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Reiki Quick Tip: Reiki Your Luggage

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher  for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, Washington

LuggageSantaThe Holiday season is here and many of us will be traveling to be with people we love.  Nothing can spoil a visit with loved ones like lost luggage.  The busier we are and the more people who are traveling, the more likely an accident with your luggage will happen.  One year traveling on the train to come visit us, my sister had her entire suitcase of Christmas presents stolen.  It didn’t ruin our holiday but it certainly put a damper on it.

The Archangel of Travel Lends a Hand

I had a healing/reading recently with a client who was going to be traveling out of the country with her two sisters.  This was going to be their first trip together as fully grown women to their ancestral homeland.  My guides alerted me to the fact that another woman was going and was possibly going to have luggage problems that would disrupt her mood the entire trip and therefore make the vacation for all of them not as spiritual as they had hoped.  My client then confirmed that her sister-in-law would be going on this trip too.  My guides told me that her sister-in-law is not grounded because she is going through a lot and this may cause energy imbalances in her own ‘universe’ that could lead to the luggage getting lost.  My client agreed that her sister-in-law had a whole lot going on in her life right now and even more big events right before they take their trip.  She agreed that this could very well be the case.  Since my client wasn’t sure if her sister-in-law would be open to Reiki and grounding techniques, my guides recommended that she Reiki the luggage before the trip for her instead.

Nothing can ruin a vacation like lost luggage.
Nothing can ruin a vacation like lost luggage.

I also recommended that she ask Divine to send for an angel of the Highest and most Sacred Order to help with travel.  The only angel that has come for me when I ask for travel help is Archangel Raphael.  Ask Divine and receive, Archangel Raphael would go with them and the luggage to ensure safe arrival for all.  It worked beautifully.  They recently got home and all went well.   They had a spectacularly spiritual trip and a wonderful time being together.  Of course, there is no way to know if the luggage would have gotten lost, but why take the chance when it’s so easy to take an angel with you and Reiki your luggage.  It only takes a few minutes to do some preventative Reiki work. 

How To Reiki Your Luggage

As always, there is no wrong way to do this, other than not doing it.  Even that is not wrong because if you know about Reiki, read this and still choose not to Reiki your luggage and it gets lost, then it was a wonderful learning experience.  Nothing is ever wasted, we learn from every experience if we are open to it.  But, wouldn’t it be easier to just spend a few minutes surrounding you and your family’s luggage with Reiki before you head out for an adventure?  Yes, it would be.  By doing this, you ensure you are in the flow with the Universal energies and they will be with you through your whole trip helping and guiding a long the way. If your luggage still gets lost, then it was a learning experience you couldn’t avoid.


  • Before you leave the house is probably the easiest time to Reiki your luggage.  While it’s all together sitting by the door, before you load it into your car, sit with it for a few minutes and run your Reiki through and around all of it.
  • If a big group of people are going and you won’t all be together before getting to the airport or even on the plane, use your Long Distance Symbol (HSZSN) and run Reiki from your home anytime before the trip with the intention of sending Reiki to all person’s luggage.

    At the airport you'll be a little more stressed and pressed for time, just activate your Reiki symbols if you have them and let the Reiki do the rest.
    At the airport you’ll be a little more stressed and pressed for time, just activate your Reiki symbols if you have them and let the Reiki do the rest.
  • At the airport, if you forgot to do it earlier and are now a little rushed for time, simply draw the symbols of the Mental/Emotional (SHK) and the Power Symbol (CKR) over the luggage and send them with Reiki blessings.
  • Don’t forget to Reiki your car, your train, boat or airplane to assure a safe and secure travel experience.
  • And, always Reiki YOU!


  1. I hold up my hands or imagine the luggage in my mind’s eye and the Reiki flowing to it.
  2. Close my eyes and mentally/intentionally invoke the Reiki as if I were in the prayer position or the Gassho.  Next, ask Divine to send down my Reiki guides to help me.  I never do any spiritual work without my Reiki guides.
  3. Let the Reiki flow with intention.  You can visualize the Reiki flowing into the luggage, send Reiki symbols into the bags through your hands or through your eyes.  You can chant the Reiki symbols in your head with the intention that they are flowing out your hands and into each individual bag.  Set an intention of the safest and most joyous trip for the luggage possible.  Use an intention that works for you and your travelers.
  4. Reiki your luggage until you feel it is enough.
  5. Thank the Reiki and your guides!  Enjoy your trip!!


  • Ask Reiki Source/God of your heart to send down the Highest and Most Sacred, the Best of the Best of travel guides to go with you and your family for a safe and
    Archangel Raphael has been one of my healing guides from the beginning.  He is the only guide I know of specifically meant to help with travel.  Call on him for any travel needs.  He'll lead the way the entire trip.  His name means "It is God who has healed" or "God heals." archangel_raphael2.jpg
    Archangel Raphael has been one of my healing guides from the beginning. He is the only guide I know of specifically meant to help with travel. Call on him for any travel needs. He’ll lead the way the entire trip.

    joyful trip.  Put any positive intention to how you want your trip to go: calm, blissful, serene, prosperous, positive relationships, etc.

  • You can Reiki the plane, your hotel you’ll be staying in, the rental car, your journey, anything and everything having to do with a safe and wonderful journey!

Many Blessings to you all at this magical time of year!

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Grounding, Your Way

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Grounding yourself with tree roots into the earth.
Grounding yourself with tree roots into the earth.

I recently had a question from a student about grounding.  The normal tree roots and cords from her root chakra connected to the center core of the earth, didn’t work for her and I have to confess, it never worked for me either.

Grounding Challenged

Grounding has been a consistent challenge for me for many years and I have found a similar theme with many of my students and clients.  I found I was trying to ground in the way other people said to, not in a way that worked for me.  Grounding to Mother Earth doesn’t feel safe and stable to many people, it feels the exact opposite; unsafe, stressful and chaotic.  Many of us have had traumatic and/or abusive past or present lives, making life on Earth seem unsafe.

