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SEQUIM LOCALS- Holistic Fair May 20th- come join us……

Julia Buggy of Blue Mountain Yoga is once again hosting this incredible Holistic Wellness Fair !! This was really wonderful and amazing last year and I believe this year will be even better.  
This event is a FABULOUS opportunity to meet our local healers and take classes or have quick sessions during the fair.  Plus we get to support our small holistic community of healers.  Rain Shadow Reiki will be there the whole day; I’m teaching 2 classes, one on ‘Reiki Every Day’ & ‘Reiki + Psychic Healing’.  I’ll also be doing spirit guide readings during the fair and my helpers will be doing mini Reiki sessions, all from 1-4pm.
When:  Saturday, May 20th, 2023
Where:  Blue Mountain Yoga on Carlsborg Rd.
What:    Classes from 9am to 6:30pm
               Wellness Fair Booths 1-4
               Dance Party  6:30pm to 8pm
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Reiki for Everyday People……in April…..

Ror Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA  @ 

Reiki changes lives.  Josslyn specializes teaching Reiki for everyday people who don’t necessarily want to be healers, but want to heal themselves or friends/family or pets.  She specializes in teaching people who are empaths, highly sensitive, intuitive and have trouble living in this challenging life on planet Earth.  Most people want to take a Reiki class just to help themselves be happier on a daily basis or to calm down their anxiety or stress; and Reiki does that.  Josslyn teaches a longer class, 3 days, one week apart from each other so you have time to practice, solidify the teachings and create a new habit of doing Reiki daily.  When you DO Reiki on yourself daily; that is when miracles happen……..
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher and owner and operator of Rain Shadow Reiki for 11 years will be your teacher.
* The ability to channel Divine Healing energy through your body and out your hands, breath and eyes
*  Real tools to handle LIFE better and even be in charge of who you are and how you react.
* True spiritual connection that you can FEEL IN YOUR BODY
* Abilities to heal yourself daily 
*  The ability to create your empathic ability into a gift to help yourself and others
*  The knowhow to protect yourself energetically
* Real spiritual community
*  The ability to get on your soul path and stay on it
These are just some of the things Josslyn teaches in her Reiki I class  that are different from other classes.  She teaches Reiki for the everyday person who wants to live a better life, the empathic person who wants to stop taking on everyone else’s energy, the intuitive person who wants to know how to trust their intuition better and the person who works with other people and wants to make this process a healing opportunity; like hairdressers, clerks, working in offices, anyone in the public workforce, etc. 
Reiki is not JUST a hands on healing technique to use on others.  It is a real life Divine Healing energy tool to heal yourself and your life and GET ON YOUR SOUL PATH!!  
When:  3 Tuesdays, April 11th, 18th & 25th.
Time:    10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. PST all three days
Where:  Online with Zoom or in person IF you are living in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
Cost:     $330, manual included 
Pay:     Ways to pay BELOW
R.S.V.P.: When you pay,  we will sign you up for online UNLESS you tell us you prefer in person. 
Questions:   email us at OR 360-460-7829
More information about the class:
Next Reiki I Class – I will teach another Reiki I class but most likely not until early fall.  IF you are reading this, you are ready.  ANYONE can do Reiki.  EVERYONE can benefit from Reiki. Reiki does no harm and always helps. 
PAY WITHOUT FEESWhich greatly helps small businesses like ours. 
Venmo address:  Josslyn Streett @Rain-Shadow-Reiki (2 factor ID is last 4 digits of phone #7829) 
* FB Messenger $ –  use name -Josslyn Streett (FB Messenger $ is very easy.  Find my name, Josslyn Streett, in Messenger.  Click on the $ sign and enter the event amount. (Limit of $300 per transaction but you can do 2 transactions in the same day.)
* Cash/Check PRIOR TO CLASS  – email or call us for a mailing address or come by and give it to us or leave it in the blue pot and text us that it is there. Please put in an envelope marked with your name, event and date. 
* Link to pay for Events: (Scroll down the page for the event you want to attend)
*Square- credit cards- Tell us you want to use your credit card and we’ll send you an invoice.  
* Donation Button:  This button can be used at any time to pay for events, classes or making donations; via PayPal.
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Magic Wand Class Coming up……

