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Reiki For Hair Growth

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Intuitive Healer for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 

REMEMBER – Reiki works safely alongside any other healing modality or medical intervention. But, it is NOT a substitute for medical help. Please, if you have serious hair loss, please consult your doctor and get blood work or other testing done to get answers. AND add Reiki to that!!


When my dad was young his Aunt and Uncle raised him.  He said he learned everything good from his Uncle Karl.  He had so much respect for Uncle Karl and his word was my dad’s law in life.  

One thing Uncle Karl taught him was to massage his scalp every morning.  He told him, IF he massages his scalp rather vigorously every day, he would not go bald.  He really did not want to go bald.  But, what kid actually does as a young teen, way before the chance of going bald?  My dad as a kid, that’s who.

Well, whether it was the massaging of the scalp or the true belief in Uncle Karl’s words, it worked.  My dad did not go bald, but his younger brothers did; and at a somewhat early age.  My dad was always very proud of his hair because he had dedicated and worked at it.  When he died at 84 he had a full head of blond hair, a little less full then when he was young, but a full head of hair none the less.

Reiki always knows what you are doing so you don’t have to, anyone can do Reiki. But, holding positive intentions does make the healing stronger.


My dad usually did this ritual early in the morning before his showers.  I only know this because when we would go camping in the summer. Every single morning my dad would shake the camper for about 5 – 10 minutes while he leaned way over so he was upside down in front of him and very vigorously massaged his scalp.  This action would shake our trailer- A LOT.  He’d shake the trailer so much it would wake us all up so I couldn’t go back to sleep again, even on vacation. (That was probably also his secret secondary plan.) But, this was so important to him, that he keep his morning absolution every single day, he didn’t mind the wrath of two teen girls screaming at him for waking them up too early on their summer break. I wonder what our fellow campers thought was going on in our camper as they walked by us to their morning shower?  Hmmmmmm, I bet they had absolutely no idea my father had discovered the free miracle cure to baldness.

My dad dedicated himself to this goal and did it every single day and it worked, for all we know.  I believe intention and action almost always work.  Add Reiki and Yes, it always helps.


When I started losing my hair from age and hormone issues I thought about this as I was shampooing my hair. I decided to apply Reiki and (not quite so vigorously) massage my scalp while I shampoo and just let Reiki do, what Reiki does; heal!!


(We just don’t always know how it helps.)

Your crown chakra will be so HAPPY!!

Scientifically I can’t tell you my hair is growing back because of the Reiki although I apply this most days; there’s no money to create that study.  But, my hair seems thicker and healthier to me and that’s all that matters. It helps me to know I’m doing something positive about it.

Sometimes, we just need to Reiki something every day for many years and it will help.  Intention meets attention + Reiki!  A powerful combination.


*** There is no wrong way to do Reiki. Just do it!!  

*** Reiki is Divinely Guided and is always for your best and highest good.  IF you are meant to have a full head of hair and DO this process, it will work, most of the time.  Life happens. 


Edgar Cayce would from time to time get letters from his clients (His readings were all done through snail mail at the time) who had received a healing/reading from him and it didn’t work.  In most of these cases Edgar Cayce would write back and tell them to NOT GIVE UP or DO IT LONGER, MUCH LONGER!!  YEARS LONGER!  Most people give up before results.  


Reiki is Divinely Sourced and Guided, therefore, it hears your thoughts and you can direct Reiki with your thoughts.  

Ask Reiki to:

* Shoot Reiki out through your fingertips to thicken your hair growth

* Remind you -to do this every time you shampoo.

* Run Reiki every time you shampoo even if you forget to ask

There are other therapies that help heal many parts our bodies from the scape; Indian Scalp Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Energy Psychology and holding Neurovascular points which I learned from Donna Eden. Always beneficial to run Reiki on your head.

* Ask Reiki to heal your scalp, hair follicles, acupressure points on your scalp 

* Ask Reiki to open your crown chakra or others near the area

* And any other healing intention that comes to you

So, think about yourself and your healing practices.  What would benefit from you doing it more and longer and WITH REIKI?!!!

That is a question for you to answer yourself, but please do share with us IF you feel so called to do so; especially if this helps you in any way.  We love to hear from you.

Love and Light,

Josslyn and 360-460-7829

Acupressure areas on the head.
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Reiki to Filter Emotional Media

by Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Reiki Intuitive Reader/Healer for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 

One of the things our Psychic Healer’s do here at Rain Shadow Reiki, is to safely and with Divine Guidance pull energy out of people’s body and aura that should’t be there.  Energy that is not theirs, energy that they picked up from others, from media, the spaces we walk through, etc.  

When “13 R3asons Why” came out on N3tflix years ago, we had a string of mothers of teens calling us to ask us what was going on with their teen after they watched the show.  Their teens were having very dramatic emotional issues all of a sudden and all they know was that they had watched that show.  The drama & trauma energy, emotional energy and more can leap off the screen and right into your aura.  If it is not cleared from the aura, then it eventually gets into the body and becomes dis-ease, emotional or mental anxiety, depression and more.  We can feel great, then watch a scary or dramatic movie and all of a sudden, we’re not feeling so great.  But, do we realize it’s the energy from the movie or T.V. program- most people have no idea.  Empaths often know, they just don’t know what to do about it.

I prefer vintage movies if I’m doing scary.

I’m an empath and I have had to pull the energy from all the scary movies I watched as a kid because they stayed with me.  Over time their effects may seem less and less to us because we become desensitized to the energy, but it is still harming us and piling up, one show on top of another.  

Many of us are that sensitive.  Many empaths can read an email and the emotional energy the person was feeling while they wrote it, jumps out of the computer and sticks onto us.  You might remember this happening some time and all of a sudden now you go – AH HA!! That’s what that was.


