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Congrautlations New Reiki Students!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

A BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST REIKI STUDENTS!!  These ladies are truly passionate about helping the world with their new ability to run Reiki!!  Please help me congratulate, Sharon, Nancy, Corene and Deborah and if you choose to, pray for them on their Reiki path.  Blessings to all Reiki friends!!  Joss ReikiIClass1-20-16,2

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Congratulations to my New Reiki Students!! Anyone Can Learn Reiki!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA



and a short blog about how ANYONE can learn and do Reiki!!

This class loved to laugh and I got to laugh right along with them.  We had so much fun, and they didn’t take anything too seriously, EXCEPT, the final practice session.  They did a fabulous job and we went way over time (Ok, a bit over time)  because we were all so into it.  LOVED IT!!

Congratulations Celeste, Glenda and Renee!!
Congratulations Celeste, Glenda and Renee!!




Quite often at the end of the two-day class, we’ve learned so much new information that some students feel overwhelmed.  But, I’ve seen this before and every time, the practice session brings everything together.  The practice session just helps it all make sense.  When the Reiki is flowing the healing has begun, whether the student feels they can do it or not, they do, because with the Reiki flowing, the healing takes place no matter what.  It’s incredibly confirming to both student, teacher and the person on the table receiving the Reiki.

Just The Channel

No matter how many times a student feels they need to look at the book to see the hand positions, no matter how much they forget in the moment what they have learned in the past two days, and no matter how much they doubt themselves, the healing still takes place.  The Reiki goes to work in-spite of us to help us through that student learning phase, to help us build confidence in ourselves and in the Reiki and to help us get past the nagging beliefs in our head that we can’t do this.  The Reiki heals us at the same time as the client.  It is a truly beautiful thing.

See, we can be serious too.
See, we can be serious too.

During the practice session, the client feels heat, tingles or energy shooting up and/or down their body.  The student might feel the same thing or something totally different, but they all feel some kind of confirmation that the Reiki IS RUNNING THROUGH THEM AND THEY ARE FACILITATING HEALING.  It’s a spiritually powerful feeling.  It can be humbling being JUST THE CHANNEL but it can also be FREEING.  All we have to do is BE the CHANNEL.  The Reiki simply flows through us, and all we have to do is allow it to.  The Reiki does so much of the hard work for us that truly, anyone can learn this healing technique. That is the beauty of it.  That is the simplicity of it.  And that is what makes it so popular because truly, ANYONE CAN DO THIS!!  That is spiritually empowering to the whole world!!

So, if you have not take a Reiki class before, please know, YOU TOO CAN DO THIS TOO and it’s so worth it.

Huge Blessings to my Reiki students, I’m so excited to watch your paths unfold, 

Go with your Reiki in Love, Light and Lollipops!! (Borrowed that from a dear new Reiki friend to remind us to add joy to our path!)


360-460-7829 or for private sessions, Skype sessions or email sessions

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The Value of the Small Every Day Lessons-Theresa Caputo, Book Excerpt

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

As a healer, we can sometimes get caught up in the BIG and so-called IMPORTANT life lessons, I know I do.  Luckily Spirit also reminds me often as to the importance of the smaller, every day lessons.  I was reminded recently of the lessons of gratitude and forgiveness but also of daily joy, sacrafice and kindness. Every single day we have a choice to be kind or to act impatiently with people. Every single day we have the choice to bring joy into our daily routine or to look at it with contempt at the monotony of it.  These are smaller lessons that are also very important because they make up the whole of our day and affect our mood and attitude, but they can also have powerful ripple effects across many people’s lives that we may not be consciously aware of.

I read this one first, lost of fun!!
I read this one first, lost of fun!!

I am currently reading two books by Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” and “There’s More To LIfe Than This”.  I won these books in an auction basket at my son’s school and couldn’t believe I didn’t have them.  I love her show and I love reading books by mediums.  I have at least ten different books by mediums: Brian Hurst, James Van Praagh, Allison Dubois, John Edward, and more and I’ve loved them all.  I read and reread them for the inspirational messages about our loved ones communicating with us, even though, I too, do this work for my clients.  I still love reading the stories.  They always life my spirit and that is a good thing.  I recommend them if you are grieving, they helped me through some difficult periods of grief.