Hello All Magical People,
This is unlike ANY other workshop we teach!!
Anyone is welcome to take this class, no prerequisite required.  This tool has helped me see and believe that healing is fast and easy!! We could all use some of that…..
This workshop is focused on using a healing tool from Twisted Sage, combined with Divine Love or Reiki, to help you be in vibrational resonance with EMFs, 5G, Wi-Fi, cell phones, any modern day technology that many of us Highly Sensitive People find draining.  
It also helps you clear your aura of negatively vibrating energies; such as entities, interdimensional beings and more. Working confidently with this tool is required for the Ignite the Light class where we learn to clear current and parallel life negative energies and entities from us, others and places. More information at the bottom of the email.   
WHEN:  THIS FRIDAY, February 3rd at 5:00pm to 8:30pm PST (We will start at 5pm for a wild ride!)
WHERE:  Online with Zoom OR in person at Rain Shadow Reiki, in the City of Sequim, WA 
COST:  $45  + (Wand is $68 + shipping for the wand)
Golden Fire and Light Wand from Twisted Sage
WAND: Twisted Sage Link:  Golden Fire & Light Wand  
IT DIDN’T COME IN TIME!!!: If you don’t get the wand in time for the class it’s o.k.  You can still take the class now and practice with your wand with visualization now and later with what you’ve learned.
MORE INFORMATION:  Energy Healing/Intuitive Work or read below the payment section…..
QUESTIONS: Call or email us at 360-460-7829 or 
Ways to Pay for All Events & Classes
Venmo address:  Josslyn Streett @Rain-Shadow-Reiki (2 factor ID is last 4 digits of phone #7829) Deduct $2 for discount.
* FB Messenger $ –    use name -Josslyn Streett (FB Messenger $ is very easy.  Find my name, Josslyn Streett, in Messenger.  Click on the $ sign and enter the event amount minus your $2 discount and it will be sent to us.  Easy Peasy.  (Limit of $300 per transaction.)
* Cash/Check PRIOR TO THE DAY OF CLASS  – email or call us for a mailing address or come by and give it to us or leave it in the blue pot and text us that it is there. Don’t forget to use your $2 discount! Please put in an envelope marked with your name, event and date. 
* Link to pay for Events: (Scroll down the page for the event you want to attend) No discounts.
*Square- credit cards- Tell us you want to use your credit card and we’ll send you an invoice or call and we’ll do it over the phone.  
* Donation Button:  This button can be used at any time to pay for events, classes or making donations. No discounts.
What If you could be in healing harmony with modern technology?!! 
Some people are boosted by modern technology, and some feel very drained and even in dis–ease by it.  Much of this has to do with who you are, your soul gifts and contracts, as well as your beliefs about technology.  But, we can also choose to raise our vibration, our beliefs and our emotions about technology and then it doesn’t affect us negatively. We have found, with this particular tool, it is much easier to create that world and live in it. And, FUN!!
This tool gives you energetic ways to create safe and sacred space around yourself, around technology, your home and more.  It creates safe and sacred space for the long term and works even if our focus is not on it daily. Plus, we can put safe and sacred space around cell towers, 5G towers, water towers, and whatever else you can think of to raise the vibration of and create healing energy from these technologies.  It’s quite amazing.  
We work with this energy for ourselves, our pets, our homes, cars, water in the home, schools, hospitals and much more.  THIS is a tool we can really help our whole community with, while also respecting the free will of everyone.  
This is a powerful workshop that you can take with you, and continue healing for anyone in your life who chooses it.  Reiki is not necessary to take this workshop.
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Reiki ‘Insurance’ Policy

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Healer for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

When a perplexing situation comes up with a client I turn to what I call, The Foundational Truths of Reiki. When I remember these, then I can look at the situation in a new and different way. For instance, if a client is on my table and they are in more pain then when they came in during or after the Reiki, I can remember foundational truth #1-


If we know that and believe it to be true (which I do and I do) then I can think, “ok, if Reiki is always positive and can do no harm, then what is this pain the client is feeling? Detox, healing opportunity, a fear that needs to be released, etc. Remembering the foundational truths gets me to ask a different questions or look at the situation from a new perspective. When we are able to get new information, then we are able to do the healing that needs to be done. We are not doing the healing, Reiki is doing the healing, but sometimes we need more information before we can access the healing.


