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“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act upon them?”  Buddha

Written by Josslyn’s soul sister, Heather Berry, from Yucca Valley, CA

“Meeting Josslyn Streett has been one of the greatest blessings of my life, for without Josslyn, I would not be on the path of healing that I am on today.

I first started seeing Josslyn for Reiki sessions seven years ago. Her Reiki sessions are relaxing and blissful due to her loving Reiki energy, but they are also particularly special because of her psychic gift of past life insight. During my numerous sessions with her, I have been taken back to past lives that had a hold on me. With the Reiki she was able to release the pain that I was carrying. Past life healings with Josslyn are what started me on my own path of spiritual discovery and healing.

While getting to know Josslyn at my sessions, we became friends. At first I wasn’t sure how we were going to blend friendship and healer/teacher, but it just flowed with her and was easy, and to this day she is my closest and most treasured friend.

Once I’d had several Reiki sessions, I was convinced that I wanted to know as much as I could about Reiki, so I took her Reiki I and II classes. Josslyn is a natural teacher and infuses insight, care, attention, and humor into her classes. She opens up her home and her heart to teach you this sacred art of healing. With her information and support, I opened up to the world of Spirit and connected to my angels and Spirit guides. During this time in my life, I was dealing with a lot of stress that was starting to take its toll on my health. Josslyn’s Reiki classes opened me up to faith in Spirit which helped me deal with my challenges in healthy & nurturing ways. In addition to offering Reiki classes, she facilitates Reiki circles which offer further support for her clients spiritual growth. The blending of the two gave me healing & community.

Heather and Josslyn in Palm Springs for Christmas 2015

Three years ago I moved from Washington to California. Regardless of the distance, Josslyn has stayed a loving and loyal friend and healer, staying in touch and supporting my healing process. She gives so much of herself even when she is struggling with health issues of her own. At one point a couple of years ago, I was struggling from dealing with chronic pain. Josslyn flew down and spent a week with me giving me emotional support and Reiki. She hadn’t been feeling great herself, but came anyway. That goes to show the length she will go to for helping others. I will always be grateful for that visit, for it was the catalyst I needed to make some necessary changes and move forward in my life.

Since then I have watched Josslyn grow as a healer by learning additional healing modalities. Whenever she learns something new she calls me and wants to give me a free session. Recently, I have had two healing sessions that changed my life profoundly. The first healing involved taking me through my body and releasing emotional pain that I had repressed. This session was so deep and powerful that I was able to remember a repressed memory of trauma from young childhood in

which I have no memories of. I have been trying to access my past for years with therapy, but it was that one session with Josslyn that released what I needed, and my life is forever changed. I am finally on the road to releasing my chronic pain and a lifetime of depression. The second session was a Theta Healing session where she led me through releasing negative belief systems about myself that have been holding me back. In addition, she worked with me on my ADHD, my allergies, my depression, bacteria, parasites, & fungi. I released so much that day that I feel like I lost 20 pounds. I feel like I have a whole new lease on life.

Josslyn’s generosity is also worth noting, for she gives so much of her time and energy to helping others. This spring, Josslyn and a friend began giving cold laser sessions to friends, family and members of their community for free. She has a huge list of people she gives free sessions to & spends at least 20 hours a week working with the cold lasers. She has been doing this for months and received no reimbursement. That is a profound testament to who Josslyn is, a compassionate generous person.

Josslyn is a gifted Reiki, psychic, cold laser and Theta healer. Her dedication to her work is inspiring and her passion for helping people is truly a gift. I am so grateful to know her, to have learned & received so much from her, and to have her as a close friend. She is truly a gift to this world and I am a better person for knowing her.”

Written by Josslyn’s Soul Sister, Stephanie Pelly from New Jersey

Joss & Steph finally together again at Sunshine Lavender Farm March 2012

I admire Josslyn’s study of REIKI and the healing arts.

She is a very dear friend of mine who has always been so giving.  I met Josslyn when her intuitive abilities began opening up.  She then began her journey and study of REIKI.  I know she has made a valued commitment to sharing REIKI with others whether it be through an individual healing, Reiki Circle or teaching a healing class.

On a personal note, she has helped me using Reiki at a distance and in person on many occasions. I am thankful for the loving attention she shares with me through Reiki and her intuitive guidance for me has always been extremely helpful.  Often I have a feeling of pain being released from my body (physical pain & emotional pain) and I feel very centered, relaxed and calm.

Joss and husband of twenty years, Robert


Josslyn is a Hypnotherapist, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher actively teaching, a Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, an Intuitive Energy Healing® IEH, Level III healer, Level 1 Theta Healer, QRI cold laser student, a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, a psychic reader/teacher and currently studying Emotional Freedom Technique EFT as well as QRI Cold Laser Technique for healing of all physical, mental and emotional illness and combining it with Reiki for extraordinary results.  She is always studying, reading and practicing her art on herself, her clients and her family.  Josslyn lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with her husband, Robert, her two amazing boys, Robby and Sawyer and currently Mandy their dog, and their two cats, Half-Pint & Cosmo.

Josslyn’s determined spirit causes her to never give up when something is important to her, like healing herself and others.  She continues studying new methods of healing to always be learning, growing and expanding her “box” of the healing world and her belief in what’s possible.  She believes strongly that healing miracles are possible, if we are ready and believe they are for us.  Believe mind, body and spirit and it will be yours.

Please read her “my story” page to read about her personal healing journey.

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