So, here is a small segment from Theresa’s book, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” on little lessons, it spoke to me.  There are lots of good parts of this book, but this one said ‘SHARE ME,’ so I’m sharing.  Some times the ‘little lessons’ are in the forefront of your life and they can have just as much impact as the big lessons.

(Theresa’s books and more books by mediums are available in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library for check out.)

Book Excerpt: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Are You My Lesson?

Though some lessons might smack you in the face, be on the lookout for less obvious ones.  I think most people assume that all lessons happen during major moments, like a heartbreaking death or beautiful soul mate reunion, because you feel their impact long after they happen.  Certainly, losing a parent or gaining a best friend changes your life in an instant.  But spirit also tells me that we learn lessons in small, everyday interactions too.  If you feel the urge to buy a stranger a cookie, say, or hold the door for a father lugging groceries, a diaper bag, and a car seat, everyone’s day and souls benefit from that kindness.

BOOKYou-cant-make-this-stuff-up-TheresaCaputo_lgOn a more frustrating and stupid note, you know that jerk who took your seat on the bus?  He could be a lesson in patience.  How about your money-mooching brother? Generosity.  Or your husband’s friends who got pizza sauce on your couch during Sunday Night Football?  Probably sacrifice.  so the next time you’re at Thanksgiving dinner, and your sister-in-law leaves you out of family photos, don’t try to control, over analyze, fight against it, or go cryin’ in the bathroom, “Why is this happening to me, of all people?”

 Look for the lesson instead.

Let the situation unfold, and find the reason.

It helps you deal, and here’s why: When the reason, and not the problem, becomes your focus, you don’t think about how sad, pissed-off, or doomed you are.  You can accept the outcome, then concentrate on how to move past it.  Your life is your responsibility– your soul chose it long ago.  If you want a positive and fulfilling journey, don’t let people hold you back.  And don’t forget, Spirit is ready to intervene when you ask.

When I accepted my gift, God told me in so many words that He wants our lives to be as rewarding and connected to each other as possible–but listen, this can’t happen if you don’t participate in your own happiness.  Even when there’s a tragedy, you can’t let life happen to you when it’s time to pick up the pieces.  God gave you a beautiful, complex world in which to become a better, stronger, and happier you.

And while painful situations can feel forced upon you, how you cope and work through them is a choice and, yep, usually a lesson.

Your life is your responsibility -- your soul chose it long ago.  If you want a positive and fulfilling journey, don't let people hold you back.  And don't forget Spirit is ready to intervene when you ask.  Theresa Caputo
Your life is your responsibility — your soul chose it long ago. If you want a positive and fulfilling journey, don’t let people hold you back. And don’t forget Spirit is ready to intervene when you ask. Theresa Caputo

So you know that saying “Everything happens for a reason”?  Spirit’s proven to me that it’s not just for motivational posters and crocheted pillows!  It’s actually part of your soul’s lessons and path.  during readings, your loved ones’ souls have told me that there’s an order to why things occur the way they do, like when one person survives a car accident but another passenger dies, or when a child sees her deceased sister’s spirit but other people can’t.  The literal answer to why these freaky examples happen is related to destiny and intuition.  But if I dig deeper with Spirit, it might turn out that an accident victim’s death inspired his family to work toward enacting tougher drunk driving laws, and the girl who saw Spirit comforted her grieving family with her stories.  Talk about how worthwhile reasons, not to mention great examples of how our souls learn and teach lessons to others!”

“You rarely know the big or small lessons you’re learning when you’re in the middle of them; you usually see them after the fact.  I say better late than never.  Some people spend their entire lives miserable and never realize those feelings were necessary in order for them to grow.  I know it was easy for me to lose sight of God’s purpose when I suffered from anxiety.  Even after I realized that in a roundabout way, my scary condition could bring others peace–how’s that for irony? — it took me five stubborn years to embrace my gift.  But once I accepted that it was part of a bigger plan, I let myself learn all I could.  This made me feel empowered, which helped me see that my past wasn’t a waste.

Instead of remembering this period as the twenty-five years that nearly ruined my life, I saw it as God’s long-term investment in redirecting my path.