Star People

Also, some of us are originally from other planets, and are not used to the heavier energy here on Earth.  People who originally incarnated on other planetary systems before earth are sometimes called ‘Star People.’  Earth does not always feel like home to these souls, making it more of a challenge to be here.  It often feels stressful and dangerous to be on this planet even though we don’t have conscious memories of our home planets.  We do however, have subconscious memories that bleed through from time to time.  However, Star People are here in masses, to help the evolution of Mother Earth and to help us on this planet to move forward spiritually in a big way, quickly.

So how does one ground when they have these feelings about grounding?  Easy, anyway you want.  Any way that feels good and makes sense to YOU!

GroundingTreeAroundMotherEarthWhat is Grounding?

I feel it helps a bit to understand why we ground in the first place.  We ground to feel in the moment, centered and focused.  We ground as a way of being focused on something outside of ourselves, a distraction lets say from the turmoil and emotions going on within.  By being focused on an outside aspect of the world, whether it be in our minds visual or a visual in front of our eyes physically, it gets us to a more centered and stable place where we do not judge or allow our emotions to run away with us, a safe and stable place, so to speak.

Spiritually, many believe in grounding to the core of Mother Earth to bring up the earth energy into our bodies to help us feel more grounded, to heal and for other spiritual help.  I too believe in the beauty and power of Mother Earth and believe it is important to work with her energy in this way.  However, it was not possible for me at first and it is fine if it is not possible for you too.  There are other ways in the beginning until you feel safe enough.  When you are ready, then it’s the perfect time to invite the Divine Earth energy to merge with your energy and feel safe and confident about it.

Reiki Guides You to Your Grounding

You can google ‘grounding’ or ‘grounding to Mother Earth’ and read a bunch of meditations and suggestions on how to ground.  That is probably how you found this post.  I suggest after you read my ideas and try them, you then do some more research until you find one that works best for you.  Try the ones that feel right and you will be successful.  It takes time and determination but it is so worth it once you find a way that works for you.  At the same time as doing this research and practice don’t forget that your Reiki is a great guide to helping you ground.  Run Reiki before you meditate or visualize any grounding. Your Reiki guides will be there with you, helping, guiding and giving suggestions that will work best for you.  Listen and trust what they tell you and you will easily find a way that is all yours.

Reiki Heals Your Grounding Issues

Work with your Reiki to heal your issues with Mother Earth.
Work with your Reiki to heal your issues with Mother Earth.

While you are going through this process, you also want to heal the aspects of you that are making it difficult to ground to Mother Earth.  You may or may not know what these are.  It doesn’t matter.  Do your Reiki daily self-treatment with the intention of healing the blockages keeping you from feeling safe on the earth and keeping you from grounding. In your time the Reiki will help you heal.  Turn to Reiki for any and all issues like this and you will slowly but surly heal yourself.  It is very empowering.

Here are the tips I give in class to help my students.

How to Ground For You

Run your Reiki and always call on Divine Source to send you the Highest and most Sacred Order of Reiki Guides to help with any spiritual process before you start.   These are tips, suggestions to help, make them yours.  Make them FEEL right to you.

  • There is no ‘wrong’ when it comes to grounding, so don’t worry.  What feels right to you is what is best for you.  As long as you feel centered, stable and in the moment, you are grounded.  The other ways to ground will come in time, be happy with what works for you today.
  • Ground to Divine Source – You do not have to ground to the GroundingLightThroughtheBodycenter of the earth as many meditations lead you to do.  If this does not feel right to you then don’t do it.  Ground to your Divine Source first and foremost.  I do this anyway, every time.   I connect to my Divine Creator with visualization and intention.  You can do this many different ways.  I start with visualizing the beautiful Love and Light of Divine coming down from above: a cloud, the sun, a rainbow, the heavens, the stars or some other place that makes sense to you.  Or you can imagine the Divine Light as part of you, IN YOU, because we are all one with our Divine creator the energy is already within us.  Imagine this Light in you or coming into your crown chakra and filling you up head to toe with Divine Light.  Focusing on your heart center being filled and glowing first and expanding out from there.  Then imagine it filling all your chakras, each and every cell in your body.
  • Find what you love about Mother Earth and ground to that.  Visualize and imagine what it is that you truly LOVE and admire about Mother Earth; the crystals, the volcanoes, plants, water, mountains, etc.  Feel emotion about that part of earth that you LOVE.  This will help you ground.  This will help you find what you feel closest to about the earth and safest with as well.  Whether it’s mist, fog, dirt, forest, rivers, mountains, trees, metals,
    I love the mist and work with it's essence in many of my visualizations.  See if this works for you.
    I love mist and fog, and work with its essence in many of my visualizations. See if this works for you.

    picturesque views, etc.  As with any visualization the more FEELING and visualizing you put into this part the more connected and grounded you will feel.  Intention, intention, intention!

  • Ground to the beauty of the earth – If you still feel you need to ground to Mother Earth, want to get closer to doing so or want to desensitize yourself over time to this fear you have, or you just want to practice this in some way, try grounding to the beauty that earth has to offer.  I have become aware of and been told by spirit guides that earth is one of the most beautiful planets with the most distinction in topography and color that there is.  So, many of us who incarnated on other planets first, Star People, find it stressful to be ON the earth, however, at the same time, we truly enjoy the beauty that the earth has to offer us.  This technique GroundingBeachworks well for Star People who have difficulty grounding.  (Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful places you’ve seen on earth, either in photos, movies or in person.  Let’s say you are drawn to the beaches; imagine the beaches, palm trees, monkeys in the trees, sea shells, sand, crystal blue water, etc.  Get really into it.  If you are into forests,  then visualize trees, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, mushrooms, lichens, eagles and more.  Again, put a lot of detailed visualization into this, and a lot of emotion.  The more emotion you put into your visualizations the more grounded you will become and STAY grounded throughout the day.)
  • Imagine you attaching to the earth with your grounding cords just like these ropes are attached to the balloon.
    Imagine you attaching to the earth with your grounding cords just like these ropes are attached to the balloon.

    Ground to something that is already IN the earth or to the outside of the earth itself – If these other visualizations don’t work, get creative!  Ground to the trees on the earth, or a tent stake (thank you to my students for these great ideas), ground to the earth like tethered to a hot air balloon.  Try wrapping your grounding cords around the earth rather than going into it.  Imagine a hot air balloon of the olden days with ropes tied around it.  Imagine your grounding cords wrapped around the earth in much the same way but upside down.  This way you are connected to the earth but don’t have to go into the earth.  Again, there is no wrong, get creative and listen to your Highest Guidance as to what is right for you.

