Kid’s Reiki Circle

Kid’s Reiki Circle is is scheduled on an as wanted basis and is held at my home in Sequim, Washington.  It starts at 6pm and we are usually done between 8pm and 8:30 pm.  (See calendar of events to check dates for sure and upcoming topics.)

My daughter loves the kids Reiki circle and Joss is not only a great Reiki teacher, but she is such a sweet friend with a fabulous personality and the kids love being around her. We love you Joss, thank you.” Rupa Snowden

Who can attend?

This circle is open to all children who are interested in learning more about Reiki, energy, compassion for all and healing.  Many of the children who come have already taken the Reiki I Kids Class and some come to see if they want to take the class in the future.  Parents are welcome to stay with the children.  If the children want them there, then I highly encourage it.  I believe the adults have as much fun as the kids.  Plus, the more the parents are involved with their child, the more the child will stay with it.

I like Kids Reiki Circle because it is fun, fun, fun!  We get to use energy and send it to others.  Reiki calms you down and makes you feel better.  Josslyn helps me and makes things fun for myself and others.”  Julian, age 9

J.H. age 8, S.S. age 8, and Lauren do Reiki on Amy at one of our combined adult/kids Reiki circles

What we DO at kids Reiki circle

We start the circle with the talking stick.  Each child who chooses to share a Reiki experience gets to do so.  Some like to talk and some do not.  There is no right or wrong way with Reiki so we make sure the children know that whatever they choose is perfect for them.  After sharing we read a spiritual book that relates to the topic of the evening or a topic that the kids have been asking about.  After reading and discussing the book we do a short meditation to get the kids familiar with meditation practices.  They often ask for more or longer once they get the hang of it.  After meditation we run energy in  many different ways.  The circle is child led by what topics the children are interested in.  No matter the topic, it’s always a lot of fun.

I like Kids Reiki Circle because I get to see my friends and I get to play with rocks and crystals.”  Sawyer, age 9

N.B., age 12 has the talking stick so she gets share her experience while the other kids listen.

Goals of the Kids Reiki circle

  1. Provides kids with a safe place to spiritually express themselves.
  2. Allow the kids a safe place to make friends who are similar to them in their “sensitivities” to the world.  Kids no longer feel as alone when they feel understood by others.  Here is a place where these kids can feel like they belong.
  3. Allows for plenty of time to practice their Reiki and play, play, play with energy!  We make it fun for everyone!
  4. Gives the children a safe environment to ask spiritual and Reiki questions.

I like Kids Reiki Circle because we get to learn about and color the chakras.”  Joe, age 9

Reiki Circle, before practicing Reiki we do our “Gassho” which is asking Divine Source to be with us and to send down the Reiki energy.

A $5 donation per person is suggested for each Reiki circle.  (Multiple family discounts decided by each parent.  Always feel safe to talk to Josslyn about donations.)

Some past favorite topics include:

  • Reiki with pets
  • Magic shields
  • Energy balls
  • Spirit guides
  • Power animals
  • Reiki on stones and crystals
  • Reiki with art
  • Using Reiki in every day activities

Sensei Josslyn is AWESOME!!”  Kayla, age 8

J.G. age 8, Joss, E.H. age 10 and N.B. age 12, all practicing Reiki for animals on Mandy. Mandy is a great pet to practice on with kids because she gets Reiki regularly and LOVES it! She just lays still and soaks it all up.

Call or email Josslyn if you are interested in the circle or learning more:


I am grateful for Josslyn because we wouldn’t have Reiki circle without her.  She is the funnest teacher ever!”  Alex, age 9


“Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail.”

Edward A. Navajo

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