I used to get upset wondering how much better off I’d be if anxiety didn’t ‘hold me back,’ but my take on that period of time has changed.  Listen, I might not have met Larry at work or had kids young if I’d had a career in Manhattan, or been surrounded by friends and family when I accepted my gift, if I’d felt safe and secure moving away from them.  Things worked out as they were supposed to as soon as I looked for healing and guidance, found it, and then ran with it.  I welcomed my path and stayed open to my lessons, and I’ve been blessed ever since.  In a lot of ways, anxiety’s been one hell of a teacher.

Life reminds me of one of those fancy knitting projects on Pinterest–your learned lessons and life events create intricate patterns, and the recurring stitch is your purpose.  Whether you volunteer, make people laugh, or start political movements, you’re meant to make a difference in some way.  I realize that it’s easy for me to say that Spirit wants us to live with intent, since they’re in my ear all day, talking about how much there is to know.  But hey, I’m not letting their words go unnoticed.  You’ve got me, and I’ve got a big mouth!  These lips have a purpose!

A lot like your lessons, your purpose doesn’t have to be prestigious or put you in the spotlight.  Who cares if you never become a celebrated novelist, brain surgeon, or the next Kardashian?  Your purpose could mean a lot on a smaller scale.  It might be about prioritizing family, improving your community, or caring for animals.  There are a lot of cats out there that need foster homes!”

When you learn lessons, you don’t suddenly get richer, become mayor, or turn into a Positive Polly.  You gain something much harder to earn and more valuable — wisdom.  Learning lessons isn’t about being perfect, it’s about recognizing that your time here unfolds the way it’s meant to, as you make choices that fulfill you. or 360-460-7829 for private sessions or classes



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Reiki is a Choice! Congratulations to my Reiki Mens Class!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

First of all, I’d like to say a BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our All Mens Reiki class!!  These men put aside all fears and reservations about what Reiki MIGHT be and went for it.  And, boy, did they go for it!

My Reiki men, truly a courageous group of men.  Reiki on!!
My Reiki men, truly a courageous group of men. Reiki on!!

A couple of months ago, two of my Reiki students informed me that their husbands, and one father would like to take a Reiki class.  “Ok”, I said, “lets manifest that.”  I knew if it was meant to be, it would happen, and it did. I opened the class up to all men who would like to take the class and asked my students (who are mostly women) to talk to their partners about the class.  Four brave men showed up, plus my husband to add moral support.

Brand Spankin’ New

These men knew very little about Reiki, other than it had helped the women in their lives.  The first thing we did in class was make sure that no single man in the room had been hog tied and brought against his own free will.  Nope, everyone came on their own.  Every man who heard about the class had the choice to come or not.  These men showed up.  Not only did they show up, they gave it everything they had.  This group of men, who were unsure of themselves in a spiritual setting and unsure of Reiki, asked more questions than most of my other classes AND they even asked questions about Reiki that I didn’t know.  They are the first class to GIVE ME HOMEWORK!!  Cuddos to them.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

All done, feeling pretty good!!
All done, feeling pretty good!! Congratulations Dan, Robert, Noel, Joe and Jacob!!  Truly open-hearted courageous men in my book!

After learning about Reiki a bit, being attuned and practicing Reiki on themselves with success all on their first day, the men started really opening up not just their curiosity but their hearts as well. By day two, they were totally into it, taking it in and even enjoying it–although, still somewhat perplexed and confused at times.

They did not give up.  They continued on fully present, fully committed and fully prepared to truly work at making this Reiki healing part of their lives.  I was so proud of them, so amazed at their commitment and desire to learn and open up and so honored to be learning as much from them as they were learning from me.  Even when parts of the class, like meeting their spirit guides, got emotional and touched their hearts in ways they didn’t expect, these men grasped the experience and allowed it, they didn’t fight it, they just accepted.  It was truly beautiful to be a part of.

Normal, Everyday Guys

These men had very little exposure to spiritual classes or events before this class.  This truly was their first experience into energy and what is possible with it.  They opened up their heart and their minds, and their crown chakras (literally) and totally went for it.  That takes a great deal of courage.

We all have choices in our lives, sometimes we don’t feel we do, but we do.  Many men had the choice to come to this class and didn’t.  The men who showed up could have come, but closed off to something totally strange and new to them, but they didn’t.  They chose to come and they chose to jump in with both feet first into the deep end and totally go for it.  Because of that, they each had their own true spiritual experience that made the class unique to them and will most likely stand out in their minds as a very important day in their spiritual growth.  Having the spiritual experience is what most of us are seeking without knowing it, if you chose to open up to it as these men did, you will get it.  Maybe not at first, maybe not what you expect, but you will get it.

