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Reiki I Grads – From College Students to Business Professionals

Reiki I Class
Reiki I Class Graduates on January 16, 2021


The first Reiki Class of 2021!  Congratulations to all of you Reiki I Graduates!  This class was so much fun to teach.  We had a wide variety of students ranging from a family of three to college students, doctors to business professionals!  It was so exciting to hear from our business professionals wanting to have a ‘Reiki’ business and offer Reiki Classes to their employees.  I can’t think of a better way to run a business than having Reiki at its foundation.   All these students will have the energy tools they need in navigating all that they do – from studying and testing in the classroom, family life, setting safe & sacred space, and healing themselves, others and the community.   We are off to a great start this year and look forward to seeing all of you on any of our upcoming Zoom Events!




Day 1 Reiki Self Healing, History of Reiki and How Reiki Heals

Reiki Self Healing is, to me, the most relaxing, blissful, connected to Creator thing that we can do for ourselves. It is indescribable. We do our best to describe it, but really, you just have to experience it.
I thought it was quite beautiful the way the light was streaming in Hannah’s window during her spirit guide meditation. Quite perfect.
The whole class, day one, Reiki healing on self. We get to BLISS OUT during class!! Reiki, best classes ever!!
Nikki, Reiki on self.
Co-Sensei Deborah doing her self Reiki as well.
Meeting our Reiki Guides meditation is one of the highlights to our class. This particular class was very interested in talking about spirit guides.
During quarantine, doing the Reiki Session on others is a bit more complicated. People living alone can’t just ask a friend to come over for touch healing. So, we get creative. Isabel is working on her dog, Ted. He was a very willing participant.
Eileen did Reiki sessions on her three cats. So much love, you can feel it here in this photo.
Nikki did Reiki on her dad, Rick.
Monica doing Reiki on her husband, Andrew. Then he returned the favor. The Reiki Sessions are where we get the most CONFIRMATION that the Reiki is running through us and it is helping and healing. And, we gain confidence by DOING a session so we can feel better about doing it without others helping us.
Hannah did Reiki on her dog, Jasmine. Jasmine LOVES Reiki!!
During the Reiki sessions, I watch the students in order to HOLD SPACE, be PRESENT and answer any questions that come up. There is no wrong in Reiki. I do not correct or criticize in any way. I’m holding space for their success and confidence to grow.
An animated discussion about his session. Feedback from our session clients is very important to our students. But, sometimes, when we are working on our dogs or cats, they give us their own kind of feedback.
Now Monica gets Reiki from Andrew. I can’t think of anything better for a happy marriage, then to do Reiki on each other. Well, maybe a massage with Reiki!!
Nikki is doing her closing Gassho, prayer of intention and gratitude.
The hand positions for Reiki vary from teacher to teacher. But, usually, they are over the chakras and the joints. But, intuition is your best teacher. Here Nikki is on her dad’s shoulders. People tend to carry a lot of stress on their shoulders. This is a very good area to do some Reiki on.
One of the things I love about teaching Reiki on Zoom from the student’s homes is that we get to meet their pets and have their pets involved in the class. We often will attune the pets also during the Reiki Attunement. That is what I call, a win/win!
We do a lot of sharing after meditations, Reiki sessions, the attunement and more. We learn so much from our fellow students and they each have so many different questions and perspective. Sharing is a big part of our learning in our Reiki classes. We also gain community, which is priceless.
congratulations!!! The handing out of certificates!!!
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The Hardest Times Bring Our Gifts Out….

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher & Owner of Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Thank you for helping me wish our new Reiki Practitioners a VERY BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM!!!!

These Reiki Students have been courageous, bold, inquisitive and just naturals at understanding and translating the intangible.  Most of all, these students are pure of heart and that’s all it takes.  Most of all, these Reiki Practitioners are ready to create a new world out of love.

Congratulations new Reiki Practitioners, Amber, Lauren, Kim, Tina, Andrea, Sica and Chana!! You are all heart centered and grounded in your use of Reiki. We are so happy to be walking beside you on this path.

