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Reiki is a Choice! Congratulations to my Reiki Mens Class!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

First of all, I’d like to say a BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our All Mens Reiki class!!  These men put aside all fears and reservations about what Reiki MIGHT be and went for it.  And, boy, did they go for it!

My Reiki men, truly a courageous group of men.  Reiki on!!
My Reiki men, truly a courageous group of men. Reiki on!!

A couple of months ago, two of my Reiki students informed me that their husbands, and one father would like to take a Reiki class.  “Ok”, I said, “lets manifest that.”  I knew if it was meant to be, it would happen, and it did. I opened the class up to all men who would like to take the class and asked my students (who are mostly women) to talk to their partners about the class.  Four brave men showed up, plus my husband to add moral support.

Brand Spankin’ New

These men knew very little about Reiki, other than it had helped the women in their lives.  The first thing we did in class was make sure that no single man in the room had been hog tied and brought against his own free will.  Nope, everyone came on their own.  Every man who heard about the class had the choice to come or not.  These men showed up.  Not only did they show up, they gave it everything they had.  This group of men, who were unsure of themselves in a spiritual setting and unsure of Reiki, asked more questions than most of my other classes AND they even asked questions about Reiki that I didn’t know.  They are the first class to GIVE ME HOMEWORK!!  Cuddos to them.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

All done, feeling pretty good!!
All done, feeling pretty good!! Congratulations Dan, Robert, Noel, Joe and Jacob!!  Truly open-hearted courageous men in my book!

After learning about Reiki a bit, being attuned and practicing Reiki on themselves with success all on their first day, the men started really opening up not just their curiosity but their hearts as well. By day two, they were totally into it, taking it in and even enjoying it–although, still somewhat perplexed and confused at times.

They did not give up.  They continued on fully present, fully committed and fully prepared to truly work at making this Reiki healing part of their lives.  I was so proud of them, so amazed at their commitment and desire to learn and open up and so honored to be learning as much from them as they were learning from me.  Even when parts of the class, like meeting their spirit guides, got emotional and touched their hearts in ways they didn’t expect, these men grasped the experience and allowed it, they didn’t fight it, they just accepted.  It was truly beautiful to be a part of.

Normal, Everyday Guys

These men had very little exposure to spiritual classes or events before this class.  This truly was their first experience into energy and what is possible with it.  They opened up their heart and their minds, and their crown chakras (literally) and totally went for it.  That takes a great deal of courage.

We all have choices in our lives, sometimes we don’t feel we do, but we do.  Many men had the choice to come to this class and didn’t.  The men who showed up could have come, but closed off to something totally strange and new to them, but they didn’t.  They chose to come and they chose to jump in with both feet first into the deep end and totally go for it.  Because of that, they each had their own true spiritual experience that made the class unique to them and will most likely stand out in their minds as a very important day in their spiritual growth.  Having the spiritual experience is what most of us are seeking without knowing it, if you chose to open up to it as these men did, you will get it.  Maybe not at first, maybe not what you expect, but you will get it.

Now what they do with Reiki from here on out is truly their choice.

I’m available for help after class to answer questions, hold Reiki Circles and Round Tables, but it is up to each student to DO for themselves, to ‘show up’ for themselves each and every day and actually practice their Reiki on themselves. Reiki is like anything else in this world, we have to actually DO IT in order to feel any difference in our lives.  That is a little trick Divine plays on us, we must do a certain amount for ourselves, then we’ll be met part way by miracles.  Are you ready for your Reiki miracles?

Have you done your Reiki today?

The DOING comes first, the mini miracles come later…

Much Love and Light to all of you, I’m so incredibly grateful for my Reiki community.  I am truly powered daily by Reiki and your Love!!  Thank you for your loving comments, I’m so grateful for them as well.

Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829



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Reiki Every Day – Sending Reiki to Animals in Need

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

One of my goals with my blogging and teaching is to encourage people to work with their Reiki gift in their every day life. Reiki is for EVERYONE, not just for being a professional healer.  Reiki to me is for making our lives and those around us AND the whole world, a more beautiful and spiritual place to live.  In fact, I truly see Reiki as the healing power that anyone can do.

Reiki Every Day

I’m starting a new series for this purpose called, Reiki Every Day.  My intention is that they will be short little ideas of ways to work with your Reiki in small but powerful ways for you on a daily basis.  Similar to Quick Tips but more as ideas and encouraging you to figure out the HOW to fit your life.

Sending Reiki to Animals in Need 

LOTS of animals need homes, we can't help all of them, or can we?!!  Reiki can!
LOTS of animals need homes, we can’t help all of them, or can we?!! Reiki can!

