Reiki circle

“Picture yourself holding hands with five other people in a circle your eyes are closed and you become aware of the burning log inside each person.  Six logs in a circle.  Now see and feel the light that all of you give off together.” Paul Williams  (This is what Reiki Circle is like. Josslyn)

Adult and children’s Reiki circle combined. Magic.

Goals of Reiki Circle-

  1. Provide opportunities for students of Reiki to be able to share Reiki with other practitioners and RECEIVE Reiki regularly with a Master near by to help when needed.
  2.  Provide opportunities for students to continue learning, practicing and experimenting with Reiki.
  3. To address challenges and issues that may interfere with one’s Reiki practice.
  4. Mix and mingle with other “Reiki people,” and inspire each other by sharing their own Reiki experiences.

Why Reiki circle?

With lives being as busy as they are, the Reiki circle also works as a consistent reminder to keep Reiki in your life.  Even if it is only once a month you get to practice it, at least you are doing it at circle once a month.  Some very busy people are very happy with that.  For people who do better with structure in their lives (like me!) the once a month Reiki circle works as that spiritual structure.

Especially when someone is just beginning their Reiki practice, the help and guidance from more experienced practitioners is extremely beneficial to helping new energy healers over some of the “blocks” they may feel to being a healer or healing others.  Reiki circle can give them the confidence they need to continue practicing on themselves at home and on friends or family.  Reiki can help a person make seriously profound changes in their lives, but only if they use it.

Adult & children’s Reiki circle combined. Five students working together.

What we do at Reiki circle

We start Reiki circle with introductions and then a circle prayer for grounding and bringing us together as a group led by Josslyn or another Reiki Master.  Then we either move into new lessons on ways to play with Reiki or we share Reiki with each other.  We usually have two and sometimes three tables set up with four or five people per table.  It’s really cool to see how working as a group we start to mesh our energies together and work truly as a single entity.  Our intentions are the same and we all just start “flowing” together.  It’s a great experience every time.

Now and then we combine the adult circle with the children’s circle and that’s when the FUN begins!


There is a $15 charge per person for each Reiki circle.  Josslyn feels in order for healing to take place that an energy balance on both sides is important, therefore FREE to one person, usually requires an imbalance to another person.  An imbalance in energy leads to energetic issues and isn’t the state of energetic relationship that is desired for both parties.


Reiki circle dates vary month to month but can be found on the calendar section of this website.  They are held in Sequim, WA at the Rain Shadow Reiki Home. All Josslyn’s Reiki students are automatically invited.  For others, at this time, one must be invited by Josslyn or one of her students in order to be at guest at the Reiki circle.  Guests may come once or twice and then are encouraged to take a Reiki I class in order to continue coming.  Invited guests who have taken Reiki other places are welcome to continue in the group.

Here is what one of my new student’s had to say about her first Reiki circle experience.

“This past Saturday was my first Reiki Circle, and what an awesome time it was! Working with other Reiki students and masters gave me a window into some of the different techniques of Reiki and I truly learned that there really is NO wrong way to practice Reiki. Especially exciting was working with the kids. They are a great inspiration for the imagination and brought an electric feel into our group.  In my eyes, Reiki circle is an opportunity that definitely should not be missed. Not only was it a great learning experience for my own practices, but the power of the combined energies alone was an experience of its own kind.The healing I received was completely unique in that I was getting 5 different perspectives at once! After Reiki circle, I feel extremely motivated to continue on my path with Reiki. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, Joss!”

Lauren H., Sequim, WA

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


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  2. Please help me out of this severe pain. This booking is from India by Dinesh Dalal age 29 for myself. Please tell me what should i do during the session. Please tell me the process & date of session free. I have severe back pain in whole spine & lower back pain & chest pain all due to muscle spasm due to injury 6 months back. I have little heart problem also. Please send the healing blessings for me.

    You are doing a great job.

    1. Blessings Dinesh, I just replied with this information on your other comment on the Free Healing page. Please refer to that one. Grateful, In Love and Light, Josslyn

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