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Grounding, Your Way

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Grounding yourself with tree roots into the earth.
Grounding yourself with tree roots into the earth.

I recently had a question from a student about grounding.  The normal tree roots and cords from her root chakra connected to the center core of the earth, didn’t work for her and I have to confess, it never worked for me either.

Grounding Challenged

Grounding has been a consistent challenge for me for many years and I have found a similar theme with many of my students and clients.  I found I was trying to ground in the way other people said to, not in a way that worked for me.  Grounding to Mother Earth doesn’t feel safe and stable to many people, it feels the exact opposite; unsafe, stressful and chaotic.  Many of us have had traumatic and/or abusive past or present lives, making life on Earth seem unsafe.

Star People

Also, some of us are originally from other planets, and are not used to the heavier energy here on Earth.  People who originally incarnated on other planetary systems before earth are sometimes called ‘Star People.’  Earth does not always feel like home to these souls, making it more of a challenge to be here.  It often feels stressful and dangerous to be on this planet even though we don’t have conscious memories of our home planets.  We do however, have subconscious memories that bleed through from time to time.  However, Star People are here in masses, to help the evolution of Mother Earth and to help us on this planet to move forward spiritually in a big way, quickly.

So how does one ground when they have these feelings about grounding?  Easy, anyway you want.  Any way that feels good and makes sense to YOU!

GroundingTreeAroundMotherEarthWhat is Grounding?

I feel it helps a bit to understand why we ground in the first place.  We ground to feel in the moment, centered and focused.  We ground as a way of being focused on something outside of ourselves, a distraction lets say from the turmoil and emotions going on within.  By being focused on an outside aspect of the world, whether it be in our minds visual or a visual in front of our eyes physically, it gets us to a more centered and stable place where we do not judge or allow our emotions to run away with us, a safe and stable place, so to speak.

Spiritually, many believe in grounding to the core of Mother Earth to bring up the earth energy into our bodies to help us feel more grounded, to heal and for other spiritual help.  I too believe in the beauty and power of Mother Earth and believe it is important to work with her energy in this way.  However, it was not possible for me at first and it is fine if it is not possible for you too.  There are other ways in the beginning until you feel safe enough.  When you are ready, then it’s the perfect time to invite the Divine Earth energy to merge with your energy and feel safe and confident about it.

Reiki Guides You to Your Grounding

You can google ‘grounding’ or ‘grounding to Mother Earth’ and read a bunch of meditations and suggestions on how to ground.  That is probably how you found this post.  I suggest after you read my ideas and try them, you then do some more research until you find one that works best for you.  Try the ones that feel right and you will be successful.  It takes time and determination but it is so worth it once you find a way that works for you.  At the same time as doing this research and practice don’t forget that your Reiki is a great guide to helping you ground.  Run Reiki before you meditate or visualize any grounding. Your Reiki guides will be there with you, helping, guiding and giving suggestions that will work best for you.  Listen and trust what they tell you and you will easily find a way that is all yours.

Reiki Heals Your Grounding Issues

Work with your Reiki to heal your issues with Mother Earth.
Work with your Reiki to heal your issues with Mother Earth.

While you are going through this process, you also want to heal the aspects of you that are making it difficult to ground to Mother Earth.  You may or may not know what these are.  It doesn’t matter.  Do your Reiki daily self-treatment with the intention of healing the blockages keeping you from feeling safe on the earth and keeping you from grounding. In your time the Reiki will help you heal.  Turn to Reiki for any and all issues like this and you will slowly but surly heal yourself.  It is very empowering.

Here are the tips I give in class to help my students.

How to Ground For You

Run your Reiki and always call on Divine Source to send you the Highest and most Sacred Order of Reiki Guides to help with any spiritual process before you start.   These are tips, suggestions to help, make them yours.  Make them FEEL right to you.

  • There is no ‘wrong’ when it comes to grounding, so don’t worry.  What feels right to you is what is best for you.  As long as you feel centered, stable and in the moment, you are grounded.  The other ways to ground will come in time, be happy with what works for you today.
  • Ground to Divine Source – You do not have to ground to the GroundingLightThroughtheBodycenter of the earth as many meditations lead you to do.  If this does not feel right to you then don’t do it.  Ground to your Divine Source first and foremost.  I do this anyway, every time.   I connect to my Divine Creator with visualization and intention.  You can do this many different ways.  I start with visualizing the beautiful Love and Light of Divine coming down from above: a cloud, the sun, a rainbow, the heavens, the stars or some other place that makes sense to you.  Or you can imagine the Divine Light as part of you, IN YOU, because we are all one with our Divine creator the energy is already within us.  Imagine this Light in you or coming into your crown chakra and filling you up head to toe with Divine Light.  Focusing on your heart center being filled and glowing first and expanding out from there.  Then imagine it filling all your chakras, each and every cell in your body.
  • Find what you love about Mother Earth and ground to that.  Visualize and imagine what it is that you truly LOVE and admire about Mother Earth; the crystals, the volcanoes, plants, water, mountains, etc.  Feel emotion about that part of earth that you LOVE.  This will help you ground.  This will help you find what you feel closest to about the earth and safest with as well.  Whether it’s mist, fog, dirt, forest, rivers, mountains, trees, metals,
    I love the mist and work with it's essence in many of my visualizations.  See if this works for you.
    I love mist and fog, and work with its essence in many of my visualizations. See if this works for you.

    picturesque views, etc.  As with any visualization the more FEELING and visualizing you put into this part the more connected and grounded you will feel.  Intention, intention, intention!

