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Reiki 1 class in late June

Hello Reiki Students,
REIKI CLASS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! and so spiritual too…….
A Reiki I class has been scheduled for late June, in person and Zoom welcome.  DETAILS BELOW
Reiki has changed my life, the way I handle stress and stressful situations and most of all, it has connected me in a physically tangible way that I am able to FEEL IN MY BODY to my Higher Power of Love and Light.  THAT is a life changer! And a BONUS, my psychic/intuitive abilities were OFF THE CHARTS after my Reiki 1 attunement and just continued to grow.  Reiki is a real game changer for all of life !!  I highly recommend that in these extraordinary times of stress, Reiki can only help.  
To help your Reiki healing process further, I offer workshops and more classes to help you feel confident to continue in your Reiki practice; whether on yourself, your pets, plants, family and friends or on clients.  MOST people take Reiki for their own stress relief and just see where it goes from there.  There are a million plus reasons to take a Reiki class, none of them are wrong.  We have a Reiki community and we are here for you way after your class to help you with your Reiki practice wherever it leads you. It’s up to you how much you attend, but you can also just send us an email or post a question on our private Student’s FB page.  Rain Shadow Reiki has been teaching Reiki in Sequim and other locations since 2009 and will continue as long as we are able.  This is our soul path in life.  This is what we LOVE TO DO!!!
Josslyn and hopefully one other co-teacher will be teaching this class. 
Email or call us if you have ANY questions or issues about this class at all,
We LOVE hearing from you,
Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Psychic Energy Healer
Ellen, Amber, Bren and sometimes some of our other Reiki Master/
teachers who work with us too.
WHEN:   JUNE 21ST, 23RD & 30TH 
(Tuesday, Thursday & Thursday)
WHAT TIME:  10am to approximately 4:30pm   (We will do our best to stay on time and usually do, but we also want to get to all the Reiki applicable questions the students have. The 4:30pm is flexible, but we are usually no later than 15 to 30 minutes over, please allow flexibility.)
WHERE:  Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA (IN Sequim City limits)  OR on Zoom from your home  
HOW:  Click on the link to pay below, pay and we’ll take it from there.  Your payment IS your sign up. In the NOTE section please specify if you want IN PERSON or ZOOM   (First come first serve.  IF in person fills up we will have room on Zoom.) 
COST:  $330 includes the manual
RETAKES: Donation button below – If you have taken Reiki I from Rain Shadow Reiki before, we ask for a donation for our time and effort for another class.  Sometimes people say it’s like a whole new class because they learn so much the second time around because it’s not ALL new, they can take in more details.  It’s so worth it!  There is usually room in the class for retakes, if not in person, we always have room on Zoom.  I like having retake students in the class because they add a level of experience for the new students to hear about.  YOUR Reiki experience will help the whole class. 
Reiki I – more information about the class- 
Link to Pay for Reiki I – $330 includes manual –
Donate for Reiki I retake – 
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The beautiful Rio Grande, one of the most beautiful rivers on earth.

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to celebrate and show LOVE to our beloved planet. This year the theme is ‘PROTECT OUR SPECIES.’ Many of our Reiki people have shown a great interest in participating in Reiki Healing on the Earth and it is important to us as well.

In this experiential workshop we will be talking about and DOING healings on the Earth and it’s species and how we can best serve our planet. It is really US, the humans, who need the healing, but by focusing all our attention as a group on healing specific parts of the earth or specific species, we in turn heal ourselves and others who choose it as well. The snowball effect for these community healings is HUGE and has a great effect on all of us. It helps us to be more in tune with our planet and the animals as well as get intuitions of how we can help more in our daily lives.

The whales need healing now more than ever.

We will bring in our Reiki Healing Energy, meditate so we are all on the same level of resonance, and do two healings on the Earth and its species. We can choose what we want to heal and usually Mother Earth provides something timely for us to focus our attention on. Then we will also do a healing specifically on a species that is dear to our hearts and speaks to us for the second healing. The group energy will make this event extremely powerful for us and Mother Earth.

