Testimonials for Reiki Classes

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

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Reiki III Master Healer Class Online
May 19, 2021

The 3 most valuable things I learned in Reiki III Master Healer Class were:
  • I learned the master symbol which I use everyday in the morning, at work, at night, everywhere basically.
  • I learned how to heal someone quickly with the healing attunement and I have used this 4 times now after we finished class.
  • I learned how to show myself compassion and respect on a deeper level.
I would love more information on reiki alchemy and byoson!
I feel like I really connected with everyone! I really felt safe and loved and it is difficult for me to feel both of those so it was really awesome to actually get relaxed and I also really loved being able to be in a class again. I love learning and I miss school.
Thank you ❤
Emily S.,  Pullman, WA

Reiki III Master Healer Class  Online
May 19, 2021

The 3 most valuable things I learned in Reiki III Master Healer Class were:
  • I learned (or re-membered) that I am a healer. I can do this. I DO do this.
  • I learned to be a more open channel for Reiki energy.
  • I learned to be more still and listen to my Guides.
I would like to get more information on teaching someday because this experience is something I want to share with others.
My class experience was loving and accepting. I myself received more than continuing instruction on the fundamentals of Reiki, but also personal healing. I feel as though my Reiki journey that began so long ago has really been focused now and I feel more confident running Reiki. I am so grateful for the peace and acceptance from the experience as I was touched deeply and motivated to use and practice and learn more. Thank You!
Chana H., Port Angeles, WA

Reiki III Master Healer Class Online
May 19, 2021
The 3 most valuable things I learned in Reiki III Master Healer Class were:

  •  A reminder that even if you are struggling someone else can have a more difficult struggle to deal with
  • A reminder to accept what you can and cannot do. Remember self care and be easy on yourself.
  • Reiki will truly heal.

I would like more information on plant connection/communication.

There was resistance for me to take this class. Even though I was very excited that the time worked out for me to take the class, I felt resistance before each class.  Once we began a calm settled each time. Josslyn’s ability to bring grounding and energy in for the process to begin is invaluable.  Having learned through her that there is no wrong way to ‘do’ Reiki is also an important lesson for me. Sometimes you just do what you can do and the Reiki guides DO deliver.

Thank you Sensei Josslyn for your intuitive guidance and compassion. As I continue on my spiritual path, I am grateful for the deep connection to my Reiki guides you have given me.

Yes, you may use my comments.

Kim S., Port Angeles, WA

Reiki 1 Class online

Absolutely (I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki Teacher)! She is amazing and so easy to connect with! I appreciate her skill at teaching as well as her encouragement to listen to your own intuition.  I really loved the Reiki 1 course with Josslyn and I would absolutely recommend this to someone else.  Jessica M. Ashland, OR- Reiki 1

Reiki Master/Teacher Class online

I was never planning on taking this class.  Never believed I could confidently teach others.  Never believed I would find the right words to share with others, to convey the absolute JOY that Reiki has brought me. Josslyn has changed all that, and while I am not ready to teach I know in my heart that when that day comes I will find my own way, that I will trust in the Universe to show me the way which is best for me and my students. From my first Reiki session with Josslyn I found the way to share the incredible joy and unconditional love that began flowing in and out of me from the moment my husband Michael died, as we gazed into each other’s eyes as he began his next journey.  The past 5 years with Josslyn’s guidance have brought a knowing, a confidence in myself as a spirit in this body.  A blending, a coming together of the inner me and the outer me so that I feel integrated, whole. When I am giving a Reiki session I have complete trust in myself, I don’t questions what I am doing, I trust completely any information that I receive and when stories, pictures come I know intuitively what I am to share.  I believe that we all already have Reiki, for it is unconditional love that is at the Heart, the Source of all Life.  The Reiki Attunements reawaken that knowledge, guiding us back to what we have always been.  Josslyn is the most amazing, wonderful, gentle, guiding teacher and soul one will ever find.  Her path is to help awaken others to their own true self and helping guide her students to awaken others so unconditional Love ripples throughout our world.  Thank you Josslyn for being you IN JOY,

Cheryl W., Reiki Master/Teacher Class – September 24, 2020

Reiki Master/Teacher Class

I would enthusiastically recommend Josslyn as a Reiki Teacher!! She is so much more than that! She includes so much “extra” – the so important knowledge about spiritual health, and connection that traditional Reiki classes miss.  And her stories and examples are THE BEST!  I’m so glad to have Josslyn as my mentor and Sensei, she filled in very important missing pieces from my prior energy healing class experiences.  She has a relaxed and easy-going teaching style that creates an environment of acceptance and comfort for all her classes.

I am so blessed that my spiritual awakening journey led me to Josslyn’s spiritual community—to this group of people who are of like heart and mind.  they are open, accepting, and full of love and support!

This class enabled me to get to know my classmates so well by having us share our experiences throughout each lesson and meditation, and that made for a safe, comfortable environment in which we could all be vulnerable and still feel accepted for who we are at our core.  Josslyn and her team always make their classes safe in this way, and I will always be grateful to them for that.

It was a truly profound experience for me.  This class was so healing, which was the icing on the cake to all the wonderful Master/Teacher and spiritual knowledge that was imparted to me.

Thank you so much, Sensei Josslyn & Sensei Margaret! you made a great team and led a beautiful experiential class for us.  Steph W., Dallas, TX , Reiki Master/Teacher Class online September 2020

Reiki Master/Teacher Class

I have taken Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III and Reiki Master/Teacher Class.  I absolutely adore (Josslyn).  Josslyn has an incredible and excellent teaching ability.  I have a learning style that is not easy to teach, she was able in every class I’ve taken, to reach in and I would understand.  I don’t know if she is aware of this but it is yet another gift she has.  She also makes the class fun with humor and laughter; but all the left brain information she is excellent at explaining and teaching it.  She has the balance of love in her heart, a passion for teaching Reiki, boundaries and carries the responsibility so beautifully.  I am amazed at the excellence in knowledge, gifts, intuition, and psychic abilities.  She has taken huge steps, after tragedies, that have given her even more insight and abilities than I could ever thought possible from anyone! Yet she is human with tears, laughter, and pure authenticity.  This class was nothing short of amazing.  It was fun, relaxing, it was balanced between the left brained details and the right brained intuition, while using creative energy flow with our healings and attunements.  I loved this class and very much (If you couldn’t tell) would recommend all of the Reiki Classes and workshops Reiki Master/Teacher Josslyn teaches and all of her Master Teachers assisting.  Josslyn is someone who has the experience and the gifts, not only in Reiki but many other classes she teaches.  I am so grateful and honored to have been her student many times over!    Thank you X 3.  Love and appreciation, Deborah F. , Sequim, WA