  • Breathe deeply and slowly from your Hara (Sacral Chakra).
  • Other ways to ground– exercise, picking and eating foods right
    Exercise is a great way for some people to ground and get out of their emotions and into their physical body.
    Exercise is a great way for some people to ground and get out of their emotions and into their physical body.

    from the earth, playing or listening to certain music (I find drumming very grounding for me),  holding crystals, hugging trees, walking on the earth, laying on the grass (called Earthing), saying kind and loving things to yourself out loud, focusing on your present environment (such as; the walls are blue, this chair is hard, the day outside is cloudy, the carpet is soft, etc.), the body scan is a great physical way to ground, and one of my all time favorites, taking a Reiki bath with Epsom Salts.  I’m sure there are many more that you will find during your search.  Feel free to post them here if you like to help others who are reading.

Again, these are just a few ways, I can only guide and suggest, it is up to you to do the work.  Never lose faith in Divine’s guidance, keep moving forward and you will succeed.  I have faith in you as a brilliant soul of our Divine Mother and Father.

Blessings to you all, thank you for reading and commenting with love,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Daily Meditation to Take Care of YOU Energetically!


By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki, please use daily and share with your friends.

Taking Care of YOU!

I am reposting this process with some changes, because it is the one blog I recommend to people the most.  Especially those people who tell me they have read my “Are You Emotionally Psychic?” page and feel they are Clairsentient.  I use this technique or parts of it, every single day and sometimes multiple times a day to take care of my energy system.

Being healers and caregivers we often do not take care of ourselves because we are too busy taking care of others.  However, that is a catch 22.  If we are not well, we cannot care for others. By not taking care of ourselves first and foremost, we are doing ourselves and the people or pets that we care for a disservice. We are also not modeling healthy behavior to those we care for if we are not taking care of US first.

Energy Body

We take care of our physical body every minute of every day.  We bathe, eat, wash our faces, brush our hair, use the restroom, drink water, think positive thoughts, etc. all day long.  But, quite often we don’t think about taking care of our energy bodies.  These need daily care as well but we were not taught this growing up in most modern societies.  Here is a simple beginning technique to get you started caring for your energy system daily.  Do this every day.  In the beginning I would do this two to three times a day until you really feel it’s staying with you all day long.  If you like this and want to learn more about taking care of your energy bodies I recommend doing research on Donna Eden and her healing work.  She has many videos on You Tube to watch and wonderful healing books on Amazon.  Find what works for you and have fun with it.

Daily 5-minute meditation to keep YOU clear and centered and protected.

In the beginning you may need to do this multiple times a day especially in stressful situations where you will be around a lot of people or in work situations where you help people, such as; therapists, healers, message therapists, social workers, etc.  Sometimes healers do this after each and every client to make sure they are clear and clean and protected.  Taking care of YOU is the most important.  If you are not healthy, grounded and centered you cannot help others.  The more helpful you are, the more sensitive you are to picking up other’s emotions; you’ll need to do this more in the beginning and at least once a day after that.  Whenever I’m going to be in a crowd of people I do this again, even if I did it in the morning before I left the house.  I do this before I leave the house or in the car before I get out, PARKED OF COURSE!  (Do not do any meditations while driving.)  In the winter up here in the Pacific North West it’s cold.  So, while my car is warming up, I do this visualization to get me started and warmed up too.  Give it a try, it becomes easier the more you do it.


  1. Call on Divine first to surround yourself with Love and Light.  (With Reiki you’d do this during your Gassho.)  Ask Divine to send down the Highest Order of guides to help you and be with you all day.  Give them your intention for the day to help you and guide you towards it.
  2. Visualize this Love and Light as a beautiful protective and loving color.  I imagine the Love and Light or (Reiki) energy flowing from my body or coming down from Divine and surrounding me with beautiful loving energy.  Any color you love will work.  White is often recommended but I find white can often times be too powerful or more than you need for every day use.  I usually like a soft off-white, pretty pink, yellow or blue to surround myself with.  I love color!  You can get creative and think of this color as an invisibility cloak or some other creative covering that works for you.  Opal or rainbows work great for this too.  Have fun with visualizations.   Make them your own, personal to you.  Trust YOUR intuition as to what color you need that day.  FEEL emotion about what is surrounding you and how much you love the feel of it.  Our guides respond to emotion and will work with you more often if they feel your love.
  3. Ground yourself to the Earth.  There are infinite ways to do this; be the tree growing into the earth, a cord with an anchor, a beam of light, etc.  Lately I’ve been connecting to the rocks, crystals and lava within the earth to help me be one with our Earth and therefore grounded and flexible.  (The more intention, the more visualization you put into this the more powerful the connection will be.)
  4. Create a place to send the energy that you do not want.  Creating the intention of a recycling source for the energy that others send to you and for any energy of your own that you want to be recycled will help you to NOT take on the energy into your personal field.  We do not need to be ‘weighed down’ with other’s energies, do we?!  (Good visualizations for this could be a shower drain, toilet, mushrooms, hole to the earth, crystal cave, trash can maybe with Oscar the Grouch, or any other plant or physical manifestation of something that will take the energy away to the earth to be healed. The intention of the energy being healed is important.  All energy is good energy, some of it just needs to be recycled back into higher vibrational energy.)
  5. Reaffirm the THREE parts to this whenever you meet up with someone who is trying to dump on you.  (Receive them with love and remember they are not consciously doing this, they just need relief.  Divine, ground and recycle and their energy gets healed, your energy doesn’t take on crap you don’t need and every one is happy.  They feel better, you still feel good and you have helped them without taking on their stuff.  WIN/WIN. I do this every time I leave the house and then reaffirm the shower drain or the mushrooms all around my feet, kind of like a moat of cleansing and recycling all around me as needed.)
  6. Last and very important is to REFILL yourself and others with beautiful Love and Light of the Divine after the ‘old’ energy has gone.  This will help you to feel lighter, happier and more confident the more you do it.  With this you can imagine a Divine ball of Love and Light or Reiki above the other person’s head flowing into their crown and all through their body filling them up.  Again, be creative and intuitive and do what feels right for you or them.