2020 is an MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY YEAR.  A massive opportunity for crisis or healing and growing.  Are you grabbing it by the horns and tackling it to the ground and learning and healing all you can? Or is it getting the best of you and you’re just keeping your head above water? I understand.  It’s a very tough year.  Some days it gets the best of me too.  But, when you look back at 2020, have you mostly been in fear or mostly calm and centered? 

I can honestly say the hardest time do increase our abilities, our gifts and our quality of life, eventually.  It’s up to us. I can say this for sure because many of you know, some do not, I’ve been through the hardest of the hard when I said good-bye to my husband and 16 year old son in a car crash in 2017.  I’ve lived it,  survived it and rode the rollercoaster the whole time.  But, I rode it with Reiki by my side.  

2020 is easy for me in comparison to that first 3 years of grieving for my family and my life.  But, I also came out knowing I was stronger because of it and my healing abilities are better also because of it.  I have a more natural flow with the energy and the psychic information, my healing has gotten faster and easier and deeper.  I channel a wider bandwidth of healing vibrations and have stretched my emotional capacity to greater dimensions.  And this all translates in so many ways to be being a better teacher, healer, psychic and a better friend and mother.  But, I also had Reiki long before this all happened.  

Reiki is a very beautiful connection to the Higher Power of our own heart.


So, my point is not to brag, my point is that I KNOW because I’ve lived it.   2020 has that Healing Opportunity for ALL OF US LIVING IN THE LIGHT.  This years mission, if you should choose to accept it, could catapult you right onto your soul path or fling you far far away.  Don’t know what your mission is? Reiki will help with that as well.

The situations, emotions and karma that makes 2020 so hard (CHAOS!!), also makes it an extra-ordinary HEALING OPPORTUNITY!!  

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters.  One represents danger, the other opportunity.” John F. Kennedy

The key is, which one do you see each day when the ‘HARD’ hits?  And what do you do to get yourself from CRISIS to OPPORTUNITY?

Reiki is the beginning, the middle and the end!!! It’ll get you there.  But, of course, you have to DO IT!!


Our Reiki online classes in 2020 are a perfect example of this year being special.  The students seem to be more focused on their healing path, more grounded, more READY!!  All the students this year have seemed to be naturals at energy healing.  I believe, it is the time to access our healing gifts and so each person is just more READY.  

November’s Reiki II class was a perfect example of this.  Each student was so fluid in their understanding and working with the Reiki Symbols.  They just GOT IT and DID IT so IN the FLOW, very naturally.  It was beautiful to facilitate and beautiful to experience.  Every class with Reiki is special in it’s own unique way.  It’s the blending of souls that makes it so special and their own unique experiences that make them, them.  Then we take them all and meld all these Light-Workers together in one class and it’s truly MAGIC.  Couldn’t love my classes or Reiki more.

I recommend a Reiki Class NOW more than ever before.  If you’ve been thinking about it, NOW is the time.  We have one more Reiki beginner class in 2020.  Saturdays, December 5th and 12th from 10am to 6:30pm online on Zoom.  $225.  To get on your soul path, it’s the bargain of the century.  Starts next week, call us now.  360-460-7829. . Push through any fear and DO IT ANYWAY!!  All of our class prices are going up in 2021.  Our classes are much more thorough and less expensive then others.  Monday, November 30th is the last day to sign up for this class.  But, we will have more in the new year.  



Josslyn Streett



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Clearing Religious Patterns in 2020

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in WA, USA

Confirmation of Ordination 

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST ATTUNED MINISTERS: Molly, Steph, Michelle, Lauren, Jeanine, Bonnie, Susan, Sharon, Bren and Cheryl !!!

This healing workshop is very special to me.  At the right time in my healers journey, it helped me clean and clear a whole lot of Religious issues from past lives and this life as well.  But, mostly, it helped me to feel totally and completely worthy of being a Minister to serve my Creator in the way I’ve chosen to in this life.  (In many states a Ministers license is required to do hands on healing work for payment.)

My Reiki Teacher, Catherine Morris, wrote this healing class.  It so profoundly changed how I felt and how I viewed being a minister.  After the cleansing of the Violet Fire Meditation, clearing and healing of karma through the blessings of the rose water meditation and being attuned to the frequency of Minister by God, I walked out of that workshop, holding the vibration of Minister wholeheartedly and confidently.  It was a life changing class for me.  Since I was able to get permission and instruction from Catherine to facilitate this healing workshop, it’s been life changing for my students as well as me.  We are all healed by this process.   

