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Here I want to honor all the clients who have lovingly sent me emails and texts letting me know that what I do has helped them and their families.  Thank you to all of you.  You are my clients, students, teachers, friends and soul mates.  Love and Light to you all!


” I had the most amazing healing from Josslyn Street a couple weeks ago. its hard to put the experience into words because Im still realising how the spiritual clearing has helped me and is still saturating my layers as she said, like an onion. Ive been having an unusually hard time in life. I feel like Im living my truth, but no matter what I do, I keep getting my butt kicked. I felt like I had monkeys on my back that I just couldnt shake. Its great how she has learned to do the healing from afar. Its convenient, quick and private.The processing becomes personal. I was able to feel the cleanse and removal as she was doing it. The cleanse kinda felt like big globbs of stringy bubblegum were being removed from my aura. I felt lighter as expected, but it was a more clear, shimmery, dementional lightness not so much weight. The light left me feeling innocent, protected, warm and fuzzy. My senses were heightened, I literally could see and smell better. Right after the cleanse I could take slow deep breaths. That was very significant for me. It had been a long time. I slept like a baby, dreamless and surrounded by pink light.
I woke up to a busy day planned but was surprised that I had no dread or anxiety. I felt safe and protected still. All through the day I noticed my confidence had changed. I could read and communicate with people better. I felt the light spreading to others through me. People seemed to be opening to me, sharing themselves. I caught myself singing and smiling! I had the guts to follow through with helping someone who asked me for support, even though I might get energetic backlash from doing the right thing. I feel protected! I know I keep saying that, but Ive felt vulnerable for a long time and to know that reiki is constantly surrounding me is just awsome! I feel more connected with spirit. I feel spirit right there communicating with me, showing me the way. I was too foggy before to see it clearly. Im motivated to detox and treat my body like a temple. The next day after this I got three job opportunities! I feel that Im not stuck anymore, that Im moving forward. I am so very blessed to have had the treat of receiving Josslyns help. I trust her with everything Im made of. She is the real deal. I cant wait to see what more she learns and were her path takes her on her road of healing. I recommend her to everyone.
Thank you!” Heidi B. from Port Townsend, WA

“I have had a recurrent lower back issue for decades, dating back to a car accident. It flares up randomly, usually right when it is most inconvenient. I have relied on a few different approaches to treating the pain and reduced mobility, which would clear the problem up in a week or two. This time I asked Josslyn for a session of distance Reiki because I urgently needed to be functional for a short business trip and needed immediate relief. Josslyn kindly accommodated me, and within an hour I was much better. But imagine my surprise when in less than 24 hours, ALL the pain and reduced mobility was 100% gone! This has never happened so quickly before. It is a few days later and the treatment is holding perfectly. I am just flabbergasted. Josslyn is amazing!  And the beauty part is, it’s ALL TRUE! You are a magician.Lb xoxo” -Laurel B. from Port Angeles, WA

“Meeting Josslyn has truly been an answered prayer for me.  What a beautiful soul she is!  So very thankful that she has decided to share her God given gifts with the world. 
Her loving, positive, nonjudgmental personality is so desperately needed in the world today.  When you mix those attributes with her amazing gifts and genuine passion for helping others, you have something truly special.
I always feel a huge shift after seeing Josslyn and leave feeling renewed and empowered.
Feeling blessed…”
Jana S.,  Sequim, WA

“Good morning Josslyn,  I just wanted to thank you so sincerely.  I realized on Monday that my back, hip, knee and toe have been so much better since you worked on it (long distance).  I still feel a little twinge in my back/hip but I think that it’s been out for so long that it just needs time to feel how it should be in place.  All the driving I’ve been doing would normally have me in a considerable amount of pain and I am pain free, which says a lot.  I have been sleeping better and have not been so stiff when I wake up, which is a relief as well.  I feel a different energy there in the hip area where the tendon/ligament has been the root of the problem.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  It almost feels like what ever was inflaming it or hanging it up has been released – probably the trauma from the accident that you helped me to release.  I was so ready to move on from pain.  It hinders my life and my lifestyle so much to not be able to move, garden, hike, walk, sleep outside and be physically active.  I am so grateful to you for this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Love, E.H.”E.H. from Forks, WA

“I travel on the Peninsula on business and called Josslyn out of desperation regarding some pain related to an elbow injury a month earlier. The process of healing was slow and I was having good days and then really bad days with the pain.   She was able to fit me into her schedule and we had a wonderful two-hour session.  She really took the time to understand me, and then the injury related to my elbow.  Josslyn was very kind and I was very comforted by the care and I totally trusted her during this process.  I’ve had Reiki treatments from other practitioners, but I have to say that this experience with Josslyn is at the top of my list!  After I saw her I noticed over the next several days that the inflammation and pain was really subsiding and my injury took a turn for the better.  I really believe that because Josslyn is more than just a Reiki practitioner that her sessions are very effective.  If you are dealing with any emotional or physical pain my suggestion would be to seek out Josslyn and her services.” Deborah V., Seattle, WA

“The reiki helped sooooo much! I feel clear, centered, strong & more at peace during this transition! I am honoring the inner transformation that is happening for me.  I really appreciate your awesome support!”