Mushrooms work as a great visualization for recycling energy, from other people or from you.  Imagine beautiful red mushrooms surrounding you all around your feet at the bottom of your aura, inside and out.  All energy that is no longer helping us needs healing for whatever reason you choose.  Imagine it flowing down to the mushrooms.  They will, along with Mother Earth, cleanse, heal and return the energy completely recycled.  Again, you can do this for yourself or others.  When people are ‘dumping’ their problems on you by complaining, wining or arguing, you can imagine the energy flowing down to the mushrooms instead of at you.  Try it!  It works!

Give this a try.  If you are sensitive to energy like me or tend to be a ‘helper’ or healer you will need this energy work daily.  I tell my clients, we take our trash out daily, why not our ‘trashy’ energy too!!

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Crisis All Around, How to Deal

by Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

For those of you who KNOW you have chaos in your life and simply want help and ways to deal with it, scroll down to the HOW section.  Otherwise, please read and enjoy the full blog.

Crisis All Around, How to Deal

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
― Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

2013 a Year of Light and Chaos?

One of the oldest stories in the world, good versus evil.
One of the oldest stories in the world, good versus evil.

This year was predicted by many psychics to be a very challenging year as the Light comes in to over turn the dark after the opening of December 2012.  This has, throughout history, not been a quick and easy task.  In fact, other than love, it has been the biggest theme throughout history of all time on earth, dark versus light, good vs. bad, angel vs. devil.  I am not one of those psychics who believed this will happen instantly as some did, and it didn’t.   I like to look back through history and past lives at the big picture to see how things have worked in the past to get a feel for how it will most likely go in the future.  Plus, my common sense part says “What is there to learn from instant healing?”  Nothing.  We must live the darkness to learn how to shine our light.  I believe we are spiritual beings in a human form and our human form does not change quickly or even easily.  It takes time and work, until we truly, on every level, believe it is easy.  Then and only then, will it truly be easy.

“Enlightenment can be a slow process, requiring dedication and discipline. It’s perfectly fine to rest now and then. You are not going backwards; you are consolidating and resting.” Dr. Brian Weiss

The Truth is Coming Out, Ready or NOT

So, back to the difficulty that was predicted this year.  The energy of Love and Light is stronger than normal but what that means is that people who still have issues in the dark must shine their light on them and DEAL with them directly.  This means that issues that have been dormant in the past are now bubbling to the surface and demanding to be dealt with, NOW. There is no more hiding, no more denial, no more pretending, they have to be dealt with.  For those people who have been on the healing path for a long while doing this difficult healing work, life may not be as difficult as it is for others at this time.  Those people may find themselves in more of a support position for many others, especially.

In the Way of the Storm

Driving into the storm
Driving into the storm

But, for those who have not done the hard work, the “look in the mirror and truly deal with it” work, or for those who are just ‘waking up,’ they are thrown into the eye of the storm right away with not much time to prepare and learn the techniques they need in order to learn from these situations and heal from them.  These people need to start acting on new and different ways of coping, learning and progressing before or even while being directly in the path of the storm.  Crisis mode.  There is time, there is always time (big picture speaking), but for some, this means that life has gotten rather like living in a real soap opera.  Lies can no longer be hidden.  The truth is coming out, ready or not.

The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.” Joseph Campbell

Crisis All Around

I have found, this summer in particular, that there is crisis all around me.  It seems like every client, every friend, every caregiver, every family member,  has been thrown into crisis mode very quickly.  Addictions, severe medical issues with loved ones, job stress, money stress, political issues are all bubbling to the surface in record numbers, all around and affecting the lives of people who were not affected before.  When I talk to other healers, they say the same thing is happening around  them as well.  When I talk to my clients who are not themselves in crisis mode I find that their family or friends ARE, and they are finding themselves being leaned on quite heavily for support.

 Take Care of YOU

Self-careAs a healer I see it as my job to be the support system for my clients, friends and family during these times of difficulty, but only if they ask for my help.  I’m very careful to not invade anyone’s boundaries.  Some people may see this as cold or uncaring.  I’m showing respect for their wants and desires.  I offer my help and it is up to them to make the next move.  Plus, I can’t help people who don’t want it or aren’t yet ready for it.  This is one way that I also protect myself by only helping those who want it and are truly ready for it.  I conserve my energy and help for those who ask.  But, that’s another blog.  In order to be there for people in crisis, most healers know, we must take care of ourselves first.  I’ve written about this before, from the mom perspective, putting your oxygen mask on first and what not.  But, I’m a double duty; mom, and healer.  I’m taking care of a whole lot of people.  Many caregivers get burned out because they don’t take care of themselves first.  I’ve gotten burned out many times, I’m speaking from life experience here, over and over again.  No matter how many times I say it, many of you will not hear it.  But, hopefully, many will.  TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!! TAKE CARE OF YOU NOW!!

Self Care Yoga


Choose any of these that appeal to you and that you will actually DO.  DOING these on a regular basis is the difference between people who are happy even in difficult times and those who are struggling.  Pick two minimum NEW activities that you will commit to doing, and JUST DO IT!

