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Reiki I Class – No pre-requisite required- Anyone can take Reiki, learn it and DO it.  Anyone.  Both first two Saturdays, October 3rd & 10th, from 10am to 6:30pm.  Zoom Platform.  Log on twenty to thirty minutes prior to class to make sure your video and audio are working.  $200 plus a $25 manual that you buy on Amazon but you will want about two weeks to allow for it’s arrival.  LINK for more information.

Psychic Circle Class -IT’S BACK!! ON ZOOM – Josslyn is ready to roll out her all new Intuitive Class for information, mentoring and practicing with your psychic abilities.  Everyone is intuitive!  This will be a six month class, one Monday a month.  You will be learning about your own intuitive abilities through ‘hands on’ practice.  We will be meditating, visualizing, learning about which psychic abilities are your strongest and how to make them stronger.  We are all intuitive and the only difference is PRACTICE, CONFIDENCE and CONTINUAL EXAMPLES THAT TELL YOU, ‘YOU ARE PSYCHIC!’  We get that through side by side practice with Josslyn.  I ran this class every month for five years or more.  Many of my students are now working in the energy healing field, working with their intuition in other businesses and or trusting their intuition more on an every day basis for a better daily life.  When we trust ourselves to know what is best, we do not have to give our power away to someone else.   Because this is a six month class, once a month, you will pay for all six months.  If you cannot attend one, it will be recorded for you and you can practice with the class at home.  $375 for six months.  This includes one, one on one, one hour Psychic Mentoring session with Josslyn or Amber anytime during the six months.  If you cannot commit to all six sessions, you may pay $55 per session.  You receive the recording for the sessions you attend.  Payment plans available for a $25 charge. A one hour Psychic Session with Josslyn or Amber is typically $95.  Even with the payment plan, you are saving.  LINK to more information.



No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Josslyn is willing to discuss any issues openly and honestly. With Divine’s help, if it is meant to be, we’ll come to an agreement that works for all involved.
Contact Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center at or 360-460-7829.
Leave a message and one of our healers will get back to you.

 Rain Shadow Reiki reserves the right to delete anyone from the email or FB pages who does not resonate with our values and energy of healing intentionally with Divine Love.

Additional and/or Upcoming Events

Mystic Sisters (“Ladies Night Out”):
This is an invitation only group. It has its own email list and FB Page, and you must be invited by Josslyn or one of her clients/students in order to get on the email list. This group is for FUN on our healing path, with a spiritual flair. Get together with other like-minded ladies to experience new spiritual experiences each month, eat, and socialize in a safe and loving setting. You can Email Josslyn to learn more about this monthly event. 

Psychic Circle: This is a class for Josslyn’s Reiki students to work with, learn about, and practice their intuitive abilities. Pre-requisite to this class is taking Josslyn’s Reiki I class. Please read the full page for Psychic Circle before considering this class. This class will be started up again at some point – keep checking back!

Reiki Circle: This is a chance to both give and receive a Reiki treatment. It is also an opportunity to meet other like-minded people and build a spiritual community. These are held monthly, on evenings or weekends. Keep a look out for these to be started up again.

OPEN HOUSE: Come and tour Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center. We will be having demonstrations of all that we do here, with Healing Attunements, Reiki Mini-sessions, Spirit Guide Readings, Past Life Readings, Plant Spirit Readings, Astrology or Human Design mini-readings, Sound Machine Healing, Laser Healing for Reflex Integration, FOOD, and much more. Come meet our healers and find out how we can help you on your spiritual and healing path. We walk the path with you, as much as you choose.

Coming in the Fall!

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  2. I am open for anytime that I can be in the state. As of yesterday there is an offer on john srs. House. If all goes with that it won’t close until Dec 2, and my John would like to stay home until it closes. I’m sure Wendy would manage a day to attend to as long as I’m home. We LOVED the class (Reiki 1). Also want to say I haven’t forgot the questionair and I will do it…after the mad house is settled a bit. Wendy will be moving out of Jason’s tomorrow and Andrew is going to help with that..then hopefully have the final interview for home schooling. Just fyi..both wendy and I have a full concept of ADHD. Not funny but lol. If nothing else I came away from your class with HOPE! I haven’t felt so up for years! Destiny is AMAZING! LOVE to you and yours! Sue

    1. Thanks Sue, are you still not getting my emails? We need to remedy that. Can you email me at and I’ll capture your email and get it right this time. Please, LOL, want you to know what’s up without alway having to come here. Although it’s good to check this page from time to time too. So grateful you enjoyed the class, I certainly enjoyed having you all. Great class. I look forward to Reiki II. Blessings, Josslyn

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