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Reiki in the Walls – New or Add On Construction

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Thank you so much for your Reiki questions via comments and emails.  A recent email question gave me the idea for this blog.  A new Reiki Master was building a new home and wanted to know if they could put Reiki into the walls before the drywall went up and if so HOW?  The HOW is my thing. I love writing about the HOW because it helps to open up people’s boxes about what to use your Reiki for and how easy it is.


Put Reiki into all aspects of construction when adding on a room to your home, especially if the room will be used for spiritual work or sleep.
Put Reiki into all aspects of construction when adding on a room to your home, especially if the room will be used for spiritual work or sleep.

The answer is YES!  Definitely put Reiki in all aspects of the construction process of your home, add-on, office, what ever you are building where you will live, work or spend time.  Whether it’s one room you are adding on or a whole house.  Put as much Reiki in the construction of your home as possible from the cement, wood, walls, insulation, electrical, appliances, plumbing, etc.  Building a new home, what a fabulous opportunity to fill and surround your home with Love and Light.

Yes, I Have Done This For My Home

I did this when we added on the Reiki room to our house a few years ago.  It was only one room so it was pretty easy.  But, each day after the workmen would leave, I’d go out there with my ‘Reiki hands’ and do this process to the whole space and construction materials.  I do believe everyone who comes into the room to this day can FEEL the effects of the Reiki in the room.  I get comments on the energy in that room ALL THE TIME.  And, I can feel it myself every time I work in there.

Intention is EVERYTHING!!

Put Reiki into bricks and mortar walls too.
Put Reiki into bricks and mortar walls too.

Intention before and during the process is MOST IMPORTANT!!  Hold a positive loving intention for your space.  Be centered and grounded so you are not bringing stress in from other events in your life.  This will bring stress into the space and invite in not so loving energies.  This would be the opposite of what you want.  Be in a very loving place in your heart before you start the process.  Breath and be calm and with Divine.  ( I talk more about intention below, but, safe and sacred, calm and loving, grounded and centered, loving family space, are all positive intentions you can start with.)

HOW to Reiki Construction On Your Home Under Construction
Put Reiki into the walls and windows.  Seal Doors and windows with the Power Symbol with the intention of protecting the home and occupants.
Put Reiki into the walls and windows. Seal Doors and windows with the Power Symbol with the intention of protecting the home and occupants.

Remember, with Reiki, there is no wrong way.  This is one way I have come up with that works for me.  If it does not feel right then tweak it or change it to feel right for you and your situation.  This process is intended for people with Reiki symbols but I have put added ways to do this if you do not have symbols.  Having Reiki symbols with this particular process will make it faster and easier and you can typically run more energy with a Reiki II attunement, but it is not required.  Anyone can do this with a Reiki I and some time and intention.