Reiki I Class online

As a Sagittarius and eternal student, I have taken my fair share of boring and uninspiring classes and workshops over the years.  But not with Josslyn! Her Reiki I Class was informative, interesting, and refreshing.  It was a good balance of input (learning) and output (practicing), and I felt equipped with the information, skills, and confidence needed to continue exploring myself and Reiki even after class ended.  Josslyn brings humility, compassion, humor, and years of experience to her teaching style, and it creates a safe, sacred, and enjoyable learning environment – even on Zoom! As an introvert I never felt pressured or claustrophobic, and as a seeker I felt my curiosity deeply quenched (for now!).  I trust Josslyn’s guidance and insights, and felt empowered to deepen into my own inner guidance and insights.  I am so grateful for my time learning with Josslyn and the rest of the students.  I would recommend this class to absolutely anyone interested in healing themselves, healing others, or healing our world (so basically everyone!) S. Schmitz, Sequim, WA

Reiki Master/Teacher Class

I believe that all the people in the class help make the experience, not just what’s on the syllabus and outline for the class.  I was in a class with 6 other spiritual Reiki Master Healers and 2 amazing teachers.  The energy and love in this group was amazing and I feel like a group of spiritual warriors were birthed.  I’m so excited to grow with everyone and make some enormous ripples. You get so much more than just a Reiki education and training (with Josslyn).  Molly M., Port Angeles, WA, online September 24th, 2020

Reiki Master/Teacher Class

I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki Teacher, of course ! Josslyn is the most down to earth teacher who makes learning fun.  She mixes in stories with her teaching which helps me to look outside the written word, erases energy healing boundaries that I conceived need to be in place. My class experience, aside from all the amazing things I learned, my life changed just being with all the other students in class.  We were all there to make a difference in the world in our own way.  The love, friendship and comradery were felt and a knowing deep down of a lasting connection to all of these women forever.  This was the first time I have ever connected with a group of women like this, like an unspoken bond for a lifetime.  I am so grateful to have found my way to Reiki and Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki.  B. Owens, Sequim, WA, online September 24th, 2020

Reiki Master/Teacher Class

The four week class was a journey of self-discovery.  Each week I was presented with information to absorb and process.  I am very grateful for the week in between each class to allow myself to absorb, process and practice on a mental, spiritual and physical level.There was a large amount of information and I continue to review and reread my notes.My intuition is stronger and clearer.  On a personal level I hear my body telling me to focus on self-care.  Since this class, I am vibrating on a higher level and notice I am getting more stuff done.  I notice I am avoiding crowds.  It’s interesting as this includes all crowds.  I feel like I am in a partial cocoon phase.

Thank you for providing this life changing class in discovering deeper levels of oneself! Namaste!

Always, Michelle N., Bloomington, IL, online September 24, 2020

Reiki I Class ten years after her first Reiki I class.   “Thank you Josslyn for an awesome 2 classes.  You brought in such a wonderful group of women.  I’m looking forward to the Master Class in March.  You amaze me.  All you have been through.  All of your genuine honesty about the struggles and rising up so loving, pure, and light.  You are a masterpiece Peace Warrior! Thanks for answering my questions and being so awesome and present.

I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki Teacher 100%! She is the real deal XO!! I love you Josslyn.  It’s so clear how knowledgeable you are about Reiki.  You have such open, loving, fun energy and radiate pure love!”

Colleen, Sent with Love and Reiki, Mt. View, CA, online October 2020

“Receiving Reiki training and workshops from Josslyn and her team has allowed me to more fully experience spirit and the growth it brings as we open to it. I have learned and healed so much from all the teaching and resources that Rain Shadow Reiki offers. I know that I will be working with RSR in the future, and I look forward to participating in their growth and expansion.”  – LB, Port Angeles, WA

“Good Morning Josslyn and crew,

Thank you for the class last night and want to share a couple vignettes. 

 My dog Genie (Attuned to Reiki 3) has severe anxiety with loud sounds. Last night during class (hubby not home) fireworks went off for several minutes. Genie immediately started a panic/fear attack. I tried, to no avail, to calm her and she continued to escalate. Once (‘the Reiki Teacher in training students’) sent her Reiki she calmed her panting & shaking within 5 minutes! An hour later, Genie was relaxed in her bed. She has never calmed herself so quickly without medication. Reiki could be a BIG game changer for us. Thank you!! 

 The other story – after class I received some blood work results that were (distressing to me).  I started to fret & worry & freak out. I was beginning to spiral when I stopped and reflected back on class. All I could remember was “just for today”. Even though I couldn’t recall the verbiage, I made up my own “just for now, don’t worry”. Although I still worried, the reminder stopped my spiral. Today is a new day and I’ll concentrate on the 5 principles. Thank you!  

 Your work continues to be transformative on my mental health journey. Words cannot express my appreciation and respect for you and your gifts. 

 M. from Sequim, WA” On Zoom, July 2020

“Reiki I Retake:

Reiki I Feedback – 6/10/19

1. The three most valuable things I learned in this class: Holding space, the value of revisiting previous instruction, and a renewed sense of my attachment to Reiki.

2. The parts of the class I liked the best: the fellowship of free conversation within a structured flow; the clear explanations and the all-day guidance.

3. I would like more information about psychic healing, the effect of past lives on our current lives, and how to process the energy from those previous lives.

4. I plan to use this class experience and information to reinforce my daily practices and bring more Reiki energy into my work.

5. I would definitely recommend Josslyn as a teacher! She is thorough, sensitive, knows her subject well, gives clear answers, has a lot of patience, and clearly loves what she does. She brings no ego to her work and it is clear that her goal is to uplift as many of us as she can that are willing.

6. My class experience: Having the materials to review beforehand was very useful. I especially benefited from the article about holding space. I had never quite understood what that meant; the article not only made things clear, it also helped me understand what I had been missing in trying to help my daughter. It was exactly what I needed to know in the moment. I was also struck by what a different experience this second time was from the first time, not just because I brought that knowledge with me. The class this time seemed to affect me more profoundly. I can’t tell if this is because I have changed in the last 21⁄2 years (probably because of practicing Reiki) or because Josslyn has grown and changed. I sensed a difference in her that I can’t describe very well, but she seems wiser and deeper and more seasoned. We have probably both changed because of our life experiences, especially hers. I was also a bit surprised to see how much I had forgotten. I would highly recommend retaking this class because I got new things out of it this time that I either didn’t understand or didn’t retain from the first time.”

