What can Energy Healing HEAL?

Please note:  Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing® should never be used instead of medical treatment.  They should be used complimentary to medical treatment and as a way to promote being healthy and staying healthy naturally. Energy healing is not a substitute for medical or other health care treatments.  As well, energy healing does not in any way interfere with Allopathic treatment.  They are a great compliment to each other.

What can Energy Healing, Heal?

Archangel Raphael has been one of Joss’ healing guides from the beginning. His name means “It is God who has healed” or “God heals.” archangel_raphael2.jpg

Reiki and IEH both work on all levels of the body and spiritual body to heal the client completely.  One cannot heal completely if they are being healed only on one level, such as just the physical.  We must strive to heal ourselves on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  Archangel Raphael has said we must heal the mind before we can heal the body.  Only then will we begin to know what health and happiness truly is.

Reiki and IEH do this first and foremost by balancing and harmonizing the entire system so they all work smoothly.  Next energy healing by nature is incredibly relaxing and therefore promotes natural healing in the body through stress relief and relaxation.  When the body is in a state of relaxation it promotes its own natural healing abilities to function much more effectively and therefore healing takes place naturally.

Here is a list of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “dis-ease” in the bodies that Josslyn has successfully aided in the healing process with energy healing.  However, Reiki and IEH can be used to complement the bodies healing for just about anything:

Physical Body:

  • Colds, head colds, virus’, flu, etc.
  • Chronic conditions, such as, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, infections.
  • Back pain, joint pain, chronic pain, pain from accidents and injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer; before, during and after surgery, helps with less pain from, helps with less side effects from chemotherapy & medications, and helps one heal faster from surgeries, less pain medication required usually.  (Read cancer patient testimonials)
  • Surgery before to strengthen the body and aura, during for protection and after to heal faster and require less pain medication.
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Stress and all stress related diseases, releases tension in the body.
  • Blood clot
  • Eczema
  • Bloody noses
  • Neurological diseases
  • Heart disease, any related heart condition
  • Foreign instruments in the body and adjusting to them, such as; pace maker, replacement hips, etc.
  • Allergies
  • Hormone issues, menstruation symptoms, menopausal symptoms
  • Stomach upset
  • Respiratory issues
  • Anxiety, depression and other “mental” illness that has a physical cause to it.
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Cleanses toxins
  • Broken bones- Please DO NOT do Reiki directly on a broken bone UNTIL the doctor has set it properly.  Seriously.  Use the Reiki or IEH on the person’s heart or head to calm them until they can get to the doctor but never directly on the break.
  • Reiki and IEH promote the bodies natural self-healing abilities!

Mental Body

  • Motivation or lack of
  • Anxiety, depression and other “mental” illness; the negative thought forms that are created from years of having these illnesses
  • Fears and phobias
  • Denial – usually people in denial won’t come in unless they have a chronic condition that nothing else has worked for.  Then the Reiki or IEH will work on their denial at their pace.
  • Help in manifesting the life you want but have no clue how to get
  • Decision making/foggy brain/focusing thoughts
  • Procrastination
  • Trust issues
  • Lack of creativity
  • Sleep issues- turning off the brain
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Stress – again, the negative thought forms that we create after many years that perpetuate stress in our lives
  • Reiki and IEH aid in meditation and positive thinking.

Emotional Body-

Choose an outstanding life!
  • Heart issues/relationship issues
  • Children’s difficulties in school or at home, for any reason
  • Stress
  • Habits: smoking, drinking, drugs, junk food, cussing, biting nails, etc.
  • Anxiety, depression and other “mental” illness that is also on the emotional levels.
  • Fears – those we know of and those we do not, such as; fear of spiders, snakes, water, heights, fear of being successful or a failure, fear of being a psychic, healer, fear of being judged, etc.
  • Extreme emotions, especially during or after a big conflict.  Great time to see Joss.
  • Trust issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Cleansing emotional toxins
  • Releasing emotional blockages to healing
  • Releasing suppressed feelings, when the client is ready to do so.  Reiki works only at the clients speed, no faster.
  • Energy Healing promotes peace and a healthy sense of well-being!

Spiritual Body

  • Lack of connection to one’s own Divine Source.
  • Feeling alone, believing oneself to be alone.
  • Fears in regards to spiritual issues
  • Judging others, believing one to be separate from others and Divine Source
  • Heart issues- Being able to love oneself or not feeling loved by one’s Divine Source.
  • Anger or extreme emotions, quite often a symptom of disconnection to one’s Source.
  • Progress or lack of on one’s spiritual path.
  • Habits – many habits are spiritual in nature.
  • Stress from spiritual issues- Stress affects us on all four levels of our bodies.
  • Ghost issues or haunting, yes, they are real!
  • Psychic abilities, not knowing how to work with them or block them.
  • Sleep issues having a spiritual nature, night terrors, bad dreams, etc.
  • Blockages in the energy systems.
  • Lack of personal awareness to the mind/body connection.
  • Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver.