  1. Stand in the space quietly, connecting with the space that is your home or going to be your home.  Honor your home and ask it for its permission to bring Love and Light into it with Reiki.  This is showing respect for your home, the space, the land and the spirit guides who watch over your space.
  2. If you were taught the Gassho, prayer position, put your hands in prayer position and ground yourself to Divine Source and to Mother Earth both.  Make sure you are nicely grounded and feel very focused and centered in your heart.  Very  present in the NOW.
  3. While in Gassho, ask Divine to send down the Reiki with the intention of filling the structure with Love and Light, Power, Protection and Support.  Safe and Sacred Space is another one.
  4. Move your prayer position up to your third eye and ask Divine to send down the Highest Spiritual Form of Reiki Guides and Angels to help you and guide you through this process.  Thank them before and after the session.
  5. Prayer position back to your heart  – chant the symbols starting with your Master symbol/s until you feel the Reiki flowing.  If you do not have symbols yet, this process will still work, just get your Reiki running with the positive intention and let it flow.
  6. If you have a Reiki II training or above, then draw CKR, the power symbol, in front of each of your chakras starting with the root and ending with the crown and motion it into your chakras.  Draw once, say or chant name three times and motion in to the chakra.  After the crown put a very large CKR towards your whole body.  This is energizing your whole system and helps you to run more Reiki and stronger and faster for this process.  I do this before attunements and setting space and any time I feel tired.  REIKI I LEVEL – If you have a Reiki level I then run energy on all your chakras for at least thirty seconds each, with the intention of energizing your chakras for running lots of Reiki through you.
  7. REIKI II LEVELDraw in the air one at a time each symbol, starting with the highest symbol you have DKM (Master Symbol) or HSZSN (Long Distance Symbol) and going down to the SHK (Mental/Emotional Symbol) for cleansing and calm and sacred, then to  CKR (Power Symbol for sealing and protecting.  Draw each one in the air one time, chant the name three times and visualize it floating in the air.  Then do the next and the next symbol until all symbols are floating in the air.  INTEND for them to float through the air for a couple of days at least supporting you in this process.  You can even ask them to follow you from room to room as you move through the house.  REIKI I LEVELImagine flowing the Reiki out of your palms and into the room you’ll be working in, filling the room with Reiki for help and guidance throughout the process.  Intend; blissful space, sacred space, calm and clean space, safe and protected space.
  8. Start in the room that is most important to you spiritually.  Imagine your Reiki flowing out of your hands like paint from a paint gun, thick and full and filling all spaces easily.  Imagine beautiful calm and sacred colors flowing out of your hand chakras towards the walls, ceilings, floors and all the space you are in.  I usually start with one wall, then move to another until all four are done.  Then I do the ceiling, floor and the inner space.  Do windows and doors, imagining the Reiki surrounding them with protection.  All Love and Light may come in but lower energies cannot.
  9. If you are attuned to Reiki III,  start with Usui DKM (Master Symbol) for blessing the space or CKR (Power Symbol) if Reiki II also for blessing the space, then SHK (Mental/Emotional Symbol) for cleansing and emotional healing, then CKR (Power Symbol) again for sealing with power, protection and support.  That is how I do it.  (Then I run all my Reiki symbols through the walls and space the same way.  It is up to you how much time you have and how many symbols you put it.  The more the merrier I say but depending upon how much time alone you have in the space, do what feels right.  Getting the three in the walls first is important.  This paint process is fast and beautiful and feels so nice.  You can do a room with a lot of intention in about 15 to 20 minutes each.  Faster if you are in a hurry.  Take more time in the rooms where you will sleep and meditate.
  10. Permanent Symbols – Some of you may want to put drawings or pictures of the Reiki symbols in the walls.  I feel this is fine.  I actually sat in meditation and talked to my guides about this and they thought it was a great idea.  You can spray paint them in the walls before the insulation goes up, pin-up pictures of the symbols on the walls beforehand and any other spiritual symbols that you feel adds Love and Light to the space permanently: Om, Reiki Guides, Usui Sensei, hearts, spiral, sun, etc.  Whatever relates to you and adds positive energy is great.  You may cover them with paper or some kind of covering if you are concerned about other people seeing. That is a personal preference.  Most people who will be in the house working on it won’t know what the symbols are and they won’t really even register with them if they see them.  But, do what feels right to you.  The symbols are sacred to us who work with Reiki, but they are no longer a secret.  They can be seen many places but rarely do people recognize them unless they have knowledge of Reiki and/or the symbols are part of their subconscious mind.  It’s all good.  Go with your intuition on this one.  I trust you and Reiki trusts you.
  11. Hold the intention that this Reiki is permanent Love and Light that is now vibrating through your home, land and space forever!
  12. Thank your, home, your guides and your Reiki.
Reiki a garden wall as it is being constructed for a peaceful and spiritual garden space.
Reiki a garden wall as it is being constructed for a peaceful and spiritual garden space.

QUICK TIP – Don’t try to do the whole house in one day unless you are truly in a time crunch.  Put more time into the spiritual rooms if you have to do this.  Otherwise, do the three symbols in all the rooms and go back to the most important rooms if you end up having more time.

Anything you do is better than nothing so no worries.
You can also do it after the drywall if you run out of time.  Just imagine the Reiki flowing through the walls and filling every space inside, like filling the cells of your body, but filling wall, boards, electrical, plumbing and insulation instead.
I don’t know what you have been taught by your teacher so hopefully some of this you already know.  I figure more is better and you can adjust it from here.
I would love to hear from you if you try this on your new or add-on construction, please comment here as to how it felt for you and how the process worked.
Love and Light to you,
Josslyn or 360-460-7829

3 thoughts on “Reiki in the Walls – New or Add On Construction

  1. Hi didn’t know bout the intention and the ritual before putting the photos of the symbols. I just put them on my bedroom walls with out praying and intention. Can I do a prayer to invite the positive Reiki energy now that I have red your blog.

    1. Hi Rupi, thank you for reading, YES YES YES!! Add a prayer or intention to your Reiki at anytime. Reiki responds to our gratitude as well. It’s directed by our thoughts and emotions and when we are passionate about our intention, and asking Reiki for help, it helps even more because YOU are ready. It’s all about what we are ready to know, heal, intend and put out to the world. Intention is, I believe, one of the most important parts about practicing Reiki. Intention helps the Reiki go deeper, more specific, and more powerful. Reiki is growing and changing before we do, so allow it to grow and change and allow yourself to grow and change with it. I teach that your whole body, your whole lifetime, this life you are living is one big healing opportunity so call on your Reiki for EVERYTHING!! I have a blog called USE REIKI FOR EVERYTHING; if you can find it, read that one. That may help. When you are ready, the information will appear. So, you are ready for this next intentional step. Have fun with this new way of looking at your healing and let me know how it goes. Also, maybe if you are interested in more, check out the HOME page of my blog and look for WHAT IS REIKI. In this area I explain that Reiki is the energy from Creator, NOT the technique. When we think of it as the energy and not the ‘hands on healing’ technique then we can do anything with it. We can heal one moment, one part of the body, one emotion, one situation, one relationship, etc. When we get intention that focused, great healing happens. (IF we are ready for it.) Thank you for your question, let me know if you have any more. Love and Light, Josslyn

    2. and……the ‘prayer’ before we call, the Gassho. I do believe I have written a blog about that as well. I teach a class just on the Gassho and it’s very powerful. Intention plus Reiki is powerful!! Josslyn

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