Pray this helps some of you, when you do it,

Love and Light,




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Reiki to Filter Emotional Media

by Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Reiki Intuitive Reader/Healer for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 

One of the things our Psychic Healer’s do here at Rain Shadow Reiki, is to safely and with Divine Guidance pull energy out of people’s body and aura that should’t be there.  Energy that is not theirs, energy that they picked up from others, from media, the spaces we walk through, etc.  

When “13 R3asons Why” came out on N3tflix years ago, we had a string of mothers of teens calling us to ask us what was going on with their teen after they watched the show.  Their teens were having very dramatic emotional issues all of a sudden and all they know was that they had watched that show.  The drama & trauma energy, emotional energy and more can leap off the screen and right into your aura.  If it is not cleared from the aura, then it eventually gets into the body and becomes dis-ease, emotional or mental anxiety, depression and more.  We can feel great, then watch a scary or dramatic movie and all of a sudden, we’re not feeling so great.  But, do we realize it’s the energy from the movie or T.V. program- most people have no idea.  Empaths often know, they just don’t know what to do about it.

I prefer vintage movies if I’m doing scary.

I’m an empath and I have had to pull the energy from all the scary movies I watched as a kid because they stayed with me.  Over time their effects may seem less and less to us because we become desensitized to the energy, but it is still harming us and piling up, one show on top of another.  

Many of us are that sensitive.  Many empaths can read an email and the emotional energy the person was feeling while they wrote it, jumps out of the computer and sticks onto us.  You might remember this happening some time and all of a sudden now you go – AH HA!! That’s what that was.


Every time I watch T.V., watch a movie, read a book, read email, scroll through FB, I use Reiki to put up a wall of Reiki between me and the screen and intend it all goes up to Reiki Source and that my personal space (aura) is Safe and Sacred.

Simple Reiki Hack for Media

  1. Ask Reiki to put a Reiki sheet in between you and the movie/show.  (You can do this for your family too, their soul will chose to take it or not.)
  2. Visualize it.
  3. Intend the energy from the show goes UP to Reiki Source.
  4. Intend Reiki comes down and fills you up while you watch.
  5. Intend your personal space is Safe & Sacred
  6. Enjoy the show.


These days I even do this with comedies.  You never know, even the comedies are meant to SHOCK you and get past your aura defenses.  But, they won’t get past Reiki.  (UNLESS, your soul needs to have a lesson, then you will have the lesson.  That’s just the way of the Universe and Free Will.)

If you like, write down a list of shows, movies and more that you feel has stayed with you too long and give us a call.  We can pull them and more that you don’t even think of.  We don’t need to be walking around with that energy mucking up our beautiful energy!!

Let me know if this helps anyone, I love hearing from you all,

These were scary when I was a kid. Now they’re just COOL!!

Love and Light,



Yes, we do one on one sessions via Zoom!!

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Reiki Process for Healing Grief, Trauma & Really Tough Moments

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 


Hello Reiki Friends,

From a whole life of holding in everything hard from my life, stuffing it down or denying it; Reiki has taught me how to release it and heal it.  Reiki has given me the tools to live a better life.  Even in the toughest moments of grieving, this process has helped and has gotten me through the seemingly impossible and biggest healing opportunity of my life; losing my son and husband in a car crash in 2017.  Here’s a quickie version and a longer version down below of how I do this, every single time I’m grieving, feeling too much, thinking too much and down right just having a really tough day.  

I very much hope this helps someone.

Love and Light, 


Josslyn’s Reiki Process for Healing ALL OF THE HARD STUFF!!