I had the privilege to facilitate this experience again for ten new ministers this year, October 27th, 2020.  

In 2020 we have a unique opportunity to release an extreme amount of ‘old’ energy that is no longer serving us.  Stuff we have been working on ALL THIS LIFE and more, we are ready to release it.  Much of this just takes,  SHOWING UP!! Just ‘showing up’ for healing, meaning DOING IT, is usually enough to release it quickly and gracefully.  IF we are in our Light and living our lives in the Light it is a natural process of recognizing what is ready to go, doing Reiki or other healing modality and a great deal of energy is releasing.   So, this workshop was EXTRA EXTRAORDINARY!! That’s my word for this year!!  It seems to fit.

It was my honor to facilitate this years Minister Attunement for ten beautiful souls who are on their healing path in a most honorable way.  Their hearts are pure and their path to healing shows it every step of the way.  I’m so proud of these students of energy.   The rest is told in pictures.  

Thank you for reading and helping me to congratulate our Reiki Healers, now, Reverends. 

Blessings to all,



A white candle in the center and one candle for each of the seven chakras around it. We work with essential oils in each candle which doesn’t translator as well over Zoom, color healing and other vibrational energy healings like Reiki,  to help us bring in the vibration of minister to each student at the end of the workshop. I facilitate the attunement through Creator.
This was my first time facilitating this healing workshop over Zoom. Although I do believe many of these healing workshops are better in person, I was very pleased and surprised at how powerful the healing was for each student in this class. It was our biggest class and in the year 2020 we are truly ready to do big releasing. So, I feel confident in saying, this healing workshop was JUST as powerful and beautiful on Zoom as in person. Some of these ladies are very far away from me and wouldn’t be able to take the workshop if it wasn’t on Zoom. So, I will continue to offer it on Zoom even after quarantine is over.
CONGRATULATIONS NEW MINISTERS!!!! YOU NOW HAVE THE VIBRATION OF MINISTER DOWNLOADED TO YOU BY GOD AND THE FEELING AND KNOWING IN YOUR HEART, BUT HERE IS YOUR CERTIFICATE TOO!!! We all like certificates, someone it says in 3D what we already know to be true in our hearts. LOL, were so human!!
I rarely use candles as a part of my classes rituals, except for this class. It’s special.
The blessed rose water for the clearing karma ceremony was made from the purple/pink roses that were planted in honor of my son, Robby, by his girlfriend after his passing. There were three blooms end of October ready, willing and able to be a part of this very important event.


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Deep Healing in Reiki I Class

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA


Our Zoom classes and going great.  With most people quickly on board with online socializing, classes are filling up and this is JUST IN TIME!!  In this months Reiki I class many of the students felt very deep healing happening even in their first self Reiki session.  They practiced all week before the next class and many reported then, also having very deep healings.  What felt right to us is that this year, 2020, there are many opportunities that Reiki Source is giving us to heal.  This is an extreme healing opportunity year, and this month, October, IS THE BIG MONTH!!  We can think of it as hard, painful, challenging OR we can feel it in ourselves as an opportunity to release deep and old wounds that are boiling to the surface.  We in class decided to live like these are massive healing opportunities and GO FORTH AND REIKI OURSELVES A LOT!! A LOT A LOT!!!!

Reiki yourself as often and as much as you can with the intention to release any and all energy that is not yours, not serving or teaching you any longer, any and all energy that is ready, willing and able to go as your soul chooses.  Even five minutes of Reiki here and there can release a lot.  When you thank the Universe for these massive healing opportunities then put action with the gratitude, be ready to feel lighter.  Be ready to feel better.  Be ready to move forward on your path in a more confident way.  Reiki is EMPOWERMENT!! 


These ladies are not beginners to energy at all.  And, a few of them were retaking Reiki over again after years, to refresh and learn new information.  Many of these ladies are energy healers already in different modalities.  This is exciting for me when this happens because the questions are deeper and more specific and we get to wade into a whole new level of discussion about energy.  Of course, this is my favorite topic EVER, so I loved the class.  I feel everyone got a lot out of this Reiki class.  I’m so grateful for these ladies for teaching me and my teachers so much as well.  Reiki truly is a win/win for everyone involved.