Every time I watch T.V., watch a movie, read a book, read email, scroll through FB, I use Reiki to put up a wall of Reiki between me and the screen and intend it all goes up to Reiki Source and that my personal space (aura) is Safe and Sacred.

Simple Reiki Hack for Media

  1. Ask Reiki to put a Reiki sheet in between you and the movie/show.  (You can do this for your family too, their soul will chose to take it or not.)
  2. Visualize it.
  3. Intend the energy from the show goes UP to Reiki Source.
  4. Intend Reiki comes down and fills you up while you watch.
  5. Intend your personal space is Safe & Sacred
  6. Enjoy the show.


These days I even do this with comedies.  You never know, even the comedies are meant to SHOCK you and get past your aura defenses.  But, they won’t get past Reiki.  (UNLESS, your soul needs to have a lesson, then you will have the lesson.  That’s just the way of the Universe and Free Will.)

If you like, write down a list of shows, movies and more that you feel has stayed with you too long and give us a call.  We can pull them and more that you don’t even think of.  We don’t need to be walking around with that energy mucking up our beautiful energy!!

Let me know if this helps anyone, I love hearing from you all,

These were scary when I was a kid. Now they’re just COOL!!

Love and Light,



Yes, we do one on one sessions via Zoom!!

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Reiki 1 class in late June

Hello Reiki Students,
REIKI CLASS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! and so spiritual too…….
A Reiki I class has been scheduled for late June, in person and Zoom welcome.  DETAILS BELOW
Reiki has changed my life, the way I handle stress and stressful situations and most of all, it has connected me in a physically tangible way that I am able to FEEL IN MY BODY to my Higher Power of Love and Light.  THAT is a life changer! And a BONUS, my psychic/intuitive abilities were OFF THE CHARTS after my Reiki 1 attunement and just continued to grow.  Reiki is a real game changer for all of life !!  I highly recommend that in these extraordinary times of stress, Reiki can only help.  
To help your Reiki healing process further, I offer workshops and more classes to help you feel confident to continue in your Reiki practice; whether on yourself, your pets, plants, family and friends or on clients.  MOST people take Reiki for their own stress relief and just see where it goes from there.  There are a million plus reasons to take a Reiki class, none of them are wrong.  We have a Reiki community and we are here for you way after your class to help you with your Reiki practice wherever it leads you. It’s up to you how much you attend, but you can also just send us an email or post a question on our private Student’s FB page.  Rain Shadow Reiki has been teaching Reiki in Sequim and other locations since 2009 and will continue as long as we are able.  This is our soul path in life.  This is what we LOVE TO DO!!!
Josslyn and hopefully one other co-teacher will be teaching this class. 
Email or call us if you have ANY questions or issues about this class at all,
We LOVE hearing from you,
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Energy Healer
Ellen, Amber, Bren and sometimes some of our other Reiki Master/
teachers who work with us too.
WHEN:   JUNE 21ST, 23RD & 30TH 
(Tuesday, Thursday & Thursday)
WHAT TIME:  10am to approximately 4:30pm   (We will do our best to stay on time and usually do, but we also want to get to all the Reiki applicable questions the students have. The 4:30pm is flexible, but we are usually no later than 15 to 30 minutes over, please allow flexibility.)
WHERE:  Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (IN Sequim City limits)  OR on Zoom from your home  
HOW:  Click on the link to pay below, pay and we’ll take it from there.  Your payment IS your sign up. In the NOTE section please specify if you want IN PERSON or ZOOM   (First come first serve.  IF in person fills up we will have room on Zoom.) 
COST:  $330 includes the manual
RETAKES: Donation button below – If you have taken Reiki I from Rain Shadow Reiki before, we ask for a donation for our time and effort for another class.  Sometimes people say it’s like a whole new class because they learn so much the second time around because it’s not ALL new, they can take in more details.  It’s so worth it!  There is usually room in the class for retakes, if not in person, we always have room on Zoom.  I like having retake students in the class because they add a level of experience for the new students to hear about.  YOUR Reiki experience will help the whole class. 
Reiki I – more information about the class- 
Link to Pay for Reiki I – $330 includes manual –
Donate for Reiki I retake – 
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REIKI I – Reiki For Movement

For Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (All classes, workshops and readings available online)

REIKI UN DO!!! (ooon doe)

How many of you remember learning how to use ‘REIKI UN DO’ in your Reiki Class?

In Reiki I there is so much to learn and it’s ALL NEW and more than a little overwhelming, that we often forget much of it.  

Moving our bodies heals us just in the act in DOING it.  But, what if we could heal our body deeper, safer and with Divine Guidance with us the whole time? Yes, of course we can.  Reiki does just that.  Reiki Un-do is a quick, easy ‘short cut’ and when we say it, we can say it with POWER and that helps too.  Reiki Un-do is one of the tools we can work with to help our movement/exercise to be a deeper healing practice.  

Reiki Un Do helps us get motivated, helps us heal through many incarnations while moving, and get to all levels that are ready, willing and able to be healed in the moment.  Reiki Un-do is one of these tools that I see people forgetting they have learned in Reiki I and maybe some teachers don’t teach it so you didn’t learn it.  But, in daily life, it’s one of the ones I use consistently.

It’s another way to easily TURN ON our Reiki.  

MY REIKI PROCESS – First thing in the morning I roll out of bed and literally get on the floor to start my Physical Therapy exercises before I do anything else, otherwise honestly, they may not get done at all.  I rarely even bring in my Reiki with my Gassho first.  SO, I say happily out loud or in my mind, “REIKI UN-DO!” and I know Reiki is with me and helping me exercise, also helping to motivate me.  That’s the minimum I do.  Sometimes I’ll do more, if I am feeling it.  Here are other ways I start my Reiki for movement:

  1. “Reiki Un-Do” means, for me, “Reiki please move with me, heal me !”
  2. When I do more, I’ll say “Thank you Reiki for helping this exercise make me stronger, healthier, happier, etc.” (Place in your own intentions for your movement.”
  3. When I put on music, I’ll say “Reiki Un-Do, Reiki Dance with me!”
  4. Sometimes I’ll talk to Reiki more while I’m moving and sometimes that’s all I do.  It depends upon how I feel that day and time.
Bring Reiki while doing ANY movement activity!! Reiki brings; healing, spiritual power, safe and sacred space and intuitive guidance.  But, it also, always respects the soul’s own Free Will.  It won’t go against our soul’s plan even if you want it to. 


