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Reiki II Practitioner Graduates!

Congratulations Reiki II Graduates!  You are all EMPOWERING yourselves on this fabulous life journey with Reiki!

In Reiki II we learn the three Reiki Symbols which help people create a tangible connection with Reiki.  Sometimes learning Reiki is hard for people in Reiki I because Reiki is totally new and an INTANGIBLE.  Some people are good with intangible and some people are better with tangible things; things they can see, touch and smell.  Well Reiki is tangible after practice when you really GET it, but if people don’t practice and don’t ever FEEL that connection, they might quit or find it very hard to continue and use it very little.  I highly recommend taking my Reiki I class where we spend quite a bit of time learning HOW to use Reiki in our every day lives and in the cracks, as well as a hands on technique.  But, I also recommend going on to level two, even if you don’t feel you quite GET IT yet because the Reiki Symbols often tie it all together for people and then they are able to understand it much more and then have more of a confidence and motivation to use it more in their lives.

It doesn’t matter WHY you take a Reiki class in the beginning, but if you don’t feel confident enough to use it in your life, you won’t get any of the benefits.  Reiki is a healing miracle in so many of my student’s lives and mine, if it has not been a miracle in your life, please come to some of my workshops and start learning what Reiki really truly IS and HOW it can benefit YOU.  Reiki is ultimately for YOU.  If you feel better, calmer, and more confident in handling life, then you are better able to help others, be kind to others and be the person you want to be in the world.  

Especially in these times, that is what we all need.  We all need Reiki right now.  

My longer Reiki classes are all about helping you to feel confident in using Reiki in any aspect in your life that you want to feel better and healthier about: relationships, job, family, home, romance, manifesting, healing, etc.  ALL aspects.  Reiki is not just a hands on healing technique, it’s a Divine Energy for healing your entire person and life.  

Parden me for getting on my little “Reiki is Incredible” soap box, but it truly has been such a miracle in my life, I just want to help other people connect and understand it as much as my students and I do.  Because when you understand it, you use it, when you use it, it heals you.  It’s really that simple, and then also, not.  We are here to help you use Reiki in your life to heal whatever you choose and whatever your soul chooses.

I can’t make you take a Reiki class, but when you are ready, I’m here to guide you through it and continue walking next to you on your path.  This is my soul path.  Josslyn 

Honoring my Reiki Students, 


to my Reiki II Practitioners!!!

Emily, Darcie, Nikki and Michelle

Practicing a Reiki session in each class is key to ‘cementing’ in what we have learned. This session they are practicing using the new symbols in a Reiki session on others through surrogate or on the actual person. This is the beginning, then going to their friends and family and practicing more helps to build confidence.
This is Nikki practicing a long distance Reiki session on a friend viewing her friend as a holographic image. It’s incredible and it works. Every single student got amazing and tangible feedback from their long distance volunteer. And, every class I teach, that is how it is.
Michelle did Reiki on her husband (we can’t always get a live person to work on during quarantine, but we work around that) even through he was very skeptical. His chronic pain went away and stayed away even the next day. He’s still holding out judgement, but that’s ok, he’s opening up enough to allow the Reiki a chance. That’s all we need. Reiki helps heal us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
During quarantine everyone practices Reiki how ever they are able. Some work on surrogate animals or stuffed animals, some on people they live with. We can find a way no matter what. Reiki is ultimately very flexible if we are. Here they are all practicing their long distance sessions on people far away. Long Distance healing is incredible and will give you ‘proof’ that Reiki is working IF you give it a chance and DO IT!!
Nikki drawing one of her new Reiki Symbols and putting it into the energy of her client using the bear as a surrogate.
We meditate in every Reiki Class and I consistently get feedback that this is one of people’s favorite part of class. I thought the way the light was coming in and shining on Emily was really beautiful.
Michelle during her practice long distance session. During any Reiki session, in person, surrogate or long distance, you can FEEL the energy in your body, in your hands and emotions. You can, with practice, start understanding what these different feelings mean. Sometimes you feel tingling, buzzing, heat or cold, sometimes you feel throbbing or sometimes you will even have physiological body signs such as yawing, burping, laughing, tearing up. There are many tangible signs the Reiki is working. It keeps it interesting and again, tangible and understandable.