Blessings all, Josslyn

P.S. If you want to participate in our online Reiki and or Psychic workshops or classes, just email us at and talk to Bren our Office Manager.  She’ll be happy to tell you what is coming up.  All our classes are small and intimate and FUN!!!

When class is on Zoom during a quarentine, we have to be creative. If a student is not able to get a real person to come and allow them to practice on them, they we use stuffed animals as surrogates. It works beautifully.


This hand position is good for 3rd eye, eyes, sinus cavity, headaches and stress. And much more.


Debra is working with her Unicorn to send Reiki to her friend.


Andrea is holding her hands on the throat chakra to heal her bear and her friends communication center.


Sica was able to get her mom to come in and be her Reiki practice person. Her mom said it was the best Reiki she ever had. And, since she’s a client, I know she’s had some really good Reiki sessions.


We have a lot of fun in Reiki class. I”m not sure why we were laughing here, but we were having a good time for sure. Our Reiki I class is like two days at a spiritual spa. Lovely.


Sica and her mom talk about the session. This is when the student gets some good confirmation that they were, indeed, doing something very different with their hands. The receiver always feels the positive effects of Reiki. In every single class I’ve taught, they always feel better afterwards.



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Seven New Reiki Master/Teachers in 2020!!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center, but not the only one……


Last year my Divine Guidance told me to teach a Reiki Master/Teacher class.  “More LIGHT is needed in the world” I was told.  A whole magnificent team of Reiki Teachers is needed!!  I knew I had a couple who were interested and it was on my radar.  I slotted it for June 2020.  But, then 2020 came in full force and all classes got delayed.  By September, 7 Reiki Masters were ready to take the class and 7 have now graduated.

These 7 Reiki Masters have gone the whole distance with me as their Reiki Sensei.  I know each of them well.  Some of them I have known and been working with for almost ten years and even their families.  This makes Reiki Master/Teacher class even more valuable for me to teach because I have gotten very close to my students and value them a great deal.  I know they are truly amazing healers with the highest ethics and the biggest most loving hearts.

Congratulations to our seven new Reiki Teachers!!! Deborah, Cheryl, Susan, Molly, Steph, Bren and Michelle!! Sensei Josslyn Streett and Sensei Margaret Fivash presiding.

This class is special also because many of them are going to be working with Rain Shadow Reiki as teachers and healers.  Some are already working with us now, (Bren, Susan and Molly).  (Divine Guidance told me so and they have not been wrong on my current healers so I know, they know.)  Susan, Molly and Steph are already working with us and more maybe coming later.  It’s so exciting.  

Teaching classes on Zoom has it’s challenges for sure, but it has opened everyone up to being ready, willing and able to take classes on Zoom much more easily.  My students and clients from all over the county have been finding our Zoom events and tuning in regularly.  It’s very exciting to see our Reiki Soul Group grow so quickly.  I have taught on Join Me for a long time, but not so many people were so excited to do it, as they are now.  Please check out our Reiki Classes, Psychic reading events, Reiki Q&A and Rain Shadow Reiki Psychic Classes and Healers Circle if you are interested in this kind of fun stuff.  We have these events every month and they are FUN FUN FUN!!!

So, please help me CONGRATULATE our seven new REIKI MASTER/TEACHERS through Rain Shadow Reiki!



More pictures below…..

There are a few challenges with teaching Reiki online. One of the biggest is the practice Reiki session that we do in every class. Usually this is no big deal, they can have a friend or family member be their client. But, during quarantine, many people live alone and therefore do not have people over. Then we make due with ‘surrogate clients’. Surrogate stuffed animals work well, or even pillows made to look like a person. As long as we have an imagination to ‘pretend’ our friend is on the table, then their energy is there and they are getting a Reiki treatment and the student is practicing Reiki and visualization and creative skills all at the same time. It’s really beautiful to see Deborah giving Reiki to her big bear and holding his/her paw just as lovingly as others hold the hand of their family members. Reiki is ALL KINDS OF BEAUTIFUL!!

