Magical Tools for Improving Our Intuition

Josslyn teaches energy healing techniques for working with any kind of psychic tool or divining technique.  Once you take this workshop, working with pendulum, oracle cards, divining rods, runes, and muscle testing will be more grounded, accurate and help you tap into your intuition/psychic abilities easier and more confidently.  This class focuses on the tools of the pendulum and muscle testing for intuition but after this class you will be able to more confidently work with any other magical tool as well.   These tools are only a CONFIRMATION of what you already know through your inner knowing, not a replacement for. (Testimonials below)

This class is approximately 5 hours online one day or 3 hours for two days.

Cost: $155

Contact Joss to schedule a class and get on her email list.  For registration full payment is required to take the class. If alternate payment plans are required by you, please email us at and a payment plan or bartering prior to class can be arranged.

See Calendar for dates or email Josslyn at


Reiki before this class is recommended.


What is taught in the class:

*Why bring in our Reiki to work with the pendulum

*Benefits of using a pendulum during healing work

*Benefits of practicing with muscle testing during healing work & life

*A bit of the history of the pendulum

*Choosing a pendulum

*Storage and cleansing

*How a pendulum works

*Limitations of a pendulum and of muscle testing

*Connecting to your Higher Self and Higher Power for more accurate information

*How to neutralize your mind/ego to get better results for any energy tools and healing

*How to operate a pendulum and guidelines that help

*Phrasing questions

*Practice Exercises for healing, dowsing and asking questions

*Two types of Energy Testing also called Muscle Testing or Energy Testing.


“I’ve seen people use a pendulum before and, for the most part, couldn’t see any difference in the movements from where I sat. Taking this class amazed me at how significant the pendulum moved in response to my questions.  I was doing my best to hold it steady and yet, it would dramatically change direction or jump even, based on the question.  The class was a lot of fun and seeing the results I had after just picking it up was really intriguing!”

Robert S., Sequim, WA


“Hello Joss, great class! You and your family always impress me. My mother has tried to teach me how to use the Pendulum but I couldn’t click with it. Your class got me going and my little Pendulum that I bought at Ricks (R&T Crystals) is so responsive!

Gratitude, Sharon”