Reiki Pet Attunements


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Why attune your pet to Reiki?

Any animal lover knows, our pets are highly emotional and intuitive.  

They can be hurt just like us.  They can heal and be healed just like us.  They can take on the energy of people just like us.  

Animals are usually connected to Divine, Mother Earth and their intuitive forces in a more grounded and easy manner than humans, but they still sometimes need help healing in this modern world.  And, many of us know with our pets, when we are under stress or ill, they do their best to heal us, often taking on the energy of the illness themselves. 

I have worked with many pets like this who get sick at the same time their ‘parent’ is sick, doing their best to help their parent while at the same time not knowing where to send the energy, just like many humans do. (Empathic anyone?)  Usually I work with the animal a little bit, showing them pictures from my mind on where to send the energy or how to transmute it safely.  It doesn’t take much.  Animals, with a tiny bit of guidance, usually pick up energy work very quickly.  Some are naturals, like people, and some need more tutoring, also like people.  We are all both similar and unique at the same time.

I was reminded of this recently when someone in my family suddenly got very sick and their dog started acting depressed, anxious and unsure of himself.  When I sat with my Reiki and asked what I could do for this family member to help the situation, I received the message, “Attune her dog.”  I saw visions of her caregivers and dog getting overflow of energy of stress, worry, sadness and more coming from her out to all of them.  The energy wasn’t going up to God (which is where we want to send it) it was going onto everyone around her, including her beloved canine best friend.  Reiki showed me that if I were to attune her dog, her dog would not only be able to transmute the energy to Divine for her, it would protect him, the caregivers and help heal his human best friend.  Again, Reiki is a win/win for all involved.

When our pets are attuned to Reiki, they become a channel for Reiki, they automatically emit Reiki healing energy from all their pores into whoever is nearby and wants it.  They are quite natural channels and once attuned simply and quite easily understand how to process the healing energy and help those around them.  Pets are already healing to be around and to pet and love, but the Reiki protects them and us as well.  

After this family member’s dog was attuned, he was much happier, more relaxed, less anxious and very much less stressed.  He seemed to be smiling all the time and I hadn’t seen him that way before, probably ever since I’d known him.  And, he continues to be a smiling Reiki dog even now.  I believe he knows he’s helping and the stress of the illness isn’t on him any longer, it’s on Reiki.  Now he can just be a loving support and not CARRY the burden of the energy of the illness.  And, he also has the secret to where and how to transmute the old energy.  If your pet is grinning after their attunement it’s probably because they know they have a Diving Secret.

 Reiki is always a win/win!!

To Order a Pet Attunement

$75 per pet

*Email us with a photo, full name, birthday (as much as you know, even a guesstimate is good, for identification purposes only)

What is a Reiki Attunement?

The attunement process is a ceremony of spiritual awakening and introduction that celebrates the creation of a new connection between the student and Divine Source that aligns you with your Highest Good. During an attunement you are ‘tuned in’ to a different vibration of energy, a higher frequency.  The attunement process also prepares your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for accepting and channeling the new vibration of Divine energy that will be flowing through you from the time of the attunement and after.  The chakras are aligned, the physical organs and tissues are energized and healed and your spiritual channels to your Higher Self and your Divine are opened up and prepared for spiritual awakening.  It’s a very personal and deeply spiritual process for many.

“The attunement process may be the most profoundly sacred thing on Earth today. From the time of performing the simple motions, a new healer is created — or awakened may be the better word.  The ability to do Reiki is part of the human genetic code, wired into our DNA.  The attunement turns on the light in a darkened house, reconnecting capabilities once universal but now mostly lost.  Reiki is a major force in the evolution of the people of this planet.  The attunements heal our broken DNA, reconnecting us to the ‘light’ of the information that has been lost to Earth’s people.”  author unknown but this has been my experience and other Master’s experience and knowing as well.

A Reiki Master is the quickest and easiest way to receive a Reiki Attunement. A Reiki Master is someone who devotes themselves to attaining and maintaining a very high frequency of energy respective to the general masses. They have also been through all the training, attunements and Reiki practice to get them to the level of a Reiki Master/Teacher.  A Master’s connection to the Universal flow of energy is high enough that he or she can create a stronger connection between you and the Universal flow.

One of the unique characteristics of Reiki is its tradition of attuning people to the different levels of vibration that are represented in each degree. Attunements are short ceremonies in which the Reiki Master performs a sequence of acts that connect you to a greater flow of energy.

I thought this diagram from another Reiki website was worth looking at. Usui Reiki attunement does the same things as this diagram.

The ceremonies create an energy pattern around you when the Reiki Master imprints Reiki symbols into your aura. During the attunement process your energy system, chakras and meridians are adjusted and prepared for running this higher vibration of energy through your unique energy system.  Your energy frequency adjusts to the higher frequency represented by the Reiki symbols.

Once you receive the Reiki Attunement you will forever be able to run Reiki energy.  However, it is much like anything else, if you do not use it you won’t lose it but you may forget how to use it.   Or the energy may not run as much or as high a frequency as if you practice regularly.  The more you use the Reiki energy the higher vibration energy you can run and the more energy your body can channel.

Many people who have not used Reiki for a long time but want to now, choose to get another attunement or take another class to refresh their memories of the process of tuning into the Divine Energy.  But, it is not necessary.  If you still have your Reiki I manual, you can begin again on your own.  Taking another class is a personal choice.  Once you have taken a class from Josslyn any following classes of the same level are free to repeat just for this purpose.  Each time you take another class and each time you get a new attunement, you learn more about yourself, your path and about Reiki.

After an Attunement-Healing Opportunities

The Reiki attunement process and giving Reiki sessions to yourself and others can start a cleansing process that affects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions.  Stored toxins, feelings, and old thought patterns that are no longer useful may be released.  This sometimes happens, so when it does, it is important to understand and support the process.  Cleansing may look like a cold, the flu, or allergy-like symptoms as your body purges unwanted elements.  You may also cleanse emotionally; feeling higher levels of anger, frustration, weeping, grief or any other emotion that may have been bottled up for many years and now needs to be released.  Listen to your body.  You may need more rest, time alone, time in nature or more healthy liquids.  It is said that cleansing and releasing can last up to twenty-one days.  (It takes 21 days for the energy to process through your entire energy system three full times.)  Some people have called this process a “healing crisis.”  I prefer the term “healing opportunity.”

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters.  One represents danger and the other represents OPPORTUNITY.”

J.F. Kennedy

Reiki Guides

A personal story from Joss about spiritual beings being present during the attunements.

Butterfly fairies celebrating!

I remember clearly during my Reiki Master Attunement, the other student in class and I both saw and were aware of many fairies and other elemental beings singing and dancing and celebrating all around us during and shortly after our attunement.  I had the feeling they were celebrating my coming back to Reiki.  That I had been attuned to Reiki in another life and/or another place and they were putting on a big party in honor of my coming “home.”  I loved it.  It reminded me that not only is this a highly spiritual process but one worth celebrating with music and dance!

“During the attunement, the Rei or God-Consciousness makes adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki and then links the students to the Reiki Source……..The attunement is also attended by Reiki Guides and other spiritual beings who help implement the process.”

William Lee Rand