Get ready, it’s going to be EXCELLENT!! All Reiki levels are welcome. 3 hours, $50 April 22nd, 5:30pm to 8:30pm Follow this link to sign up for this awesome workshop!

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Reiki and a Movie

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

My goal is to encourage and help others to incorporate Reiki into their daily lives seamlessly and with great joy.  I have done this for myself over many years of working with Reiki and I find talking with my clients and students that not everyone does this easily.


In the beginning, when we first take a Reiki class, we are often so overloaded with the information, the how to’s, that we stay inside our initial Reiki thinking box.  We limit ourselves to the basics because we have to in order to just do the basics.  It’s all good!  That’s how we start.  Some of us ‘get it’ faster than others and some of us take more time thoroughly comprehending what the Reiki can really do and how to do it.  All in Divine time.  But, we can also learn from others if we seek out ways to expand our Reiki boxes, when we are ready.  It is my hope, for the Highest Good of All, that my little blogs help some of you to expand your Reiki box of what is possible to do with Reiki.  Because I know first hand the daily miracles that come from having Reiki working with you to create the life you want.  Here is one example.

Reiki & a Movie 

Jax typically presents his butt first for Reiki.  What a cutie patootie.
Jax typically presents his butt first for Reiki. He likes having his picture taken much more than Cedric, so Jax is our model for today.

I have a very wonderful and close dear friend here in Sequim whose entire family is karmically connected to my family.  We are all close and our kids fight like siblings or cousins I say, but that’s another story and another life.  Gigi and I have over the years become very close and share a love of our families, healthy eating, our pets and of course, our spirituality and Reiki.  Because of hectic family/work schedules, we usually schedule our dates ahead of time.  Now and then  Gigi and I schedule a lunch, walking date or a movie morning while the kids are in school.  Much needed girl time.

I have worked with Reiki on her whole family and every time I visit I work on her two fury buddies, Jax and Cedric.  All animals are different and some don’t like hands on Reiki.  But Jax and Cedric LOVE hands on Reiki.  They are Rat terriers and because of them I have fallen in love with the breed.  They are such sweeties and simply LOVE ME and MY REIKI!  As soon as I’m in the house they are ON me like flies on honey.  They sometimes take turns and sometimes can’t wait and I have one hand on each of them while they sit in my lap.

Jax prefers hands on Reiki as opposed to me beaming it to him from a distance.
Jax prefers hands on Reiki as opposed to me beaming it to him from a distance.

When I come over for a movie date, my two buddies are right on top of me, cuddling and soaking up the Reiki for a full two hours.  When I mentioned this to a new client she was amazed.  “What?  You can run the Reiki while you watch a movie?” She hadn’t thought of that before.  Yep, sometimes in this busy life, we multi task.  If the choice is no Reiki or Reiki while watching the move, I’m sure Jax and Cedric would choose Reiki and a Movie every single time.


  1. I simply get my Reiki flowing as soon as I walk in the door or even before while I’m in the car.
  2. However you start your Reiki, I like to say my intentional prayer, ask Divine to send in my Reiki Guides of Love and Light, then let it flow.
  3. I hold the intention that Jax and Cedric get exactly what they choose and what they need and that the Reiki will continue to flow through the whole movie.

They come and go, jumping off of me and running to the kitchen or the front door to bark, but they always come back for more cuddles and more Reiki.  Meanwhile, I watch my movie, converse with Gigi as necessary and not necessary for a girls day off and get some doggy snuggle at the same time.  I love when it’s a Win/win, don’t you.

Oh yeah, you can cuddle with your kids or sweetheart and run Reiki AND watch a movie all at the same time too!

Have Fun and Reiki On!!

In Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829



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Reiki On A Harbor Seal

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Orcas Island is the turtle shaped island.  This is the view from our house in Sequim, WA.
Orcas Island is the turtle shaped island. This is the view from our house in Sequim, WA.