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Reiki Every Day – Reiki Your Hotel Room

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

(Scroll down for the HOW to skip the story of WHY)

I’ve been sensitive my whole life but never so much as when I ‘woke up’ and started working with energy healing modalities on myself daily.  When the fog of the old is cleared away it’s easier to see the horizon but also easier to be seen.  I suddenly found myself even more sensitive than before because the protection I thought I had of the old ‘foggy stuff’ around me wasn’t there any more.   The defenses I had developed no longer ‘protected’ me in the ways I was used to.  A lot of changes happen when we ‘wake up’ from our old reality and chose to step into a new one, some call this place the new paradigm.  I call it like my Reiki teacher before me does, stepping into the Land Of Oz.

The Land of Oz is more colorful, more beautiful and full of song!
The Land of Oz is more colorful, more beautiful and full of song!

A New World

When we wake up, we learn about a magical side to our ‘old’ world, a more expansive, more vivid place with magical creatures and healing with our minds.  I equate this to stepping into the land of Oz as Dorothy did so many years ago.  As the land of Oz is more colorful, more beautiful and more fun to be in, we are also now more sensitive and susceptible to flying monkeys when we never even knew they existed before.  Oftentimes the heavy energy of the old ‘Kansas’ is still effecting us in the new Oz.  It takes some time and a lot of energy work before we are fully moved over into the land of Oz full time.  Being clean and clear as we are now that we’ve woken up and started taking care of ourselves energetically, the flying monkeys seem to come at us faster and more furious sometimes.

Hotel Hell

For me this was very evident any time I’d try to stay the night in a hotel room.  It took me a long time to figure out that I needed to clean the energy of the hotel room before I could sleep in it. I spent years trying to travel but only to spend entire weeks without sleep.  Finally, I was considering giving up travel all together when I decided to look at the problem in a new way, an energetic way.  Once I figured this out, that sleeping in a room that literally thousands of people had left their energy behind in and it had never been cleaned, I began working with my Reiki when I would first arrive.

Even when hotel rooms look clean, they are energetically dirty. Yuck!
Even when hotel rooms look clean, they are energetically dirty. Yuck!

Before, I’d find myself in that half awake half sleep state all night, never really getting a restful night’s sleep.  I’d toss and turn and be awake throughout the night, my soul never feeling safe enough to fall into a deep night’s sleep.  For a long time I just thought this was part of getting older, not being able to sleep in other people’s space or beds.  When I finally put two and two together to figure out that hotel rooms of all rooms are probably some of the energetically dirtiest rooms there are, next to hospital rooms, I realized that I had the tools I needed to assure myself a peaceful night’s sleep.

Imprints, Energy Left Behind

Rooms may get cleaned physically but rarely does anyone in our society clean the rooms energetically.  Hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, etc. have a lot of emotional energy happening and being left behind in them.  If someone doesn’t clean them out with prayer, incense, Reiki, salt, candles or some other powerful spiritual technique, it just stays to fester and cling to you until it disturbs you too.  One of my Reiki mentors,  Margaret McCormick, calls this “energy imprints”.  Here is her definition of imprints and how they do affect us.

Imprint Definition

“Anger, pain and suffering and other negative emotions leave what we call imprints behind. This is like a segment of energy caught in that time and space that is encapsulated; an imprint of that moment in time. It is caused by intense emotions.  These imprints will last through time and space for many, many years. Cleansing can erase imprints. There is nothing there to send to the light, but it can be what we describe as erased by cleansing. An imprint is vibrating at a negative rate and is, therefore, a negative energy.  You might view these imprints as a “thing”. They are not a soul, they do not have a consciousness, they are like a picture snapped at a certain time and place, capturing that energy of pain, violence, or anger in that moment. ”

Energetic House Cleaning By Margaret!

