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Give a Reiki Hug!

People who hug more are happier!

I feel that hugs are forgotten all too often in our busy modern world and taken advantage of.  For sure by me, so, of course it must be true for many others.  Right?

It’s a very good thing my husband is such a good hugger and hand-holder, he literally keeps the good vibes flowing around here and reminds me to do so too! I more easily than him, get caught up in the “to do’s” of the modern world.  He quite often stops me, gives me a hug to help me breath deeper, calmer and to reconnect,  then we go on about our day again.  It helps so much.

So, here is a quick and easy reminder as to WHY hugs are so important and HOW to improve the hugs you give to your loved ones.

Free hugs and quote taken from article on


It’s like an emotional Heimlich (maneuver).  Someone puts their arms around you and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety come shooting out of your mouth in a big wet wad and you can breathe again.” Chuck Charles, Pushing Daisies

WHY Hugs are so Important:

Lets change the image of a tree hugger, ANYONE and EVERYONE can benefit from hugging trees.
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1961

Do you know that hugs?……….

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost our moods in positive ways with mood boosting bonding chemicals in our body, oxytocin and serotonin
  • Help couples be happier in their relationships with just a simple four hugs a day (at least six seconds each)
  • Babies who are hugged show more physical and brain power development
  • Hugging trees multiplies our natural cancer-killer cells, improves mood, promotes well-being, reduces anger and provides a natural healing effect.  (OMG, did you read that and actually TAKE IT IN?  Hugging trees FIGHTS CANCER!)
(Read the full article here at
Children who GET hugs, GIVE hugs!              Josslyn Streett said that!


Children who get a sustained form of touching, such as one hug every day are smarter.” Jay Gordon, M.D., co-author of “Brighter Baby”


I will not play at tug o’ war
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs….”
~Shel Silverstein

HOW to improve the hugs you give to your loved ones

Step 1. Find someone to hug!


It is so easy to improve the Love that comes from your hugs. Put some INTENTION into your hugs!  Here are a couple of tips on how to give a Reiki hug.

  1. Find someone to hug (Ok, now what?)
  2. Ask them for a hug and GIVE the hug
  3. Sustain the hug slightly longer than usual
  4. While hugging, hold the intention that the Reiki Blessings flow out your hand chakras AND your heart chakra and into the person you are hugging. (As a beginner to Reiki hugging it may be best to start with one person at a time, then move up to more later, it’s your call.  It is always ok to send Reiki Blessings.)
  5. It may help to visualize a loving color, such as pink or green for the heart chakra.
  6.  Or visualize a shape or an item, like a heart shape, a red box of chocolates or a fuzzy kitten to help lighten your energy, mood and feelings towards the person you are hugging.  (This helps if this is a person who maybe you’ve had an argument with or difficulties of some sort.  Yes, hug our enemies too, especially our enemies.)
  7. or Chant a phrase that helps such as, “Loving blessings, love is flowing out my hands, love, love.”  

    Being social creatures is in our DNA, we NEED each other.
  8. Continue running the Blessing Reiki energy as long as the hug continues.
  9. Practice giving Reiki hugs as often as you can and see if you and your relationships become more loving.  See if your friends and family want to be around you more often.  See if your kids do not hug you more easily and for longer.  It has worked with my kids, it can work with yours too.
Hug your pets!

Now you may want some ideas as to WHO to give Reiki hugs to.  I say everyone!! But here are some ideas and WHY.

