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Healing the Solar Plexus and Self Love

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

It is time Goddesses to stand up and fight for what we deserve, our own self-love.  We have for so many centuries, for so many life times been told that we are not as worthy, not as strong, not as important and not as intelligent as men.  It has been so ingrained that we carry with us this belief pattern within our subconscious minds and our energy systems that it is true.  It is not true.  We know this is not true, yet it is in our belief system.  This belief is held in our solar plexus quite often which is our place of spiritual power.  This is strongly connected to our heart chakra as well because it has to do with love.  But I have been more often finding it in the solar plexus do to the relation to personal power or the feeling of the lack of it.

Meditate on this art work with the intention of healing this issue with your solar plexus.  Art by Roberta Weir
Meditate on this art work with the intention of healing this issue with your solar plexus. Art by Roberta Weir

A Universal Pattern Among Millions of Women Worldwide

This is a Universal patter that I’m seeing healing after healing lately.  Why lately, because universally we have chosen this as the time to let it all go.  All of us together.  It is a very powerful time to heal.  It is time to reclaim our power as souls of Divine Source of all Love and Light and believe in ourselves again.  We are needed at this time to feel totally and completely our God Selves and nothing less than.  It is time for us to shine bright and to literally FEEL the Goddess within us, not just think it is there.  NOT just be told that it is there, but to FEEL it in our cells in our soul.  When we FEEL it, we KNOW it within and then we can shine the LOVE out to everyone around us and others will be healed by our love light.

How Do We Do This?  You May Ask

Goddesses stand united in a healing purpose and it shall be done.
Goddesses stand united in a healing purpose and it shall be done

There are many ways to heal ourselves to release the old patterns of belief.  But, this is a blog about Reiki so for me the obvious answer is to do Reiki on this issue as often as possible right away.  Reiki all your chakras starting with the root and going up (really what feels right to you) but put a special intent when working on all of them that the Reiki energy is healing this Universal belief system of worthiness and self-love.  As each one of us heals this issue it creates a ripple effect and makes it easier and easier for others to do the same.

I also carry around beautiful yellow stones to help me heal this issue.  I have been wearing an orange calcite on a very long chain for about six months.  I hands just above my solar Plexus.  I take it off at night while I sleep to cleanse it and put it back on after my shower in the morning.  Choose a yellow stone that speaks to you and wear it proudly.  Don’t forget to thank the rock for aiding you in your healing goal.

The Ripple Effect

Goddess Mabon
Goddess Mabon

When I do a healing on a client, afterwards I stand in my Gassho (closing ritual) thanking Divine for the healing and I hold the intent that the client and I are both healed by this session.  Then I hold the intent that the whole world is healed by this session.  At that time, I can SEE though my third eye, just by putting my attention on it, the grid that surrounds the earth that every single human and animal is connected to.  With each healing I do, I see how lights on the grid are lit up.  I can SEE how each and every healing that someone does effects everyone else.  THAT is how I know in my heart that all will be well with the world.  Love is always strongest.  Light is always strongest.  All will be well with the world!

Love and Light to you all,

Thank you for reading and sharing,


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  2. Great post Joss, I need work in this area. I have a yellow stone that a friend brought me from the Baltic Sea in Lithuania but can’t remember what it’s called. Does it matter if it’s not a crystal?

  3. Rhonda thanks for your comment first of all, second of all, if you like the stone and it feels right to you then carry it with you. I call them stones, crystals and more, they all have earth energy and have healing power so it’s all good. If you have a chance, send me a photo and I’ll see if I can tell what it is. Or take it to a rock store. Even river rocks have a lot of history and earth healing energy. I wore an orange calcite, which is actually yellow in color, at my solar plexus for about a year and a half and all of a sudden it has started breaking free of it’s chain so I figured it was done doing it’s work and took it off. You’ll know if it’s right.

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    I’m seeing a trend with my clients this week, lots of solar plexus stuff going on. This is the place of personal power, spiritual power, self confidence, self worth. Don’t forget to Reiki your solar plexus this week before going out among other people. Take care of YOU!! Joss

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