L.B. from Port Angeles, WA

Reiki II Class, 5/18/19:  “I’m so very happy I took this next step in my journey.  I struggled with Reiki I for sometime (worry/doubt in my abilities to do it).  So it was such a relief when I finished this last class.  The symbols are amazing and my confidence during and after the class has grown so much.  I’m no longer hesitating.  I go right to the symbols (or rather they come to me) when I need them.  I feel stronger and more connected to Reiki/the Universe.  My fears have severely  subsided and the more I work with the symbols the easier/more confident I feel!  I don’t know where my path is taking me but I’m enjoying the journey more and more!   I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher.  I talk about her a lot.  She is compassionate and understanding.  Everyone takes this path differently and she is ok and supports that without pressure.” 

–Jenn C., Sequim, WA

Reiki II Class, 5/18/19:  Would you recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher?  “YES! She makes the class fun and exciting. Josslyn keeps everyone engaged and everyone in the class gets individualized advice and explanations.  Her classes are designed so each person truly gets the most out of them.  I really took this class to heart and feel like Reiki has changed my life for the better. I truly believe that you were meant to be in my spiritual path for a reason to elevate my awareness of the energy all around me and help channel my personal gift in a positive and therapeutic way.  Thanks for nurturing and teaching me how to use this energy to heal myself and the world around me.  I believe you are one of the strongest women I know and I’m so truly grateful to have you in my life.  My awareness has grown since the class.  I’m seeing and feeling energy that before the class I would have passed by and overlooked. Now I am taking the time to recognize, welcome and even block out unwanted energy from people, places and things. It’s hard to put into words but overall, I feel much more centered and grounded.  I have had some amazing experiences in the last few weeks in the world around me and feel much calmer and in tune with my surroundings.”

Carly E. Page, 6/6/19

Reiki II Class: “The most valuable things I learned in this class were distance healing, that we are all the same in the sense of ego and worry, and the reiteration that we can’t do it wrong.  I plan to use this class experience  and information to heal myself and apply to teaching Yoga and students who need healing.  Josslyn is an amazing teacher  full of knowledge and love and understanding of healing life with Reiki and the love of food.” –Sara Shearer, Port Angeles, WA, May 18, 2019

Reiki I & II: “Class is FUN!  Safe place for the full emotional realm. Oh Yes, I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher.   Very capable in direction,  is encouraging, good guidance which allows each person’s gift to flower.  She is the proof in the pudding!”
–Sidney Barthell, March & April 2019

Reiki I Retake: “The Reiki I experience was exceptional! I took a combined Reiki I and II class ten years ago. Each class has it’s own energy and both classes were good. Josslyn teaches with such passion that this carries over to the class experience. I especially like the Reiki teaching and study guide. It is basic and the whole book is read in class. It makes sense and makes learning easy. I also appreciated the meditations and meeting our Reiki guides. I left feeling confident in my ability to bring in Reiki. Thank you Josslyn!”
–R.R. from Sequim, WA

Reiki III: “I loved this class! The new symbol is Beautiful! Our class of women were all filled with a loving vibration that lasted the entire class. I believe we were all READY for this new symbol of enlightenment and healing power! This class felt so easy and the day flew by. I will take this class again, and again, and again! Do I recommend this class? YES!! I most definitely would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher! Josslyn IS a teacher. I know when I take a class from her I will always leave as a changed person. This is the goal- to grow on every level. I am blessed.”
–B. Owens from Sequim, WA

“I loved our class!  It went so fast, fastest class yet.  Those meditations, I went pretty deep, were amazing! I was very penned out by the end of class, lol!! This symbol feels like it was the missing piece. Does that make sense? So many synchronicitys were happening in class.  So many things I have been feeling, thinking, etc. Definitely meant to be. Was kind of blowing me away a little. Anyway, I just have so much appreciation and love for you. You have changed my life, I feel it even if others don’t see it yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
–A.B., Sequim, WA

Reiki I: “Our Reiki 1 Class held in November was a wonderful experience. I have been drawn to gentle touch and energy healing since I was a very young girl – but never acted on it. Now, at 62 years old I took my first class. I was warmly greeted and felt comfortable from the beginning. The class material was very well presented and each section was thoroughly covered. Josslyn is passionate, articulate, joyful and trustworthy. She explained, demonstrated, lead and encouraged us every step. As a complete novice to this work, Josslyn encouraged questions and never rushed when one of us needed more time. The guided meditations were a favorite of mine.”
–Marianne, Sequim, WA, November 2018

“We all found the class enriching and enjoyed it very much. What a gift. This really feels like a time of cleansing, purging and change (although I am not always sure where God is taking us). It’s good to walk together!
–Jason T. from Sequim, WA, October 2018

Reiki Master/Teacher”I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher without any hesitation. She has the breadth and depth of knowledge about Reiki and its uses, can explain concepts and processes clearly, and uses her years of experience to make the information relevant to using Reiki in ‘the real world.” She is sensitive to the needs of her students and always models authenticity and openness during the classes. She encourages interaction as well as reflection and gently encourages her students to be open, to question, and to make the information their own. She also knows how to create a very safe learning environment for her students, which encourages and supports them throughout the learning experience.”
–Dot Bristow, Sequim, WA, September 2018

Reiki I: “Joss is a wonderful teacher who is full of knowledge, joy and contagious laughter. Her personal stories of happiness and tragedy give her students (me) a solid foundation of Reiki, energy power! It works! I am filled with gratitude that I was led to Joss and her Reiki class. I experienced such joy within myself and our group of students. The space was safe and full of light and love. I have a renewed sense of peace and excitement!”
–Bren, Sequim, WA, 2018

Reiki I: “Josslyn gives with her whole heart!”
–F.H., Sequim, WA, 2018

“After completing Reiki I and Reiki II I feel a deep sense of gratitude. The experience has been life changing for me. Very grateful to you Josslyn! Thanks to Amber and Ellen also!”
–Carol Sanders, Port Angeles, WA, Feb. 2018

Reiki I: “I would recommend Reiki I from Josslyn to everyone! The environment of this class was welcoming and safe for all to learn and share their experiences. Josslyn, Ellen and Amber were fantastic. The pace of the class allowed us all to learn all concepts without exception. Reiki is such an amazing modality! I can’t wait to expand my learning in Reiki II in April. Thank you for your passion in Reiki.”
–Sean Gallaway, Port Angeles, WA, Feb. 2018

“My first introduction to Reiki was after my daughter attended a Reiki I and II class taught by Josslyn. After witnessing how Reiki had benefited her, I was interested to learn more. She encouraged me to take a class with Josslyn. Although I have a strong spiritual belief, I was having trouble understanding how the energy healing could work for everyone.