WHY do we want to make the extra effort to bring in Reiki while we move?

  1. Reiki brings Spiritual Power when you call it in.  It will help remind you to exercise if you ask it to.  It will help you feel spiritually powerful enough to go to the next level or take on a new exercise program or class.
  2. Reiki brings Healing with it.  Any exercise will go deeper in your healing process then if you do not bring Reiki in.  It will heal you on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually all at the same time, just because you bring Reiki in to move with you.  It helps you make the MOST of your time exercising.  Get maximum healing for the time you are doing it. (I do some of my deepest grieving/healing during my walking or dancing time. Movement HEALS US!)
  3. Reiki creates Safe and Sacred Space around you and for you while you are moving.  Protection from picking up other’s energy at the gym, protection from hurting yourself (Unless there is a healing opportunity that your soul chooses for you), and intuition for listening to your body while you are working out.

HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE, thank you for your questions, we love them!!

AND, hope this helps your exercise be a little more SPIRITUAL & FUN!!!

Love and Light,

Josslyn and Ellen, Amber & Bren, Reiki Master Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki 

To learn about Reiki and Intuition Classes, Workshops, Spiritual Ladies Night Out events and more, email us at or call us at 360-460-7829.  Leave a vm if we don’t know you yet. 

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Soul Mates, Narcissists & God- OH MY!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Reader for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center

This weekend we had our first Psychic Slumber Party event, which was really all about LOVE!!   But under the guise of a slumber party, we were able to start the event with a lighter and airy and a little bit silly vibe,  so we could have some FUN right from the get-go.


Bren wore jewels on her face to feel inspired for the LOVE workshop. Beautiful!!

Again, my Divine Guidance told me to have this event and even when and for how long.  All of the events we have a Divinely Guided, but this one was planned very much in every aspect by my D.G. (Divine Guidance). 

Every event we have at Rain Shadow Reiki is first and foremost for healing, but we also have goals for: fun, enhancing our psychic abilities and community are very close seconds.  


Our workshops are ALL ENCOMPASSING, is how I describe them.  


Sharon wore all purple for her empowerment Goddess Avatar!!

Healing, expanding your intuition into psychic abilities, fun and community are wrapped up into everything we do.  So, if those are also on your list of goals, then we are here, doing it all on Zoom.  




We all choose Goddess Empowerment names to use throughout the day. As we grew and healed through the day we changed our names as we felt it. Helped with the FUN VIBE!!

In this event, the healing focus was on LOVE.  Releasing OLD love and bringing in NEW love.  That had different definitions for everyone involved.  Some attendees were manifesting best friends, roommates, romantic love, business partners, Divine Life Partners, etc.  We were as well releasing ‘old’ loves from this life or others; all of the above, plus more.  By first focusing on Love of Creator and Love of Self we will be able to love others more and better, as well.



After a meditation and some ThetaHealing to heal ourselves as babies in the womb, we easily moved into healing our ‘God’ issues, ‘Jesus’ issues, Ex issues and more, much more.  We healed marriages and did energetic divorces from all of our lives, we cleaned and cleared all cords and energies between us and the other relationships, healed beliefs that keep us in this revolving door of unhealthy relationships and finally brought in new and beautiful and loving emotions.  High Vibrational Emotions to enhance our ability to love, all encompassing.  That was a lot to do in 6 hours, but we did it and today, we rest.


Heather showing off her empowerment for love jewelry. The next day she told me this about the funshop, “After that energetic divorce I feel completely different, lighter, able to be free in the best way.”


We had a fabulous discussion about what a soul mate is, what we feel it is, and how they play as mirrors and healers in our lives.  This also helped in the manifesting portion of our workshop, to be very specific about what kind of soul mate we want to manifest in our lives.  There are a lot of ROMANTICIZED notions about soul mates from movies, New Age teachers, society and more.  D.G. likes to keep it real and focused on balance.  I prefer this perspective and many of my client’s do too.



In the cracks, we did fun stuff to keep the slumber party vibe going; we each took turns reading oracle cards, read how young children describe love (Totally adorable, inspirational and tear jerking all in one), showed off our tiaras, tattoos, crystals, PJ’s and more.  Plus we had some slumber party food prepared for us to enjoy.  All in All, we felt it was very much what we wanted and needed and we are planning to do another one in a few months.  YEAH!!  Same goal, LOVE, but, different healing opportunities.  I always have to mix it up, otherwise I get bored and so do you.

Jenn was channeling her inner animal whisperer with peacock images and animal totems near by.



OH Yeah, and we also talked about the magnetic draw of narcissists to empaths/HSP and how to heal ourselves of that.  And, very important, how to spot them, then how to handle it.  LOTS of good information with help from the beautiful and amazing Sica.  Then, of course,  we did healings for that connection as well.  That too will be continued, as it’s an ongoing theme throughout the lives of healers.


Lauren created a whole alter for love and also had a plant behind her which added to her hair adornment to look very inspiring and very cool.

Our goals here at Rain Shadow Reiki are to educate, teach and empower us as healers/psychics/empaths/Beautiful Reiki People!!  Oh yeah, and of course BRING IN FUN AND JOY, while we are DOING IT ALL!!

Love and Blessings to you all,

Pray to SEE YOU at an event soon.