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Psychic Demonstration Night – October 5th


By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

Every month we have a small Zoom group with a psychic reading/healing night.  (Zoom only allows us 50 or less people.)

Whoever pays and shows up, gets their name in a bowl and a possible psychic reading/healing by Josslyn.  They are always fun, informative and the healing. The readings and healings usually are for the whole group as well.  If we intend it for yourself, and your soul chooses it, you’ll receive a healing too.  Any healing done on one person, helps to uplift another and get them closer or ready in that moment to release similar or mirrored energy in themselves.  We all get a reading and we all get healing as well.  It’s a very powerful evening.  Bring a like minded spiritual friend and have a great evening out.  Details below…..

Psychic Circle Demonstration Night –  Monday, October 5th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm (Zoom opens at 5pm, come early we will start on time.) $36. (If you pay and cannot attend you can request a recording.)   Psychic Demonstration Night, one of our most popular events, is really early in the month.  I wanted to give you enough time to put it on your calendar and join us.  We always have so much fun and learn so much about healing, spiritual guides, psychic abilities, so much more.  And, we get to hang out with cool spiritual people.  It’s an uplifting event, in this year where we can use some raising of our vibration!!

Here are the details:  
Where: Zoom, email Bren if you want her to help you to get hooked up for Zoom.  Easy Peasy! (Good internet is a must) Computer or phone, either way.
When: Monday, October 5th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm, Come early.  We open Zoom at 5pm.  WE START ON TIME!
**The COST link will help you pay and reserve your spot.  Everyone gets entered for a chance at a reading.  Email Bren at if you only want to watch and not be entered in the raffle for a reading.  
……………November Psychic Demo Night is Wednesday the 18th, plan ahead!!!
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Stepping Into Your Psychic Self

By Amber McCarter, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

You have the ability to know your truth, and heal yourself – we all do. It can seem challenging to access our spiritual power while incarnated in these Earthly bodies, but with a little intention and practice, you can remember your psychic self!

Our goal for this healing, ‘Stepping Into Your Psychic Self,’ is to help you to access and take ownership of your innate intuitive abilities and then with practice, expand them. This can take a lot of different paths: Establishing a more conscious contact with your Guides and the ways in which you best receive spiritual communication, aligning your energy bodies and channel with Divine to facilitate or enhance such communications, activating psychic energy tools within yourself, identifying or fine-tuning your strongest spiritual senses, healing blockages that might be holding you back from embracing your spiritual powers, or recognizing specific goals or tasks that your soul wishes to fulfill in order to bring your psychic abilities into focus.

We are offering this 1 hour session on special for July and August, at $70 per hour.
This is going to be a fun one, and we are looking forward to seeing where you take yourself!
We’re here to guide you and walk beside you like a psychic best friend whispering in your ear when you ask for help.

Love and Light and Big Blessings,
Josslyn, Amber, Ellen, Bren, Susan and Molly

Contact Us Here
to book your session!

You can
Purchase Here.

Josslyn and Amber will be doing this summer’s readings/healings for you.

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Next Reiki Q & A… Coming up July 1, 2020!

Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center would like to invite you to our next Reiki Q & A!

This is where we get to ask all of our questions about not just Reiki and its impact on our lives, but all of the associated spiritual inquiries that an interest in this energy inevitably leads to. Whether you are new to Reiki or one of our regulars, all are welcome and encouraged to join! The discussions that are inspired by the thoughts and experiences of those who attend are enlightening, no matter where you are on your journey.
Plus it’s a great way to meet some of the Rain Shadow Reiki Healers/Teachers and feel if they resonate with you.

Feel free to invite any like-minded friends!

This class will be held July 1, 2020 from 5:30—7:30pm PST, via Zoom.
(5-5:30 we will be on Zoom to check your Zoom connection, internet, audio and video.)
There is no cost, but please Email Us to R.S.V.P. so that we know who is coming and can send you the invite to the Zoom meeting.

See you there! 🙂

Rain Shadow Reiki Healers- L-R- Ellen, Susan, Bren, Amber and Josslyn

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Who Answers the Phone at Rain Shadow Reiki?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

I want to start introducing you to each of us at Rain Shadow Reiki, one by one.  