I opened up my newspaper today to cut out the wonderful garage selling page with map and description of each sale going on this coming weekend.  Right next to the ads are pictures of kitties from the local rescue organization, brilliant of them, I always read them even though I am not in the market for more cats.  I see the photos and find myself wanting to adopt ALL OF THEM and I have done that before, before I had a husband who puts his foot down as to how many animals I have.  Darn his level head and my bleeding heart.  When we have big hearts, it’s sometimes difficult to see so many animals in need.  How can we help so many?  Easy, with Reiki.

Send Reiki in a Way that Works for You

There are many ways to do this, sit with it for a minute,  your desire to help will communicate to your Reiki guides to give you an idea that will work for you and your life.  Then you can adapt it to you and certain special situations in that moment.  This may even mean getting more involved in the animal rescue group yourself, or it could mean pulling over to help a dog in the street and calling it’s owner or it may just mean sending Reiki to them and moving on.  Since I have a full plate as it is in the pet ownership department, when I come across ads or Facebook pictures that are about animals in need, I opt for the ‘send Reiki’ option.

Please help me find a new mommy.  Some of these pictures really tug at our heart strings.  Sending Reiki is sending a whole team of guides of Love and Light  to spring into action to help this kitten find a home.  Reiki heals in many ways.
Please help me find a new mommy. Some of these pictures really tug at our heart-strings. Sending Reiki is sending a whole team of guides of Love and Light to spring into action to help this kitten find a home. Reiki heals in many ways.

I put a Mental/Emotional Reiki symbol and then a Power Symbol over each picture, say the name of each symbol three times and intend for the Highest Good of All involved for them to find the perfect home.  That’s all it takes.  THAT is powerful intention and healing.  I do this in the paper, on Facebook, dog running through the street, on T.V. and any other time I see an animal in need.  It’s quick and simple and powerful healing.  If you do not have Reiki symbols simply run Reiki over the picture with your positive intentions for the highest good of all for these animals.  It is much like saying a prayer but with Reiki.


Then have faith that the Reiki will work miracles and help to find these pets the perfect home for them.  This helps our heart feel better, it got us to stop from our busy day to think about someone else and gave us a chance to connect with our Reiki guides and our Reiki energy.  ALL GOOD!  A win/win!

Hopefully this is a new and welcome idea to some of you or a good reminder to others, now go out, use your Reiki for good and help some animals in a whole new way.


Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Reiki Through the Back Door

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master for Rain Shadow Reiki

Reiki Ideas for Reiki Healing Students 

I’ve had a series of clients lately who consciously come to me and want help but subconsciously have blocks up to protect themselves.  You can often tell these people when they are on your table.  Often they leave their eyes open the entire time where other clients close their eyes soon after getting on the table.  Or they will close their eyes but you can tell that these clients do not go to a deep level of relaxation at all and maybe try to keep you in conversation with them much of the time.   Or you can just tell they are not relaxed and having a hard time even closing their eyes and staying on the table.  I can FEEL the tension in them.  Often it feels like they want to jump off of the table and run out the door.  Sometimes it feels like they are trying so hard to hold on to what they truly want to release and this causes tension in them.  Change is stressful for most of us, asking for change can be even more stressful.

If you feel lost at anytime, as your Reiki guides for help.
If you feel lost at anytime, ask your Reiki guides for help.

This usually indicates a high level of a need to control their environment for fear or trust reasons.  It is ok.  Reiki can help with that.  It will just take a little more time and sometimes different techniques than you learn in Reiki I or II.  This is the kind of technique you usually learn from your guides with lots of practical experience.  That is who I have learned it from and I’m going to give you some tips here as to what they have told me to do.

Chances are, if you read this, you’ll get a chance to practice it on a client very soon.


Reiki will help any condition, I believe, if given proper time.  The healing journey is a journey, it takes time for most people.  Some people take many years, many lifetimes building up these fears and trust issues, it will take some time to break them down in a safe and trusting manner as well.  If this client has come to you for help, at least they know they need and want help.  That is the first step.  The second step is making sure they feel safe enough to come back.  If we do anything to invade their protective space during the healing session then they may not come back and that is not what we want.  Sometimes we need to back off with this type of client and give them space to heal themselves with the Reiki leading the way.  This quite often has worked well with my clients.  But, at the same time, if they do not feel better, feel some kind of results, they may not come back.  It is critical to not be afraid of any of these outcomes and just TRUST in the Reiki and that it will do exactly what it is supposed to do to help this person TODAY.  Trust in the Reiki and trust in your guides to help you and show you or tell you what needs to be done to help them.