**Rain Shadow Reiki events are still currently and will continue to be online for everyone around the country and more, to attend if you so choose.

**Josslyn, Ellen and Amber are also available for one on one psychic readings/healings as well as mentoring for psychic abilities, spiritual path, spirit guides, relationships, whatever you are moving forward in your life about, we can get D.G. for you and facilitate healing with you.  This is our passion, this is what we LOVE DOING!! $120 per hour

***Josslyn, Ellen, Amber – Reiki Master/Teachers/Psychic Readers/healers for Rain Shadow Reiki

***Bren, Susan, Molly, Margaret, Stephanie,  Deborah  – Reiki Master/Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki

***Heather  – Reiki Practitioner for Rain Shadow Reiki

Susan as Rainbow Dash


(More photos at the bottom)


“I’m excited!! I really feel different.  I feel lighter, I feel like the energetic divorce really worked.  I don’t feel tied to my ex’s like I did before.  I have done energetic divorce other times with other healers, but I just can’t get over how good I feel this time.  When you were doing the energetic divorce, I felt in my core, this heavy pressure and then this lightness, like I could float away but in a good way.  And, since then, I feel strong, I feel unstoppable, I feel like nothing is tying me down, nothing within me is keeping me from growing.  I just feel I had this tremendous release.  I’m really tired today and achy, but I feel like emotionally I’m on the top of the world.  And, I talked to the new person I’m dating after the Slumber Party and I feel like it was really helpful to have the workshop and then talk to them because I feel like I was able to have more regulation on my emotions.  It was great talking to them, fun and easy, no anxiety, but at the end of the conversation, I noticed how normally, with a good conversation with them, I just feel all this love and get in my head “Are they the one?” Then I get into overthinking, “Is this person the one?”.  But, last night, I had this clarity of, “I love this person, we have this great connection.” However, I was clear with my feelings.  It was just so clear, this person is not the one for me, they mean a lot, but, they just aren’t the one.  Then, you inspiring us to (DO the healing work) in class, with the new knowledge we had to know specifically what we want going forward, and knowing how to use the Reiki to help me, it’s hard to put into words, but I don’t feel this NEED, this heavy NEED.  And the need now it feels like it was based on belief systems and insecurities.  So basically it wasn’t even a need at all.  So, now having this clarity, I was able to release what I thought might be with this current person, and put it out there instead into the Universe.  Instead of letting it rest on one certain person, so it was a release of clarity and knowing that there is somebody that fits all the things I want, and I just feel so free.  Free from stuff.  The freedom is complete faith that that person will come, when they are supposed to come. I’m happy to wait, work on myself, and grow.  It just feels like, now, everything is ok, everything is exactly how it should be, and I don’t have to want, and be lonely.  It just feels good.  I just feel really different.  My heart is still so open and loving, but it feels stronger, more resilient, and more clear.   What a gift yesterday was.  I feel like I’m going to be soaking it up today and for a while.   Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.” H.B. from P.T. WA

“I tend to have intense, visceral, sometimes quite dramatic physical and emotional reactions to the powerful Reiki, Theta, and other healings I’ve done with Josslyn. That’s how I know they work! However her love-focused healings and clearings that were part of the Psychic Slumber Party resulted in a soft, gentle, and warm experience. It was actually a nice change from my usual internal fireworks! And I still absolutely know they worked (things have already started to shift in my life). I always appreciate how Josslyn combines depth with fun, and this was certainly a love-ly way to spend the day!
Inhale, exhale,”
S.S.  from Sequim, WA


We all have more room for love today!! Thank you all for being on this journey with me. Grateful.
Stef with her love wand.
Jenn with some of her manifesting treasures.
Her best manifesting treasure are her beloved pets. Squirrel pictured. She’s often with us in workshops. Nice thing about Zooming from home, our pets can be with us too.
Heather was wearing her Wonder Woman jammies for Goddess Empowerment!!


Oh, yes, we got silly!!
Susan pulled a fairy oracle card for the group.
Sharon pulled an oracle card for us too….
Stef was comfy and cozy with her heart pillow.

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First Online Healing Workshop for Your Immunity & Intuition -MONDAY, April 20th from 5pm -9pm

From Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Our goals for these series of workshops is to help you feel empowered to feel strong and intuitive to make good decisions for you and your family, to know intuitively what your body needs and to be able to have healing techniques to do something about it.  We are here to continue to support you via phone, email, FB and FaceTime or Zoom for Q&A, continued intuitive healing or readings or mentoring.  Supporting our community is what propels us forward each and every day.
We are teaching our first online Zoom workshops this Monday, April 20th, 2020
(Explanation of event below)
***Call us or email us if you would like to get in on the workshop or future workshops/classes.  Our phone number is 360-460-7829 and our email is . (This is different from our blog email list)
Each workshop is $36 during quarantine and as long as we are being told to do this for less (Down from our usual workshop price of $50)
Note- no one is ever turned away.  If $36 is too much at this time because you are not working due to the virus, please call Bren at 360-460-7829 and talk to her.  We will ask Divine Guidance and decide for each person on a case by case basis.
These workshops will be ALL IN ONE.  Meaning, they will be healing youteaching you to tap into your intuitive abilities, teaching you HOW to intuitively heal yourself and be in community with like minded people.
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuition Teacher and owner of Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center for 11 years will be your teacher for this workshop. 
IF you want to be psychic or work on your intuitive abilities – THIS IS THE CLASS – I will not be teaching a Psychic class right now because I’m rolling it all into these workshops.  The best way to learn that you ARE psychic is to DO IT.  In these workshops we will be DOING it every time in a non-confrontational way that feels safe to everyone.  So, If you had wanted to sign up for my Psychic Circle Class, take as many of these new workshops as possible.  Then take them again and again. Your intuition will grow and improve and you’ll be trusting it much more.
In these workshops we will be running Reiki, doing Reiki Psychic Healing, ThetaHealing and more.  Reiki is not a requirement to get the benefits from these workshops.  But Reiki makes any healing opportunity better, deeper, safer, more connected to your Creator. Reiki makes the healing more powerful and always respects your soul’s free will and soul contracts.  Everyone taking this workshop who does have Reiki will be running their Reiki so that everyone who does not have Reiki will also be able to receive it and ‘piggy back’ on it IF YOU SO CHOOSE.
Empowerment 1–Focused on staying healthy and calm during quarantine or essential work.  
In this workshop we will be psychically pulling from your physical and energetic bodies, plus your subconscious, the fear and other lower vibrating emotions and beliefs that keep us vulnerable to the fear of the virus, and pulling the actual energetic virus. (We will be pulling four viruses: Coronavirus, Sars, Epstein Barr and Influenza). Then we will be downloading positive beliefs and emotions to support your subconscious in order to attract healthier situations in life. This workshop will be different every time and we recommend, during the virus outbreak, taking this workshop once a month.  These workshops will be interactive – you will contribute the fears and other emotions that have been predominant for you at this time.  Also, we will be exploring hexes that get stuck in your subconscious from media, social media, medical personnel, movies, books, and TV.  You will be leading us on which ones have been the most hurtful to you, and we will pull them psychically and send them to Creator. (Blog about this workshop-www./
We are very excited!! Hope to see you soon!!
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Reiki Didn’t Work For Me