  • Do Reiki on yourself every day with intention.  Do not wait until a crisis happens, be prepared ahead of time by doing Reiki on yourself and your loved ones, you’ll be stronger and more prepared when the crisis hits.  Work with intention on what you want healed within yourself for instance “It is my intention, Divine Source, that the Reiki will help to heal my thoughts and beliefs about me not deserving self-care first.”
  • Meditate daily– Yes, there is time.  Turn off the T.V. and get away from the computer and make half an hour to meditate.  Meditation is the single most important technique you can learn and do, to enhance your spiritual growth.  Seriously, and it’s practically free.  Don’t worry about doing it right at first, just do it.  Make it a habit and when you feel you are ready for learning more you will.
  • Look in the mirror – It is important to not just talk the talk but to also walk the walk.  By looking in the mirror you are facing up to the parts of YOU that you want to change, they may be ugly, scary or humbling, but when you deal with them they are not so bad.  The more you do this the easier it gets over time.  Reiki can help with this too.
  • Daily self-care energetically speaking – Keep your boundaries STRONG, multiple times a day!  Do a five-minute quick boundary protection ritual. Five minute boundary ritual can be found in “Don’t Get Dumped On” blog.
  • Gratitude– Being grateful for what you do have, even during a crisis, is critical to your mind-set and in your spirit guides and Divine Source being there to help you through situations.  Divine Source and our spirit guides respond to gratitude and positive emotions.  The more you put into your prayers of gratitude the more they will hear you and help you in other areas of your life.  There is always something to be grateful for.  “Thank you God that I’m still breathing!” or “Thank you God that it’s only a broken arm.”  There is always someone, somewhere worse off than you. Seriously, prayers of gratitude have gotten me through some very dark hours.  JUST DO IT!!
  • Join support groups– Be a regular part of a Reiki support group, a healing group, Al-anon, a knitting group, a game playing group, or any kind of group that gives you a close-knit support system for when things go south.  We all need supportive non-judgmental friends to help us through these difficult times.
  • Get professional help– have a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, Naturopathic doctor, Reiki practitioner, hypnotherapist or some other professional who can be there for you to support you and to LISTEN when you need it.  These support people can be invaluable during times of crisis.  I work with a therapist regularly for self-care even when things are going great.  When you are taking care of a lot of other people, you need and deserve someone to listen to you.
  • Spend time in nature– walk, hike, beach, forest or desert, hug a tree, or at bare minimum spend fifteen minutes barefoot on the earth, any earth.  Stand in a potted plant if that’s all you have.  We all know nature heals but many of us don’t spend enough time in it, relating to it, feeling it and taking it into ourselves energetically on all levels.BeachWalk
  • Physical Exercise– Keep your body strong and your mind will be strong as well.  Physical exercise not only keeps your physical body strong but it helps to release stress and negative emotions, mind sets and toxins.  It’s called a WIN/WIN!

I’m sure there are plenty more but these are the techniques that I have personally found invaluable.  I pray you take this to heart and truly start putting yourself first, healing yourself with Reiki and meditation and stay strong so you are able to support others when they ask for it.

Love and Light to you all,


Self Care 10 Steps

Contact Josslyn at or 360-460-7829

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Reiki Quick Tip – Reiki…Better Than Three Cups Of Coffee!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Coffee3RowMy husband, Robert,  is one of those guys that can fall asleep the second his head hits the pillow.  I’m the opposite.  So, I do my Reiki at night while I’m attempting to fall asleep.  This has been a lifelong issue for me, not falling asleep.  I remember as a child laying awake in bed for hours on end waiting to get sleepy, not knowing that this was not normal.  Now, the Reiki helps me to fall asleep within thirty minutes or less just about every night, its such a blessing.  For my husband, this obviously doesn’t work, he’s asleep right away, seriously, that fast.  This always amazed me when we first met.  I didn’t know people did that.  Anyway, in attempting to find a time of day for him to do his daily Reiki, bedtime was not going to work.  So, he has gotten in the habit of doing his Reiki first thing in the morning, before he even steps out of bed.  For me, doing Reiki at night, it helps me relax and fall asleep quickly.  For him, doing Reiki first thing in the morning, it wakes him up.  He says he feels like he’s had three cups of coffee.  (and, that was when he was OFF the coffee!)  The Reiki will do whatever you need it to do at that time, its brilliant like that.  Your intention helps it be ever stronger.

Reiki as a Habit

Photo and another great blog about doing Reiki as a daily habit at
Photo and another great blog about doing Reiki as a daily habit .

I am a very go-with-the-flow person.  But, when it comes to the first few months of practicing with your new Reiki energy, I tell my Reiki I students that in order to really make Reiki a part of your daily lives and get the most out of it,  it is critical to make it a habit every single day.  Right away.  Make it a priority in your life for that first month, and do it daily.  Find a time that works for YOU and do it at the same time every day, just like any habit you are working on.  Reiki is no different in this way.  Once you have made it a healthy habit then you truly will feel the effects that Reiki can have on your life quickly and you’ll keep it up, even crave it.

Mini Miracles

When you are working with your Reiki regularly in your life, mini miracles start happening right off that bat, I hear about these all the time in my Reiki students when they start working with the Reiki energy.  It really is amazing how the smallest detail is not too much for spirit to help with once we are working with Reiki daily, once we are ‘in the flow.”  From helping people’s stressful jobs going smoother the very week they start practicing their Reiki, to finding a little statue of their spirit guide quite by “accident” in a store they’ve never wanted to go into before, but were suddenly drawn to.  When you work with the Reiki, Reiki works within you.

Quick Tip for Starting Reiki Practice on Yourself, Creating Mini Miracles and Having a Happier “Go-With-the-Flow” life!

  1. Make DOING Reiki a priority for YOU!  IT’S ALL FOR YOU! When you are happier those around you are happier.  Simply tell yourself and your Divine Source that Reiki in your life IS a priority and you will DO it every day this next month.
  2. Do Reiki every day at the same time!
  3. Think about an intention to add to the strength of the Reiki healing.  Such as “Reiki, please help me heal any issues I have about healing myself,” or “Reiki, please help me fall asleep quickly and easily.”
  4. Then JUST DO IT!  You will be surprised at how easy it is to make this positive habit stick with you if you make it a priority for this first month to start.  It feels so good and relaxing you may even get addicted to the feeling.
  5. Watch for synchronicity happening in your life, these are mini miracles just waiting for you to get in line with the universe.  Once you are in alignment, the ‘coincidences’ happen ALL THE TIME!!
  6. Email me or comment here and let me know how it’s going.

Reiki is with you forever once you’ve been attuned.  But, it’s like anything else, if you don’t use it, you don’t get the benefits of it.  Divine waits patiently for us to DO for ourselves.  When we DO, we are rewarded in more ways than I bet you can come up with yourself.  Please feel free to comment here with the mini miracles YOU have seen in your life since you’ve started working with your Reiki.

Love and Light to you all,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki or 360-460-7829

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Give a Reiki Hug!

People who hug more are happier!

I feel that hugs are forgotten all too often in our busy modern world and taken advantage of.  For sure by me, so, of course it must be true for many others.  Right?

It’s a very good thing my husband is such a good hugger and hand-holder, he literally keeps the good vibes flowing around here and reminds me to do so too! I more easily than him, get caught up in the “to do’s” of the modern world.  He quite often stops me, gives me a hug to help me breath deeper, calmer and to reconnect,  then we go on about our day again.  It helps so much.