From the moment you arrive, you feel a friendly, comfortable, safe environment. Josslyn’s passion to share Reiki with others shines through. She is an excellent teacher, allowing everyone to learn as individuals with no pressure or judgment. There is so much to learn, but it is amazing what can be absorbed when you have a skilled teacher who also manages to make it lighthearted and fun. Meeting other like-minded people makes you feel immediately connected. By the end of the class, all students left knowing they had gained knowledge to last a lifetime. For many, including myself, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey to learn more.

Since the class, I have been giving myself and my husband Reiki. We are both seniors and have some health issues, so this is such a wonderful addition to our lives. I truly believe this will make a great impact on our health. I also feel blessed that this has become a family affair! My daughter and her husband have taken classes and soon my granddaughter (7) will be taking a Reiki class with Josslyn.

We are all so fortunate to have Josslyn living on the Olympic Peninsula sharing her wealth of information and experience. Her teachings will continue for generations to come. It gives me a sense of joy and peace to know my granddaughter will have Reiki at such an early age to guide her through life.

I would encourage everyone, no matter what age, to take a class or other individual options available with Josslyn. I am sure it will exceed your expectations as it did mine. Very grateful to you Josslyn.”
–Carol Sanders, Port Angeles, WA, 2018

“Josslyn is amazing. She is a natural born teacher. I was nervous to take the class and instantly felt at home and welcome.

I signed up for a Reiki class last fall looking for a start to what I was hoping would be a spiritually enlightened journey into Reiki. I left my class reeling with disappointment. I had more questions than answers. I chugged along and with help from a good friend answered my questions but I still felt like something was missing. Fast forward 5 months and I got to meet you and partake in your Reiki class.

Josslyn, your class was what I had envisioned the start of my Reiki journey to be. Your class fulfilled and exceeded all of my expectations. Josslyn, you are a natural born teacher. You break things down. “Intention is everything” those words as simple as they are broke it down in my mind and then everything came together.

As a teacher when one of your students told you about her experience during her meet your spirit guide meditation she talked about how if she was home alone she might be afraid. You calmed her and gave her options for what he feelings could be and you also told her she could research things. The next day she told me that it felt like a big hug filling her with Love. Those were some of the initial options you told her.

Sorry I’m rambling but it’s hard for me to put into words what an amazing, patient, knowledgeable teacher you are.” Leslie B., Port Angeles, WA, 2018

Above 2018 (After the crash in July of 2017 I was in bed with 24 hour care for about five months.  But, in the hospital I had a knowing and a desire and I told my friend Ellen who was with me, “I’m going to teach Reiki again in January.” Not far off, it was February.  Teaching is my passion.)

 Below 2017 and earlier

“I have taken various energy courses over the last 20 years. Reiki I was the simplest and most energetically safe course that I have taken. Four days after completing Reiki I, I had a session with a client to do some myofascial release on her hip, knee, and foot. I decided to incorporate my new Reiki skills. My hands always get warm, but they were almost hot. I found that my intuition was better and the sensing ability in my hands was better. I was able to feel at a much finer level. I felt like I was much more precise with finger placements, “knowing” how long to stay, how firm to touch and which direction to move. I found myself doing less “conscious” assessment of tissue or movement. I was barely touching the tissue. Very stubborn jammed up bones in the arch of the foot suddenly realigned and I gasped in shock. I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic realignment with cracking noises without the application some force. It was so easy. I don’t know yet if I will offer Reiki sessions to my clients, but I will definitely continue to use Reiki on myself to make me better at what I do.” Terry N. from Minnesota


“Hey Josslyn, I’m already using this class experience and information to let the Reiki flow throughout my day for myself and my family to enhance every aspect of our lives.

I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher because she’s the real thing! She lives and breathes Reiki. I feel really confident in the information she shared. I left the class with the confidence to immediately apply what I have learned. I had a Reiki I and II class with another instructor before but I left the class with a lot of unanswered questions and that teacher wasn’t a good Reiki role model. Not only is Josslyn experienced and talented, but she also has a welcoming personality. She is relatable and approachable. Her easy going teaching style helped to make difficult concepts easy to grasp. I couldn’t find another Reiki teacher near me, so I was thrilled to take advantage of Josslyn’s live online Reiki I class.”  A. Durkin, Wisconsin

“Before the blessing of Reiki in my life I would have described my life in two parts.  I’d spent 38 years with what I considered the burden of a ‘sensitive’ heart- I struggled with always ‘leading’, ‘teaching’, ‘helping’ and somehow only feeling emptier, more burdened and very alone.  The second part would have been what I considered a great accomplishment. It was my goal and intention to ‘take back’ what I felt had been taken.  I closed up and focused on what I thought were the boundaries I assumed everyone else had conquered.  By the time I came to class I was even more alone and had lost my ability to even communicate with another soul.  In looking back over my experience this weekend my most moving moments were the ones where I felt my heart opening again.  I literally ‘felt’ it opening! I felt safe, protected, accepted and while each of us were very different people, I felt I was with my people.  I felt miracles and gifts and blessings all around me.  The strongest feeling of not being alone I’ve ever experienced.  The greatest blessing for me has been that I’ve been given the tools to allow my heart to open…safely and unconditionally.  My voice is back and my heart is open.  I felt confirmation.  I’m so grateful.”  A.M.G. from Port Angeles, WA

“Hola. I have to let you know how amazing you are!! I keep meeting light workers from all over the world (She’s traveling through South America), many of them in their 20s, and they can do incredible stuff with energy. However! They know nothing about personal safety (energetically) or keeping themselves clean and clear. I’m sure your ears have been burning because I talk about you a lot. ‘My mentor taught me…’ some times I feel like a broken record but the audience keeps changing. So thank you for stressing the importance of protection and releasing! Love, Celeste H. from Peru, Psychic Circle and Reiki Student”

“Hi Josslyn, I just wanted to say thank you for class today (Psychic Circle Class). It opened up powerful stuff energetically and in discussion. I am really appreciating you and the community that you have created.  Thank you!” Christine Rose, Port Angeles, WA

“Joss is an excellent teacher, sensitive to needs of students, clear and concise and a great sense of humor.  The Reiki I class was very powerful and uplifting.  It was the right balance of information, sharing and practice.  I’m looking forward to taking Reiki II and learning even more!” Dot Bristow, Port Angeles, WA

“The parts of the class I liked the best were the warmth and acceptance and overall feel of the class. I have a hard time opening up and this was a big scary thing for me, Joss, you made it so comfortable. (Josslyn) was kind, warm, fun and encouraging. (She) obviously has may gifts and is very knowledgeable.