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

*****If you believe Reiki didn’t work for you, may I suggest you read on…..

**2nd in a series on being successful with your Reiki practice when it doesn’t come easy to you.  Here is a link to the first blog, Signs that your Reiki Really is ON.

In my classes, like my teacher before me,  I tell people to look back after one year of being attuned to Reiki and they will see how their lives have changed a great deal.  IF AND ONLY IF they are actually working with their Reiki regularly.  DAILY IS BEST.
I encourage you to work with your Reiki each and every day in your life, make it a part of your daily living and you will see major changes for good happening right away.
 However, what if Reiki doesn’t come easy to you?  What do you do then?
Easy………. like any other new thing in your life, stick to it, make it a priority, and then DO IT!! DO IT ANYWAY!!
With Reiki, I’m a very go with the flow teacher.  I believe the more we attempt to control our spiritual practice, the more Divine gives us lessons for control.
But, for this one thing, starting a new and very important habit that can literally change your life for the better — This One Time, Don’t Go With The Flow.  

In the beginning doing Reiki will be new and therefore different. Anything different to us can often be construed as STRESS!! ………..Oh no, not that!
If your mind translates the Reiki as stress then you will probably protect yourself from the stress by NOT doing it. Sabotage will occur, you stop doing it and then you end up seeing no benefits and it’s easy to say “Reiki didn’t work for me.”  When this is really not the truth at all.
We must work at the habit of the Reiki.
The daily work, the consistency to learn it, feel it and want it, is the hard part, the Reiki itself is the easy part.
Joss’ Story
“Doing Reiki for others came very easy to me, I’m a giver and always have been.  Receiving was totally new to me.  Therefore, doing Reiki on myself daily did not happen for quite a long time after taking my Reiki classes.  I knew I had these mental belief blocks to doing Reiki on myself, and I knew I needed to heal them, so I decided to do a lot of Reiki on others and INTEND to heal these blockages in my belief system during these healings on others.  Since our client and ourselves both receive Reiki, this was my indirect way of healing myself, the scenic route to healing an issue.  Longer, but also effective. This takes a little longer, but for me it worked – until it didn’t.  I reached a point where my intuition was giving me signs that this was no longer what I needed, I needed to do hands on Reiki daily.  I needed a new plan.  
So, I decided the old fashioned way was best for me.  It was close to the end of the year, so I decided that on New Years Day, I would make ONE New Years Resolution.  For that entire year, I would do Reiki on myself every single day, no matter what.  This was the only new major commitment I made that year and I stuck to it, because I knew I needed to and because I made the commitment to myself.  There were only two days where I had the stomach flu and did not accomplish my daily Reiki, every other day I did.  And what is more important, now doing Reiki on myself became MY NEW NORMAL.  Now, if I don’t do daily Reiki, I don’t feel normal and my body, mind and spirit remind me of this at the end of the day.  It’s a win/win.”
 Other Help – ME!
IF after a month of doing daily Reiki, you still have blockages that you can’t seem to budge, call me for a private session.  That is when we need other healers to help us.  Divine wants us to work together as a community.  He wants us to work as a team, to trust others.  If you have truly done all you feel you can do, that is when you ask for other help.   And if you are truly ready, mind, body and spirit, Reiki and myself will help remove the blockages that are holding you back.  Helping people move forward on their spiritual path is one of my specialties and one of my most favorite paths to help with.  I feel there is no other path that is more worthwhile than working on our connection to our Higher Selves.  I’m happy to help with this process.
 I pray this motivates some of you to take some action in your lives and practice your Reiki.  It’s all good.  It’s all part of YOUR personal journey.  Ask yourself, do I want my journey to start NOW?
 In Love and Light of our Divine Source,
 Josslyn or 360-460-7828
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By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

In March and April we had a weekday class for Reiki I and II and many of the students made it through both classes for all six days. We had so much fun and learned a great deal.

Many of these students were energy healers in other ways before taking Reiki. So they had wonderful and deep questions and we all learned a lot.

THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS, helping people see and experience how Reiki melds easily with ANY OTHER HEALING MODALITY. The way I teach Reiki, as the energy first, technique second, this is one of my specialities. IF the students are ready, willing and able to let go and allow Reiki to take the reins miracles happen. When we let go, and trust that Reiki knows what we and our client needs, it’s effortless and so in the flow, graceful.