Stephanie P., Marlton, N.J.

“The treatment that I had with you was SO amazing I still feel parts coming together.   Have a Blessed Day!”  Session 1

“With the 2 private sessions I have had the privilege of being in, I have noticed remarkable shifts in my entire being.   

Another thing I wanted to mention was the hip pain is diminishing each day.  I know it will be gone completely as I am walking better, have more energy and my attitude – well happy, joyful, etc.  A long way from the depression I was in on our first session.  The pain was draining my energy.

I continue to feel a lot of movement and look forward.  Thank you for your support.  So much I want to say and yet how can it be put into words.  Much Love & Light,  Blessings to Wonderful YOU!  


 Session 2, G.M., Sequim, WA

“Hi Josslyn,  Boy was I  ever tired the rest of the day after I saw you. That was an emotional visit  for me.  But now I feel sooooo much better.  I really needed you and I appreciate you very much. You really know your craft. I have along way to go. Thanks again for everything.”

Susie T., Sequim, WA

“What a fabulous experience!!  U r such a gifted healer–I feel blessed by my session with u!  Blessings.  Lynn”

Lynn W., Las Cruces, NM

“Hi Josslyn,

Just wanted to say thank you for such a great healing session Tuesday.  The pressure and pain in my back is reduced to a stiffness that I can deal with and I can move and breath so much easier.  My inhaler use has dropped considerably the last couple of days.  My stretches and breath work are a lot more effective – I don’t feel like I’m fighting a lump of concrete in my back.  Also, I’m a lot more tranquil.  None of this will surprise you I know but, thank you so much and thank you for the extra time you spent with me.  I had no idea so much time had flown by so quickly. I’m really looking forward to more sessions and Reiki class.

Thanks again. With gratitude”  A.W. from Port Angeles, WA

Hi Joss,

It was so nice to see you this afternoon.  Thank you again for a wonderful healing session.  My back feels incredible…you are amazing!  Thank you again for today.  With gratitude,

Another Reiki session with A.W. from Port Angeles, WA

“I have known Josslyn now for 5 years.   Several years ago I was having some difficulty dealing with some uncontrollable situations in my life.  I talked to Joss about it and she did a healing session on me.  Along with the session she also taught me some skills on dealing with these situations with Reiki.   It worked!!  I have used those tools she taught me since then and they make my life so much easier.   About a year later I had a traumatic event happen in my life with one of my children.  I couldn’t sleep for 3 nights.  I called Joss and she did a healing on me and I immediately felt a huge relief. I was able to go to bed that night and again the Reiki she used to heal me worked.  It really feels amazing and it really works!   Josslyn and her energy healing is such a blessing to everyone around her.”

Melissa Gatchet, friend and client from Sequim, WA

“Josslyn’s healing room was maybe the most clear, safe, open, clean and beautiful space I have been in my life. Even with just meeting her, I found myself full of trust to let her AND myself do some real work. Even those of us who are healers and leaders often have a big iron wall somewhere (subconscious, past emotions) that seem impossible to move. Joss helped me fold up the iron wall and hand it off to the higher powers who knew what to do with it. Whew, darkness turned into light, along with a little humor thrown into the mix. Thank you Joss for your incredible amount of guts to help people find their connection again.”

Heidi Berry, Port Hadlock, WA

“When I found out I had breast cancer, one of the first people who I thought to contact was Josslyn.  I knew that she was a healer and thought that I could use all of the help that I could get.  I was a bit concerned about doing a distance healing, but was willing to try anything.   Joss worked on me several times before my surgery and I would get tingly during that time.  Energized really.  I was so calm for the surgery as I was confident with the protection that she placed around me.  After surgery, I felt great, not needing many pain meds and having my drains removed in only 5 days (I was told that they would be in for 2 weeks, at least).  My recovery afterwards was also very quick, as Josslyn continued to work on me.  My second surgery 6 months later was much of the same, a sense of calm going into surgery and almost no need for pain medicine right out of surgery.  Joss you have made this fight so much easier with all of your love, guidance and healing.  Thank you.”

Julie Markley, Sunnyvale, CA

Few years ago, I had so much pain and discomfort with my arm.  Doctors would tell me its tennis elbow and you need to live with it.  Josslyn did 2 sessions of energy healing with crystals and my pain was GONE!!!  After more than 6 months of having that pain!!!!  It is completely GONE!
Thank you so much Josslyn, you are an amazing person and a GREAT healer.  I wish you the best.
Pantea B. , Pomona, California

“Josslyn, your treatments really set me in the right direction and I will be forever grateful to you for that.  I’m scheduled to go to the doctor’s on Monday, the 29th and I’ve been retested so I’m really anxious to find out how much I’ve improved.  I still say that a major turning point in my recovery was your treatments!  I will forever be in your debt for that!  Your gift has definitely touched my life!”

