Psychic Circle

Now you know why people want to be close to each other.   In the cold and the darkness of this universe, we are attracted by the heat and light of other essences and the life energy with which they burn.” Paul Williams

Psychic Circle

Josslyn runs a monthly class for her Reiki students who want to deepen their intuitive abilities.  This circle is for all levels of abilities; most see themselves as beginners but we really don’t know what abilities we have until we practice with them.   You might be pleasantly surprised.  Whatever level you are at in your intuitive practice, you bring special and unique abilities and talents to the group.  It is important that we do not compare our gifts but offer loving support to enhance whatever gifts each person has chosen for this lifetime, for this current life purpose.

Love letter from one of my students-

“Hola. I have to let you know how amazing you are!! I keep meeting light workers from all over the world (currently traveling through South America), many of them in their 20s, and they can do incredible stuff with energy. However! They know nothing about personal safety (energetically) or keeping themselves clean and clear. I’m sure your ears have been burning because I talk about you a lot. ‘My mentor taught me…’ some times I feel like a broken record but the audience keeps changing. So thank you for stressing the importance of protection and releasing! Love, Celeste H.”

Commitment – Please Read as this is required to take this class!

“There may be no other activity in our human lives that is more important than increasing our intuition to help guide us and live by on a daily basis.  By trusting our own intuition rather than other people’s advice, we no longer feel the need to give our power away to others.  We are able to sit in our own light and feel spiritually powerful and truly connected to Divine Source.  

This of course, takes practice and dedication.  If you chose to participate in this intuitive circle, please consider it fully before hand.  It is important to sit with and participate in a group like this for a length of time, not just once or twice.  A commitment of at least a year would be recommended if you truly want to make strides in your intuitive abilities, plus practice in between meetings.  Sit in meditation and feel if you are ready for this activity and practice.  I’m committed to helping you if you are here and committed to do the work.”  Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki.

Hi Josslyn,  Just thinking about today and what you said to me when we were leaving.  I so believe in the communication from those who have passed on.  But I have always gone to a medium, which fills me with so much joy when hearing from my family and guides.  But as of late, I haven’t felt the need to talk with the medium.  I am talking directly to those who have passed and my guides and I feel they communicate back.  So today (Psychic Circle Class, Mediumship practice) showed me to trust what I am feeling and seeing, and I think that is what you were trying to tell me.  Just throw it out there and trust.  I thank you so very much, I love the class.  Thanks and Love,  J.C.”


This is a hands on group.  We will meditate at the beginning and end of each circle, have discussion time and practice different methods of intuitive practice each time.  Confidences will be shared so it is important that each member be of the highest ethical standards in this group, not sharing any names or personal information outside of the group.


This circle meets typically the third Wednesday of the month from noon P.M. to 3 P.M. We start on time, plan to come a bit early to get started on the intuitive work right at noon.  Check the CALENDAR section of the website to see the exact dates.


Cost for this group is $35 per meeting paid at the door.  This group meets once a month.  Private sessions are available wtih Josslyn for personal help from her and your guides on your particular gifts/path.  Cost is $95 per hour. I have offered this class at a very low price so my students are able to commit to the monthly schedule.  In return, however, I do require you to be committed to attending the monthly class.  The commitment is for YOU, your practice and consistency, for the trust of your fellow students and for the group as a whole.  Occasional drop ins are not encouraged. Please talk to me in private if you have a special circumstance but still want to participate.  Communication is recommended and encouraged.


A Reiki I class is required for this circle from Josslyn.  At this time I am requiring that the Reiki I class be through me, this may change later, but this is what I’m comfortable with at this time and the guidance that came through from my Reiki Guides. I teach much more than just Reiki in my beginner class,  I also teach about energy, boundaries, spirit guides, ethics and a lot more that is critical (In my and my guides opinions) to psychic work done with authenticity and Divine help.    This also allows that our vocabulary is the same as well as our ability to run Divine Healing Energy which we will learn to work with to enhance our intuitive abilities. This is Josslyn’s personal requirement and is not up for debate.

If you have taken Reiki through another teacher and want to take this class, I recommend you come to other Reiki events such as Round Table or Reiki Circle. Get to know Josslyn and the other people in the Reiki community.  Then you can decide if you feel it is worth it to retake the Reiki I class through Josslyn.  So far, every student who has retaken Josslyn’s Reiki I class has felt it was a great learning tool and enhanced their Reiki experience.


This group meets in Sequim, WA, close to town center.


If you’d like to be a part of this regular meeting of intuitives, please contact Josslyn, see if there is space and discuss it with her at 360-460-7829 or  .  There is currently a waiting list for this class.  Call or email Josslyn to get on the list for the next available slot.

360-460-7829 or



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