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Reiki Stories – Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle/Behcet’s Diesease

Reprinted from the Reiki News Magazine Winter 2014 issue

If you have taken a Reiki class or thinking about it and are not yet familiar with the Reiki News Magazine, I am here to say, this is a wonderful resource not to be missed out on.  I have stacks and stacks of these magazines that I keep through the years and reread. Plus I have them available for check out in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library.

The articles give me inspiration, ideas and motivation by hearing other Reiki stories from other Reiki Practitioners.  The magazine comes quarterly so you don’t get overwhelmed, but you are excited by the time the new one comes.  I highly recommend getting a subscription at any level of Reiki you are at.

Here is a story of physical healing that happened quite over night from the Winter 2014 issue.  Short and sweet, but powerful.  I pray it gives you some ideas about what is possible with Reiki.

Blessings, Josslyn

Most of the stories in this section of Reiki News Magazine have been documented by before and after medical tests and the observations of licensed health care providers.  Please note that while Reiki can cause miraculous healing, it does not always do so.  However most patients receive some level of healing with the minimum benefit being relaxation and stress reduction.  If you have medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that you use Reiki in conjunction with the help of a licensed health care provider.

Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle

My husband tore his calf muscle playing soccer.  The bleeding under the skin was visible immediately, and he couldn’t bear weight on his leg.  The chiropractor told him that he would be on the sidelines for six weeks.  He was devastated.  That night I gave Reiki to his calf muscle by simply cupping the injured calf muscle in my hands.  I held it for about 20 minutes in that one spot.  After 10 – 15 minutes my husband and I started to feel a massaging sensation under the skin.  My husband asked, “What is that?”  I replied that I didn’t know and suggested that we just go with it.  The massaging sensation was like a series of waves flowing back and forth.  I held the position until the movement stopped.  the next day my husband was walking, in no pain and with no limp.  the chiropractor declared him fit to play the following Saturday and was scratching his head as to how my husband could have healed so quickly!  –Alex Midwife

Story #2 lets us know what healing is possible with a Reiki Attunement

Behcet’s Disease Healed with Reiki

I had an incurable and devastating illness called Behcet’s Disease.  My symptoms were painful and life shattering including losing my eyesight.  Always intuitive, I knew there was a reason for my experiencing this ‘whole’ body illness.  I intuitively knew that I would be able to heal myself.  I became an ordained minister through the study of the Teleios Technique with Dr. Jim Cox.  Then I began certification in Reiki.  The night of the Reiki I attunement I had a dream about a white light that surrounded my body and entered through the top of my head (crown chakra).  This white light renewed and restored every cell in my body.  That was November 15, 1996.  I have not had a symptom of Behcet’s since that day.  In fact, I am now 60 but I look younger than I did in 1996.  By the way, Behcet’s Disease is described as “No Hope- No Cure.”  —Billie Watkins, M. Div., Minister



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  1. Dearest Josh, Thank you for sharing, “Stories of Hope and Miracles” on how Reiki changes peoples lives.  You are such a beautiful shining light, thank you for that.  I know I have said that before, however want you to know, I so appreciate you and always look forward to your e-mailings. Many Blessings to you always and in all ways. Have a good Easter. Most SincerelyGail   From: Rain Shadow Reiki To: Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2015 11:19 AM Subject: [New post] Reiki Stories – Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle #yiv1525363861 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv1525363861 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv1525363861 a.yiv1525363861primaryactionlink:link, #yiv1525363861 a.yiv1525363861primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv1525363861 a.yiv1525363861primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv1525363861 a.yiv1525363861primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv1525363861 | Josslyn Streett posted: “Reprinted from the Reiki News Magazine Winter 2014 issueIf you have taken a Reiki class or thinking about it and are not yet familiar with the Reiki News Magazine, I am here to say, this is a wonderful resource not to be missed out on.  I have stacks ” | |

    1. Thanks Gail, you are a shining light for me too. Isn’t it great how we can do that for each other. Thank you for your always loving words, I’m grateful for them too. I thought these stories (plus more coming soon) were very inspirational. They inspired me, so I decided to share them. Hope to see your smile soon. Reiki Blessings, Josslyn

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