Heart Chakra Case

I recently had a client whose heart chakra was dangerously shut down to a point where I could not feel any movement at all.  I could FEEL the tight constriction in his chest so tight that it was making ME feel ill and I couldn’t handle the discomfort.  I raised my hands off of his chest and up above but that still wasn’t enough.  I knew that if his chakra stayed this way too long he would be in danger of physical illness, such as; heart attack, cutting off his ability to love or be loved.  Our heart chakra is of utmost importance because it is the go-between of all the major chakras.  It is the interface between our upper and lower chakras and if it is clogged up it’s difficult to get any of the others healthy and balanced.  So, I knew I needed something to help him and fast.  In this session I just felt I needed to get his chakra open a bit and moving.  I asked my guides for their help and they gave me a visual to follow.  Here is what they had me do.  Plus, here are other ideas that my guides have given me when I’ve been in a tough spot.  Ask your guides for help and check with what feels right for your client.BackDoorSpiralStaircase

Reiki Back Doors

Go in the back door.  There are multiple ways to do this.  Try them in this order but it is always best to follow your intuition.  If the first one does not work then try the next one and so on.  Please ask your Reiki guides to help you with this process for each individual client:

  1. Back off psychically. Turn off the psychic information and just let the Reiki do its work.  You may even need to turn off your conscious mind, go deep in trance and just let the Reiki flow without your ego or left brain involved.  Practice this.
  2. Talk to your client very gently, explaining what is going on and letting them know that their help would be great at this point. Have them set the intention in their minds that their chakra open and they allow the Reiki energy in to heal them.  The client came to you for a reason, get them involved in their healing.  Quite often this is enough.
  3. Ask Divine Source to send help – in the Highest and most Sacred Order of Reiki guides, healing guides and angels to help this person so you don’t have to work so hard.  Remember, it is not about you, it is about them and doing the highest good for them.  Get your ego out of the way and refocus on the Reiki healing that is taking place, it is all in Divine order.
  4. Run Reiki on their subconscious mind with the intention that the greatest healing the client needs will take place here.  Run it for a while until you FEEL that the client trusts you and you can move back to their heart chakra.  (Or whatever chakra it is that is blocked.)  If you are a Reiki II use the Long Distance symbol and the Mental/Emotional healing symbol to aid this subconscious work.  Then move back to the chakra you were working on.
  5. If you are a Reiki Master/Teacher work with your Master symbol (R) to separate the client from the situation and/or the NGZ symbol to break up blockages.  One or both of these symbols may help the client’s subconscious mind to take a back seat and allow the Reiki in.
  6. Give them space, move back away from them physically and either do long distance Reiki on them or just run gentle Reiki on their aura.  Quite often this will allow them to feel it is on their terms, their choice and then they will open up to the healing being offered.
  7. Go in the back door.  This is what my guides showed me to do for this heart chakra client.  Literally lay under the massage table and run the Reiki into the back side of their heart chakra to get their heat chakra moving again.  This worked for my particular client really well.  Sometimes going in the back allows the Reiki to flow in easier and without the subconscious blockages that the client has on their front side.  Remember every client is different.  Ask your guides what will work best for yours.  In very important situations like this one, this can work well.  Not a first line though.  Check with your guides so that you are not invading or disrespecting your client’s personal space.

    Confused?  Stuck?  ASK YOUR REIKI GUIDES FOR HELP!!

Deep Issues

Many of these issues are deep because the client has pushed them down in denial for a very long time and past life issues that have stuck around because they never dealt with them.  The client will not remember them or even be aware of them.  The Reiki will help to bring them to the surface when the client is ready, heal them and move them out.  This process again takes time and it may take this client multiple sessions before they really start relaxing on the table.  It is critical that YOU as the Reiki Practitioner has total Trust and Faith that the Reiki will do it’s job, and it will.  

Your trust and faith in the Reiki’s abilities will translate energetically to the client’s energy and they will be much more likely to stick with the sessions and believe they can help them.  If we truly believe, they will too.  It’s all energy, it all translates in understanding.