QUICKIE VERSION – When you are in deep emotion, grief, trauma, judgement, anger, worry, stress, anxiety –these steps help me. A LOT!!

  1. STOP, BE in the emotions. YOU’VE GOT TO FEEL IT TO HEAL IT.
  2. DON’T JUDGE OR CRITICIZE YOURSELF. (Do not skip this step!)
  3. Acknowledge your feelings as yours or something you took on from others.
  4. BULLSEYE!! Realize that the EMOTION is pointing you in the direction of your next big healing opportunity.
  5. LEAN INTO THE EMOTION, REALLY FEEL IT, BE IN IT.  If you deny it or repress it, it’ll just come back stronger over and over and over again.  Let’s try something different now, lean into it instead.
  6. Mentally ask Reiki to heal it and IF it feels right, put your hands on and do Reiki on yourself where it feels good. 
  7. Reiki yourself until you feel a release and calmer.

So next time you are even a little bit emotional, DO this process.  If you start doing this process when you are just a little upset, then you will automatically go to it when you are very upset too.  Just a little thought asking Reiki to help is all you need.  


Longer Explanations if you want them-


  1. STOP, BE IN the emotions. YOU’VE GOT TO FEEL IT TO HEAL IT.   Our feelings also need to be witnessed in order to heal them.  But, many of us only show our emotions when we are alone.  But, when you have Reiki; Reiki, our Reiki Guides and our Soul Path Spirit Guide are witnesses to our deep emotion and healing process.  KNOW you are being healed and witnessed.  Now you can release it.  As you release in this way, it gets easier and easier, faster and faster. You can go from a person who has no idea HOW to release, to a person who releases easily and much more effortlessly.  It takes time to get this good at releasing trauma with Reiki, but you are most likely going to be doing it anyway, why not ask Reiki to help and really release it.   
  2. DON’T JUDGE OR CRITICZE YOURSELF. Many of us have been taught that emoting is bad and we are bad or unlovable when we do it.  But, it’s normal and natural to have feelings and we allow them for others even as we deny them for ourselves.  And, we cannot truly heal ourselves unless we FEEL THESE emotions we are so afraid of.  So, LOVE yourself where you are at RIGHT NOW! And, where you are at right now, may be healing trauma.  Feel it, heal it and move forward with more Love and Light in your body and soul. Over time of doing this process, we actually stop judging ourselves so much and just see the emotions or beliefs as another healing opportunity. We become less and less attached to the ‘badness’ of it all and just see the healing part.  It’s truly freeing. The process gets easier because the judgement and criticism part is a very painful part to the process. Release that and you release yourself from pain and suffering.
  3. Acknowledge your feelings as yours or something you took on from others. Even if these feelings are from another lifetime, even if they are from someone else at one point, you chose (consciously or maybe subconsciously) to take the energy on and learn from it.  Our soul chooses to do this until it gets so bad we can’t carry it any longer.  This is the lesson part.  When we hit ‘rock bottom’ so to speak and can’t handle the energy in our bodies, then we are ready to learn a new way to heal, release and be a happier version of ourselves. Accepting that the old self would take these energies on and carry them around is part of the process of healing; releasing that old part of ourselves that needed to fill a void with other energy.  Let’s fill that void with Reiki energy now and watch ourselves grow and expand in positive healing energy instead.  One step at a time.
  4. BULLSEYE!! Realize that the EMOTION or MENTAL BELIEF is pointing you in the direction of your next big healing opportunity. Once we realize that the emotion is just communication for what we are ready, willing and able to heal- it gets so much easier to not judge or criticize the emotion. It gives us spiritual empowerment over our own life. 
  5. LEAN INTO THE EMOTION, REALLY FEEL IT.    Feel the emotion. If you deny it or repress it, it’ll just come back stronger another time.  Let’s try something different now, lean into it.  Many of us were taught to STUFF IT or DENY it and then we carry it around for our whole life and actually, many lifetimes.  It creates dis-ease and over long periods of time it creates disease.  Let’s try a new way now.  Now that we have Reiki, we have an actual tool to heal this trauma. Reiki gives you the way to heal it, an easy way, a beautiful way, a simple way.  You cannot do it wrong, so let’s just DO IT!!
  6. Mentally ask Reiki to heal it and IF it feels right, put your hands on and do Reiki on yourself where it feels good. NO WRONG WAY TO DO THIS.  If the feelings are way too much and overwhelming for you at the time, all you have to do is create a thought “Reiki heal this emotion, heal the source of this emotion.” and Reiki will come and start running through you and start filling you up and sending the emotional energy you are ready to release, up to Reiki Source.  Reiki will do this automatically because it’s intelligent from our Higher Power of Love and Light and Reiki knows exactly what you need and what your soul wants.  WE JUST HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP.  That’s all.  Ask Reiki or someone who has Reiki for help. IF you have Reiki and calm down enough to lay hands on you, then do this.  REMEMBER – there is no wrong way to do Reiki, just ask and you shall receive.  Just do it!!
  7. Reiki yourself until you feel a release and calmer. While you are IN THE MOMENT, let’s just stay there until you feel better. Don’t cut it short if you at all can, stay until you are done.  I have found that with this process, after a big emotional healing, I’m not really tired and spent like I used to be when I didn’t have Reiki.  I used to be exhausted after a crying spell or a big emotional release, but not with Reiki.  I can finish my Reiki and immediately feel better, and go right about my life shortly after.  AS long as I do the Reiki until I feel it’s all gone and I’m done; calmer, released, thoughts are calm, energy is grounded- then I get up and go again.  It’s quite amazing. Reiki is quite amazing!!
  8. FILL UP WITH REIKI!! Reiki is always a higher vibration then the emotional energy you release so you have just healed yourself when you do this. Anytime we release or take out energy from ourselves, a space or anyone else; we must fill up with a higher vibration of energy right away.  If energy is taken out of a space (you or someone else or a room) and not filled up with Reiki, then the empty space creates a vacuum and pulls energy to fill it from the easiest and closest space; which may be energy we do not want there.  We know Reiki is a very high vibration so fill up with Reiki to be sure the healing is actually happening.
  9. DO THIS A MILLION MORE TIMES AND YOU ARE DONE. ENLIGHTENMENT IS A LONG PROCESS.  But, Reiki makes the journey much more beautiful!!