This intense emotional energy stays behind and affects everyone but mostly those of us who are uniquely sensitive.  Margaret had a wonderful service of cleaning out these imprints plus souls who are hanging around, hexes, curses and more from any building.  I have had this done by her, long distance for all of my homes and places where we frequent.  However, even though at $50 per address this is an incredible value, I’m not going to spend $50 to have Margaret clean every hotel I stay at.  That would be great karma for me for cleaning our public environments, but more expensive than I have funds at the moment and not a realistic solution for the average person.

Solution to Energy Dirty Hotels/Locations


I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher, what’d you think I would say?!!


NOTE: There is no wrong or right way to work with Reiki.  These are suggestions for how I cleanse my hotel room.  Read it through and listen to your intuition.  Change what doesn’t feel right or add to it.  We are all different so our techniques will be different too.  It’s all good.

I have two basic ways of doing this.  I’ll start with the method I started with, which any person with Reiki can do, Reiki I on up.

Method 1- in person 

  1. Feel – Arrive at the hotel room, get settled in, feel the energy of the room a bit.  Which areas feel the most congested, which areas feel the best, which bed or room will suit you the best?
  2. Reiki Gassho– Stand in your Gassho, with your hands in front of your heart, asking Divine to bring in the Reiki.  Hands at your third eye, asking Divine to bring in the Highest and Most Sacred form of Reiki Guides to help you clean the space.  Ground and center yourself and wait until you feel your Reiki flow.  I DO NOT cleanse space without the support of Reiki and my Reiki Guides.
  3. Hold an Intention – Intention is key when cleansing space.  While I’m spraying the room with Reiki, I also intend “Clean and clear, safe and sacred space” when I cleanse a room.  Then you can add something to that basic grounded intention such as; calm and safe stay, restful sleep and joyful vacation, etc.  Go with what feels right to you and your stay.  Every visit is different.  You can say your intention out loud or in your mind, whatever feels best to you.
  4. Chimes – Get out my tingshas (Tibetan chimes) that I always travel with for this purpose, chime starting down and up in the corners and in the center of the room and any place that I feel needs it.  I do the bathroom and closets too and intend that the space in between the walls gets clean as well.  The vibrations from the chimes will dissipate the heavier energy making it easier for you to work with the Reiki in the room.  It also feels and sounds nice, setting space in your heart and mind for beauty and light to enter.
  5. Cleanse with Reiki – Now intend that the Reiki is flowing from your hand chakras like paint out of a paint sprayer, fast and fully filling the room with Reiki spray everywhere.  Spray the walls, the floor, ceiling, in between the walls, the space in the rooms, the beds, everything.  Holding and repeating your intention.
  6. Fill each room with Reiki – Cleanse the bathroom and any other rooms that are included in your hotel stay.  This will ensure that anything, souls ,imprints, etc that may disturb your sleep or a calm and restful vacation will be annexed to a neutral part of the hotel or sent to Divine for further evolution into Love and Light.  You may also say a prayer for all souls living in the hotel to be filled with Divine Love and Light and guided to the light for the Greatest Good of All Involved.  Thanks to the Reiki they will not be in your room, but by praying for their greatest good, they may chose to go to the ‘Light.”
  7. Time Intention – Intend for the energy in the room to stay clean and clear, safe and sacred for your entire stay.  Touch it up half way through if you feel the need and are not sleeping as good.  Every three days is a good amount of time to re-set the space.
  8. Sleep Tight – See if this process doesn’t help you sleep better in any location.
  9. Physical Aids – I’ve also found that some physical things help me sleep better in hotels, such as; ear plugs, my own pillow if we drove, my own blanket, eye mask, teddy bear, etc.  Whatever helps the strange place feel like home will help you feel safer and help you sleep better.  And the earplugs help to drown out any sounds that are unusual to you and might remind you that you are not sleeping at home.

Reiki II and above Technique

NOTE: There is no wrong or right way to work with Reiki.  These are suggestions for how I cleanse my hotel room.  Read it through and listen to your intuition.  Change what doesn’t feel right or add to it.  We are all different so our techniques will be different too.  It’s all good.