I recently went to the beautiful and mystical Orcas Island in the chain of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific North West where I live.  I went for a sound healing conference with the equally amazing sound healer, Tom Kenyon.  I’ll write a blog about him soon.  The conference didn’t start until 1pm so I had some time (sans children) to myself.  Each day I’d take a nice walk about the Rosario Resort and Spa grounds and just take in the fresh and alive island energy.  Even though I’ve lived on the Olympic Peninsula for six years now, and I look at the San Juan Island chain out my living room window every day, I had yet to go to the Islands, any of them.  This trip to Orcas Island was my first jaunt and totally worth the day trip with two ferry rides to get there.

Morning Walk on Orcas

Photo by Jim Maya
Photo by Jim Maya

On the last morning of the conference on a walk, I went the regular route I’d been taking with a few changes in course but the same basic scenic locales.  One of the great spots is a viewing spot near the main hotel but off to the side on an overlook and viewing one of the other islands, Shaw Island.  But, on this day, on the rocks just below the overlook about 50 feet from me and down on the rocks was a small harbor seal.  His body was positioned vertically from me with his head away looking at the other island.  When he felt me he looked up at me for a little while, then pretty much dismissed me as not needing his attention and went back to what he was doing, resting on the rock.  Me, thinking Reiki 24/7 , I thought, I’ll send him some Reiki to say Hi.

Sending Reiki to a Seal

Happy seal smile
Happy seal smile

With my hands in the prayer position asking Divine Source for the Reiki to flow and my Reiki guides of the Highest Order to come and help, I also added “and please let the seal know, he may take as much, as little or none of the Reiki, it is totally up to him.”  Over the years of sending Reiki to animals, I have found this to be the most important guidance I received from Kathleen Prasad’s book, “Animal Reiki.”  Respect the animal by giving them the choice.   The animals respond in a much more favorable way if they are given a choice in the matter.  Then I sent the Reiki to him by beaming it from my eyes.  (I simply intend for the Reiki to flow from my eyes and it does.)  I started chanting in my head, all the Reiki symbols I have from Master/Teacher symbols down to Reiki II symbols and then my Karuna Reiki symbols too.  I’d chant each one three or five times depending upon how many I felt was needed, then would move on to the next symbol.

Checking Out The Reiki

At first the seal looked at my like “What is that?”  Seriously, that is the exact thought that came to me telepathically, from him.  Then I felt like he was feeling the Reiki and ‘checking it out.’ After a couple of minutes of not being sure, he all of a sudden got a very content and happy look on his face and looked at me to let me know he liked it.  He was away from me, so he had to swing his head around to do this.  He kept looking at me while I sent Reiki.  And, I would swear he had a smile on his face.  He particularly liked when I was chanting and sending the Mental/Emotional Reiki Symbol (SHK).  After feeling the energy of this symbol he’d get a little irritated when I’d switch to another symbol.

Why'd You Stop?
Why’d You Stop?             I did not have my camera with me that morning so these are not my little Reiki buddy but still just as sweet.

So, I went back to SHK.  Just to test it out, I left that symbol and went to chanting another.  Once again, he got annoyed and gave me a sharp look to let me know his preference.  I did this two or three times to check if what I was feeling with his emotions was correct and sure enough each time I’d switch away he’d look at me sharply and tell me to go back.  So, I listened and trusted and chanted only SHK until he told me otherwise.  At that point he started flipping his flippers up and down in joy, moving around like he was dancing and showing definite signs of happiness.  The smile was back.

Let Animals Guide the Reiki Session Themselves

Then he started moving around towards me more so he could see me and I could easily see his whole body.  He stretched out in front of me and started directing me to other parts of his body where he now wanted me to send Reiki.  He would let me know which symbol he liked in which area by his facial expressions, movements and his emotions that he was sending me telepathically.  This is exactly what cats and dogs do too!  I was enthralled.   I felt he wanted the Power Symbol (CKR) at his root chakra area so I chanted that and focused my eyes on that part of his body.  He seemed content for a while so I kept doing this until he gave me a different signal.