Now what they do with Reiki from here on out is truly their choice.

I’m available for help after class to answer questions, hold Reiki Circles and Round Tables, but it is up to each student to DO for themselves, to ‘show up’ for themselves each and every day and actually practice their Reiki on themselves. Reiki is like anything else in this world, we have to actually DO IT in order to feel any difference in our lives.  That is a little trick Divine plays on us, we must do a certain amount for ourselves, then we’ll be met part way by miracles.  Are you ready for your Reiki miracles?

Have you done your Reiki today?

The DOING comes first, the mini miracles come later…

Much Love and Light to all of you, I’m so incredibly grateful for my Reiki community.  I am truly powered daily by Reiki and your Love!!  Thank you for your loving comments, I’m so grateful for them as well.

Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829



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Reiki and a Movie

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

My goal is to encourage and help others to incorporate Reiki into their daily lives seamlessly and with great joy.  I have done this for myself over many years of working with Reiki and I find talking with my clients and students that not everyone does this easily.


In the beginning, when we first take a Reiki class, we are often so overloaded with the information, the how to’s, that we stay inside our initial Reiki thinking box.  We limit ourselves to the basics because we have to in order to just do the basics.  It’s all good!  That’s how we start.  Some of us ‘get it’ faster than others and some of us take more time thoroughly comprehending what the Reiki can really do and how to do it.  All in Divine time.  But, we can also learn from others if we seek out ways to expand our Reiki boxes, when we are ready.  It is my hope, for the Highest Good of All, that my little blogs help some of you to expand your Reiki box of what is possible to do with Reiki.  Because I know first hand the daily miracles that come from having Reiki working with you to create the life you want.  Here is one example.

Reiki & a Movie 

Jax typically presents his butt first for Reiki.  What a cutie patootie.
Jax typically presents his butt first for Reiki. He likes having his picture taken much more than Cedric, so Jax is our model for today.

I have a very wonderful and close dear friend here in Sequim whose entire family is karmically connected to my family.  We are all close and our kids fight like siblings or cousins I say, but that’s another story and another life.  Gigi and I have over the years become very close and share a love of our families, healthy eating, our pets and of course, our spirituality and Reiki.  Because of hectic family/work schedules, we usually schedule our dates ahead of time.  Now and then  Gigi and I schedule a lunch, walking date or a movie morning while the kids are in school.  Much needed girl time.

I have worked with Reiki on her whole family and every time I visit I work on her two fury buddies, Jax and Cedric.  All animals are different and some don’t like hands on Reiki.  But Jax and Cedric LOVE hands on Reiki.  They are Rat terriers and because of them I have fallen in love with the breed.  They are such sweeties and simply LOVE ME and MY REIKI!  As soon as I’m in the house they are ON me like flies on honey.  They sometimes take turns and sometimes can’t wait and I have one hand on each of them while they sit in my lap.

Jax prefers hands on Reiki as opposed to me beaming it to him from a distance.
Jax prefers hands on Reiki as opposed to me beaming it to him from a distance.

When I come over for a movie date, my two buddies are right on top of me, cuddling and soaking up the Reiki for a full two hours.  When I mentioned this to a new client she was amazed.  “What?  You can run the Reiki while you watch a movie?” She hadn’t thought of that before.  Yep, sometimes in this busy life, we multi task.  If the choice is no Reiki or Reiki while watching the move, I’m sure Jax and Cedric would choose Reiki and a Movie every single time.


  1. I simply get my Reiki flowing as soon as I walk in the door or even before while I’m in the car.
  2. However you start your Reiki, I like to say my intentional prayer, ask Divine to send in my Reiki Guides of Love and Light, then let it flow.
  3. I hold the intention that Jax and Cedric get exactly what they choose and what they need and that the Reiki will continue to flow through the whole movie.

They come and go, jumping off of me and running to the kitchen or the front door to bark, but they always come back for more cuddles and more Reiki.  Meanwhile, I watch my movie, converse with Gigi as necessary and not necessary for a girls day off and get some doggy snuggle at the same time.  I love when it’s a Win/win, don’t you.

