Top Ten Myths About Being A Psychic/Healer

I LOVED this blog post by a fellow psychic/healer from down under, Kate Strong and decided to put it on one of my pages for my readers to enjoy.  I appreciate her common sense writing and attitude towards a career that often doesn’t seem to be filled with people grounded and left brained.  Truth is, many of us are, both down to earth and balanced in our brains, if you know what I mean.  LOL.  So, here is Kate’s list that I agree with and post here because I have many times thought the same things about my work too.  Thank you Kate!

Top Ten Myths About Being a Psychic/Healer

Oct 5, 2012 by Kate

1. All Seeing and All Knowing

Perhaps the biggest misconception is that I’m all seeing and all-knowing. Like I know where you lost your phone 1 year ago, and asking if I can tell you whose house it’s in and what the address is. And the usual asking for the winning lotto numbers. And no, I can’t see you in my mind when you go to the toilet.

2. Heal You Of All Your Issues In One Session

I’m sure people have miracle healings, which is what we all want, right? Most of the time it’s not the case, and it’s a matter of peeling away the layers to get to different core beliefs and trapped energy.

3. Healing You Outside of Your Session

Often times I will be asked to relay information in case anything comes to me outside of a session. If I stayed open all the time to catch anything that might come to me about all of my clients I would be a nervous wreck. When the session is over I’m generally thinking about myself and my life. I’m not open to information outside of the session to keep myself sane.

4. Tuning Into People Just Because I Can

We all have our issues, just because I can tune into people doesn’t mean I want to. I don’t see people walking down the street and wonder what’s going on in their lives. Apart from the usual things we all notice, perhaps someone’s stooped over walk or the way they groom themselves, I really don’t care to.

5. A Bottomless Pit of Energy

Psychics and Healers aren’t bottomless pits of energy. Sure it’s best we don’t use our own energy to heal, but we still get tired just like you do in your job. As we are working in the spiritual realms we get tired more so.

6. That We Must Be Perfect

I have my healing issues that I have to work on, just as you do. I don’t feel I have to be perfect in order to work with you, we are all works in progress.

7. We Are Evil

Sounds pretty funny when you write it out, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of attacks I and some of my colleagues still get from people who feel the need to tell me that we are evil and doing the devils work. I used to reply but now I don’t.

8. We Are Jam Jars

I describe most of the world as being like jam jars and psychics are like crystal vases, they are easily shattered. Being highly sensitive is how we are able to do our job, and that doesn’t mean we are defective because of it, or too highly strung. Our brains seem to process information in a different way. It often can take years learning how to manage the way we negotiate the world.

9. We Are All New Age Airy Fairy

I don’t wear gypsy skirts and hoop earrings and sleep on a bed of crystals and astral travel around the Universe. In fact I swear like a wharfie and I like watching cop shows on TV and like to keep up with what’s going on in Hollywood. I’m very down to earth and practical.

10. We Should Work For Free

I have to pay my bills as you do, so just as you wouldn’t work for free, nor do I. I have spent years training in different modalities to get to the level I am now, and I can’t do sessions end on end, day in and day out, or I would burn out. There’s a great quote out there by Ghandi’s accountants, how it took a lot of money to keep him poor.

Are there any other misconceptions you have about psychic/healers?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Myths About Being A Psychic/Healer

  1. Brilliant! Concise and true… Thank you.

    1. Thanks again Helen for contributing and letting me know that something on my site has spoken to you. This was written by a fellow Psychic/Healer ‘friend’ of mine in New Zealand and we share a birthday so we are both Capricorn, Earth sign, meaning we are grounded. I can relate to her writing and this one in particular,so I shared it. I’m going to print it up again and share it with my Psychic Circle class, thanks for drawing my attention to it again. Reiki Blessings to you, grateful, Josslyn

  2. Hi, i am shagufta from mumbai.I request you to heal me for depression

    1. Blessings Shagufta, You are now receiving daily Reiki, for the highest good for all involved, for the next three months. The Reiki will respond to new intentions through your prayers to your Higher Power. If after May you’d like to continue the Reiki, simply email me again with the same or a new intention. Through our Divine Source, all healing is possible. In Love and Light, Josslyn

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