D. Swenson, Phillips Ranch, CA

“For years I’ve had to go to the chiropractor to have a rib or two put back in its place.  About every 10 weeks, I’d wrench my back and the muscles would pull a rib out of joint.  The pain was exactly what I would expect a dagger through your rib cage would feel like.  Usually when this happens I make an emergency call to my chiropractor and she fits me in.  Well one day it happened and she was out of town.  I was in a lot of pain, as usual with this condition and Josslyn offered to work on me.  I laid down and as she began, I fell asleep.  When I woke up, the pain was gone, completely.  It felt exactly as if I’d had a physical adjustment.  Best yet, the ribs have rarely gone out since.  It’s been over 6 years and I don’t think I’ve had it happen more than once since then.  I don’t know what happened while I was sleeping but the end result was amazing!”

Robert Streett, Joss’ husband and biggest cynic, Sequim, WA

I have had massages, acupuncture, acupressure, and Reiki.  The Reiki has been the most effective for me because I feel the benefit longer than the other relaxation techniques.  I truly enjoyed the sessions and plan to continue.

Marci V., Sequim, WA

“Yes, what you are doing is helping.  Yesterday, I didn’t have as intense of hitting-the-ground-in-pain episodes.  The area feels less in spasms, and this morning the area caused much less pain.    Thank you, Josslyn!!!   I  made an appointment with a surgeon  for next Wednesday afternoon.  I am hoping if your good work keeps up, that I won’t have anything to show him when I go in!!!”

Dr. Linda M., Sequim, WA

“Thanks so much for taking the time with me tonight. It was great to have you there again… I miss ya!  I could totally feel energy rushes again as we were on the phone. For a while now I’ve been thinking that I either needed to meditate or something as I felt detached from those things… just talking to you helped release all of it again… yipeeee!  Thanks again Joss, hugs to you all

Eli da Costa, GA

“Wow!   That session in person was so powerful, I can’t wait to see you again.  I didn’t feel anything specific last night but I’m sure your magic was working.  (My Chiropractor) said she doesn’t need to see me for two weeks because I was in good shape and that hasn’t happened in a while.  I’m really ready for this work and am blessed that you are in my life!   Thank you soooo much!  Linda”

Linda B., Sequim, WA

“I had never had a Reiki Healing before, so I had no expectations.  Josslyn worked on me for about 40 minutes, but it felt like 15.  I could feel the heat coming through her hands as it warmed the areas of my body that she focused on.  It was a wonderful experience and extremely relaxing!”

Leanne M., Chino Hills, CA

“My right wrist is sore most of the time from the surgery, it was so much better after our session together.  I could feel the heat going through the area from my wrist to my elbow.”

Marilyn M., Saint George, UT

Hi Joss,  can I just tell you? You are an inspiration to me!   When I see that God gave you this incredible determined spirit, it just hit me, that I must have that too.  (After all I’ve been though I haven’t given up either)  God knows exactly who and when he wants us to meet.  You and Dr D both have beautiful spirits and I am so blessed to have been introduced to you both. Thanks to you both for teaching me life happens to all of us not just me.  I better go before I start to cry from the joy I feel from talking about all this.  Your Friend, Rhonda”

Rhonda N., Dublin, CA

“I live in Texas and Josslyn did a long distance Reiki healing on me from California with fascinating results that offered me much relief.  Reiki works in the most amazing ways and Josslyn is genuine!   Much love, light and gratitude, Mark”

Mark M., Irving, TX

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”

Anne Frank 


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  1. I just finished a Reiki healing session with Josslyn and am continually struck by the profound level of work that takes place. I’m working through some deep stuff, and working with Josslyn is one of the few places where I feel completely safe to get vulnerable and face my ‘stuff’. If it weren’t for her unconditional acceptance and her connection with Divine, I would not be nearly as far along on my path of self-inquiry. Thank you Josslyn for being such a special healer. You’ve made a change in my life.

  2. Thank you Heather. You make a profound difference in my life every time I see you too. I’m so grateful for you and your appreciation. You are truly glowing with God’s love! Let it shine baby, let it shine!

  3. Few years ago , I had so much pain and discomfort with my arm .Doctors would tell me its tennis elbow and you need to live with it.Josslyn did 2 session of energy healing with crystals and my pain was GONE!!!After more than 6 months having that pain !!!! It is completely GONE!
    Thank you so much Josslyn ,You are an amazing person and GREAT healer .I wish you the best .
    Pantea , California

    1. Thank you Pantea, I’m sorry I didn’t see this or respond sooner. I am grateful what I did helped. Thank you for commenting and taking a chance on me and Reiki and energy healing. Grateful for you, Joss

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