Testimonials-Energy Healing with Families

Here I want to honor all the clients who have lovingly sent me letters or emails letting me know that what I do has helped them and their families.  I am especially grateful when clients trust me with their beloved children.  I find it extra rewarding working with kids and find that they take to the energy in such a magnificent way that it still to this day astounds me.  Thank you to all of you.  You are my clients, students, teachers, friends and soul mates.  Love and Light to you all!


“Josslyn,  Where do I begin? I am ever grateful for the healing you have provided my family, home, and calling. You have been such an influence on my children with having reiki sessions in person and long distance as well as teaching me about my kids so that I can better understand and help them. My eyes have been opened to the importance of understanding and healing the past as it relates to our emotional and physical wellbeing now. You’ve also helped me understand and grasp the importance of teaching my kids (ages 2, 4 , and 6 now) about energy, emotions, and how to protect and nurture their innate abilities.

The teaching in Reiki 1, 2, and 3 is valuable and I use my reiki daily. It’s “always on”. I am intention to use my reiki as a foundation and safe/sacred space to serve others. I have done oracle cards for friends and family- not only has taking reiki built my confidence to expand but it has given me and even greater understanding and connection to creator (universe, god(dess), guides, source)

A priceless gift.

Through working with you I have been able to confirm suspicious (which are actually intuitive KNOWINGS) about activity in my home, behaviors out of the norm, and past life bleed over. Thank you for the house and property clearings!! Our home is already feeling more light and love again.

I feel blessed to be a part of “normalizing” what in the past has seemed “strange” to some. When you experience the flow of reiki through your hands you cannot deny the connection to creator and that energy is everywhere even if you cannot see it! You truly, truly care about people and helping others on their journey. I feel so blessed to know you and talk about you to others. It feels refreshing to meet someone who genuinely wants to heal and teach others to DO their healing. Education is so important to you that you offer many many classes for our community! Thank you for evolving your gifts and serving our community!

Shine on sister-”

Tasha B., Port Angeles, WA


 My young daughter was afraid of flying on airplanes.  We had a family reunion coming up and I was not looking forward to having to force her to ride on a plane. Josslyn did Reiki on her from two states away.  Each time I checked, my daughter’s resistance to flying was lessening.  By the time the vacation came around, it was no longer even an issue.  We all had a great trip.  This could not have been more painless.  I recommend Josslyn’s work based on our experience…give it a try!

Diane S., Oak Park, CA



 “When first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was nursing my daughter and was having a difficult time weaning her.  I had tried so many different things and she would cry and cry, waking in the night wanting to nurse.  I let Josslyn know what was going on to see if she could help.  Josslyn talked to my daughter (energetically).  A day later my daughter quit cold turkey.  We would talk about the milkies and she didn’t show much interest.  How this could possibly be when just a few days before she would not go to sleep without them? She was so at peace with not having milk any more, she just knew that I was sick and she needed to stop.  Without Josslyn’s help, there is no way that this would have happened.   Thank you so much Joss.”
Julie Markley, Sunnyvale, CA

“Have I told you how much I appreciate what you have done in my life?  You are great!  Thank you many times!!!  Did I tell you that my son’s ear was achy on Friday night?  He’s letting me do Reiki on him nightly.  I start out and by the time I’m done, he’s asleep!  I love that little guy, and doing Reiki gives me an opportunity to look at his beautiful face.”

E. B., Sequim, WA


“(After our session with you) My son and I read “Cassandra’s Angel” and really like it.  Throughout the book, he kept saying “that’s just like me”.  He totally identified with it and how no one understands him.  He then told me that he has been talking to Moon (A spirit guide who came to him through me) and even wrote to him in his journal.  I told him that was awesome…now he knows he always has someone private he can talk to…and someone who will always understand him.  I think we are still feeling sad, but I feel  more at peace than I did before.  I really felt your hands buzzing on my chest today…there are no words to describe it other than WOW!  Anyway, thank you again from the bottom of my heart.   I sure appreciate your help.    We are all so blessed to have met you …I feel that it was meant to be.  And now I am crying…AGAIN!  haha!  I’ll talk to you soon.”

Brooke G., Sequim, WA

“Thank you for today! My son (whose been having a lot of issues at school and not able to talk about it)  said he liked the Reiki and said he was relaxed….. I’m positive he will open up more as we go along.. ..his big question on the way home… ‘Mom I dont understand GOD?’  So that’s where we begin.. at least he is asking! He also said he did feel tingling when you had your hands on him…

PS I’m looking forward to learning more myself, it allowed ME to open up more as well… it all made sense.. I guess I’ve been fighting it as well….”

Laura R., Sequim, WA

“Sometimes our hearts get tangled and our souls a little off kilter.
Friends and family can set us right and help guide us back to the light.”
Sera Christann

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