If you have Reiki symbols from taking Reiki II class, than this is my preferred

With Reiki you can feel confident that your hotel room is CLEAN!
With Reiki you can feel confident that your hotel room is CLEAN!

technique.  This process is much faster, easier and can be done anytime, anywhere, even PRIOR to your departure.  This is much better since after a long day of travel, the last thing I really want to do is spend 30 to 45 minutes cleansing a hotel room.  If you have Reiki symbols then you can do either way, try them both and see which feels best to you.  Or, if you get busy and forget to cleanse the room before you go, you can always Reiki the room when you get there as a back-up plan.

Method 2 – long distance

  1. Prior to your travel departure – Sit in a quiet space in your own home, in an area that you know to be clean and clear, safe and sacred already or Reiki the space first.
  2. Reiki Gassho– Sit with your hands in Gassho, with your hands in front of your heart, asking Divine to bring in the Reiki to help you cleanse your hotel room.  Hands at your third eye, asking Divine to bring in the Highest and Most Sacred form of Reiki Guides to help you clean the space.  Ground and center yourself and wait to feel your Reiki flow.  I DO NOT cleanse space without the support of Reiki and my Reiki Guides.
  3. Chant all the Reiki II Symbols and any other Reiki Symbols you have that feel right at this time, either in your head or out loud if you are alone.  This activates the Reiki in a powerful way and helps you to feel the Reiki power flowing through you before you start.
  4. Intention – Hold the intention while speaking to Divine Source, that you are intending to bring to you through the Reiki bridge (Long Distance Symbol) the hotel room that you will be staying in for your trip.  If there is more than one then bring all of them together at the same time and clean them all at once or one at a time, whatever feels best to you.  (Don’t put limitations on Reiki, all rooms can be done at once if you believe it.)  If you know the exact address then say that, if you know the name of the hotel and city, state it’s in, then say that.  Whatever details you can hold in your mind’s intention will help you to feel more connected.  But, Divine knows where you will be staying, so no worries.  This process, with Reiki’s help,  WILL CLEAN YOUR ROOM.
  5. Activate the Long distance Symbol by chanting out loud or saying it in your head.  I repeat it three times, then say the address, then three times again.  Such as: HSZSN, HSZSN, HSZSN, 53 Angel Way in L.A., C.A., HSZSN, HSZSN, HSZSN.  Then I FEEL the energy of the space/s in my hands.
  6. Imagine – Feel or imagine the hotel room very small in your hands, you can do the whole hotel if you want just by imagining it small in your hands, like a tiny model.  It can fit, because you make it any size you chose with your intentions.  Do Reiki on the room at first to get a feel for it.
  7. Cleanse the space with Reiki Symbols Then I chant, usually in my head, the Mental/Emotional Reiki Symbol (SHK) over and over again with my intentions in mind, until I feel the space is thoroughly clean  At the same time chanting in between my intention of “Clean and Clear, clean and clear, clean and clear, SHK, SHK, SHK” for as long as it takes.  Sandwich the intention and the symbol together and chant them.  Each space will take a different amount of time, but I often will spend 30 minutes with the entire process from beginning to end, at least 15 if I’m in a hurry.
  8. Bless & Energize the space with Reiki Symbols – When I feel the space is thoroughly clean, then I will chant the Power Symbol (CKR) over and over with the intention of “Safe and Sacred, safe and sacred, safe and sacred, CKR, CKR, CKR” over and over until I feel the space is as I want it to be to feel protected in it.  The amount of time you spend will be different for everyone and every space, so go with your gut.  The Power Symbol will both bless the space and bring in Divine Guides to watch over it the whole time you are there, but it will also energize the positive energy in the room to a level that vibrates best with you and your family members.  Powerful stuff!!
  9. Chant any other Reiki Symbols that feel right – If you have other Master Symbols or Karuna Symbols, then feel free to chant those and fill the room with the beautiful healing and blessing energy of those symbols too.  Trust your intuition and fill the room with whatever positive energy feels right to you.  This is your stay, your home away from home, make sure it feels that way.
  10. Chant the Long Distance Symbol – INTEND to send back the now, clean and clear, safe and sacred energy of the hotel room, to its physical location by chanting HSZSN, THREE TIMES and feeling the energy leave your hands and go over the Reiki bridge through the Universe and back to its place.
  11. Final Intention – Intend for it to stay clean until you are able to get there and for your entire stay. (Touch up every three days or as you feel it needs it.)
  12. Done!  Room clean and ready for your arrival.  When you get there, you can get comfortable right away.
  13. Physical Aids – I’ve also found that some physical things help me sleep better in hotels, such as; ear plugs, my own pillow if we drove, my own blanket, etc.  Whatever helps the strange place feel like home will help you feel safer and help you sleep better.  And the earplugs help to drown out any sounds that are unusual to you and might remind you that you are not sleeping at home.  Just a tip.