If your situation or condition is not on this list, feel free to email Josslyn at http://www.Rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or leave a comment here to find out if energy healing can help you and your dis-ease.  Or call Josslyn at 360-460-7829.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”    Dr. Seuss

DISCLAIMER: I, Josslyn Streett, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication. I assist people in correcting energetic imbalances in their bio-field that assists the body to release its innate healing ability. When the energy of the body is balanced and moving correctly, the body’s innate natural energy heals itself. All healing is self-healing between you and your Higher Power of Love and Light. I recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice and my work is a complement to regular allopathic medicine and any other healing modality. My spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. I am a minister and my work is spiritually based and I believe all healing is spiritual in nature. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the energy sessions. The energy sessions help many people but like any modality it won’t work for everyone.  The healing is up to you and your soul, I am just the facilitator, channel and translator. Blessings, Josslyn

6 thoughts on “What can Energy Healing HEAL?

  1. I have ADD and as a result, have trouble in school. Can this energy healing help me with that? I mean, could it make my memory better, or help me pass an exam?

    1. Hi Clara, I cannot speak for your body in particular, but I can speak from mine and how it has helped me and my other clients with ADD. I am ADD also, I also have immune system dysfunction and Lyme’s disease (which effects my memory as well as the ADD) plus other chronic conditions. I shouldn’t even be functioning according to many doctors I have seen. I’ve been doing Reiki for ten years now and it has helped my concentration tremendously. When I can’t remember something I want to remember, instead of getting more stressed or anxious and thus blocking it, I am able to calm myself and help my mind to access it with Reiki’s help. Reiki has helped me with the ADD so much, I do not take any medication for it but am also in a very intuitive/creative type of job that is flexible and allows for this. Like with most people, I’d recommend taking a Reiki class and practicing on yourself daily for the best results. Work each time with intention as to what you want to improve but also do spot healings at times when you need the extra help. Most of all energy healing helps to reduce stress, calm us and eliminate toxins in the body, all which get in the way of our mind working the way we want it to. Reiki builds on itself, the more you do, the more benefit you feel and experience. Yes, with diligence on your part, daily practice, I do believe energy healing will help you feel better even in ways you can’t imagine. I hope this helps, Blessings to you, Josslyn

  2. Thanks for helping me learn more about energy healing. You mentioned that things like Reiki and IEH can help balance an harmonize the body and the mind. I’m kind of interested to learn a bit more about how they can accomplish this depending on what method is used.

    1. Hi Taylor, thank you for reading and commenting and your kind words. I’m grateful my words are helping you learn about energy. Reiki and IEH both have in common that they are not a technique as much as an energy. Both work with Divine Energy, where IEH works with Mother Earth and Heart energy as well. Reiki is a specific frequency of Divine Energy for healing. But, healing can look like different things for different people. Reiki and IEH when worked with daily, because they are Divine, sent from your God of your heart, the energy is intelligent and goes exactly where you need it most. They can heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually at the same time or one or two of what you need most depending upon where the blockage is. Yes, of course in a class you are taught hands on healing technique so you can access the energy and work with it on you or others, but since this kind of energy healing is from a Higher Power, it is quite simple to learn and very intuitive to work with. If one does not have a belief in a Higher Power then it would be a stretch for them to do this type of healing unless they can open up to a Universal Energy that is there for everyone.
      The energy as it is ‘activated’ and put in the body, heals the body by breaking up blockages of energy. Stress, trauma, chemicals/poisons we eat or inhale, unkind words and thoughts and more, all create energy blockages in our body, mind and spirit and the Reiki/IEH works to clear them in a way that is for our Highest and Best Good and Way. This takes time and sometimes is done quite fast, depending upon how long it’s been there or how deep it is ingrained in us. One day at a time is how we heal, so it is best to do energy healing on yourself every day, it’s a good habit, healthy for you and you know this because when you do it, you feel very calm, relaxed and not stressed.
      Please let me know if I’ve answered your question and if you have any more. I’m grateful for people who are truly interested.
      Blessings Taylor

    2. Hi again Taylor, here is a link, if you have not read this page, maybe it will help answer your question too. Blessings, Josslyn

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