Do this every time you are feeling off balance mentally or emotionally or even physically and see how you feel better quicker, feel stronger knowing you healed it and it won’t come back (this energy will not come back), and more powerful knowing you are alchemizing energy.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else with Reiki and Psychic healing.

Love and Light,



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Reiki II Scheduled for September 2022

Hello Reiki Friends,
A Reiki II class has been scheduled for the last two Tuesdays in September, in person and Zoom both. 
*Helps the intangible spiritual energy, be tangible
*Helps Reiki energy be more creative and accessible
*Helps us learn that Reiki is INFINITE and what that means in healing terms, no limits!
*Helps us feel more confident in our Reiki practice
*Helps us feel more confident in working with our Reiki Guides for daily life.
*Helps us raise our vibration and solidify our channel to Source and our higher selves.  
and more…….
Josslyn will be teaching this class. Josslyn specializes in teaching intuitives/empaths and highly sensitive people.  She helps us to know how to seamlessly weave Reiki into every aspect of our lives, not just for a ‘hands on healing session.’ Josslyn’s classes are longer but much more thorough than many Reiki classes; adding in lessons on working with Reiki guides, how to use Reiki for special empath boundaries and setting sacred space. 
Email or call us if you have ANY questions or issues about this class at all,
feel free to share with your spiritual/seeking friends,
We LOVE hearing from you,
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Energy Healer
360-460-7829 or 
WHEN: Tuesdays, September 20th & 27TH 
LINK: Reiki II – more information about the class- 
WHAT TIME:  10am to approximately 4:30pm   (We will do our best to stay on time and usually do, but we also want to get to all the Reiki applicable questions the students have and get through the material. The 4:30pm is flexible, but we are usually no later than 15 to 30 minutes over, please allow time for flexibility.)
WHERE:  Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (IN Sequim City limits)  OR on Zoom from your home  
HOW:  Click on the link to pay below, pay and we’ll take it from there.  Your payment IS your sign up. In the NOTE section please specify if you want IN PERSON or ZOOM or email us (First come first serve.  IF in person fills up we will have room on Zoom.) If the link doesn’t work for you, we also have Venmo, FB Messenger $ and you can mail us a check or credit/debit card.  Call us at 360-460-7829 for more information about this, payment plans and/or bartering. 
COST:  $380 includes the manual 
Link to Pay for Reiki II –
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Congratulations to Our June 2022 Reiki I Students!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA 