There you go.  Please comment or email me if you do this technique and find that it does indeed help you travel better.  It has been a literal God-send to me.  Once you do it a few times it becomes easier and easier and just part of your travel routine.

Remind me to tell you the story of the time I tried to burn incense in a hotel room.  LOL, Not recommended.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829




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Reiki On A Harbor Seal

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Orcas Island is the turtle shaped island.  This is the view from our house in Sequim, WA.
Orcas Island is the turtle shaped island. This is the view from our house in Sequim, WA.

I recently went to the beautiful and mystical Orcas Island in the chain of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific North West where I live.  I went for a sound healing conference with the equally amazing sound healer, Tom Kenyon.  I’ll write a blog about him soon.  The conference didn’t start until 1pm so I had some time (sans children) to myself.  Each day I’d take a nice walk about the Rosario Resort and Spa grounds and just take in the fresh and alive island energy.  Even though I’ve lived on the Olympic Peninsula for six years now, and I look at the San Juan Island chain out my living room window every day, I had yet to go to the Islands, any of them.  This trip to Orcas Island was my first jaunt and totally worth the day trip with two ferry rides to get there.

Morning Walk on Orcas

Photo by Jim Maya
Photo by Jim Maya

On the last morning of the conference on a walk, I went the regular route I’d been taking with a few changes in course but the same basic scenic locales.  One of the great spots is a viewing spot near the main hotel but off to the side on an overlook and viewing one of the other islands, Shaw Island.  But, on this day, on the rocks just below the overlook about 50 feet from me and down on the rocks was a small harbor seal.  His body was positioned vertically from me with his head away looking at the other island.  When he felt me he looked up at me for a little while, then pretty much dismissed me as not needing his attention and went back to what he was doing, resting on the rock.  Me, thinking Reiki 24/7 , I thought, I’ll send him some Reiki to say Hi.

Sending Reiki to a Seal

Happy seal smile
Happy seal smile

With my hands in the prayer position asking Divine Source for the Reiki to flow and my Reiki guides of the Highest Order to come and help, I also added “and please let the seal know, he may take as much, as little or none of the Reiki, it is totally up to him.”  Over the years of sending Reiki to animals, I have found this to be the most important guidance I received from Kathleen Prasad’s book, “Animal Reiki.”  Respect the animal by giving them the choice.   The animals respond in a much more favorable way if they are given a choice in the matter.  Then I sent the Reiki to him by beaming it from my eyes.  (I simply intend for the Reiki to flow from my eyes and it does.)  I started chanting in my head, all the Reiki symbols I have from Master/Teacher symbols down to Reiki II symbols and then my Karuna Reiki symbols too.  I’d chant each one three or five times depending upon how many I felt was needed, then would move on to the next symbol.

Checking Out The Reiki

At first the seal looked at my like “What is that?”  Seriously, that is the exact thought that came to me telepathically, from him.  Then I felt like he was feeling the Reiki and ‘checking it out.’ After a couple of minutes of not being sure, he all of a sudden got a very content and happy look on his face and looked at me to let me know he liked it.  He was away from me, so he had to swing his head around to do this.  He kept looking at me while I sent Reiki.  And, I would swear he had a smile on his face.  He particularly liked when I was chanting and sending the Mental/Emotional Reiki Symbol (SHK).  After feeling the energy of this symbol he’d get a little irritated when I’d switch to another symbol.