Oh yeah, you can cuddle with your kids or sweetheart and run Reiki AND watch a movie all at the same time too!

Have Fun and Reiki On!!

In Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829



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Q & A : How Can I Run More Reiki Energy?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Benefits-of-ReikiQuestion: One of the questions I get a lot is,  “How can I run more energy?” or “How can I be a better channel for the Reiki energy?”

The Quick Answer:  Practice, practice and more practice.  Daily Self Reiki is the key.  Plus, eating and living a healthy and spiritual life, meditating, looking in the mirror, practicing what we preach, and honing our skills as a channel for the Reiki energy.

The Longer But More Thorough Answer

Some people have expressed to me that because Reiki is Divine energy it should be easy for everyone to run it the same.  Maybe, but all of our bodies are different with different abilities.  We can’t all sing the same, or do gymnastics the same, why would we expect to all run Reiki the same.  Hmmm…something to ponder.Potters

Yes, the Reiki is from Divine and once attuned, always attuned.  But, our bodies are still human and we channel Reiki through our human bodies.  Some people have physical bodies that are naturally tuned to channeling Reiki and others will need to practice at it a bit more.  It is like this with pretty much any skill, some are naturally good at pottery the first time they take a class, (not me) others will have to practice more.   For many of my Reiki I students, channeling Reiki is their first time channeling anything energetically through their physical body at all.  Many don’t meditate until after my class or do energy work.  So, this is something that is all new to their bodies.  All new, at any new skill, takes practice, even with Reiki.

Example: Singing Gift vs Reiki Gift

I truly believe that we come into this life with the God-given gifts that we require to be successful in our specific life goal.  I believe with Divine’s help, we chose these gifts carefully beforehand.  Some of us chose determination, some chose patience, forgiveness, calmness, motivation, or courage.  I believe we also chose abilities for our human body such as, some of us need to be amazing scientists, writers, dancers, artists, and others need to be excellent channelers of Divine Energy. No matter what, we have the gifts that we need in order to be successful in this life.  It is up to us to break through our fears and hone these gifts like a professional singer does.  Practice, practice and more practice.  Then be grateful for the gifts we have and we will be showered with even more abundance in this area of our lives.

The Harlem Gospel Singers
The Harlem Gospel Singers

I compare the ability to channel Reiki to singing, another gift from Divine.  Again, I believe people who need a particular singing voice will choose biologically a family combination that will allow them to have this musical talent.  Some people have beautiful singing voices from childhood.  However, they still practice and practice to hone their skill if singing is important to them.  Some people are naturals at it, others take more practice but can still be great, others have great singing voices for themselves or their shower, but don’t necessarily want to sing to the world.  It’s all good.  It is all Divine and perfect for us and our needs. But, if someone wants to improve their singing voice, they will need to practice and possibly work with a coach.

Reiki Practice

This is the same with Reiki.  If you want to do Reiki to heal yourself only, you still need to practice on yourself, daily.  YES, DAILY.  (If you actually want results)  If you want to do Reiki on others, you’ll need to practice on others and for the Highest Good, study with a Reiki Master to get help along the way or establish a very strong Love and Light connection with your Reiki Guides.  Preferably both.  If someone wants to be a Reiki Master/Teacher, this in turn will take more practice, more time, more help, more honing, more experience, etc.

Divinely Reiki

Just because Reiki comes from a Divine source it doesn’t mean we still don’t have lessons to learn about channeling Reiki energy through our human bodies.  Most of us do.  Most of us are working with the Reiki in the first place to help us with these issues.  So, sorry if you don’t want to hear it, but… “PRACTICE MAKES BETTER.”  Yes, even in Reiki, practice makes better.  You’ll feel better, be able to run more energy better, be able to FEEL the energy in your hands and body better, be able to manifest the things and life you want better.  All of the above.  JUST DO IT!

It’s worth it!

In Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Quotes I Like – Life is Like a Dream



Quote by Paul Williams from “Remember Your Essence”

Your everyday life is like a dream.

Everything that happens in a dream seems very real and very important while it is happening.

and then when you wake up, you say, “Oh! It was only a dream!”, and what had been very important becomes ‘interesting,’ or maybe you forget it altogether.  