So, here is a quick and easy reminder as to WHY hugs are so important and HOW to improve the hugs you give to your loved ones.

Free hugs and quote taken from article on


It’s like an emotional Heimlich (maneuver).  Someone puts their arms around you and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety come shooting out of your mouth in a big wet wad and you can breathe again.” Chuck Charles, Pushing Daisies

WHY Hugs are so Important:

Lets change the image of a tree hugger, ANYONE and EVERYONE can benefit from hugging trees.
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1961

Do you know that hugs?……….

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost our moods in positive ways with mood boosting bonding chemicals in our body, oxytocin and serotonin
  • Help couples be happier in their relationships with just a simple four hugs a day (at least six seconds each)
  • Babies who are hugged show more physical and brain power development
  • Hugging trees multiplies our natural cancer-killer cells, improves mood, promotes well-being, reduces anger and provides a natural healing effect.  (OMG, did you read that and actually TAKE IT IN?  Hugging trees FIGHTS CANCER!)
(Read the full article here at
Children who GET hugs, GIVE hugs!              Josslyn Streett said that!


Children who get a sustained form of touching, such as one hug every day are smarter.” Jay Gordon, M.D., co-author of “Brighter Baby”


I will not play at tug o’ war
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs….”
~Shel Silverstein

HOW to improve the hugs you give to your loved ones

Step 1. Find someone to hug!


It is so easy to improve the Love that comes from your hugs. Put some INTENTION into your hugs!  Here are a couple of tips on how to give a Reiki hug.

  1. Find someone to hug (Ok, now what?)
  2. Ask them for a hug and GIVE the hug
  3. Sustain the hug slightly longer than usual
  4. While hugging, hold the intention that the Reiki Blessings flow out your hand chakras AND your heart chakra and into the person you are hugging. (As a beginner to Reiki hugging it may be best to start with one person at a time, then move up to more later, it’s your call.  It is always ok to send Reiki Blessings.)
  5. It may help to visualize a loving color, such as pink or green for the heart chakra.
  6.  Or visualize a shape or an item, like a heart shape, a red box of chocolates or a fuzzy kitten to help lighten your energy, mood and feelings towards the person you are hugging.  (This helps if this is a person who maybe you’ve had an argument with or difficulties of some sort.  Yes, hug our enemies too, especially our enemies.)
  7. or Chant a phrase that helps such as, “Loving blessings, love is flowing out my hands, love, love.”  

    Being social creatures is in our DNA, we NEED each other.
  8. Continue running the Blessing Reiki energy as long as the hug continues.
  9. Practice giving Reiki hugs as often as you can and see if you and your relationships become more loving.  See if your friends and family want to be around you more often.  See if your kids do not hug you more easily and for longer.  It has worked with my kids, it can work with yours too.
Hug your pets!

Now you may want some ideas as to WHO to give Reiki hugs to.  I say everyone!! But here are some ideas and WHY.

  • Obviously your family would be the best place to start, significant other, children, grandparents.  Children don’t want lectures, they want hugs.  I have found this out the hard way.  (How wonderful for your children to SEE you and your spouse hugging regularly.  What a wonderful mirror of a loving relationship for your family!)
  • Pets, our pet friends soak up much of our emotions in them trying to help us be happier and more balanced people on earth.  Lets take some of that burden off of them with a Reiki hug.
  • Friends
  • Anyone who is in pain, emotional, physical or other. This can lift their spirits and help them cope with the pain better, especially with Reiki blessings.  (Please do not use other symbols unless you have their permission first)
  • Trees and plants  – Lets be Tree Huggers!! They fight cancer for you AND it just FEELS good to hug a tree.  (How do I know? I DO IT REGULARLY!! I am an admitted Tree Hugger!)
  • Other Reiki friends, lets spread the Love and Light through Reiki hugs.  What better way to practice and perfect your Reiki hug than to practice on other Reiki community members.  Come to circle and lets practice our Reiki hugs!!
Hug the elderly, you will both be rewarded.
Photo credit: Milk Photo
  • The elderly, we sometimes forget how much touch heals, one can heal down to the soul with a good hug.  What a beautiful gift to give and receive.
  • Our enemies, or more like people you’ve had differences with.  They probably need a Reiki hug really badly.  (See if you can’t turn an enemy into a friend again with a Reiki hug, both must choose to hug, of course.)
  • Rocks and crystals – I know, I’m a little loopy when it comes to my healing stones, but I really do love them.  I regularly sit and hold my rocks and crystals to let them know how much I appreciate their healing gifts that they lend to me.  Then I give them a Reiki hug, a cleansing and an energizing too.  I have very happy rocks!
  • Anyone else you can think of to hug?  Please comment here on WHO YOU ARE GOING TO PRACTICE YOUR REIKI HUG ON!!  Watch out, it’s contagious!

Arm ourselves for war?  No!  All the arms we need are for hugging.” ~Author Unknown

A special Thank You to my Reiki and Stones and Crystals teacher, Jade Elizabeth for sharing this idea with me many years ago.  She gives GREAT Reiki hugs!!

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Reiki Every Day – Part 2 Work

In the last post, Reiki Every Day Part 1, I focused on how to play with the Reiki energy in order to help make your home life more spiritual and inviting to yourself as well as to others.

But, if we are really going to make Reiki a part of our every day lives, it is equally important to know how to incorporate Reiki energy into our work lives as well.  One of the biggest questions I get from new Reiki students is “How can I use this to be more successful at work?”  Divine wants us to be successful in all ways, spiritually, financially, health wise and in our relationships.

This movie is available in my lending library.

If you have read or watched “The Secret” then you know a little about manifesting this in your life.  As much as I LOVED “The Secret” when it came out, I was always wondering afterward, “But, HOW do I actually DO that?”  With Reiki I figured out the HOW and have been able to DO it in my life, every day!  I pray these tips in this blog write-up will help many of you too.  But to really master it, I would first recommend taking a Reiki I class and then practice, practice and more practice.

