Self-Healing Workshop Testimonials

“Receiving Reiki training and workshops from Josslyn and her team has allowed me to more fully experience spirit and the growth it brings as we open to it. I have learned and healed so much from all the teaching and resources that Rain Shadow Reiki offers. I know that I will be working with RSR in the future, and I look forward to participating in their growth and expansion.”- LB, Port Angeles, WA

“Once again I’m blown away at the depth of connection I feel with myself and my Reiki Community.  Every time I take a workshop I am gifted with a better understanding of myself.  Healing myself brings a deeper love for myself and others.” Dianne Drake, Sequim, WA

“I came in hungry and fearful of what I might discover… I walked out with my heart open to self-healing!! Josslyn is a wonderfully intuitive teacher.” Mary Allison, Sequim, WA

“Loved getting back to doing hands-on work on myself and digging out the blockages.  What a wonderful space created by Josslyn and what a beautiful group of women to share in this work.  Thank you for helping me go deeper in my spiritual practice.”  Molly M., Port Angleles, WA

“I recommend this class to anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual growth.  I was able to experience the release of deep blockages, that have kept me stuck for a long time.  I know that moving forward I will be able to go even deeper in these areas.  And it gave me the tools to continue delving into healing myself.” Margaret Fivash, Sequim, WA

“It was a wonderful insight into what blocking of my reiki is. The meditations helped me go within. I hope to use some of these tools to make sure I do Reiki every day or at least try.” Sharon S., Sequim, WA