At that point, two other walkers from the hotel came and joined us and started oohing and awing over the sighting of the seal.  I’d been sending the seal Reiki for about ten to 15 minutes or so at this point.  He looked at them curiously but then went back to directing me to his Reiki needed spots.  I trusted my intuition that he was telling me where he wanted it and which symbol he wanted and continued for a little while.  After about another five minutes of enjoying the Reiki he turned his back to me, started looking at me in an annoyed fashion instead of the blissful, happy one he’d had earlier.  I suddenly felt like a space invader that was not wanted instead of the joy and gratitude I had felt earlier.   I took the hint that he was done, stopped the Reiki, thanked him for allowing me to send it and went on my way.  I looked back and he was slinking his way to the water and leaving.

HOW to Send Reiki to Wild Animals

First of all let me just say, with wild animals, first and foremost make sure you are in a safe place or a safe distance.  They are still wild and unpredictable.  Second, you might want to start by practicing on animals who are friendly with you, like pets.  Then just practice.  Get the trust and the knowing of practicing with pets first.

  • Give the animal the option of saying “No thank you” to the Reiki.
  • Send them Reiki with no intention of your own.
  • Have no time line, just go with the flow.
  • Be flexible, allow the animal to guide the session.
  • Say Thank you when they are done.
  • Move on and respect their privacy.

Seal Totem

Artwork by NaNa Quish
Artwork by NaNa Quish

I was so grateful to see and connect with my seal buddy.  Living here and walking the beaches for six years I’ve only seen a seal one other time, so I knew this event was important.  I went back to my condo and looked up seal in my “Animal Spirit Guide” book by Dr. Steven Farmer, my handy book that I take with me every where I go.  Here is what seal has to offer if you see one; in person, in a dream or in a meditation vision:  (Choose the ones that apply to you at that time.)

  • Your creative imagination is active and fertile right now, so keep a journal nearby and write in it every day.
  • Your dreams will be very clear and vivid, so pay close attention to them for any messages from your subconscious.
  • The cycle of challenges and hardship is complete, and you’re now moving into a time of plenty and abundance.
  • Although it’s an emotional time for you, you’re quite comfortable experiencing these feelings while at the same time staying grounded.
  • This is a time to stay attuned to your natural rhythms, such as sleeping when you’re tired, eating only when you’re hungry, and exercising when you feel the urge to do so.

Two Seals in One Day

HarborSealWavingBecause I’m a natural cynic, and because I already knew I wanted to write a blog about this experience, I asked my Reiki Guides for some sort of SIGN that I was indeed sending Reiki to and communicating with this seal.  I got my clear sign later at the Tom Kenyon sound healing session.  Each day there would be three sessions with a thirty minute break in between.  During the breaks we were completely silent and recommended by Tom that we walk or sit on the earth and contemplate or write in our journals.  For the first time of the sessions, I chose to walk by the marina area instead of the beach or the grass area as I had in other sessions.  As I was walking, a harbor seal swam by, waved his fin at me, swam a bit more and then dove under and was gone.  Quick as can be.  I looked around me and only two other people were looking and pointing in the direction of the seal.  I knew this was my sign and thanked the seal and my guides.  Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Why Communicate with Wild Animals?

We are at a critical time in our human existence where we need to make peace with our planet and the creatures that live with us on it.  We need to empathically feel our planet and the life on it as alive and equally as important as our human lives.  We are truly all connected and by telepathic communication we can emotionally connect to the animals and the planet in ways we haven’t done in this life before, or for many lifetimes.  I believe we all did at one time.  Reconnecting to the ability to talk to the animals, the rivers, the mountains, the rocks, valleys and even the moon and stars, is all vitally important now.  It allows us to truly FEEL CONNECTED to the whole.