In Love and Light of our Divine Source,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher or 360-460-7829

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Book Review & Excerpt- “Animal Reiki” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Review by Josslyn Streett Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

I am currently reading a wonderful Reiki book about using Reiki on our beloved pets and even wild animals, Animal Reiki.  (Please work on wild animals from a very safe distance.)  The book is excellent in explaining all the basics of how to do Reiki on animals and why, but my favorite part is the stories about the animals themselves and how they benefit from the Reiki.  I teach in stories and I learn in stories so this book is wonderful for me.  The authors, through their words, you can tell, are animal lovers and put the animals first and foremost in their work with them and Reiki.  The animals’ wishes are put first and all animals are treated with great respect.  The authors remind you gently many times to ASK the animal if you can do Reiki on them and to OFFER for the animal to take only what they choose to take.  I would expect nothing less from Reiki people, but to write about it, share it with the world so that others can also learn to care for and respect animals in a similar fashion is a wonderful service they have provided.

"Animal Reiki" by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad
Animal Reiki” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves animals, who wants to do Reiki on animals or who just wants to expand their heart chakra to be more compassionate towards animals.  Working with animals and Reiki is a wonderful way to accomplish all these goals.  I’ve been reading the book to my 12-year-old son who adores his most precious cat, Half-Pint,  more than any boy I’ve ever seen.  While she sleeps in his bed with him many nights he talks to her, listens to her and does Reiki on her too.  Their connection is quite deep.  While I’m reading the stories out loud to him about the pets who get Reiki he cries for them when they are abused, laughs at their anecdotes and shakes and giggles with joy when they are healed or adopted.  I would highly recommend you read this book out loud to your Reiki kids to instill compassion in them for pets as well.  Who knows, maybe they’ll want to learn Reiki just to work on their special pet.  This book is a tiny treasure, easy to read and such a joy.

Please continue to read below for one of my favorite animal stories in the book.  There are many.

In Love and Light of our Divine Source,

Please ask YOUR pet if you can do Reiki on them, and wait to hear their answer.  I bet they say YES!

Josslyn, Rain Shadow Reiki, Master/Teacher

Book Excerpt from “Animal Reiki” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad pg. 40 & 41

Nanuk Finds Her Perfect Place –

Nanuk was a lovely seven-month-old Malamute dog who had been turned into a local shelter as a stray.  She was transferred to the local Northern breed rescue organization, where two volunteers, Laura and Adam, committed themselves to helping her to heal and find the right home.  However, Nanuk had no training of any kind, was terrified of people and any indoor or enclosed space, including cars, and would immediately attack another dog.  She was exceptionally intelligent and an accomplished escape artist.  When she first arrived, she was severely underweight and had no familiarity with food, bowls or leashes.  Laura and Adam deduced from her behavior that she had lived outside and been almost totally isolated and neglected.  When I met her, Laura and Adam were the only people with whom she was comfortable.  They asked me to give her a series of three treatments in the hope that her chances of adoption would be increased.

A Malamute
A Malamute

During the first treatment I sat just outside Nanuk’s run and offered her Reiki, asking her, as always, to take only the amount of energy with which she was comfortable.  The initial thin flow of energy became a moderate one, but otherwise I could barely tell that she knew I was there.  She continued her usual habit of circling rapidly around her run, jumping onto the roof of her shelter and back down repeatedly, while constantly scanning for Adam and sniffed almost imperceptibly at my hands once as she sped by in her circling.  I was otherwise completely ignored.

Undaunted, and knowing from the flow of Reiki through me that she had accepted the treatment, I returned the following day for the second treatment.  This time, when I arrived, Nanuk looked directly into my eyes for a moment and circled for five or ten minutes with less agitation.  Then she lay down with her head on her paws and slept deeply for about 25 minutes.  An especially loud noise woke her, and she got up and did a quick circle of her run, but then she lay down again and slept for another 15 minutes or so.  I sensed a strong flow of energy and was pulled deeply into the treatment until a nearby voice said, “What did you do to them?  I’ve never seen them so quiet!” I looked up and noticed that all the dogs in that area were asleep despite the high noise level in the facility.  After Nanuk awoke the second time, she went back to circling and searching for Adam with no further signs of interest in Reiki.  The flow of energy greatly decreased, and I knew she was finished with the treatment.  When I started to leave, she tried to follow me, which surprised both Laura and me.

The third treatment was uneventful.  Nanuk took a moderate amount of energy, but it felt superfluous, almost as though the work that Reiki was undertaking, whatever  that might be, had been accomplished in the second treatment.  When I left, Nanuk made sustained eye contact, but it was not clear what the results of the treatments had been.

Two days later the rescue organization received an email from a couple who had seen Nanuk’s photo and story on the internet and had fallen in love with her.  They realized that she would need a lot of love, patience and help and felt that she would teach them many things while they worked with her.