You know that it wasn’t real in the ways that your everyday life is real.

Everyday life, however, is no more real than a dream is real.

When you wake up, you remember this.

and each time you wake up, you remember again.


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Book – ‘Soul Rays’ by Candia Sanders LIVE!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I met Candia at a Body,Mind,Spirit Expo in Pasadena ten years ago.  This was taken at the Portland one.
I met Candia at a Body,Mind,Spirit Expo in Pasadena ten years ago. This was taken at the Portland one about 8 years ago.

I have worked with a Medical Intuitive, Candia Sanders, for the past ten years for my variety of chronic health conditions as well as learning how to work with my very sensitive and psychic body/mind/spirit.  Over the years she has been my healer, mentor, teacher, friend and now considered a dear soul sister.  She is an amazing bright light in my life and I’m incredibly grateful for all she has taught me and helped me with.  I wouldn’t be the healer I am today if it weren’t for her visionary work healing and guiding me.

Candia talking to our group in my packed living room.
Candia talking to our group in my packed living room.

Candia and I work by phone most of the time, but every now and then we are in the same place at the same time and we get to connect physically again.  The Universe conspired this September for this to happen while she was on her book tour promoting “Soul Rays”.

Candia and her husband, Dale were coming to Port Angeles, the town next door, to talk at the Unity Church about her book “Soul Rays, Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul.” (I’m in the book, pg. 133 in case you wanted to know.) I had a two-day class cancel at the last-minute, opening up the door for Candia and Dale to walk through.  At the very last-minute I thought, “Wow, I really want all my Reiki students/clients to have a chance to meet Candia.” So I asked her if she’d be willing to do a talk.  She’s always positive and of course, even two days before the night of the talk, jumped at the chance to meet my Reiki friends.

Candia’s Very Special Own Healing Technique

Candia reading soul rays after the talk.
Candia reading soul rays after the talk.

With one day notice, via email, 23 people showed up at my home to hear Candia talk about her self-healing path, from a severe skiing accident to being ‘zapped’ by toxins by a local paper mill twenty years ago to more recent physical sensitivities she’s healing for herself. Over many years of trial and error and undeterred experimentation of working on herself, she developed an energy healing technique to heal herself and others by energetically manipulating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body back into alignment.  It’s kind of like what a chiropractor does to the skeletal system, but she does it on ALL four levels at the same time.  It is very cool, and extremely effective.  I’m proof.

What is a Soul Ray?

Book Soul Ray by Candia SandersCandia is always thinking outside the box for new ways to heal, new analogies that help us understand our healing paths and new visuals to help us heal ourselves.   Then she teaches her clients.  She also enjoys writing and writes like she talks with great vision and symbolism.  At the meeting she talked about her new book “Soul Rays.”  A soul ray is not an aura, I’ve already made that mistake.  No, this is a vibratory color that we chose before coming into physical body that represents our path for this lifetime.  We chose a color for an issue we are needing to master, such as the blue ray would work on communication or lack of communication and a yellow ray would work on power/empowerment.  This is where the term Indigo came from, that is talking about a soul ray, not the person’s aura colors.  Aura colors change all the time, the soul ray stays the same throughout a person’s whole life on earth.  According to Candia’s book, we will be each soul ray in our many lives until we master what we want to master.  Here is a quote from Candia’s book that might help explain better than my laymen’s terms.

Soul Ray Quote

Candia with Sharon.  Sharon's smile is contagious and she was so excited to be here to hear Candia I had to include her beautiful photo in this blog.  She's an amazing soul.
Candia with Sharon. Sharon’s smile is contagious and she was so excited to be here to hear Candia I had to include her beautiful photo in this blog. She’s an amazing soul.

In choosing human potential, the soul is given the freedom to decide what is the most viable and valuable experience for the growth of the soul.  the life, time frame, location, genetic pattern, physical attributes (size, shape, sex), emotional structuring, special familial symmetry (grandparents, parents, siblings, friends) frailties, strengths, circumstances, advantages, disadvantages, direction, and the skills, tools, and make-up of personality, are all considered and clearly implemented with a team of advisors, counselors, and higher conscious beings.  As a soul traveler you have the ability to perceive in advance what your greatest resources will be, the largest challenges, and the heroes/heroines and villains on your journey.  Some of these loving or villainous characters will surprise you as comprehension and memories fade, lost as the fog of human form rivals and takes over from the oversoul and the intuitive process is disregarded.  This became the birthing point of each human form, the best opportunity to polish the facets of each soul’s unique blueprint.” from Soul Rays by Candia Sanders

How to Find Out What Your Soul Ray Is?