Wake Up!

I am seeing more and more people ‘wake up’ to this possibility, this need.  I am feeling clients coming to me who are very psychic people, who have these abilities naturally already, they just need to know it and practice with it.  With a little bit of mentoring and practice they will soon be teaching others to talk to our planet too.  This is the snowball effect that will save our planet, our animals and thus save ourselves and our souls.  Yes, talking to animals again is vitally important to all of us.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Josslyn Streett

360-460-7829 or

BookAnimalReikiThere are two books I recommend on this topic, “Animal Reiki” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad and

“Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature” by Marta Williams.  Both books plus more are available in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library or used on Amazon dot com.Book-Learning their language by Marta Williams





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Reiki Every Day – Sending Reiki to Animals in Need

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

One of my goals with my blogging and teaching is to encourage people to work with their Reiki gift in their every day life. Reiki is for EVERYONE, not just for being a professional healer.  Reiki to me is for making our lives and those around us AND the whole world, a more beautiful and spiritual place to live.  In fact, I truly see Reiki as the healing power that anyone can do.

Reiki Every Day

I’m starting a new series for this purpose called, Reiki Every Day.  My intention is that they will be short little ideas of ways to work with your Reiki in small but powerful ways for you on a daily basis.  Similar to Quick Tips but more as ideas and encouraging you to figure out the HOW to fit your life.

Sending Reiki to Animals in Need 

LOTS of animals need homes, we can't help all of them, or can we?!!  Reiki can!
LOTS of animals need homes, we can’t help all of them, or can we?!! Reiki can!

I opened up my newspaper today to cut out the wonderful garage selling page with map and description of each sale going on this coming weekend.  Right next to the ads are pictures of kitties from the local rescue organization, brilliant of them, I always read them even though I am not in the market for more cats.  I see the photos and find myself wanting to adopt ALL OF THEM and I have done that before, before I had a husband who puts his foot down as to how many animals I have.  Darn his level head and my bleeding heart.  When we have big hearts, it’s sometimes difficult to see so many animals in need.  How can we help so many?  Easy, with Reiki.

Send Reiki in a Way that Works for You

There are many ways to do this, sit with it for a minute,  your desire to help will communicate to your Reiki guides to give you an idea that will work for you and your life.  Then you can adapt it to you and certain special situations in that moment.  This may even mean getting more involved in the animal rescue group yourself, or it could mean pulling over to help a dog in the street and calling it’s owner or it may just mean sending Reiki to them and moving on.  Since I have a full plate as it is in the pet ownership department, when I come across ads or Facebook pictures that are about animals in need, I opt for the ‘send Reiki’ option.

Please help me find a new mommy.  Some of these pictures really tug at our heart strings.  Sending Reiki is sending a whole team of guides of Love and Light  to spring into action to help this kitten find a home.  Reiki heals in many ways.
Please help me find a new mommy. Some of these pictures really tug at our heart-strings. Sending Reiki is sending a whole team of guides of Love and Light to spring into action to help this kitten find a home. Reiki heals in many ways.

I put a Mental/Emotional Reiki symbol and then a Power Symbol over each picture, say the name of each symbol three times and intend for the Highest Good of All involved for them to find the perfect home.  That’s all it takes.  THAT is powerful intention and healing.  I do this in the paper, on Facebook, dog running through the street, on T.V. and any other time I see an animal in need.  It’s quick and simple and powerful healing.  If you do not have Reiki symbols simply run Reiki over the picture with your positive intentions for the highest good of all for these animals.  It is much like saying a prayer but with Reiki.


Then have faith that the Reiki will work miracles and help to find these pets the perfect home for them.  This helps our heart feel better, it got us to stop from our busy day to think about someone else and gave us a chance to connect with our Reiki guides and our Reiki energy.  ALL GOOD!  A win/win!

