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Q & A – Reiki Starting BEFORE the Session Starts

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


Hi Joss,

I was wondering if you start to feel things (Reiki) working  when someone asks for sessions with you.  I am finding that as soon as someone asks me about having a Reiki session, things start working. I feel their energy allowing the Reiki from me to start some of the work.

Love and Blessings,

Sharon from Battleground, WA


Josslyn’s email back to Sharon

Hi Sharon, yes, this can happen.  Once a person decides to have a Reiki session and chooses a practitioner, the Reiki can start flowing right away.  This depends upon the client’s higher self (soul self) and what they need and want.  If they need the Reiki right away to start preparing them for the session, or because they really need immediate healing, then they can start drawing it right away.  It is up to you, of course, to allow this or not.  We all have free will.  Make sure it is within your boundaries to allow this or not.   Is it comfortable for you?  Are you accepting of this happening?  If you are not ready for this step yet, simply tell your Reiki Guides your intentions and ask them to help you find a solution that works for both you and your client.
Building Up the Ability to Run Reiki A lot
For some new to Reiki,their physical bodies may not be used to the amount of energy flowing through it yet.   Running Reiki all the time or when not expected to be doing it (check your boundaries), could sometimes tire them out.  Our bodies will gain the ability to run more energy and more often as we practice more often in our Reiki sessions, both on ourselves and on others.  This will get better in time as we practice more and our bodies gets more used to it.  Some new practitioners to Reiki may already be on the spiritual path prior to taking a Reiki class, doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy, doing other energy work, etc. so their bodies may be set up and ready to run Reiki more than others.  Some people may have physical bodies that are just made for this and have no issues at all with running the Reiki even all the time.

Practicing your Reiki Gassho Meditation daily will help your body adjust to running Reiki energy and help you to be able to run more Reiki, more often.
Practicing your Reiki Gassho Meditation daily will help your body adjust to running Reiki energy and help you to be able to run more Reiki, more often.

Everyone is different and we must not compare ourselves to anyone else.  Reiki is perfect for all of us at exactly the right time, teaching us as we go, as we practice.  For me, due to some chronic illness, I had to build up to this ability and it took some time and practice.  But, I got there.  I worked on my grounding, my boundaries and I really focused on being grateful for simply having the Reiki and being able to channel it.  Being grateful for where we are on our path at that time, no matter where it is, is very important to the Reiki path and being able to run more Reiki.  It was for me anyway.

Possible Solution
You might want to get a Reiki box or some designated box/bowl to put people’s names in and allow the box to act as the channel.  That way your body is not channeling to others all the time.

I purchase my Reiki Boxes from Mary Riposo at ........ for about $10 each.  They make wonderful gifts for people who work with Reiki.  That is how I got mine, a gift from a dear friend.
I purchase my Reiki Boxes from Mary Riposo at Integrated Energy Healing for about $10 each. They make wonderful gifts for people who work with Reiki. That is how I got mine, a gift from a dear friend.

I use a Reiki Box that has been charged with Reiki and Reiki Symbols and can thus channel the Reiki all the time, even when I’m not putting my hands on it and running Reiki.  I keep the box next to my bed and do Reiki on it almost every night before bed. It’s become a beautiful spiritual ritual of helping others and I feel good about doing it.  This seems to help me.  That way I can ask if people want to be receiving Reiki before during and after a session and you can put them in the box.

Please let me know if this did not answer your question,


Thank you Joss,
That is so helpful! I love the idea of a Reiki box. The Reiki was very strong with a new client the other day. The strongest I had experienced. She wants to work with me more and I’ll discuss this with her.  I’m excited to be working with a new client that I don’t know. Somehow it helps me in receiving the confirmation from a person I don’t know. I am amazed daily by the way Reiki works in my life and makes it so much more…I don’t even have a word for it. I ‘Reikied’ my office space at work. I can feel the entire office sighing in relief.
I miss you so much!


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  1. Thank you, I found this a helpful suggestion. I have been attuned to level 3 two years ago and have been working with clients who have benefitted greatly from Reiki. I too have a chronic health issue that requires pacing myself – which I forget to do from time to time! And then I get a quick sharp reminder to get back to basics. I have experienced what you describe here as starting work from the initial phone call from a new client to working on them from a distance when they strongly come to mind or if I feel guided to send them some “tiding over” energy. The suggestion of using a designated box or bowl to hold the names in energy is so beautifully simple yet so deeply fulfilling thank you.
    I love your site btw! I am logging in from Ireland. This mornings reading of your site has been insightful for me , reminding me why I work in Reiki and encouraging me to go back for the next step which is to teach Reiki. Many many thanks. Love and light Helen

    1. Blessings Helen, I’m so grateful to be ‘in touch’ with you, especially from Ireland. I have deep, positive and healing ties to Ireland and was able to visit in person when I was younger. I’ll be back some day again. I’m incredible grateful this post helped you enough that you commented to let me know. Blogs are an amazing way to connect with Reiki people all over the world and for that, again, I am so grateful. What a wonderful resource. Please keep reading and commenting, I’d love to continue hearing from you. Let me know if you have any specific questions and chime in if you do. We learn from each other, it’s such a beautiful process, growing with Reiki. Many Reiki Blessings to you, thank you for your loving energy and willingness to grow, In Love and Light, Josslyn

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