Every Reiki Class is an honor and a joy to teach but this was was special for many reasons: it was our first Reiki class in much over a year, it was our first Reiki class in person after the quarantine, it was our first class in person AND online at the same time AND each student maybe because of all of that mentioned previously, was just SO EXCITED AND READY to learn Reiki!

Reiki Chair Practice Session

Every single person who is attuned to Reiki, who practices their Reiki on themselves and maybe even others, is a gift to the world.  Reiki has shown itself to me and my students to help us be more centered, grounded, connected to Source and more loving to ourselves and others.  That’s what we need most in the world right now and I intend to help spread the beautiful healing energy as much as possible.  BUT, Reiki is something you really have to EXPERIENCE for yourself.  IF you have not ever had Reiki, please take the leap and take a class or have a Reiki session with someone who you trust.  Open your mind to possibilities and Reiki will bring what you need and even sometimes, what you want.

Thank you for helping me CONGRATULATE our newest Reiki I students: Kristin, Carol, Andrea, Kelli, Hannah, Cass, Dick and Betsy!! I’m so proud of them all for taking that courageous leap of faith to DO something new and scary and creating new possibilities for their lives!! WAY TO GO CLASS!!

The students writing their Gassho, intentional prayer for before their Reiki session on another person.


Our online students, Dick and Cass. So patience and helped us with our tech-y issues. Grateful


Congratulations Andrea!!!


Congratulations Dick!!


Congratulations Cass!! Sorry about the dark pic, we will work on that for next time and do better. Very grateful you were in our class, one of my ‘oldest’ friends to take my class, gives me great joy!!


Congratulations Hannah!!!


Congratulations Kristin!!


Congratulations Betsy!!


Congratulations Carol!!


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Wellness Fair Saturday in Sequim, WA



If you are local to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where Rain Shadow Reiki lives, we are participating in a FREE COMMUNITY EVENT that is much needed and greatly appreciated.  When I moved to Sequim, WA in 2008 and started doing Reiki I quickly realized that there were many holistic practitioners here, they just quietly did their own thing mostly in their homes.  That’s pretty much what I do too, although I’ve built a strong Reiki community on line as well as locally in person, it makes us stronger to mix, mingle and learn from other healers.  

So, IF you are anywhere near the Olympic Peninsula this weekend, please stop by and strengthen yourself and our community by coming to the FREE WELLNESS FAIR at Blue Mountain Yoga and the ribbon cutting for their newly reopened business.  Julia is the somewhat new owner, buying the business during the quarantines, courageous.  Community is important to her as she is creating a home for other healing and spiritual practitioners as well as yoga.

Julia has done a beautiful job in gathering healers of all different modalities to contribute to the talks, demonstrations and activities.  I will be talking and doing a Reiki plus Psychic Energy Healing demonstration at 11am.  Be early, I want to start at 11 sharp so we can do as much energy healing as possible.  Everyone will get healing (if they choose) and maybe get some psychic information too.  I with my  students will also be doing FREE mini Reiki chair sessions and FREE mini psychic reading/healings from 12:30pm to 4pm at our booth.  Look for the big Amethyst crystal!! That’s us!!


IF you are not able to come, please check out the websites with links below and paroose their sites and see if they resonate with you.  So much healing talent on the Peninsula, I’m proud to be here working and living in this beautiful part of the country.