This class was exactly where I was meant to be. The universe pushed and pulled me this direction and I have gotten so much out of it. It was a wonderful mix of hands on and discussion. I love having the workbook/notes to reference later. Thank you so much! I really had a wonderful time. Smily face.” Jess G., Port Angeles, WA

“I did not ever anticipate myself taking a Reiki Class. I have learned that Spirit is the commander of my walk here on earth and I was sent to Josslyn to learn Reiki by Spirit so that is how I ended up taking her class. I found one sweet suffering soul in this class as well and shared with her what Spirit meant to be shared. There was a very tough lesson learned by each student, very humbling. I called this class an initiation actually, sort of an invitation to higher consciousness and higher vibration–quite sweet but intense as well. Bless you Josslyn for opening up your home to teach us how to heal as Jesus did-what more can one say?! Ah Ho!”  B.H., from Sequim, WA

Reiki I:

“This class was very emotional for me. Having a baby and her mom in the class were both hard and healing. (Her two month old son died 4 months prior to this class) I very much enjoyed the meditations. My mind is finally starting to play again. I had such a good time in the class that when it was over I suffered real grief. I think everyone in the world should learn Reiki! Joss has a lot of work to do. Smiles.  I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher, she cares about her students and loves Reiki, an excellent combination for learning.”  Reiki I student, Naomi D., from Port Angeles, WA

Reiki II

“The parts of the class I liked the best were working with the symbols. I was impressed with how much they revealed to me before I knew their non official names.   Joss’s house is a great setting for learning Reiki. I feel like magic happens there. I feel safe in allowing my body and mind to open up to the Reiki healing energy and to explore my psychic abilities. I don’t often feel this way around people, so this is a huge testament to Joss and her intentions. I would definitely recommend others to take any classes with Joss. She is a teacher of Love and Light.  Josslyn has a gift for helping others understand Reiki. She’s also very caring and ‘down to earth.” It’s easy to learn from her.”   Reiki II student, Naomi D., from Port Angeles, WA

“The part of the class I liked best was the meditation to meet our spirit guides.  I don’t always have success with these types of guided meditations.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had success with this one, and it was emotionally powerful.”  Christine R., from Port Angeles, WA, Reiki I student

“Yes!!  I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher. She is passionate about Reiki and very knowledgeable.  She is a beautiful and compassionate person who is serving humanity with her gifts.” L.T. from Port Angeles, Reiki I student

“Josslyn gets a 10! Clear, kind, organized, knowledgeable!”

Rena R., Reiki II student from Port Angeles, WA

“To me Reiki I was like the first day of school. My stomach filled with butterflies as I drove to Josslyn’s house. What was it going to be like? Will I be able to understand all of it? Will the teacher like me? Will I meet and make new friends? I my case I had already been to Josslyn’s house and I knew she had pets, this was a great comfort to me. I was not there to judge anyone, no one there judged me. What a feeling of relief. Everyone in the class, even those who did not feel they were capable of channeling the Reiki energies, had some kind of unanticipated experience that managed to touch the hearts of everyone. The class gave me a feeling of worthiness that I will always cherish. The images, colors, and thoughts that entered my mind during our peaceful meditations increased my eagerness to learn more and left me with the feeling that we were all there participating for a reason. In learning about and participating in the Reiki I class, I was particularly amazed with the way I felt on an emotional level and how that affected my body in its physical state. The restlessness while trying to sleep, the feeling that I was coming down with a cold, and being tired all the time, was a huge eye opener for me. Yes, I know our bodies are filled with toxins from the foods we eat and the toxic environments from which we live, but the idea that our emotions can be extremely toxic, although it makes so much sense, just blew me away, such a valuable lesson to learn. Our emotions, which we ourselves have control of, can add so much unnecessary stress to our lives. This lesson has not only made me more aware of myself, but also of other people who are faced with physical ailments. It strikes me as a little odd that we are so aware of all the man made energies available to us because we use them on a day to day basis, yet we tend to ignore the energies that make us who we are, all the energy that lies within us. We’ve all heard the term ‘comfort food’ well I consider Reiki as the ‘comfort healing, whether we intend to use it just for ourselves or for ourselves and others. It was also fun to hear in Reiki class that this can be used on animals as well. How much joy there must be in working with animals in that sense. It goes without saying that the more you do of something, the better you get at it. But I somehow think that working with energy is a little more complex than that. I’m not sure yet why I am feeling this but I do know that one needs to be extremely patient with this one. Lucky for me, patience I have. As far as recommending Reiki to someone else, you bet I would! I have three things to say to Josslyn, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

Stevie W., Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher, she is very knowledgeable. I like that she emails me with upcoming events that I would miss the opportunity to experience if she didn’t.  The (Reiki II) class was amazing. I knew almost everyone there because we took Reiki I together or have been at some other Reiki event. Listening to other people’s experiences is so fun to me. It gives me the feeling of wanting to do more and more Reiki. To know that there are others who appreciate Reiki and that you can talk to them about it. It’s fun to listen to people talk after class and during our munching time. We all have so much in common. I enjoy the togetherness of friends and energy. I would recommend Reiki to someone else because even if they don’t go into practice (as a Reiki healer), they will learn so much and can help keep them selves healthy.”

Stevie W., Reiki II Student, Sequim, WA

“I am excited to move along this new path, and the more tools I have to do it with, the better- and this (Reiki) is a big one! The biggest thing I have learned from you, and seen confirmed over and over again since finding you and your classes/gatherings, is just how powerful intention is-from the tiniest detail to the largest life plans. And, that Reiki is so much more than just a ‘mere’ healing modality, but a ‘new’ and ever-evolving way of life. It has certainly changed mine and by doing so that of my family! I am just so grateful to you for guiding me in this discovery. Smiley face. 