  • Ground to the beauty of the earth – If you still feel you need to ground to Mother Earth, want to get closer to doing so or want to desensitize yourself over time to this fear you have, or you just want to practice this in some way, try grounding to the beauty that earth has to offer.  I have become aware of and been told by spirit guides that earth is one of the most beautiful planets with the most distinction in topography and color that there is.  So, many of us who incarnated on other planets first, Star People, find it stressful to be ON the earth, however, at the same time, we truly enjoy the beauty that the earth has to offer us.  This technique GroundingBeachworks well for Star People who have difficulty grounding.  (Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful places you’ve seen on earth, either in photos, movies or in person.  Let’s say you are drawn to the beaches; imagine the beaches, palm trees, monkeys in the trees, sea shells, sand, crystal blue water, etc.  Get really into it.  If you are into forests,  then visualize trees, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, mushrooms, lichens, eagles and more.  Again, put a lot of detailed visualization into this, and a lot of emotion.  The more emotion you put into your visualizations the more grounded you will become and STAY grounded throughout the day.)
  • Imagine you attaching to the earth with your grounding cords just like these ropes are attached to the balloon.
    Imagine you attaching to the earth with your grounding cords just like these ropes are attached to the balloon.

    Ground to something that is already IN the earth or to the outside of the earth itself – If these other visualizations don’t work, get creative!  Ground to the trees on the earth, or a tent stake (thank you to my students for these great ideas), ground to the earth like tethered to a hot air balloon.  Try wrapping your grounding cords around the earth rather than going into it.  Imagine a hot air balloon of the olden days with ropes tied around it.  Imagine your grounding cords wrapped around the earth in much the same way but upside down.  This way you are connected to the earth but don’t have to go into the earth.  Again, there is no wrong, get creative and listen to your Highest Guidance as to what is right for you.

  • Breathe deeply and slowly from your Hara (Sacral Chakra).
  • Other ways to ground– exercise, picking and eating foods right
    Exercise is a great way for some people to ground and get out of their emotions and into their physical body.
    Exercise is a great way for some people to ground and get out of their emotions and into their physical body.

    from the earth, playing or listening to certain music (I find drumming very grounding for me),  holding crystals, hugging trees, walking on the earth, laying on the grass (called Earthing), saying kind and loving things to yourself out loud, focusing on your present environment (such as; the walls are blue, this chair is hard, the day outside is cloudy, the carpet is soft, etc.), the body scan is a great physical way to ground, and one of my all time favorites, taking a Reiki bath with Epsom Salts.  I’m sure there are many more that you will find during your search.  Feel free to post them here if you like to help others who are reading.

Again, these are just a few ways, I can only guide and suggest, it is up to you to do the work.  Never lose faith in Divine’s guidance, keep moving forward and you will succeed.  I have faith in you as a brilliant soul of our Divine Mother and Father.

Blessings to you all, thank you for reading and commenting with love,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

3 thoughts on “Grounding, Your Way

  1. This is an excellent post, Joss! At the height of a difficult experience, sometimes it is extremely hard to go outside oneself and ground. A technique I teach and follow during those times, is to ground into my breath on the out-breath. My breath is connected to some aspect of earthen energy through the fact that everything holds an energetic signature pulsing with earth’s molecular energy…we are what we eat, what we breathe in. Sometimes just hearing my breath leave my body totally relaxes me. I just need to make that intention that I am aware of the need to be more in my body at the moment. It is similar to being a lightning rod, channel the lightning (cause of energetic disturbance-illness, frantic feeling, etc.) away so as to not get energetically fried. Let it pass through and out on that breath that already is connected to earth’s energy by its very molecular make up. Then when the crisis is past and I give thanks, I visualize my breath molecules becoming more earthen-feeding the trees my carbon dioxide, a treasure they need to live on and who are grounded more intimately with the earth and who later pass their oxygen back to me.
    Have a grand day and keep these wonderful posts coming!!

  2. Thank you Alpine Lady, you are so right. The breath is an amazing way to ground. I work with it every day and yet forgot to write about it. That was for you to add for us. I love the visual of the molecules and the trees giving to each other, I’m going to use that. I love when others share their ideas, then they just multiply. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I added in the breath!

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