They lived in an area of California known for it’s year-round cool climate (perfect for a Malamute), in a beautiful home set among trees on many acres and surrounded by protected forest.  The house had floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, and all of the interior materials were natural wood or stone, so that being inside was as much like being outside as possible.  The couple had no children or other animals, worked at home, and immediately built her a large run so they could work on introducing her to indoor spaces as slowly as necessary.  Within 20 minutes of meeting them, Nanuk bonded with the husband and stayed by his side as Laura and Adam departed.

The couple had a scare the first full day she spent with them: Nanuk slipped her leash during a walk and ran off into the forest, but hours later she returned and walked right back up to them.  After hearing the story, I felt that Reiki had truly brought the perfect home to Nanuk. – Elizabeth”

If you are interested in having Josslyn do Reiki on your pet local or long distance you can contact her at 360-460-7829 or email her at

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Healing the Solar Plexus and Self Love

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

It is time Goddesses to stand up and fight for what we deserve, our own self-love.  We have for so many centuries, for so many life times been told that we are not as worthy, not as strong, not as important and not as intelligent as men.  It has been so ingrained that we carry with us this belief pattern within our subconscious minds and our energy systems that it is true.  It is not true.  We know this is not true, yet it is in our belief system.  This belief is held in our solar plexus quite often which is our place of spiritual power.  This is strongly connected to our heart chakra as well because it has to do with love.  But I have been more often finding it in the solar plexus do to the relation to personal power or the feeling of the lack of it.

Meditate on this art work with the intention of healing this issue with your solar plexus.  Art by Roberta Weir
Meditate on this art work with the intention of healing this issue with your solar plexus. Art by Roberta Weir

A Universal Pattern Among Millions of Women Worldwide

This is a Universal patter that I’m seeing healing after healing lately.  Why lately, because universally we have chosen this as the time to let it all go.  All of us together.  It is a very powerful time to heal.  It is time to reclaim our power as souls of Divine Source of all Love and Light and believe in ourselves again.  We are needed at this time to feel totally and completely our God Selves and nothing less than.  It is time for us to shine bright and to literally FEEL the Goddess within us, not just think it is there.  NOT just be told that it is there, but to FEEL it in our cells in our soul.  When we FEEL it, we KNOW it within and then we can shine the LOVE out to everyone around us and others will be healed by our love light.

How Do We Do This?  You May Ask

Goddesses stand united in a healing purpose and it shall be done.
Goddesses stand united in a healing purpose and it shall be done

There are many ways to heal ourselves to release the old patterns of belief.  But, this is a blog about Reiki so for me the obvious answer is to do Reiki on this issue as often as possible right away.  Reiki all your chakras starting with the root and going up (really what feels right to you) but put a special intent when working on all of them that the Reiki energy is healing this Universal belief system of worthiness and self-love.  As each one of us heals this issue it creates a ripple effect and makes it easier and easier for others to do the same.

I also carry around beautiful yellow stones to help me heal this issue.  I have been wearing an orange calcite on a very long chain for about six months.  I hands just above my solar Plexus.  I take it off at night while I sleep to cleanse it and put it back on after my shower in the morning.  Choose a yellow stone that speaks to you and wear it proudly.  Don’t forget to thank the rock for aiding you in your healing goal.

The Ripple Effect

Goddess Mabon
Goddess Mabon

When I do a healing on a client, afterwards I stand in my Gassho (closing ritual) thanking Divine for the healing and I hold the intent that the client and I are both healed by this session.  Then I hold the intent that the whole world is healed by this session.  At that time, I can SEE though my third eye, just by putting my attention on it, the grid that surrounds the earth that every single human and animal is connected to.  With each healing I do, I see how lights on the grid are lit up.  I can SEE how each and every healing that someone does effects everyone else.  THAT is how I know in my heart that all will be well with the world.  Love is always strongest.  Light is always strongest.  All will be well with the world!

Love and Light to you all,

Thank you for reading and sharing,


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Reiki Quick Tip – Judge and Jury

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

Faceless Judge

I’ve heard a lot of people lately saying “I don’t like them” about another person or even group of people.  I’m more acutely aware of this because I’ve been working on this myself lately -JUDGEMENT.  Yes, it’s a big one for me.  How about you?  Would you admit to judging others?

Most people do but rarely want to admit it, even to themselves, especially to themselves.  But, if we stay with judgement there is no room for learning or love.  See, we are both judge AND jury, but really only for ourselves.  It is not our place to judge others.  Each person does that for themselves.  But, when we judge others, we are actually judging ourselves.  Every single person even animals are mirrors for each of us to learn from.  But, if we stay asleep, stay in a place of judgement, pointing fingers, we never learn what we need to in order to progress spiritually.