 P.S. Reiki, intuitive guidance, and all other contexts aside- you are simply a great person, and I am blessed to have met you. Period.”

Amber M., Reiki III Student from Port Angeles, WA

Josslyn was very comfortable and enthusiastic teaching this class. She is very knowledgeable in the Reiki arena but also knows many other modalities and is able to help her students incorporate Reiki into what they already do or know. She paced the breaks well and was mindful of the time throughout the day. By the end of the day, we were all feeling a kinship and connection with each other. It was a fun class.”

Robert S., Reiki Master Student from Sequim, WA

“The openness and kindness of the instructor (Josslyn) were the best. I appreciated how she valued my different experiences with other teachers. She also did a great job of setting out expectations in the beginning. The class flowed nicely and there was a good balance between lecture/meditation and hands on practice. I feel like the Reiki III course was very a good value. I think Josslyn especially embodies a spirit of fun during the course and respects the students. I trust her teachings to be accurate and based in truth and light. I appreciated how guides were such a big part of the class. That’s an area I have wanted guidance and more information on, for quite some time. I think this information will be really useful to me over time.”

Cassie O., Reiki Master Student from Port Angeles, WA

“I was fortunate enough to be in Josslyn’s Reiki 1 class recently and will be taking Reiki 2 soon. I found her to be an excellent communicator, very supportive of us students and extremely knowledgeable about many areas of energy work.  I especially appreciated her gentle and accepting approach to working with us and her willingness to go out of her way to work with each of us personally. I would highly recommend Josslyn as a teacher and Reiki practitioner.”

Merala Heins, Reiki I student, Port Angeles, WA

“I liked ALL OF THE CLASS! I loved receiving so much energy from each day of class.  It was so much fun!   I would recommend Josslyn to everyone and anyone interested in Reiki.”  

Sharon M., Sequim, WA, Reiki I Student

“Hi Josslyn,   Reiki is apparently sinking deep into my mind.  Last night I dreamed I was walking through a park and everyone was making Reiki symbols in the air.  So I started doing it to see what it felt like and I realized that Reiki would guide and protect me.   Blessings, C.T.”  Reiki II student, Sequim, WA

“Taking Reiki is like no other class I have taken in my entire life. It helps me put together the things that are missing in my day-to-day life. I look at life in a totally different perspective. I would recommend Josslyn because of her knowledge, passion, compassion, and love she has for having Reiki in her life. For these reasons, that I observed in my class, is what inspired me to strive for taking more Reiki classes. She made it fun, interesting, and challenging. The discipline that Josslyn has with Reiki gave me a whole new perspective on my life for the positive. Thank you, thank you, thank you Josslyn!”

Karen Maloney, Sequim, WA, Reiki I Student

Sincerity, down to earth, warmth of welcoming Thank you!  Joss, I have been searching for sometime for a ‘place’ to feel protected- a place of my own so to speak. Reiki is a place of protectiveness in yourself that you can reach whenever you choose. Quiet times, I’ve needed for some time and the mediation tape has relax me whenever I feel the need to do so. I’ve learned to each evening brush myself off from negative energies, I listen to my tape – do Reiki Un-Do at least a few times a day and at bedtime do self treatment- as you would tell us Joss Practice, Practice, Practice! I will, I will, I will! Namaste”

Joan Irene Geiger, Reiki I Student, Sequim, WA

“The practice with the symbol was extraordinary and deepened my experience of the Reiki energy. I absolutely would recommend the class!”

Susan from Seattle, WA on her Reiki III Master Class

Reiki II retake –

“This is my second time taking (Josslyn’s) Reiki II class. Taking this class again allowed me to go deeper into the meaning, the use, and the experience of the three symbols presented in this class. They sank deeper, spoke to my spirit of protection, cleansing, harmony and balance. Taking class with a different group of souls brought to me more awareness that we are all one. In doing a Reiki chair session made more of a connection with me. I would highly recommend taking classes again, Reiki guides were clearer, the experience of the attunement is different each time, healing whatever needs healing. Class was all about LOVE. Thank you Josslyn for providing space, spirit to grow closer to self, to the universe and to the world. Namaste”

Linda Thibault, Sequim, WA

“I would highly recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher.  She brings a sense of humor and love to the class.  She makes everyone feel relaxed in class with her laughter and truthfulness.  She is so patient and allows the class to go where it may.  Everyone came to the class for different reasons and with different life experiences but she was able to make everyone feel comfortable and at home in the class.  She showed us that we all had something to offer and there was no wrong.  It’s all good!!  My class experience was incredible.  I left wanting more.  Bring on Reiki II!  I wanted to sit all day at Josslyn’s house and spend the rest of the week with the wonderful people I met in the class.  I anticipated getting a lot from the class but I left completely changed.  I will be forever grateful for being led to Josslyn.  It was no coincidence that I was led to her class.  It was perfect timing by my Reiki and spirit guides.  Anyone looking to learn Reiki to heal themselves or others will truly be amazed by Josslyn’s insight and teaching.”

Sharon Rowland, Battleground, WA, Reiki I

“Reiki II brought so much together for me.  I knew I was on the right path after Reiki I but after Reiki II it solidified things for me.  Each time there are new people and we learn so much from one another.  Josslyn teaches in a real life way.  We all go at our own pace and it’s all good!  Reiki II made me want to practice and read more and more.  Reiki is truly a part of me and everything I do.”

Sharon Rowland, Battleground, WA, Reiki II student

“My class experience (Reiki I) was above what I had expected.  I went in with an open mind and knew almost immediately that I was where I was supposed to be.  My questions were answered, information was shared freely and openly, and the class experience was shared with love and commitment.”

Joanie S., Sequim, WA

Reiki I – “I would definitely recommend (Josslyn’s Reiki I class.) At first I thought two whole days back to back would be a bit intense; however, with hindsight, a break between the two days would have felt like an interruption.  I came away very inspired and hopeful of the influence I will have on my own health, state of mind and spiritual growth.  I am looking forward to Reiki II!”

A.W. from Port Angeles, WA

Reiki II  –  “(I would recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher) absolutely!  Josslyn, your generosity with your knowledge, experience and spirit are so inspiring. The “everything is good” philosophy helps keep an open mind and open heart to different perceptions and interpretations. Your kindness and sense of humor create a very relaxing and trustful environment to learn in.  I enjoyed everything about (my class experience). Something energizing took place during the attunement and every time I use the symbols. In addition, the really good company makes it fun learning and that includes Mandy and Cosmo (Josslyn’s dog and cat partner teachers). During yesterday morning’s meditation, Cosmo popped into my mind immediately followed by the memory of a traumatic event in my past. I feel like the suggestion came from him. I used the (Distance Symbol) to go back in time to heal. I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of time travel! I love these symbols – have I mentioned that yet?  I recommend this class without hesitation for all the above reasons.”