As before, with each idea I’ll give the how with intention (Reiki I) and then I’ll give the corresponding symbol I would use.  Feel free to play around with using other Reiki symbols as well.   Have fun yourself and play with YOUR ideas.  Don’t try to do ALL the idea, pick the most important 1 or 2 ideas and work with those to get the best results and stick with it.  If you don’t do them, they won’t work.

LOVE learning with Reiki

Reiki Every Day at Work

  1. Learning new material.  Reiki is a great resource when you have to study any new material especially if you are having a difficult time taking in the material.  Maybe there is a block to the material itself or the author.  Either way, start by cleansing the learning materials with the intention of clearing away all blockages and lower energy that does not vibrate well with you (SHK). Then the intention of energizing them with (CKR).  Then put your hands to your head and intuitively run Reiki on the parts of your brain that you feel need it the most with the intention of helping you learn this new material.  Practicing and using your intuition, run Reiki on your heart chakra and any other chakras you feel need the help for this learning material.  Use the distance symbol if you want to get really fancy and tap into other lives where you already knew this info.
  2. Office Unity.  If you feel there is an issue at work with the other people in the office, too much gossip, backbiting, competitiveness, etc.  Start by cleansing and energizing the entire office.  You can do this from your office, workspace or from your home before or after work.  Imagine the workspace filling with Reiki with these intentions or symbols, (SHK) for cleansing and (CKR) for energizing and blessing the space.  Then you may send Reiki blessings to each co-worker (CKR) as often as you like.  You do not need permission to send them blessings.  Try this every day for a week and see if it helps the mood in the office.
  3. Office Equipment– Just like your computer and printer at home, you want to “Reiki” your office equipment at work as well to get the optimal results from it.  Use the intention first of cleansing it (SHK) and then energizing it (CKR).  The cleansing it is due to so many people having used it in the past but also for the electromagnetic field it puts out and pollutes the area with around you.  If you work on a computer every day, do this every day in the morning.
  4. Sales forms & potential clients.  If you work in sales, like my husband, Reiki your leads, sales paperwork, papers with client information in them and any paperwork with any kind of financial information on it.  First cleanse, then energize and bless and finally fun Reiki with the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL INVOLVED.  That way you will receive the orders you are supposed to receive and not the others.  Some clients you just don’t want.  They end up being more work than they are worth.  Let the Universe weed those out for you.
  5. Goals.  Work goals or home goals, either way we want to succeed at them.  Write them on a computer file, piece of paper or 3 x 5 card.  Keep them close where you can “Reiki” them or see them every day.  Cleanse (SHK) and energize (CKR) them with Reiki every day and hold them in your hand sending Reiki to them with the intention, again, of the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL INVOLVED.  If on paper, write the actual symbols on the paper as well.  If the goal is not for the highest good then it will not happen and you may need to rewrite it.  Some big goals you’ll need to give the Universe more time.  Be patient.  It took 3 years to deliver the perfect new career to my husband after we had moved her.  But we were patient and it came at the perfect time.
  6. Writing.  If you need to write for your job here is a process I personally use every time I write for work or even for important emails.  Do your Gassho if you are in private.  Otherwise, close your eyes and connect to Divine Source.  Ask Divine Source to send you the Highest Spiritual Order of Reiki guides to help you write.  Thank them for coming.  Then start writing.  They will help with any blocks you may have to the topic, person you are writing to or the act of writing itself.
  7. Helping yourself be more successful each day.  Before you go into work yourself or in the middle of the day when you may be feeling tired, run Reiki energy on your chakras.  If you have symbols then use the (CKR) or the intention to energize yourself and keep yourself going.  My husband does this in the mornings before he gets out of bed and says it works better than a cup of coffee.  (We do not drink coffee)  It will help keep you going, help your mind work more effectively and heal issues you have with your job.
  8. Put Reiki in your product.  If you have any type of job where you make a product; food, candles, essential oils, furniture, homes, books, art, jewelry, websites, etc.  ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is better with Reiki.  Your product will ooze Reiki which is Pure Love from Divine.  It will sell better, taste better and be more fulfilling to you in the process.  WHAT COULD YOU MAKE BETTER WITH REIKI?
  9. Program your day.  If you have a busy day ahead this works great to make sure you stay on task, stay on time and do all things with Love and Light.  Sit quietly for a moment at home or in your car before you go into work.  Visualize your day in your mind while placing your hands on your body and head with the Reiki running. Imagine your day going smoothly.  Imagine everyone around you and yourself calm with smiles on your faces.  Visualize yourself being on time for all appointments.  Use (HSZSN) to help do this future manifestation work.  Use (SHK) to cleanse the day of any negative emotions or mental patters that are not helping you.  Work with (CKR) to help bless the day, the work space and everyone involved and to energize you as well.

Here are some examples of specific careers and how they could play with Reiki to make their days more successful.

Teacher– Cleanse and energize the classroom.  Bless each student silently and to yourself, with Reiki as they enter the class.

Builder– Place Reiki in the walls, ceilings and entire structure as you build.

Put love in your food with Reiki!

Caterer– Place Reiki in all food and drink as it’s made.  This can be done with your eyes or fingers or hands as you prepare the food.

Receptionist– Think Reiki blessings with each phone call answered, clear the energy in the office, bless all messages that come through you.

Real Estate Agent– Cleanse each and every property you are showing, home or business.  You will sell or rent more, believe me.  Plus, after the people move into the house, they will be happier or more successful for businesses and you will get even more business from referrals.

Are you getting the idea?  If you have specific questions for me about how to play with Reiki in your specific job, please comment or email me and I’ll be happy to help.  

If you can come up with great ways to improve YOUR OWN job and be more successful please let us know by commenting on this blog.  I would LOVE to hear your ideas.

In Love and Light, Joss

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Reiki Every Day -Part 1 Home

Reiki is an amazing healing modality.  I literally feel like I have magic in my hands.
But, when I teach a class, I teach not only how to heal yourself and others with Reiki, but how to incorporate Reiki into every aspect of your life.  Reiki is not just for healing or for healers.  Reiki can be translated as “spiritually guided life force energy.”   It says nothing about being only for healing.  Reiki responds to the intention that the user puts forth for it in their mind.  Reiki can do no harm so no one can use Reiki with ill intentions. Because Reiki is Divinely guided, the energy simply would never respond to such an intention.  So, this allows  for Reiki users to be creative and think of new and original ways to use Reiki in their every day life to make their life more fulfilled, more spiritual and more fun!  FUN, FUN, FUN!  Divine wants us to have more FUN!