Pointing fingers is a form of judgement, but usually of yourself

So, HOW do we work on this area of ourselves?  Easy, with Reiki of course!

Here is a process I use and it works great.  Always feel free to add or delete parts of my processes that don’t feel right to you and add in parts that do feel right.  Make it your own.  Feel free to lovingly comment here if you add something that works great for you.


We judge so we can learn about ourselves. See it differently and it will BE different.
  1. Catch yourself in a judgement –  For example, “I don’t like them.”  Stop, catch yourself in the mode of judging.  Acknowledge that you are judging but without judging yourself.
  2. Ask the right questions –  Why do I not like them?” or “What is it about them that bothers me so much?”
  3. Answer honestly – Don’t be afraid of the answer because it may not even apply anymore.  It may be from your past or even a past life.  Most of the time it no longer applies but because we haven’t worked through the real issue, it’s still there.  “Wow, I don’t like them because they seem like kind of a push over, they don’t seem to stand up for themselves.
  4. Look in the mirror – How does this apply to you?  “When I was young I got bullied and I didn’t stand up for myself.  I was scared and did nothing.  I hate that I didn’t stand up for myself and others.  But, I’ve worked though that and don’t do that anymore.  I stand up for myself and my friends and family and feel much more confident.”
  5. Heal the situation – Now having more insight into the situation you can now heal it for you and the other person as well.  Even if you have not worked on the issue at all, sending healing is the best way to deal with it and move forward.

The Reiki Process

Artwork by Durga Lael Bernhard ,
  1. Get your Reiki started and if you are a Reiki II or above, chant the symbols that you feel will be needed here.  (I would use all three Reiki II symbols because they cover different aspects that are usually involved including the long distance symbol in case this is a past and very old issue.)
  2. Visualize your self at the original time frame of the situation in the palm of your hands getting bathed by the Reiki running out your palm chakras.  Include the person you thought you were judging as well.  (Send them love and Reiki healing, they were a mirror for you.)
  3. Hold the intention that ALL situations regarding this judgement are being healed as well, even if you don’t consciously remember them.
  4. Having new knowledge of the situation, send Reiki Love to the situation and the judgement you had with the intention of healing it, for as long as you need to.  If this is a big issue for you, you may want to do this multiple times a day for a week or at least once a day for a week.  5 minutes each session should be enough.  Do it at the same time each day when you won’t be disturbed, like right before bed time.
  5. Many times acknowledging the situation and bringing it to the forefront of your mind (out of the subconscious mind and into the conscious mind) does much of the healing for you mentally.  But, running Reiki energy, getting healing and help from Divine Source helps to heal you spiritually and emotionally.

  1. FEEL the Love and Light bathing the judgement, bathing you and everyone involved.  This process opens up your heart chakra allowing the healing to get to all the chakras that have been involved in the situation.  Opening the heart chakra AND holding the intention that you wish to heal this situation will allow healing to take place on all levels.  FEELING the emotion and LOVE is important.
  2. Practice the process as often as possible.  Pretty soon it will become a very positive habit and you will be loving everyone, especially yourself.

Give it a try.  Please let me know how it goes for you.  The HOW is only part of the process.  The DOING is up to you.

In Love and Light,

Josslyn Streett

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Give a Reiki Hug!

People who hug more are happier!

I feel that hugs are forgotten all too often in our busy modern world and taken advantage of.  For sure by me, so, of course it must be true for many others.  Right?

It’s a very good thing my husband is such a good hugger and hand-holder, he literally keeps the good vibes flowing around here and reminds me to do so too! I more easily than him, get caught up in the “to do’s” of the modern world.  He quite often stops me, gives me a hug to help me breath deeper, calmer and to reconnect,  then we go on about our day again.  It helps so much.

So, here is a quick and easy reminder as to WHY hugs are so important and HOW to improve the hugs you give to your loved ones.

Free hugs and quote taken from article on


It’s like an emotional Heimlich (maneuver).  Someone puts their arms around you and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety come shooting out of your mouth in a big wet wad and you can breathe again.” Chuck Charles, Pushing Daisies

WHY Hugs are so Important:

Lets change the image of a tree hugger, ANYONE and EVERYONE can benefit from hugging trees.
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1961

Do you know that hugs?……….