A.W. from Port Angeles, WA

“Reiki class is like a retreat, an experience of awakening, possibilities, self-healing, prayers, connection with our Divine Source – awareness of not being alone – of peace and love.  Reiki opens doors. Verbs describing Josslyn;  being compassionate, deep laughing, patient, all is well, the Reiki principles in action.  Tells the truth, for the highest good of all on a journey with all of us.  Not above or below but with.  A conduit of manifesting our Divine Source in human form.”

Linda Thibault, Sequim, WA

“I finally got a chance to take Josslyn’s Reiki 1 class after I have been trying for about 2 years.   I found that many of the things I learned from the class just made sense logically.  The class was life changing! Joss is a great Reiki teacher.  She shared so many of her personal experiences with Reiki, it makes it so much easier to envision using it in daily life.   When we were going thru the class I loved the meditations. They are just plain wonderful.  Meditation is something our body and mind needs.  They were so relaxing. I may have power napped for 2-5 min.   The practice healing was awesome I really felt the energy flowing and my hands became very hot and I got very hot as well.   It was just a wonderful feeling. I could really feel the Reiki and Joss was there to guide me when I needed her.    I loved taking the class and I look forward to taking a Reiki II class with Joss someday.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to have Reiki in my life, Thank you Joss!!”

Melissa Gatchet, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“Reiki Classes – Words are of the mind.  Reiki is of the heart.  It is an experience, a journey, a safe place, an opening of my being of possibilities, unexpected miracles, change, every minute new.  Reiki is movement from death to life and life to death.  For me Reiki is helping me connect to my Creator.  To quiet my mind and tune into my heart through meditation, breathing in the presence of God and breathing but bliss, (joy) life.  I love the Reiki principles and St. Francis Prayer.  I love the meaning of Namaste, We are One, into every cell, tissue,organ, circulatory system,endocrine system, tendons, bones, and  muscles, all parts of my body grace, receiving gratitude.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Linda Thibault, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“I loved every minute at Josslyn’s house!  The positive energy was an experience in itself.  I learned tons about Reiki but I don’t bring back the words.  I had an experience that no reading could provide.  Josslyn as a teacher was open, understanding and very nurturing.  I felt comfortable with her.  There were no hidden motives or anything that could make one feel uneasy.  The part of the class I liked best was the healing session at the end, it really imprinted on me the importance and reality of all that I learned.  Don’t go just to learn.  Go to BE!”

Tim Gratny, Reiki I student, Bremerton, WA

“I drove up from Bremerton for these (Reiki I, II & III) classes.  It is worth the drive since I am able to have more of an experience.  Learning more about the universe and energy is invaluable.  While Reiki is a powerful tool, it only begins to unlock the door to infinite knowledge and understanding.  The class gave me first hand experience to go from, as I begin to awaken to the reality.  I’m glad I took the red pill!”

Tim Gratny, Reiki II class, Bremerton, WA

“(My Reiki I class) was wonderful! Josslyn is so experienced and made it fun and interesting to listen and DO!  I would have loved to been able to stay around longer and do more!  Right before I came to the class, I had started to take a deeper look at myself.  That’s when I started to learn about the law of attraction and how powerful our minds are.  Josslyn came into my life at the perfect time!  I learned to look and go deeper into myself and further out.  I can now say that even though I don’t go to church, I am spiritual and feel so good about it.  I feel so close to myself and everything around me.  Thank you Josslyn for taking the time to teach me.  Love Jennifer”

Jennifer Paul, Reiki I student, San Bernardino, CA

“The Reiki I class was educational yet fun.  Josslyn has an engaging way of making you feel like a fast friend that has been found.  You leave the class enlightened and connected.”  

Angela Regan, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

I enjoyed the open and accepting atmosphere, the joining of spiritual people and the kind leadership.  I like that it was a safe place for emotions and vulnerability to be expressed.  I know that Josslyn’s loving direction has a huge part to play in the enlightening experiences that took place that day.  I came away from this (Reiki II) class with tremendous personal and spiritual growth.  I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning ways of handling difficulty, feeling more relaxed and feeling closer to God.

Heather Berry, Reiki II student, Chimacum, WA

“I love the Reiki classes, they are always fun.  I’m never quite ready to leave, even after ten hours of class time.  The energy of the group is so amazing.  Josslyn is not just a teacher- she is a great friend.  Her classes are so fun, full of knowledge, and you always leave feeling excited and energized.  She teaches us of our capabilities and encourages our self-esteem by letting us know that there is no wrong way, as long as you follow your intuition.  I know I can call on her at anytime for any reason.  She is always willing to listen and help whenever possible.  She makes me feel that my growth is just as important as her own, to me that is priceless.  Thank you Joss for always making time for me.  I can’t express how much I value you!  You are a rare gem!  The work you do is totally priceless.  We will change the world- 1 person at a time!  Smiles.  Love and Light, Katrina”  

Katrina Welch, Reiki II student, Sequim, WA

“I would and will recommend any and all classes that you have to offer (Josslyn).  You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate not only your knowledge and life experience, but your patience as well.”

Mandy Gaskill, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

I definitely have recommended this (Reiki I) class and will continue to do so.  I think it is something every one could benefit from and enjoy.  I personally feel if I had not taken this class I would have deprived my spirit of an amazing experience.”

Katrina Welch, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“Life altering experience! Thank you Josslyn!”

Ellen O’Shea, Port Townsend, WA

“My class experience was empowering.  I feel like I can see the world in a whole new light.  I would definitely recommend this class to other people, even if they do not intend on becoming a healer.  It obviously benefits everyone!”