There are so many ways to work with the Reiki energy within your daily life.  Please read the ideas I give and send me comments of your own ways of working with Reiki energy.  Since there are so many ways, I’ll be making this post a three parter to get them all in.  I’ll list them for the ideas and give the intention or the “how” for those of you who already have Reiki in your hands and want to try them.  If you have Reiki II and above, you may add the Reiki symbols to the intention depending upon the desired outcome.  You will recognize the CKR as the power symbol, SHK as the mental/emotional symbol and HSZSN as the long distance symbol.


Work with the Reiki energy in your home to raise the vibration and make it more peaceful, protected and inviting.

Use Reiki on EVERYTHING:

  1. The walls, ceilings, floors, air, windows and doors, inside cabinets and closets.  First use the SHK or the intention to clean or cleanse your homes energy, rooms etc.  Then use the symbol CKR to seal and protect the space.  I also visualize a huge dome of Love and Light surrounding my home and neighborhood every night before bed to make us invisible vibrationally to lower energies, people who have lower intentions on their mind.
  2. New items coming into the home.  I Reiki everything that comes into my home with a quick cleansing intention (SHK) before incorporating it into the rooms.  Then I do a (CKR) or an intention for blessings and to energize the item.
  3. House hold appliances, plumbing, air conditioner, heater, etc.  Our house is a part of us.  It reacts to our emotions too, like our body.  Sometimes when you are very emotional or going through hard times, your home will react.  Such as, your plumbing may go haywire and water is everywhere.  Water is a symbol of big emotions out of control.  Using Reiki on these areas of your home will heal you and your house together.
  4. Electronics- T.V.’s, computers, printers, stereos, I-pods, cell phones, car engines, etc.  (helps them work better, longer and with less electro magnetic pollution to you.
  5. Batteries – Do you know you can Reiki batteries to get longer life?  I have done this on multiple occasions.  Once my camera batteries ran out right when my son was about to receive his end of the season soccer trophy.  I ran Reiki with the power symbol on the battery for 5 minutes and was able to take photos of the whole team receiving their trophies!  Try it, it’s a great way to amaze non believers and kids love it.
  6. Food, drink, vitamins, prescription medication– Brings out all the good, gets rid of the bad- makes them healthier, less toxic and less side effects.  Cleanse with the intention of clearing away anything that is unhealthy (symbol SHK) and then use the intention of energizing the nutrition with the best possible nutrient value possible with (CKR).
  7. Find missing things– I always use this one when I lose something around the house.  I do my Gassho to conect to the Reiki.  I use the intention of finding the lost object (HSZSN) and then leave it up to Divine.  If you are meant to have that object again, you will.
  8. People– I work with the Reiki on my kids when they are fighting to calm the energy down around them and take away the charge.  They often stop fighting and are soon laughing.  It’s pretty amazing.  Use Reiki on a photo of you and your partner to improve your relationship. (with their permission of course!)   You may use Reiki and the CKR on anyone as a blessing with no intention.  This you can do anytime you want to heal a situation that has worsened or exploded.  Or you can send Reiki to the relationship itself, not the actual person, a little each day and watch things smooth out.  People who you never thought would apologize, will.
  9. Pets and plants– All living things LOVE Reiki.  Reiki your house plants, your pets, if you don’t like spiders then Reiki your home with the intention that spiders will like other places better and go there instead.
  10. Identity theft– This is a big one lately in our new electronic environment.  Work with Reiki with the intention of first cleansing (SHK) and then protecting (CKR) your bank statements or the screen on your computer as a symbol of your accounts, Reiki your investments, college funds, stocks and bonds, all insurance, drivers license, passport or birth certificate as a symbol of your overall identity and anything else you have that represents YOU and your families electronic selves.  Do this regularly, whenever you feel the need.  At least once a month would be recommended.
  11. Websites, blogs, Facebook pages,emails, etc.-  These too need to be cleansed and protected from fraud happening.  I also hold the intention that all who read the words I write or put out to the Universe are blessed by the process.  I Reiki each and every page, word, down to the letter of my website and emails that I send with the intention that they are filled and surrounded with Reiki with the greatest good for all who read them.  (use all three Reiki II symbols)
  12. Spiritual Items & tools– Spiritual items; pictures, statues, art, crystals, shells, candles, pendulums, oracle cards, healing wands, etc. All spiritual items of the Light carry a higher vibration and lift the energy of your home.  Keep them of the highest vibration possible by blessing them (CKR), cleansing them (SHK), surrounding them with protection and energizing them with (CKR) as often as you think about it.  I also like to use incense and other forms to clean them as well.  But, that’s a whole other blog.
  13. Boogie men and bad dreams-  Many children have bad dreams, night terrors or see monsters in their closet.  Ban the boogie man by allowing your child to help you banish them with beautiful all loving Reiki energy.  Let them know that as long as the Reiki energy is filling their closet and their bed room, no monsters can come even close to them or their room.  For bad dreams you can also help the child fall asleep while you run Reiki and place your hands on the part of the child that feels physically affected by the fear, head, heart, abdomen, etc.  Ask them where it’s bothering them.  Do your Gassho, ask for Guides of the HIGHEST SPIRITUAL ORDER DIRECTLY FROM GOD, and use the intent to clear and protect the room, closet, or dream.  Allowing your child to help empowers them to know they can do this too and have the spiritual power they need to vanquish their fears.
  14. Cooking– And last but not least, use Reiki in your cooking and preparing of food.  Reiki is Divine Love, what better way to make your food more nutritious, more delectable, and filled with love than with Reiki.  Fill your kitchen, ingredients and hands with Reiki before beginning.  Use all the symbols with all intentions during the cooking process and just allow the Reiki to flow freely while you cook.  You can even use the distance symbol to send blessings to the dining room later when you’ll be eating for the best possible atmosphere while dining.

The possibilities of how you can improve your personal life at home are endless when you work with Reiki.  Can you think of any I forgot?

Next time I’ll touch on Reiki for work and manifesting.  Get on my email list on the right side of the website if you’d like to receive updated information about my new posts.


Love and Light to you all