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Reiki without permission? To Do or Not to Do…

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

*More links to other blogs on this topic at the bottom of the blog



This Reiki Master believes it is always ok to send Reiki. Read up her reasons and see how it compares to the others' opinions, reasons and also your higher self.
This Reiki Master believes it is always ok to send Reiki. Read up her reasons and see how it compares to the others’ opinions, reasons and also your higher self.

I teach in my Reiki I classes that in order to do Reiki on others, you must have their permission first.  Yes, this is how I was taught by my teacher, and this is what I hear from many other Reiki teachers as well.  But I’m a bit of a rebel and believe in questioning what I read, learn and hear.  However, I’m also very careful and respectful of people’s boundaries and free will.  So, I’ve been contemplating this particular question for years until I’ve come to a conclusion that feels right to me.  It’s up to you to find what feels right for you.  I pray this blog will help you with that looking at some different points of view.  I have also included at the end of this blog, links to other blogs on this same topic with other points of view.  If this is an important topic to you and you want more information to help you formulate what feels right for you, then please read more.  But, then, sit with your higher self and formulate what truly feels right for you.  That is always what counts most.

Yes, I ask permission and only do Reiki when I have permission.  But, read on, because it’s just not that simple.

Even though at the professional level of Healing Intuitive that I am, I am able to talk to people’s higher selves and get permission that way, I still rarely do this.  I truly feel this is for the most extreme situations only, such as: coma, someone trapped in a mine or somewhere we cannot communicate with them or other severely extreme situations like those.  Only then do I sit in trance and talk to their higher self to get a yes or a no.  Then I also say a special prayer before hand such as: “I am sending this Reiki with love.  This person may take as much, as little or none, it is up to them.  I respect their soul’s wishes completely and I fully and completely let go of the outcome.”  I rarely find a need to do it and I much prefer verbal buy in.

I also always get verbal permission from children, animals and most especially family members. This is a picture of my son receiving Reiki. We are most likely to have deep emotional connections when working on family members which are much harder to release effectively and therefore permission is of utmost importance. I fully respect my family's ability to work through their own issues and to sometimes say NO to me doing Reiki on them. It's all good and ok in the big picture.
I also always get verbal permission from children, animals and most especially family members. This is a picture of my son receiving Reiki from me a few years ago. We are most likely to have deep emotional connections when working on family members which are much harder to release effectively and therefore permission is of utmost importance. I fully respect my family’s ability to work through their own issues and to sometimes say NO to me doing Reiki on them. It’s all good and ok in the big picture. Photo the rights of Josslyn Streett and Rain Shadow Reiki, please tag my blog if you must use my photo.

 Here is my reasoning and then you can contemplate this question for yourself.

My main reason is for respecting each individual person’s free will and also to make sure you as the channel for the Reiki, are not putting your own intentions on anyone else’s’ healing path.  This is a very important step.  If we feel like we want to do Reiki on someone without their permission it is good to step back and ask yourself,  ‘why?’  Be honest.  No one else is in on this discussion except you and your Reiki guides.  If the answer is that you simply feel for what they are going through, then you may pray for them or send Reiki Blessings without permission. (Reiki has multiple symbols to send Reiki Blessings, The Power Symbol is one of them.)  If the answer is more like, “They aren’t doing the steps to grief.” or “They aren’t changing and it’s hurting our relationship.” Then you might need to step back, take a good look in the mirror and do Reiki on YOURSELF.  Most issues in YOUR life are YOUR issues.  Reiki YOU first and foremost.

As healing facilitators, we are trusted with a very big responsibility.  In my opinion, it is not to be taken lightly.  But, it is also not to be controlled or boxed in by other people’s beliefs, because we all must make our own mistakes and successes – that free will thing again.  As a ‘healer’ we are in people’s energy fields, messing around with higher bigger stuff then we truly understand, I don’t believe any human brain can fully comprehend all levels of healing that are taking place all at the same time when we do a Reiki session.  If we are doing this without permission, we are invading people’s boundaries, inflicting on their free will and therefore creating karma for ourselves to balance out again later.  Maybe soon later, maybe much later.  But, creating karma is not what we want to be doing as healers.  This creates unbalanced karma for you mostly but can also alter their healing path and neither one is what we want.  As healer we want to help, not make the process longer and more drawn out by creating karma.


Don’t.  Just don’t do it.

But, You Can Do These:

  • Reiki the relationship

    This is my energy healing space and I clear it with Reiki regularly. I set intentions for grounded, clean and clear, safe and sacred space each time, plus I add intentions for each individual client or event. I have had clients tell me that being in the Reiki in this space is the only time they have ever felt safe. THAT is a HUGE compliment to the extra work I do to keep the space sacred. It's worth it and it works.
    This is the Rain Shadow Reiki energy healing space and I clear it with Reiki regularly. I set intentions for grounded, clean and clear, safe and sacred space each time, plus I add intentions for each individual client or event. I have had a client who suffered from extreme childhood and adult abuse, tell me that being in the Reiki in this space is the only time they have ever felt safe. THAT is a HUGE compliment to the extra work I do to keep the space sacred. It’s worth it and it works.
  • Reiki the situation
  • Reiki the Karmic situation
  • Reiki the space, the physical space meaning a room or the space in between you and the person you are having an issue with.  Your own universe space.
  • Send Reiki Blessings with any of the blessing symbols, the power symbol (The Power Symbol Reiki II), the Master Symbols (UDKM, TDKM, Reiki III & Master/Teacher)
  • Pray for them

**None of these will inflict upon anyone’s free will and create positive karma for both parties.  A Reiki win/win situation.

By doing these, it also helps us heal our own karma towards the situation AND help us feel like we are doing something.  Many of us need to feel we are helping, this is a way to help but without actually interfering.