First, the person you probably will speak to first or hear back from first is, Bren is our office manager and does a lot of our communication.

When I think of Bren I think of her with this big smile of hers, always shining on us with her big light.

If you call or email, you will most likely be communicating with Bren.

Bren has thirty plus years of experience working in office management and Human Resources for big companies.  She’s a mother of adult children and is now a grandmother.  She moved to the Olympic Peninsula to care for her mother who had cancer.  While she was caring for her mother, her sister googled things for Bren to do while she was here and she found us.  Bren started taking classes from us in 2018 and we quickly bonded over her volunteering to do Reiki on me weekly.  (Even though she was taking care of her mom already, she came to do Reiki on me every week. Just saying. Amazing.)  I found out what an amazing and natural healer and intuitive she is.  

Then she just kept coming over to help, LOL!  She helped with the redecorating the new healing room, she helped with typing projects, she helped me sort through the house and organize my husband and son’s things before donating them, she helped hang my deceased son’s memorial quilt (because I just couldn’t do it) and she helped drive my mom to events after dark.  She made herself indispensable to us.  Therefore, I was not surprised when my Divine Guidance told me to hire her to do some basic accounting and she said a resounding “YES!” Then she just started doing more and more and making herself so valuable we couldn’t do without her now.  That’s kind of one of her superpowers!!

Her mom passed shortly after she took her Reiki II class, then her aunt suddenly passed away shortly after her mom.  She is no stranger to grief as she lost her brother years ago as well.  But she also has abilities to know her mom and brother are with her and to have comfort from her contact with her loved ones.  When her mom can’t get through to her, she knows she can get through to one of us psychics at Rain Shadow Reiki instead.  And she does get through.  LOL.  Nice to work where you can be in the PSYCHIC KNOW daily.

Bren in Port Townsend with us for Ellen’s birthday. She has a great infectious spirit!


Bren not only does the accounting, takes the calls, responds to emails, books appointments, preps the rooms for clients, sends new client paperwork, checks the cleanliness of the bathroom and healing rooms, etc.  She does anything and everything that needs being done in that moment.  And, she’s an amazing and intuitive Reiki Master as well.  Our clients have been known to say after a Reiki session with Bren, things like, “She has the hands of an angel.”  I hear this a lot in various forms but basically the same message about Bren and her energy healing abilities.  

Hopefully you will feel much more comfortable calling us or emailing us knowing this beautiful smile is on the other end of the phone.  She and we are ready to help you with any and all of your energy healing needs.

Blessings to you all,



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Special on Soul Readings for Today’s Climate

By Amber McCarter, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

We are in an unprecedented climate. The current state of the world is stirring up a lot of different things for a lot of people: fears of getting sick, financial insecurities, social isolation and abandonment issues, grief over missed opportunities and relationships… and these are just the things we can “see.” Our souls have planted us in this timeline for a reason, and for many of us those reasons probably include bringing up past karma for healing, or even preparing our souls for future incarnations where the energetic evolutions our soul will be acquiring through our roles in this adventure will be needed in some way. Or, perhaps, this is an opportunity to slow down and really look at what we as individuals or as a community really need to grow spiritually.

Right now we are likely to be feeling uncertain as to what our role or purpose in these current conditions could be. We may not recognize the healings that we are being asked to make space for, or perhaps are even already undergoing. Or maybe we have an idea of what our soul wants to be doing, but are unsure if we are on the right path or feeling stumped as to how to get there.

These are all questions we can help you to address, through Divine and your Higher Self. We will ask your soul what it needs to heal right now, and how your current circumstances fit into your life’s path. We will help you to heal what you are ready to heal, and discover what you need to continue moving forward.

The Psychic Healers at Rain Shadow Reiki – Josslyn, Amber, and Ellen – would like to support our clients, students, and community as best we can, doing what we do best.  Our Divine Guidance says that people want help figuring out what this all means to them, so we are offering psychic readings at a reduced rate during the virus outbreak and even beyond.  As long as our guides want us to do this for you, and as long as we are all healthy and able, we are wanting to support you.  

These very special psychic readings are on special: 1 hour for $70.

Contact Us
Book Your Session!

You Can Purchase Here