Nursing babies and pets are often participating in events at my house.  Even Baby Grace had her soul ray reading.
Nursing babies and pets are often participating in events at my house. Even Baby Grace had her soul ray reading.

Candia’s book goes through each color Ray and describes what each personality is like, what they are working on if they chose this color and how to work with it better for your future path.  Some people may be able to tell from these descriptions what their ray color is, however, it’s tricky too, because we chose our color based on what we need to work on, not necessarily what our favorite color is or what we as humans want to work on.  A few people at the talk had been told they were Indigos by other healers when they were really violets.  There is a difference.  Once they read about the violet ray, it really made sense to them more than the Indigo.  A great deal of understanding comes from knowing our personal soul ray, for us and for understanding those around us as well.

After the talk, my husband Robert left, Candia's husband Dale, middle and Gigi's husband, Gerry sat around talking.  I'm sure they were talking about Soul Rays!!
After the talk, my husband Robert (left), Candia’s husband Dale, (middle) and Gigi’s husband, Gerry (right) sat around talking. I’m sure they were talking about Soul Rays!!  It’s not easy being the husband of an intuitive healer, nice they can talk together and share notes.  Actually, I think they were talking about world currency and economic markets.  Look carefully to see Candia’s dog, Charlie.

At the end of Candia’s book she gives ideas on how to discover what your personal soul ray is and of course you can call Candia for a session and she’ll tell you personally and describe your strengths and weaknesses in attributing this to your current life path.  She’s truly an amazing healing, I recommend having a session with her. Her book can be found on Amazon for download or soft back, I have both.  Click here for a link to her website.

Testimonials From our Soul Ray Talk

I highly recommend Candia’s book and working with Candia as a healer.  I could go on and on with ten years of work together behind us but I’ll let the testimonials from the people who were here for her talk do the talking.

It was a truly magical night for me, three of my soul sisters in my house together at the same time, plus so many spiritual friends.  The vibe was incredible for me.  One of those events that happens rarely and I'm just filled with gratitude for it.  Ellen with Baby Grace, me, Gigi and Candia.  Souls transforming our planet just by emanating Love and Light. I'm so blessed.
It was a truly magical night for me, three of my soul sisters in my house together at the same time, plus so many spiritual friends. The vibe was incredible for me. One of those events that happens rarely and I’m just filled with gratitude for it. Left to Right – Ellen with Baby Grace, me, Gigi and Candia. Souls transforming our planet just by emanating Love and Light. I’m so blessed.

I feel blessed to have been included in the group last evening. Candia absolutely ‘nailed it’ with her reading of my soul ray and halo. Indigo and Green. In fact I was getting antsy to get back to the farm as darkness dropped on the sky outside – had to get the chickens locked up. (That’s the green halo). I had purchase the Kindle version of her book and read it before attending the event. Immediately – once I was sure that the dogs, cats, chickens, llamas and sheep were safely tucked in for the night (such a green trait) I got right back into the book and read it through again before dropping off to sleep. My Indigo soul ray shines in my work as a meditation instructor trained by Deepak Chopra, a certified NLP Practitioner, writer, publisher and founder of the Center of Infinite Reflections in Sequim.I’ve worked with color auras for 40 years and am open to new visions. Candia’s work resonates with my soul.”  Susan Davis, 

Candia is “spot on”.  She is like no one I have ever met and hear talk before.  She speaks the truth and is so compassionate and strong in getting her feelings and knowledge across.  I have not been able to put down her book because it solidifies for me what I have been feeling and wanting out of this life on this planet.” Karen Maloney

“There were so many things said by Candia last night that resonated with me but one that caught my attention was – give yourself permission to have fun.  I’m still dealing with statements from my childhood about getting all the work done first.  Is it really ever done?!?!?!  That was an A-Ha moment for me.  Permission granted!!  Thank you, Candia!”
Joanie S.