Let’s say you are a teacher.  You want to Reiki your students but know that you can’t because you’d need their permission and if they are children, their parents permission too.  Too much complication.  How can you work with Reiki, stay in your place of authenticity and make the classroom better without doing Reiki on individual people?  Easy, Reiki the space.  You can do this in person or long distance from your home if you have Reiki II symbols.

Clean and Clear Space

Learn to find that safe and sacred space within yourself and you may not any longer feel the need to 'save' others.  You will more easily be able to disconnect that need and allow the Reiki to flow.  Trust and Faith both come easily from this space.
Learn to find that safe and sacred space within yourself and you may not any longer feel the need to ‘save’ others. You will more easily be able to disconnect that need and allow the Reiki to flow. Trust and Faith both come easily from this space.

By cleansing the space with Reiki with a positive intention such as; clean and clear, safe and sacred (one of my favorites) the energy in the room will be fresh, calm, feeling safe & clean of all ‘old’ energies; old arguments that happened the day, week or years before.  Reiki will help the space to feel clean of anxieties from test taking or sitting too long.  With all these old energies transmuted to the Light with Reiki, the room and the people in it will FEEL AND BE CALMER!  Without them even knowing that anything is different.  They will feel it, you will feel it.  Reiki the room again any time you feel it needs it or do it every Sunday night before you go to work.  I like to go with the flow and listen to my intuition but sometimes it works best for me to be on a schedule.  Do what feels right for you.

Another Reiki Win/Win Situation

Also, another win/win, if some of the souls in the room choose to take the Reiki that is ‘hanging out’ they may take it.  This is not involving you, you are just offering the Reiki in the room and each individual person may choose on their own, to take it or not.  No boundaries have been invaded, no karma created.  So, they may get a healing anyway, but it is between them and their Higher Power, not you.  You as the Reiki channel are just the channel.  Reiki does the real work.

This can be done in ANY environment safely and ethically.

But, this also involves you as the channel to let go of ego.  To release any outcome you might have to the Reiki being in the room.  You have to work at not being connected to whether someone takes the Reiki or not.   This is challenging for most people depending upon the situation and takes doing MORE REIKI ON YOURSELF.  The prescription is usually, Reiki yourself more.

Example: Maybe the little boy’s (his higher self chooses) who is giving you the most troubles with his behavior chooses not to take the Reiki that has been offered in the classroom because his behavior is linked to a bigger life lesson he and maybe even you are supposed to learn.  We don’t know these spiritual ins and outs, but we must have faith that behind the scenes, Reiki really is doing all it can to help and support us in a way that will not change our life plan.  It’s pretty important stuff if you think about it.

Safe and Sacred

Safe and sacred intention helps people in the room feel safe and protected, again without knowing why.  This works great for children’s class rooms, group therapy meetings, doctor’s offices, psychic reading rooms, work spaces with a lot of people and of course Reiki rooms – any place where people may have some stress or anxiety about being there.  ANY SPACE ACTUALLY.  By the space feeling safe, the people in the space will be more grounded, more focused and more able to let go of old issues if this is needed.  And they can do so in a calm and loving environment.

REMEMBER, Reiki is Divine Healing Energy.  Therefore, it is intelligent and knows exactly what is needed at any given time, for any person in the space, even for you.  As humans, we need to get out of the way and allow Reiki to do its thing.

I like to start my beginning Reiki prayer with – FOR THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL INVOLVED, PLEASE SEND DOWN MY REIKI….

and I know in my heart that what is for the greatest good for all of us, will happen.

I’d LOVE to hear your views on this topic or how this blog helped you in some way.  All loving comments written with respect are appreciated.



There are many blogs out there to read on this topic.  These three will get you started and are truly worth the time to read them. Otherwise I wouldn’t put them here on my own blog.  Blessings…

**A blog by Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner, Jonathan Weekes who tells some true and truly beautiful stories about how we heal THROUGH our illness and difficulties to be the beautiful butterflies that we are today.  Worth the read.  Click on his name for the link.

**Another blog on this topic by James Deacon with quite an extreme story about free will.  Worth reading. Thank you James for your dedication to Reiki with ethics.

**A blog by Frans and Bronwen Stiene from the International House of Reiki with what seems like a very different perspective.  But, read all the way to the end, Frans and Bronwen and giving each of their students a great deal of credit for being able to detach from the situation and I respect them for that.  However, their advice at the very end is…well… you’ll have to read for yourself.  Click on their names for the link. or 360-460-7829




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My Husband’s Reiki Miracle

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

At our Reiki events and during private sessions it seems that many people are afraid to bring up the topic of miracles but want to.  They want to know how long it will take them to heal.  They want some concrete time frame as to how long this ‘Reiki stuff” will take to heal them especially if they have physical illness.  Many people simply want a healing miracle.  I totally understand.  If there was a magic pill, believe me,  I’D TAKE IT FIRST!!  I live and deal with five chronic ‘invisible’ illnesses every day – you can bet, I’d be first in line getting that pill.

Bubble Bursting – Warning

I hate to burst your bubble, but sometimes a dose of reality is what we need. Sometimes believing in a magic pill keeps us in denial longer than good and real information that can help us move on.   Ok, here is the bubble bursting but you have to read the whole thing to truly understand.  If you don’t want to do that, then bail out now and stay in blissful denial.  If you’d like to know more, it’s a good story, read on.

Reiki Works In Mysterious Ways

Here is a photo of us about six months before his rib went out.
Here is a photo of us about six months before his rib went out.

Reiki will never go against our free will.  Which means, if our soul has chosen illness as a spiritual tool for growth, then we must learn what we have come here to learn from this tool, BEFORE we can be healed.  The earth plane is unique from other healing/learning planes of existence because it is the most dense.  Therefore, there are lessons we can only learn while we are here; lessons such as addiction and physical illness.  We can learn them in other planes of existence as well, but not to the same dense level that we can while in physical form here.  Therefore, these lessons are critical to our soul’s development and we comprehend that at a soul level. But, we don’t remember it at a human level. That is the importance, but the reality is, there are no short cuts to learning these lessons.  It takes years, lifetimes to learn many of these lessons we have signed up for, which means that the Reiki will help us, guide us and even heal us if that is what is for our highest good, but it will not ‘cure’ us, unless that is what our soul signed up for.