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost our moods in positive ways with mood boosting bonding chemicals in our body, oxytocin and serotonin
  • Help couples be happier in their relationships with just a simple four hugs a day (at least six seconds each)
  • Babies who are hugged show more physical and brain power development
  • Hugging trees multiplies our natural cancer-killer cells, improves mood, promotes well-being, reduces anger and provides a natural healing effect.  (OMG, did you read that and actually TAKE IT IN?  Hugging trees FIGHTS CANCER!)
(Read the full article here at
Children who GET hugs, GIVE hugs!              Josslyn Streett said that!


Children who get a sustained form of touching, such as one hug every day are smarter.” Jay Gordon, M.D., co-author of “Brighter Baby”


I will not play at tug o’ war
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs….”
~Shel Silverstein

HOW to improve the hugs you give to your loved ones

Step 1. Find someone to hug!


It is so easy to improve the Love that comes from your hugs. Put some INTENTION into your hugs!  Here are a couple of tips on how to give a Reiki hug.

  1. Find someone to hug (Ok, now what?)
  2. Ask them for a hug and GIVE the hug
  3. Sustain the hug slightly longer than usual
  4. While hugging, hold the intention that the Reiki Blessings flow out your hand chakras AND your heart chakra and into the person you are hugging. (As a beginner to Reiki hugging it may be best to start with one person at a time, then move up to more later, it’s your call.  It is always ok to send Reiki Blessings.)
  5. It may help to visualize a loving color, such as pink or green for the heart chakra.
  6.  Or visualize a shape or an item, like a heart shape, a red box of chocolates or a fuzzy kitten to help lighten your energy, mood and feelings towards the person you are hugging.  (This helps if this is a person who maybe you’ve had an argument with or difficulties of some sort.  Yes, hug our enemies too, especially our enemies.)
  7. or Chant a phrase that helps such as, “Loving blessings, love is flowing out my hands, love, love.”  

    Being social creatures is in our DNA, we NEED each other.
  8. Continue running the Blessing Reiki energy as long as the hug continues.
  9. Practice giving Reiki hugs as often as you can and see if you and your relationships become more loving.  See if your friends and family want to be around you more often.  See if your kids do not hug you more easily and for longer.  It has worked with my kids, it can work with yours too.
Hug your pets!

Now you may want some ideas as to WHO to give Reiki hugs to.  I say everyone!! But here are some ideas and WHY.

  • Obviously your family would be the best place to start, significant other, children, grandparents.  Children don’t want lectures, they want hugs.  I have found this out the hard way.  (How wonderful for your children to SEE you and your spouse hugging regularly.  What a wonderful mirror of a loving relationship for your family!)
  • Pets, our pet friends soak up much of our emotions in them trying to help us be happier and more balanced people on earth.  Lets take some of that burden off of them with a Reiki hug.
  • Friends
  • Anyone who is in pain, emotional, physical or other. This can lift their spirits and help them cope with the pain better, especially with Reiki blessings.  (Please do not use other symbols unless you have their permission first)
  • Trees and plants  – Lets be Tree Huggers!! They fight cancer for you AND it just FEELS good to hug a tree.  (How do I know? I DO IT REGULARLY!! I am an admitted Tree Hugger!)
  • Other Reiki friends, lets spread the Love and Light through Reiki hugs.  What better way to practice and perfect your Reiki hug than to practice on other Reiki community members.  Come to circle and lets practice our Reiki hugs!!
Hug the elderly, you will both be rewarded.
Photo credit: Milk Photo
  • The elderly, we sometimes forget how much touch heals, one can heal down to the soul with a good hug.  What a beautiful gift to give and receive.
  • Our enemies, or more like people you’ve had differences with.  They probably need a Reiki hug really badly.  (See if you can’t turn an enemy into a friend again with a Reiki hug, both must choose to hug, of course.)
  • Rocks and crystals – I know, I’m a little loopy when it comes to my healing stones, but I really do love them.  I regularly sit and hold my rocks and crystals to let them know how much I appreciate their healing gifts that they lend to me.  Then I give them a Reiki hug, a cleansing and an energizing too.  I have very happy rocks!
  • Anyone else you can think of to hug?  Please comment here on WHO YOU ARE GOING TO PRACTICE YOUR REIKI HUG ON!!  Watch out, it’s contagious!

Arm ourselves for war?  No!  All the arms we need are for hugging.” ~Author Unknown

A special Thank You to my Reiki and Stones and Crystals teacher, Jade Elizabeth for sharing this idea with me many years ago.  She gives GREAT Reiki hugs!!