Josslyn,  What an amazing night I had, we all had! Things just keep transforming and changing and getting more amazing since meeting you! Meeting and hearing Candia speak was just another piece to the puzzle for me. I feel like a huge geode that is about to crack open! Candia’s talk affirmed so much for me. I left with my heart full and truly felt as if I was standing in my own power. Words really cannot express the experience of meeting her. What a true blessing she is to this world!  Peace and Blessings, Sharon Rowland”

As Candia presented the different Rays and their attributes, everyone knew someone who fit each.  Their paths in life mirrored the Ray. It felt very organic, and is very accurate.  I have been awakened twice by an “Aha!” moment since her presentation.   Candia is  a delightful, passionate and brilliant (literally) speaker.”  Rena R.

Hello Josslyn,  I am writing this today because it all had to sink-in.  Candia is a wonderful speaker, I felt her message. I am feeling a lot from her book. I have said many times all energies are the same just different modalities. Reiki, DE energy medicine, Healing Touch, Acupuncture, Cranial-sacral,  Akashic Records, Soul Ray etc.  I began this journey with the passing of my son and connected with a medium intuitive.  He connected me with my son , family, and guides.  I knew then they never leave us. Then I found Reiki and you right here in Sequim. In Reiki I learned of loving healing energy.  I could heal myself with the Divine energy and send it out to others.  If I have a worry I call upon the divine energies to heal it. Its been a hard road but I am learning  to release things.

 I am so interested in the Healing Energies, I know this is my path.  I have read many books on the energies, CWG by Neale Donald Walsh really speaks to me.
I have been trying to connect with my soul.  That is what happened to me today.  That is what happened to me Friday night when Candia was telling us  of Soul Ray!   I can say Friday night was magical for me also.  Thank you for introducing us to Candia.
love, JC”
In Love and LIght of our Divine,
Reiki Blessings to you ALL!!
Josslyn Streett or 360-460-7829




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Humility as Nothing to Defend by Jeff Foster

Humility as Nothing to Defend

By Jeff Foster

I find truth in anything anyone ever says about me, so nobody can be my enemy.
Call me a fraud, I can find it. Call me a liar, I can find it. Call me a failure, I can find it.
Call me unreasonable, irresponsible, ignorant, deluded, full of ego, totally unenlightened,
the worst being in the world, I can find all of it.
As consciousness, I can find anything.
Like you, I have nothing to hide, nothing to lose, and no image to protect.
Every possible facet of human experience is available here.
This is truly the end of war.
It is the end of protecting and defending a mirage called ‘me’.
So, next time you get triggered by something someone says to you or about you,
ask yourself this: “What am I defending?”
This inquiry is the key to unimaginable peace.
Deep gratitude to anyone who has ever given me any kind of feedback.

More about Jeff Foster 

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Why Take a Reiki Class?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Interested in taking a Reiki I class?

Maybe you don’t even know you are!  Reiki is not just for healing, or for being a healer, IT’S FOR MAKING YOUR WHOLE LIFE BETTER!

Reiki is a way to work with the healing energy in our every day lives to make our lives happier and more spiritual in every way.  During my classes I teach how to manifest the life you want with the help of Reiki energy.

I also teach how to make your food and drink healthier for you, how to help cleanse your house, car, computer or identity for protection and more loving energy, how to use Reiki to help solve disputes with your children, other family members, friends or animals, how to work with the Reiki to be more successful at your job and how to use the Reiki energy to manifest anything you need in your life from a better career, more peace in your life, a new home, a lost item or to find your path in life and much more.

Practice session during a Reiki I class.  Photo by Joss Streett, please link if used.
Practice session during a Reiki I class. Photo by Joss Streett, please link if used.

 Reiki is not just for healing, it’s a whole new way of LIVING!

I’m so excited at the changes I see in my students and clients and ME, that each time I teach a class I get that much more into it.


This class will be broken up into two really fun and full days:

  •  Day 1   Saturday, March 8th from 9:45 am to 6 pm
  • Day 2   Sunday, March 9th from 9:45 am to 6 pm  

deposit of $25 and a commitment are required to me prior to the class so I can have all the binders printed up for the students I know are serious about the class.  (Full price of the class is $150)

Any other questions please call or email me!




P.S. Once you have taken a class from me and paid in full for it, then you can repeat that class at any time for free!