Love and Light, Josslyn 

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS   (Subject to change for life emergencies)
Got my new banner, I’m ready for Saturday!!!
Open House Schedule
9-9:55 am- Open Levels Yoga w/ Kalee
10:05-11 am “Better Buzz” – yoga for pollinating your sense of well-being w/ Alicia,
11:15-noon Rhythm Meditations w/ Zorina Wolf of Whole Person Drumming,
11 am-noon Reiki Psychic Energy Healing w/ Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki
12-1230 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony w/ snacks and refreshments
12:30-1 pm Intro to Chakradance w/ Lauren
12:30-12:50 pm Body Psychology w/ Chelsea,
12:30-12:45 pm Capoeira Demo by Joe
12:45-1:15 pm Outdoor Family/ Kids Yoga (all ages) w/ Sara and Victoria
12:55-1:30 pm Intro to Herbalism w/ Lucie
1:10-2 pm The Sister Sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology w/ Melanie,
1:15-2 pm Dances of Universal Peace w/ Premdaya,
1:30-2 pm Standing Meditation w/ James,
2:10-2:50 pm Energy Healing Self-Care Class w/ Dr. Penny Burdick,
2:10-2:55 pm Herbal Remedies for Seasonal Allergies w/ Lucie
3-4 pm ShamaniK Yoga Dance w/ Maytrelli,
3-3:30 pm Enhancing Wellness and Stress Relief by Supporting the Nervous System w/ Robin,
3:40-4 pm DNA Cleansing Meditation w/ Cathlene and Matthew, New Paradyme Healing (360)912-4312
4:30-5:30 pm Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath w/ Theresa Clark West, (360)461-4163
6-7:30 pm Salish Sea Kirtan Band w/ Natavar,
Open House Outdoor Booths 12:30-4 (unless otherwise noted)
Chakradance w/ Lauren *free chakra health checks
Visceral Manipulation Assessments w/ Nicole 12:30-2 pm,,
Mini Readings w/ Autumn Smith,
Wilderness Fusion Healings w/ Sarah and Jess, 12:30-3 pm,
Rain Shadow Reiki is offering mini Reiki chair sessions and mini psychic readings
Mini Massage, treatments, and energy clearing w/ Chelsea Anne,
Acupuncture w/ Jason Taylor,, (206)569-8255
Reiki Healing, and/or Akashic Reading. 15 minute sessions with Premdaya Wajida Mathieu
2:15-4 pm Mini Massage Sessions w/ James Burtle of Rainbow Body Massage in the Treatment Room
Consultations and mini healing treatments w/ Randy Sorenson
12-2 pm
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A Personal Message from Josslyn

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher and Owner of Rain Shadow Reiki

NOTE: Rain Shadow Reiki is still teaching Reiki, Reiki and Psychic workshops and seeing private clients via Zoom mostly, but some in person.  IF you would like to get on our class list, please email us at . We’ve love to have you in our close knit Reiki community. 

Hello, Josslyn/Joss here.  Call me either one, I go by both.  

One thing you might want to know about me if you’re reading this blog or considering a class or private session from me is that in my astrological chart and Human Design, I’m what is called a wounded healer.  I have Chiron at a place in my life path where it is challenging me to heal and look in the mirror pretty much every day for my whole life. (Most people have it at two maybe three areas of their chart for about a year and a half each time).  It seems to me sometimes that it’s drama after drama after drama; but I choose to call them HEALING OPPORTUNITIES!!

This is me in my professionally taken photos for my blog. It was taken with my son’s graduation photos and it was a happy sunny day. Good memories of this day with my son.

Since I’ve found Reiki and other energy healing modalities in 1997 when I woke up, I’ve turned the ‘drama’ in my life into healing, growth, learning and helping others.   

