Testimonials for Gassho Workshop

“What a wonderful practice to learn. I didn’t get this practice with my Reiki I teaching and really am looking for a more spiritual practice and way of incorporating Reiki in my everyday life. Thank you Josslyn. ♥ ”
–Molly M. from PA, December 2018

“This workshop allowed me to deepen my awareness of my connection to my Gassho practice. Josslyn divided the Gassho into individual components- this made it easier for me experience the Gassho in a much more introspective and personal way. I value and will continue to use this new practice!!!”
–Michele R. from PA, December 2018

“Josslyn is an amazing teacher who understands students and their needs. She is patient, knowledgeable, compassionate and has an awesome sense of humor.   I would highly recommend any classes Josslyn teachers!!! Especially Reiki! ♥ ”
–M. Heins from Sequim, December 2018

“This workshop was actually quite deep. We worked on much more than a simple prayer. I especially liked the meditations at the end- on different elements of the Gassho. The insights I gained were very deep and I feel very motivated to explore further with this. Bottom line- Gassho Workshop is really about a lot more than just the Gassho!”
–Margaret F. from Sequim, December 2018

“I feel so much better about doing my Gassho and intention, I will NO LONGER second guess myself; wondering if I’m doing it right. This class has given me relief in performing Gassho and empowerment in my Reiki! ♥ 🙂 ”
–B. Owens from Sequim, December 2018

“Yes, I feel this workshop will deepen my connection to divine source and enhance my personal healing and those of the people I work on.”
–J. H. from Sequim, WA, December 2018