  • Obviously your family would be the best place to start, significant other, children, grandparents.  Children don’t want lectures, they want hugs.  I have found this out the hard way.  (How wonderful for your children to SEE you and your spouse hugging regularly.  What a wonderful mirror of a loving relationship for your family!)
  • Pets, our pet friends soak up much of our emotions in them trying to help us be happier and more balanced people on earth.  Lets take some of that burden off of them with a Reiki hug.
  • Friends
  • Anyone who is in pain, emotional, physical or other. This can lift their spirits and help them cope with the pain better, especially with Reiki blessings.  (Please do not use other symbols unless you have their permission first)
  • Trees and plants  – Lets be Tree Huggers!! They fight cancer for you AND it just FEELS good to hug a tree.  (How do I know? I DO IT REGULARLY!! I am an admitted Tree Hugger!)
  • Other Reiki friends, lets spread the Love and Light through Reiki hugs.  What better way to practice and perfect your Reiki hug than to practice on other Reiki community members.  Come to circle and lets practice our Reiki hugs!!
Hug the elderly, you will both be rewarded.
Photo credit: Milk Photo
  • The elderly, we sometimes forget how much touch heals, one can heal down to the soul with a good hug.  What a beautiful gift to give and receive.
  • Our enemies, or more like people you’ve had differences with.  They probably need a Reiki hug really badly.  (See if you can’t turn an enemy into a friend again with a Reiki hug, both must choose to hug, of course.)
  • Rocks and crystals – I know, I’m a little loopy when it comes to my healing stones, but I really do love them.  I regularly sit and hold my rocks and crystals to let them know how much I appreciate their healing gifts that they lend to me.  Then I give them a Reiki hug, a cleansing and an energizing too.  I have very happy rocks!
  • Anyone else you can think of to hug?  Please comment here on WHO YOU ARE GOING TO PRACTICE YOUR REIKI HUG ON!!  Watch out, it’s contagious!

Arm ourselves for war?  No!  All the arms we need are for hugging.” ~Author Unknown

A special Thank You to my Reiki and Stones and Crystals teacher, Jade Elizabeth for sharing this idea with me many years ago.  She gives GREAT Reiki hugs!!

7 thoughts on “Give a Reiki Hug!

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  2. Reblogged this on Complete Health Circle and commented:
    I was doing some sitting meditation, reflecting on my Reiki practice. Yesterday, I received the complete original works by Dr. Mikao Usui. While flipping through, I noticed that there were a few things that I have been doing completely intuitively that I have not learned yet since I am still at Level 1. But it got me thinking, in what other ways have I been gifting Reiki to others?

    Reiki embrace.

    Hugs for me are very personal, and anyone who knows me or anyone who has received a good deep hug can testify to its coziness and care and love.

    So, I googled Reiki hugs and I found this wonderful article. The images and composition speak volumes.


  3. To hug someone for a long time, can give another person a wrong impression. They might read your intentions different way. Doing reiki on others without their permission is so wrong !!!! One may think you have crush on them.

    1. Blessings Jenny. I’m grateful to know how the blog effected you and very sad at the same time. I’m very sorry it effected you in a negative way, that is never my intention.
      My purpose for writing it was to encourage people to share love and Reiki at the same time, not to hurt anyone. Hugs have not always been a positive thing for me, but I believe I have done a great deal of Reiki on those issues to create a life where I want hugs and want to give them as well, because as humans we need touch, loving touch. One reason Reiki is so good for people is because it’s a touch healing and so many of us need that in this modern society.
      I have changed a couple sentences in my blog to make sure there are, hopefully, no other confusions. But, no matter what, I can’t make everyone happy. Some people are going to mis-read, misunderstand, not agree with or just simply not like what I say. There is nothing I can do about that and I won’t apologize for writing what I feel is a beautiful blog.
      I feel this is a blog about love and sharing love, nothing else. I do trust my Reiki friends to know what is an appropriate person to hug and for how long. I am not encouraging anyone to hug inappropriately.
      As far as asking permission, it is always fine to give Reiki blessings to anyone just like saying a prayer for someone. I have written blogs before on asking permission (Google- Rain Shadow Reiki/permission) and teach this to my students as well, but Reiki Blessings are always safe to give even without permission. That is written in the blog itself. And, I did state to ask permission before using Reiki Symbols because that is putting intention of your own into the Reiki and that is not ok. I don’t want to mislead anyone. I had Reiki done on me without permission once and it wasn’t a good experience, I don’t want others doing that. Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that some people may take it that way. Hopefully that won’t happen again, I pray Reiki will be a blessings and a guiding light for you and your healing path.
      In Love and Light,

    2. In my experiences people feel a big difference and usually end the hug stating “wow I’ve never felt that before”! As they feel energies actively transferring. I usually visualize the colors going back and forth. Yes they often want to keep hugging you longer because the feeling is amazing. Very non-sexual- very profound and spiritual.

      1. Blessings Tana, thank you for your contribution I am very grateful. And, I’m glad you’ve had positive experiences with Reiki hugs. Blessings, Joss

  4. Rain Shadow Reiki blog on asking doing Reiki with our without permission. Hope this helps others:

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