I usually keep my blogs to writing about ideas of HOW to work with the Reiki you are channeling.  But, life changes on a dime and we want to change with it to keep up.   Saying that, I’ll admit this to you all,  I’ve been struggling with writing blogs ever since the car crash my family was in in 2017. (If you don’t know about the crash, search Josslyn Streett + Colorado)  Two of my family members were killed and I was near death for a few weeks.  Communication is my life path, but verbally, not the written word.  So, the blog writing has been the last thing on my list and I’m very sorry to you all for that.  I haven’t forgotten about you, truly. 

But, you know the Universe, from the crash, I did not die so there must be more work for me here, and hopefully more fun. THANK YOU REIKI IN ADVANCE FOR MORE FUN!!! (Ask and you shall receive)

I am here and my goal since the beginning of the healing process when I got home from the hospital is to not just live, but thrive.  Well, that is easier said than done, even with Reiki.  But, I’m a healer, I don’t give up and that is what life here on earth takes, do not give up hope, just keep moving forward best you can; one minute at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.  Whatever you can do, just keep moving on.  And, with Reiki we have an extra special gift to do just that.  I believe Reiki has saved my life many more times then those doctors in CO.

Our human subconscious minds still think healing is linear and it goes in a straight line and gets better and better as we heal with our Reiki and intentions.  But, that is just not how human bodies work, or human soul paths.  We go back and forth, forward then back, up then down, around and around and then we transition.  Kind of like that.  So the less we are attached to the linear way of thinking, the less we will stress ourselves out.  But, as much as I know that in my conscious mine, I STILL WANT IT TO BE LINEAR in the process.  So, long story longer almost five years later, I’m still very much healing, even new issues that have come up from five years ago; it’s a constant healing process as I’m still healing my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and am teaching and working with clients in between, when I am able.  

Thank you all for being patient with me when I have really not been able to write blogs or teach or even ADULT at all.  Thank you all for sending Reiki to me and my son and our soul paths; it is much welcomed and much gratitude sent in return and Reiki blessings as well.  And, thank you for being patient even still as I’m continuing my healing path and sometimes able to DO Reiki/Psychic classes and sometimes not.  And, sometimes not writing blogs for long periods of time.  We are actually working on a new website and the goal is to do video blogs, that is my more natural way of communicating and hopefully I’ll be more consistent.  But, we’re human and so we do what we can do.

But, the other thing to know about me, especially IF you are considering having a private session or taking a class from me, I do not give up.  I just keep on going at whatever pace I’m able to and I keep healing and teaching whenever I’m able.  My son comes first, then my Reiki passion.  Because, everything I learn from healing myself, I then turn around and teach YOU ALL!! That is what a wounded healer is.  We have much to teach if you are able to go with the flow, you will heal much and learn much from us.  As wounded healers we are also able to help you go DEEPER with your healing.  We have a huge bandwidth of pain and trauma that we are able to pull from to help you go there, heal and release.  We also understand people who have been through trauma because we have been there too.  There is much to be said for a Reiki/Psychic Healing from a wounded healer.  BUT, it’s all your soul path.  So, if I resonate with you as a teacher/healer, then I’m the one to go to.  If I do not, then keep looking.

 It’s all good, it’s just not all easy!!

SESSION/CLASS – IF you would like a private session via Zoom/phone with me or one of our Reiki/Psychic Healers, call or email us at 360-460-7829, .  We add our psychic healing gifts/modalities with Reiki for an incredible healing experience. 

Thank you for reading IF you stayed this long,

Thank you for your patience, 

Thank you for your loving comments,

Thank you for opening yourself up to all Reiki has to offer,

Thank you for being courageous and doing something new and different,

Thank you for wanting to be connected to Source,

Classes will start as soon as my Reiki tells me to start,

Love and Light, Josslyn/Joss


Rain Shadow Reiki’s monthly Healer’s Circle; a spiritual community support group, energy healing and psychic workshop/class and a healing – ALL IN ONE!! It’s AMAZING!!

P.S. -Monthly RSR Healer’s Circle for all energy healers; of self, pets or clients is still going strong on Zoom.  Email us if you want a like minded spiritual community.  Reiki is not required, first time is FREE!!!