to intend what you want out of it. You will no longer feel like you are at the mercy of being too sensitive.
      Being sensitive is a beautiful gift, but it takes some special training and we just do not get that training in the world we live in right now. I do that, but you have to do the actual daily practice or it doesn’t help. Think about it.
      Blessings, Josslyn

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