Hopefully this is a new and welcome idea to some of you or a good reminder to others, now go out, use your Reiki for good and help some animals in a whole new way.


Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Practice Reiki On Your Pets

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

My four legged client, M.M. the day after her Reiki session.  Her mom said "Can you say, RELAXED?!  Yes she can.  Animals heal very quickly on the physical level with Reiki.  It still takes them a little longer on the emotional and mental level, say after an abusive situation, but they do process and heal on the whole quicker than humans.  They don't seem to have as many mental layers as we do.  That is one reason working with animals is so rewarding.  Give it a try.
My four-legged client, M.M. the day after her Reiki session. Her mom said “Can you say, RELAXED?! Yes she can. Animals heal very quickly on the physical level with Reiki. It still takes them a little longer on the emotional and mental level, say after an abusive situation, but they do process and heal on the whole quicker than humans. They don’t seem to have as many mental layers as we do, blockades to allowing the healing. That is one reason working with animals is so rewarding. Give it a try.

I often tell my new students if they want to truly see and feel the effects of Reiki quickly, to work on their pets, or anyones pets.  Animals respond very quickly and often quite predictably with Reiki.  I have found this very much with dogs, whom I work with the most.  They will often sniff your hand to investigate the Reiki, then they will settle down somewhere near by and comfortable to them, even on your lap, and quickly doze into a Reiki nap.  I have often witnessed that they get so deeply in their Reiki trance that if I talk, cough or breath loudly and/or move,they will quickly jolt awake and look at me annoyed.  Oops, I bothered their Reiki nap.  They get back quickly to it and are snoring away again.  Then they wake up when they’ve had enough and come lick you or they look at your very pointedly to say “Thank you for the Reiki!”   I’ve heard other students describe the same situation with their dogs and even cats when they do Reiki on them.  It is obvious they are soaking up the Reiki.   Even new Reiki students can often feel the Reiki being pulled from their outstretched hands towards their pet.  It is an awesome feeling and quite reassuring that the Reiki is doing its thing.  This is the kind of confirmation people are looking for when they are new to Reiki and are still working at FEELING the Reiki energy flow.  It takes practice and more practice before your hand chakras get sensitive to the energy and you start to feel it regularly.  Practicing on your pets is a great way to get this confirmation early on in your practice.

Practicing with Pets

  1. Sit in the same room with the pet you’ll be working on, where they are most comfortable.
  2. Perform your Gassho (prayer position).  During your Gassho let Divine know that the pet can take as much or as little or none of the Reiki energy and that it is totally up to them.  They have free will as to whether or not they want Reiki.  Yes, some do turn it down, and that is just fine.  Try again another time.  When they know you respect their wishes they are much more likely to let you another time.
  3. Put up your hands and run the Reiki across the space between you and your pet.  If it is a new animal to you, a small pet, or a small pet in a cage, stay across the room and run it to them from there.
  4. Give the pet time to get used to the energy and decide if they want it or not.  Given the choice, they usually do.
  5. Allow them to pull the energy, never push an animal to take Reiki.  You will feel the energy being pulled from your hands and after a few minutes start to build.
  6. When you get a message from the pet that the Reiki session is over (they get up and leave, they say thank you to you, they wake up and start to play again, the energy stops pulling) or if you have to leave, thank them for the opportunity to give them Reiki and close with your Gassho.

Every animal is different but every one of them is a gift to practice Reiki on.  You’ve got nothing to lose by practicing on your pet.  Give it a try.  Let me know how it goes.

Comment here if you have any questions, I love to hear from you,


Josslyn Streett, Rain Shadow Reiki or 360-460-7829

Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasaad and
Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad and Elizabeth Fulton

Much of my style for working with animals and Reiki comes from “Animal Reiki” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad.  Their technique is very kind and gentle for all animals and extremely heart centered.  A fabulous book if you do not have it in your library I highly recommend it.  I have it available in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library if you are close and would like to check it out.