E.B., Reiki I student, now a Reiki Master, Sequim, WA

“I enjoy the use of diaphragmatic breathing and meditation for my own wellbeing, but had been looking for something more.  When I met Josslyn, I was struck by her openness and kindness.  I remember thinking that ‘if this kind woman does Reiki; I’ve got to see what Reiki is all about.’  I’m so happy that I followed my instinct, for the Reiki I class was just what I’d been looking for.  I feel like I learned a skill that brings me closer to Divine and furthers my journey of self-compassion and loving kindness to all beings.  Josslyn’s instruction was inviting, warm, compassionate and fun…and I would take another class from her in a heartbeat.  She very clearly is passionate about Reiki and her passion is evident in the way she instructs and interacts with her attendees.  Both the Reiki I class and my sessions with Josslyn have been monumental experiences for me.  I have a deeper knowledge of myself, a closer connection to spirit and a greater sense of love and happiness.  Josslyn is a treasure and you would be a miss to pass up an opportunity to experience her passion, her skill and the seemingly boundless love that she extends to others.”

Heather Berry, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“The parts of the class I liked best were actually doing the Reiki on each other because I could really feel the energy, as did my partner.   It verified for me that the energy was really working.  My class experience was very enlightening and enjoyable.  I had read some before the class but learned so much more about Reiki (thru the class).  I felt (Josslyn) was very sincere and well prepared.  She put us all at ease.  The most enlightening part was the hands on experience when we practiced on each other.  I would definitely recommend the class to others who have an interest in learning about Reiki.”

Carol Koch, Reiki I student and my mom, Encinitas, CA

“My class experience was informational and fun!  Yes, I would recommend the class!”

Linda Benson, Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

“Oh man, where to begin….since the first time I became aware of Reiki  I knew this would be a major turning point in my life.  My journey with Reiki has only just begun.  In the past few weeks my life has taken an entirely different direction.  People around me see the ways that Reiki has made a difference in my life and I hope that it encourages them to seek out the wonderful opportunities that Reiki has to offer.  There is a very large part of me that is now at peace because of my practices with Reiki.  I am extremely excited to see where I will go with this experience.  A million thank you’s to you, Joss, you truly are making a difference in this world.  I would recommend this class to EVERYONE!  Imagine what the world would be like if everyone knew how to do this!  Despite what challenges have faced me in taking this class, I know that the forces of Love and Light are at work here.  I can’t wait for Reiki II!”

Lauren H., Reiki I student, now a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sequim, WA

“The parts of the Reiki I class I liked best were the group meditations.  I saw really neat things in my meditations.  I had a priceless experience in my Reiki I class.  You really need to be in (Josslyn’s) class to experience it personally.  It is not easy to describe but I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Pantea Binoki, Reiki I student, Phillips Ranch, CA

“The parts of the class I liked the most were focusing on healing myself first, so I can then help others and meeting my spirit guide.  When going through the process of meditation to meet my Reiki guide, skeptical as most beginners are, I closed my eyes.  A few moments in, I felt a warmth on my left side.  A voice came to me.  I feel my personal experience was moving and enlightening.  I also appreciated the open and honest ways of the other attendees.”

Tammi, Reiki I student, San Gabriel, CA

“The parts of the class I liked the best were the meditations, the time to reflect.  I plan to use this class experience and information to work on my daughter, my dog, Cuddles and myself.  Also I’d like to use the Reiki energy to clear the energy in my classroom.  I would recommend the Reiki I class as a GREAT beginner class.  It is thorough.  The attunement, identifying my spirit guides and the practice we get in the class, I felt they are all highly beneficial.”

(Her comments on her Reiki II class)

“This was a great day of learning and inner exploration in a safe and loving environment.  It allowed me time to focus on myself and ways to improve myself with the tools to help me do that.  I recommend it to anyone looking for another way to grow spiritually and add a new dimension to their life.”

Leanne M., Reiki I and II student, Chino Hills, CA

“The class experience was a great learning experience.  I did not know much about Reiki before taking the class.  It had great background information.  Much preparation had gone into a safe, protected and peaceful environment for the class.  It was wonderful experience learning about Reiki.  I particularly appreciated the opportunities were given to apply what we had just learned.  We practiced using the Reiki on another class member and had someone else perform the Reiki on us.  This was extremely helpful.  Being able to discuss with that person and as a class afterward helped too.  I have already recommended the class to others.  I think the class greatly benefits others for personal, self-help and to help family and friends that are open to Reiki.”

Serena C., Reiki I student, Sequim, WA

Reiki II class

“I would definitely recommend Josslyn as a Reiki teacher.  She explains things in plain English.  She relates new subjects to what we’re familiar with and she has interesting stories and experiences that relate to the subject matter.

My class experience was very positive and up beat.  I took Reiki II with the other Reiki I students and we all ” jelled” well together.  The symbols we learned were very cool to draw and felt powerful when used in the practice healings.  I would definitely recommend this class.  I enjoyed it more than Reiki I because I had familiarity with the subject this time.”

Robert S., Reiki II student, Sequim, WA

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”


7 thoughts on “Testimonials for Reiki Classes

  1. Recently I had the opportunity to take Reiki 1 class with Josslyn as part of the curriculum for a canine hydrotherapy class. I almost declined since I already was at the level of Reiki Master. It had been since 2008 that I had my last class so I decided that a refresher course would not hurt, so I went ahead and attended Josslyn’s class. I am so glad I did. Her teaching was a different experience from what I had and I learned a lot more. I also came from her class with a wonderful feeling and a renewed love of the power of Reiki. Thank you Josslyn!

  2. Thanks Lorna, I so appreciate your testimonial. I think it helps people who have taken Reiki before but are not sure if they would benefit from another course and teacher. So glad you decided to take it again and that you feel it helped you. Keep up the great work, our animals are so in need of what you do for them. Love to you, Joss

  3. I can’t thank you enough Josslyn for how Reiki has changed my life. You are so compassionate, disciplined, thoughtful, and loving when you teach Reiki. I felt very relaxed and learned so much from you in Reiki I that you made me want to learn more. I plan on taking Reiki II from you in the future. You and Reiki came into my life at the right time and I want you to know that I am on the road to healing. Thank you so much Josslyn.
    Karen, Reiki I, Sequim, WA

  4. Thanks so much Karen, I’m incredibly grateful for you too. I learn just as much from my students as they do from me. I’m excited for where our Reiki takes us both. Reiki Blessings to you, Joss

  5. Okay.. ready to learn.. help! When.. where.. how much.
    Thank you sincerely,
    Mary Downey

    1. Hi Mary, start with the Reiki I class here is the link: /josslynstreett.wordpress.com/classes/reiki-i/

      then I have a calendar page with dates for the next classes. I’m going to email you too.

    2. Hi Mary, if you are not local I’m teaching online classes now. Email me when you are ready to take a class. rainshadowreiki@gmail.com . Blessings, Josslyn

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