Reiki I


Awaken your natural healing ability!

Shoden level

Taught by:     Josslyn Streett,  Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Josslyn teaches with compassion, humor and intuition.  Her Reiki  classes are a spiritual journey of discovery about Reiki and about you; a day at the spiritual spa.  She teaches especially for sensitive, empathic and intuitive people who are ready, willing and able to begin the healing journey towards being a higher vibrating self by learning more about channeling Divine energy.


During class she will use guided and channeled meditations, your Reiki workbooks, story telling, circle discussions and shares, student participation, hands on practice sessions and journaling time to make sure that you are confident when you leave the class to do a self Reiki session and a Reiki session on someone else.  Josslyn wants you to understand how Reiki heals all aspects of your life. Josslyn is available for continued support after class for questions via email and at online Zoom events such as: Reiki Q & A, Psychic Demonstration Night, intuition classes and workshops to aid you in continuing your Reiki journey and continue to grow, heal and get on your soul path.  She mentors her students as they wish, one on one or in the groups, to help them on their spiritual journey.


Practice is required during and after class to continue learning.  Practicing, feeling and DOING Reiki is the only way to truly learn energy healing.  Every session is different and it’s so fun and exciting to expand yourself in this way, that you’ll WANT to practice. The more you do, the more you’ll grow spiritually and heal on all levels.  It’s an amazing journey.


Josslyn’s instruction was inviting, warm, compassionate and fun…and I would take another class from her in a heartbeat.  She very clearly is passionate about Reiki and her passion is evident in the way she instructs and interacts with her attendees.  Both the Reiki I class and my sessions with Josslyn have been monumental experiences for me.”

Heather B., Palm Springs, CA


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual energy from a Divine Source that we tap into for healing.  Eventhough Reiki is the intelligent and Divine energy for healing, we teach Reiki technique as well so the student can access the energy confidently.  Reiki is used for many issues but is exceptional at stress reduction and relaxation, which improves health and quality of life. And Reiki is easy to learn!  When the blockages to healing are removed, the body can heal itself.

Anyone can learn Reiki and Reiki can be done on anyone! Reiki has come at a time when it is needed most by the most people.
photo by Robert Streett please link if used,

What will you learn in the class?

  • Learn how to channel Reiki through your body
  • Learn how to FEEL the energy and what it means
  • Learn about the history of Reiki
  • Get in touch with your personal Reiki guides
  • Learn how to empower yourself and others to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Give and receive healings to yourself and others
  • Learn the Reiki hand positions for healing yourself and others
  • Enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Learn how to set safe and sacred space with Reiki
  • Learn how to work with Reiki as empaths, intuitives & highly sensitive people
  • Receive a Reiki 1 Attunement
  • Receive a Reiki I Certificate 

What is the cost?

Reiki I class costs $330 which includes the manual and shipping. Reiki I is currently taught as a thorough 3 day class and is taught 6 1/2-hour days both online and in person in WA.  Or  we’ll teach this class in a four day/five hours per day class.  (Josslyn teaches online classes through Zoom platform)  Contact Josslyn to sign up for a class and get on her email list.  For registration for a class, full payment is required to reserve a spot. If payment plans are required by you, please email us at .    A minimum of six people is needed to teach this class.  

**NOTE: If you are not able to finish a full class for whatever reason, you may take that class, IN FULL, again at the next scheduled opportunity.  No additional charge.  But, once attuned, no refunds are given.

When is the next class?

Please check the calendar page of the site for the next available class.  If there is not currently a Reiki I class scheduled, please email Josslyn to let her know you want to take a class and she’ll schedule one at the next possible date.  IF there is not a class listed, please email us and let us know you want a class scheduled.  Chances are, we have other people who are ready too and one will be booked soon after receiving your request.

Where are classes taught?

Although Josslyn has taught classes in other states, most classes are taught in Sequim, (pronounced Sk-wim) Washington at her Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center.  Josslyn also teaches classes in full, online via Zoom.  Email her and tell her what you are interested in. (All classes are taught online as well as in person so you are able to attend from wherever you live.)

Josslyn Streett 360-460-7829

“Good Morning Josslyn and crew,

Thank you for the class last night and want to share a couple vignettes.

My dog Genie (Attuned to Reiki 3) has severe anxiety with loud sounds. Last night during class (hubby not home) fireworks went off for several minutes. Genie immediately started a panic/fear attack. I tried, to no avail, to calm her and she continued to escalate. Once (‘the Reiki Teacher in training students’) sent her Reiki she calmed her panting & shaking within 5 minutes! An hour later, Genie was relaxed in her bed. She has never calmed herself so quickly without medication. Reiki could be a BIG game changer for us. Thank you!!

The other story – after class I received some blood work results that were (distressing to me).  I started to fret & worry & freak out. I was beginning to spiral when I stopped and reflected back on class. All I could remember was “just for today”. Even though I couldn’t recall the verbiage, I made up my own “just for now, don’t worry”. Although I still worried, the reminder stopped my spiral. Today is a new day and I’ll concentrate on the 5 principles. Thank you!

Your work continues to be transformative on my mental health journey. Words cannot express my appreciation and respect for you and your gifts.

M. from Sequim, WA”

“I would and will recommend any and all classes that you have to offer (Josslyn).  You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate not only your knowledge and life experience, but your patience as well.”  Mandy G., Sequim, WA

“The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.”

Pema Chodrun

10 thoughts on “Reiki I

  1. Josslyn: Its on my calendar. When and how would you like your deposit? I can do cash, cc, credit at my store. You name it. I’m so looking forward to the class and am now sending information along to Kathy Charlton!

  2. Hi Hope, good, I’m glad you are excited, I am too. Whatever is easiest for you. Mailing it is pretty easy but I’m sure I’ll be in your store soon too. It will all work out. I take six people for this class so let me know about Kathy. Love and Light to you my dear, Joss

  3. Josslyn, What is the address I mail my check to? Looking forward to the class, A workbook was mentioned, are we suppose to purchase one or a Reiki book…what do I bring, etc. This is all new to me….

  4. I’ll email you Joan. No worries, it will all come together. Blessings, Joss

  5. Do you allow other Reiki students to audit your classes?

    1. Hi Camille, I allow anyone to take my Reiki classes who wants to. If you mean current Reiki students from other teachers take my classes for free, no I’ve never had anyone ask that so I have not done it. I believe my classes are worth paying for so I most likely wouldn’t do that. But, every circumstance is different so I wouldn’t say a blanket no, just that it doesn’t feel right in general. I’ve had my students take classes from other teachers for variety and they still pay. I teach Reiki to anyone who wants to learn it, but specialize in teaching to sensitive people. I teach empathic people how to handle being empathic with their knowledge and work with their energy processes and I teach an extended class on working with spirit guides. Thank you for asking and reading, please let me know if you have any other questions. If you are in the area you may get on my email list to come to other events if you like. Just email me. Pray you are well, Blessings,Josslyn

  6. Thank you for replying, Josslyn! I was asking about auditing, participating to whatever point you feel is appropriate, up to and including the issue of payment. It’s not unreasonable–I may literally be taking a space that a paying student might want, so as teacher, I honor your prerogative to charge for auditing. I took Reiki nearly 30 years ago in a different system. I’m drawn to explore other systems and love learning! Thanks again for your response!

    1. Hi Camille, I guess I’m not clear on the definition of auditing. It’s been a long time since I went to college and that is the only experience I have with auditing and it was different from your definition. Feel free to call and talk to me so we can be on the same page. My phone number is on many of the pages on the website and the contact page. Blessings, Josslyn

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