Lesson of Patience

Reiki will also not heal us any faster than our subconscious mind is ready for.  If it did, our belief systems would send up a HIGH ALERT and sabotage the process we were making anyway.  Reiki heals us at the exact pace our unique personality is ready to heal at, no faster and no slower.  JUST RIGHT.  This may not be as fast as your CONSCIOUS MIND wants to go, believe me, I totally understand this one first hand.  But, this spiritual and healing work cannot be rushed.  Sometimes the true beauty is in the process, the journey, the full experiences along the way.  Sometimes we can’t see the true beauty until we are through it, but it’s even more impressive on that side.

Sometimes Miracles Happen

And then sometimes, miracles happen.  Sometimes miracles are supposed to happen to help us along our path, to help us with our faith when we need it.  I believe we also sign up for these miracles before we come here knowing we may need some extra support, some extra push in the right direction.  My husband experienced such a healing miracle that helped him to believe in Reiki and me, many years ago when I was a new Reiki healer.

My Husband’s Reiki MiracleKeepCalmBelieveInMiracles

My husband Robert is very open-minded, he has to be, to be married to me for over 18 years.  But, he’s also a thinker, a cynic and a natural-born inquisitor of new things.  When I started taking Reiki classes he was first in line for me to practice on him but didn’t like to ask me too often because I was busy with kids, Mommy/kid activities, household stuff and also practicing healings as much as possible in my ‘free’ time in between.  He didn’t want to put more on me.  I respectfully wait until he asks me to practice Reiki on him, still do.  So it was a few months before he asked.

At this time in our lives, Robert would get a rib out regularly.  If you’ve ever had a rib out, you know, it hurts pretty horribly and would put my strong and independent husband ‘on his knees’ so to speak.  He searched high and low for a Chiropractor who could help him.  We finally found one who could put him back in place and it would last 5 to 6 weeks.  This was the best he’d found so far and he was thrilled.  So, every 5 to 6 weeks he would journey up to the highlands about forty minutes away to have his body adjusted and then the rib would not go out.  This worked well.  Until it didn’t.

Enter – Student Healer Wife

Robert and I on the beach in CA before we moved to Sequim, WA.
Robert and I on the beach in CA before we moved to Sequim, WA.  He’s always been my biggest & most faithful supporter.

After I’d taken my Reiki II class and had been practicing for a few months Robert’s ribs went out again.  Unfortunately or fortunately for him, our Chiropractor was out-of-town.  He was in such pain and feeling there was little hope for relief, he asked me if I would do a Reiki healing on him.  I don’t know if he believed it would do anything, but when we have no other options, we often open up to new things we never would consider otherwise.  Thank God for that.  I didn’t even have a table back then so he laid on the end of the bed after the kids had gone to sleep and I did two hours of Reiki.  Afterwards, I rolled him over and he fell asleep.

He woke up the next morning and not only were his ribs back in place, but there was no pain.  Not only that, but his ribs didn’t go out again for almost EIGHT YEARS!!  Eight years later, they went out again, I practiced Reiki on him again, put him to bed and now it’s been another two years.  His body was helping him work on this issue again but in a lesser way.

Why Did Robert Get a Miracle?

I have contemplated this healing miracle my husband experienced and ‘discussed’ it with my guides over time.  I believe Robert got a healing miracle because he needed it, because he signed up for it before he came here in order to fully believe in Reiki and me.  Yes, it’s all about me, it’s my blog.  LOL.  I’m sure he has his own healing reasons as well, but combined with the fact that in order for me to have my business, which is run quite a bit out of our home and often interrupts family time and takes a great deal of dedication from our whole family – I believe he needed to, mind, body and soul,  believe in what I do to help other people.  Otherwise, he may not have been nearly as committed to my Reiki practice as he’s been, which is a great deal.

A Miracle is a Miracle

I don’t believe we always have to have a reason for a miracle, I believe we can’t possibly know how that all works.  I like to believe that sometimes our Divine Source likes to surprise us and keep us on our toes with a nice surprise.  And, I don’t believe we are truly meant to know how it all works.  This is the faith part.

But, in some cases, like ours, I believe there was a reason and it worked wholeheartedly.

I see what I call ‘mini miracles’ in my life daily.  To me, every time I feel the Reiki in my hands or receive intuitive information that connects to a client in an important way, that feels like a miracle to me – every time.  It helps me have faith, hope and spiritual power by knowing each and every day that I am watched over, guided and protected by Divine Love.  It keeps me going every day through the hard stuff and it gives me hope for our future on this planet that we can turn things around and save not only our planet but each other as well.  These are all miracles, big or little.  A miracle is a miracle no matter what you call it.  If you just believe.  If it gives you faith.

My family at about the time when I learned Reiki for the first time. My family has supported me in so many ways for me to be able to practice Reiki at home, at odd hours and on many weekends when we could have otherwise been together. They fully believe in me and what I do. So grateful for them.
My family at about the time when I learned Reiki for the first time. My family has supported me in so many ways for me to be able to practice Reiki at home, at odd hours and on many weekends when we could have otherwise been together. They fully believe in me and what I do. So grateful for them.

I pray our little story helps you to understand a bit more about how Reiki heals, that miracles really do happen in our lives in big and little ways and we just need to be aware, be in the flow and be grateful.  And, that patience is sometimes one of the biggest lessons we can learn, I know it is for me – because I still don’t have that magic pill.


Many Reiki Blessings to you all, may you receive the miracle you requested this year!!

Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829 for private sessions or readings with Josslyn