Reiki Kids Speak Up

I always love to hear nice comments from my clients and students.  However, it is extra special to me when one of my Reiki Kids shares a special thought with me or thanks me for the work I do.  Here are some of the amazing things my Reiki kids say.

I am grateful for Josslyn because we wouldn’t have Reiki circle without her.  She is the funnest teacher ever!  It feels good to heal.  I feel peaceful when I use Reiki.”  Alex, age 9

The things I am most grateful for about Reiki class were meeting my spirit guides and learning how they help me.  Reiki calms me down when I need it most.  Josslyn taught me meditation and I like it because it helps me find my inner self.  When my dog died, I did some meditation.  It helps to keep her in my dreams.”  Tim, age 12

“I am grateful for Reiki class because I always learn something new each day and I have fun.  Josslyn is awesome!”  Kayla, Age 8.

I like Kids Reiki Circle because I get to see my friends and i get to play with rocks and crystals.  Sensei Josslyn is my mom and I love her.”  Sawyer, age 9

I am grateful for Kids Reiki Circle because we have fun, fun, fun!  We get to use energy and send it to others in my class.  Reiki calms you down and makes you feel better.  Sensei Josslyn helps me and makes things fun for myself and others.”  Julian, age 9

Things I am grateful for about Reiki class are learning about coloring the chakras and I also liked learning about doing Reiki on animals.  What I most like about Reiki is being able to make energy balls in my hands.  It feels good.”  Joe, age 9

Reiki class energized me and gave me a new opportunity to learn.  It opened my eyes to a new world, dimension and time.  Sensei Josslyn is my mom and so she is always there to teach me if there is anything I want to know.”  Robby, age 11

Anyone can learn Reiki

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