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Past Life Healing – Our Own Personal Play

Our Own Personal Play –

If you do not personally believe in reincarnation you can think of past life healing as a kind of dream, a story, or a play that is similar to what you are going through now in your life but with different characters acting it out for you.  That way the play you are experiencing is not so “close” to you and therefore, not so emotional either.  It aids the client in being able to rise above their personal situation and see it from a more universal perspective.  (Read examples of some of Joss’ remarkable healings on her “Past Life Healings Notes” page.) WARNING:  Much of the time, the past life Josslyn is experiencing and retelling to the client is so real and makes so much sense to the client, they literally have an A-Ha moment.  Clients often times end up considering the idea of reincarnation themselves.  An experience that makes you really THINK about something totally new, that’s a worthwhile experience!

Open to the possibilities of reincarnation

Here is another “story” from Joss’ Past Life Healing Notes:

Irish Sailor’s wife and Russian Babushka

Before I could even get into a trance to get started with the healing on Noel,  I started getting a heaviness and tightness in my heart area and almost blacked out.  I felt very dizzy.  I had to kneel down before I passed out.  I told her exactly what I was experiencing and feeling.  It felt like a squeezing of my heart to the point of pain, extreme tightness.  She surprisingly exclaimed that it was exactly what it felt like for her.  She totally resonated with the feeling I was having.  I was glad because otherwise I was going to have to cancel the healing and go to the hospital.  But, when she said she understood this I knew it was her I was tapping in to.  I kneeled to do my prayer of intention and grounded myself and asked Divine for help moving the feelings out and I felt chills start at my legs and go up my body until it was suddenly gone.  I knew Divine had helped me and I felt better.  It was the strongest empathic experience I have ever had.  But it helped me to really understand to the extent in which the pain in her heart was causing her.

I stood up and started working on her.  At once a life came regarding this.  At that point she told me how she is in a long distance relationship and it’s really hard on her.  Her boyfriend is working and living in CA.

“Emigrants leave Ireland” by Henry Doyle from Mary Frances Cusak’s “Illustrated History of Ireland” 1868

Life 1 – She was a young mother with five kids, one infant.  Most were girls, one or two boys.  She was only 25 or 26 years old.  Her husband was a sailor.  He was gone a lot.  He started out in another country, Turkey, as a military sailor.  He was a bit of a rebel and jumped ship and got on an Irish ship.  He was smart and well liked and worked his way up honestly to a position of respect below the captain within a few years time, rather quickly.  He loved the sea and the freedom of being at sea.  She respected him enough to not want to take that away from him but it hurt her a lot.  She held most of it in, in her heart.  Her heart looked like very tight like wound up muscles.  She only let it out to God now and then when she was alone and it got to be too much for her.  Other wise she held all the pain in.  I saw him coming home to his family and the coming home was  harder on her than the leaving.  Noel agreed with all of this and was stunned by how accurate a portrayal of her boyfriend  this life portrayed.  Herself as well.  She was taught growing up not to show her feelings, not to cry or express but to hold it in.  When he was out to sea (back in Ireland) she had a good strong support system of friends and family to keep her company and happy.  She was a strong women to do this time after time.  She and her family went to the woods and the fields and gathered wild flowers and tied them into bouquets and sold them in the market place, not for much but a little extra helped.  I felt her husband was good, loyal and respectful, not a sailor who had a woman in every port at all.  I felt a strong connection between them but they need to learn a way to come together in this life without compromising her or his passion.  She cannot manipulate this man at all, he’d run from that fast.  She must give him his space and he will come to her.  She totally agreed with this assessment.

A Babushka is a Russian Grandmother

Life 2– She was a biological grandmother but acted as mother to him, her boyfriend again.  The scene I saw most was them cuddling together by the fire in a rocker.  He died of fever at age 10 in her arms.  She also held her grief and sadness in her heart and didn’t let others see.  She could not read or write but she could sing her folk songs and even wrote new ones herself and expressed herself that way.  She was called a babushka and wore a red scarf on her head.  She was not old, maybe in her 40’s to 50’s for a grandma but she was short and squat and heavy and older looking than that.  She had such a great love for this boy and he for her.  (Much release from her heart chakra along the way while I’m viewing these lives for her.)  She put love, heart and soul into her cooking and her singing.  Again she had the pattern of not showing her feelings, not FEELING her feelings and hiding them in her heart chakra.  After much releasing her heart chakra felt much lighter.  She even said it felt lighter which is the one word I get the most after big releases like this one.

Noel said the healing and the experience was one of the biggest of her whole life.

Since the healing she has been able to work with feeling her feelings, crying, and releasing her emotions rather than bottling them up in her heart.  When we do this year after year, life after life, we cause dis-ease in our hearts.  Reiki can help you to learn to let it go, release it for good!