Reiki II


Expand your natural healing ability!

Okuden level

Taught by:     Josslyn Streett,  Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Josslyn teaches with compassion, humor and intuition.  During class she allows the class to unfold organically with the use of guided meditations, your Reiki workbooks, story telling, circle discussions and shares, hands on practice sessions and journaling time to make sure that you are fully confident when you leave the class. Josslyn is available for continued support on all levels after class is over via email and at online events, such as: Reiki Q&A, Intuitive classes,  energy healing workshops and more, to continue your Reiki education.  She mentors her students, as they wish, to help them through their spiritual journey.

Josslyn teaching a Reiki II class. Photo by Robert Streett, also a student in the class. Classes are casual and interactive.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Divine and intelligent vibration of healing energy that heals on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual at the same time.  True holistic healing.  We teach Reiki healing techniques for each student to build upon with their own intuition to heal themselves and others.  Reiki is amazing for our current world because it is so effective for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes the body to heal itself.  Reiki improves health and quality of life every single day and is easy to learn!   (For more also see the “What is Reiki?” page)

What will you learn in the class?

  • Reiki II brings additional personal and psychic growth
  • More work with one’s Reiki guides
  • Learn to give and receive healings using the 3, level II symbols
  • Learn how to heal long distance
  • Learn how to heal beliefs that are no longer welcome
  • Receive the Reiki II Attunement
  • Receive a Reiki II Certificate qualifying you to earn money as a Reiki Practitioner

What is the cost?

Reiki II class costs $380 which includes the manual and is taught in two  6 1/2  hour days on Zoom and in person as the situations in the world allow.  Contact Joss to schedule a class or sign up for a currently scheduled class and get on her email list.  For registration full payment is required to take the class. If alternate payment plans are required by you, please email us at and a payment plan prior to class can be arranged.  Reiki I certificate required and one month minimum of active Reiki I healing experience is recommended but not required.  Reiki guides you to the classes and the right teacher, when you feel ready, are truly excited about learning more, then you are ready.

**NOTE: If you are not able to finish a full class for whatever reason, you may take that class, IN FULL, again at the next scheduled opportunity.  No additional charge.


Check the calendar page to find out when the next class is scheduled.  If a Reiki II class is not currently scheduled then email Josslyn to let her know you are interested and she’ll book a class at the earliest possible date.

 Josslyn Streett 360-460-7829

Where are classes taught?

Although Josslyn has taught classes in other states, most classes are taught in Sequim, (Sk-wim) Washington at her Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center and online via Zoom at the same time.  Most classes have a bit of both online and in person students.

Josslyn will teach Reiki classes anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula.  She will travel to any of the local towns, including, but not limited to, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Sekiu, Neah Bay, Chimacum, Discovery Bay, Quilcene, Brinnon, Lilliwaup, Hoodsport, La Push, Ocean Shores, Union, Brinnon, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Forks, Port Gamble, Kingston, Whidby Island and more; IF YOU HAVE 6 OR MORE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ATTNED.

If you are within driving distance within a couple of hours, have six or more people who would like to take a Reiki class, please give Josslyn a call.  Josslyn has also taught in other locations if clients fly her in.  She is more than happy to travel! (Big Apple anyone?)  But, anything is possible.  If you have a group of enough people Josslyn can travel to you to teach in your town.

Understand your darkness and it will vanish; then you will know what light is.  Understand your nightmare for what it is and it will stop; then you will wake up to reality.  Understand your false beliefs and they will drop; then you will know the taste of happiness.”

Father Anthony De Mello

“After completing Reiki I and Reiki II I feel a deep sense of gratitude. The experience has been life changing for me.  Very grateful to you Josslyn! Thanks to Amber and Ellen also!”

Carol Sanders, Port Angeles, WA


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  1. Nice Collections.. Thanks for the share…what is reiki.

    1. Blessings Nivedita, thank you for reading and commenting, so grateful for you. In Love and Light, Josslyn

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  3. Loved your Reiki I Class. You are a gifted teacher! Looking forward to the upcoming Reiki I class!!!

    1. Oops, upcoming Reiki II class 😉

    2. Thanks Michele, I loved teaching it. I too am excited about Reiki II this weekend and I knew what you meant. Blessings and see you very soon, Josslyn

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