Why'd You Stop?
Why’d You Stop?             I did not have my camera with me that morning so these are not my little Reiki buddy but still just as sweet.

So, I went back to SHK.  Just to test it out, I left that symbol and went to chanting another.  Once again, he got annoyed and gave me a sharp look to let me know his preference.  I did this two or three times to check if what I was feeling with his emotions was correct and sure enough each time I’d switch away he’d look at me sharply and tell me to go back.  So, I listened and trusted and chanted only SHK until he told me otherwise.  At that point he started flipping his flippers up and down in joy, moving around like he was dancing and showing definite signs of happiness.  The smile was back.

Let Animals Guide the Reiki Session Themselves

Then he started moving around towards me more so he could see me and I could easily see his whole body.  He stretched out in front of me and started directing me to other parts of his body where he now wanted me to send Reiki.  He would let me know which symbol he liked in which area by his facial expressions, movements and his emotions that he was sending me telepathically.  This is exactly what cats and dogs do too!  I was enthralled.   I felt he wanted the Power Symbol (CKR) at his root chakra area so I chanted that and focused my eyes on that part of his body.  He seemed content for a while so I kept doing this until he gave me a different signal.


At that point, two other walkers from the hotel came and joined us and started oohing and awing over the sighting of the seal.  I’d been sending the seal Reiki for about ten to 15 minutes or so at this point.  He looked at them curiously but then went back to directing me to his Reiki needed spots.  I trusted my intuition that he was telling me where he wanted it and which symbol he wanted and continued for a little while.  After about another five minutes of enjoying the Reiki he turned his back to me, started looking at me in an annoyed fashion instead of the blissful, happy one he’d had earlier.  I suddenly felt like a space invader that was not wanted instead of the joy and gratitude I had felt earlier.   I took the hint that he was done, stopped the Reiki, thanked him for allowing me to send it and went on my way.  I looked back and he was slinking his way to the water and leaving.

HOW to Send Reiki to Wild Animals

First of all let me just say, with wild animals, first and foremost make sure you are in a safe place or a safe distance.  They are still wild and unpredictable.  Second, you might want to start by practicing on animals who are friendly with you, like pets.  Then just practice.  Get the trust and the knowing of practicing with pets first.

  • Give the animal the option of saying “No thank you” to the Reiki.
  • Send them Reiki with no intention of your own.
  • Have no time line, just go with the flow.
  • Be flexible, allow the animal to guide the session.
  • Say Thank you when they are done.
  • Move on and respect their privacy.

Seal Totem

Artwork by NaNa Quish
Artwork by NaNa Quish

I was so grateful to see and connect with my seal buddy.  Living here and walking the beaches for six years I’ve only seen a seal one other time, so I knew this event was important.  I went back to my condo and looked up seal in my “Animal Spirit Guide” book by Dr. Steven Farmer, my handy book that I take with me every where I go.  Here is what seal has to offer if you see one; in person, in a dream or in a meditation vision:  (Choose the ones that apply to you at that time.)

  • Your creative imagination is active and fertile right now, so keep a journal nearby and write in it every day.
  • Your dreams will be very clear and vivid, so pay close attention to them for any messages from your subconscious.
  • The cycle of challenges and hardship is complete, and you’re now moving into a time of plenty and abundance.
  • Although it’s an emotional time for you, you’re quite comfortable experiencing these feelings while at the same time staying grounded.
  • This is a time to stay attuned to your natural rhythms, such as sleeping when you’re tired, eating only when you’re hungry, and exercising when you feel the urge to do so.

Two Seals in One Day

HarborSealWavingBecause I’m a natural cynic, and because I already knew I wanted to write a blog about this experience, I asked my Reiki Guides for some sort of SIGN that I was indeed sending Reiki to and communicating with this seal.  I got my clear sign later at the Tom Kenyon sound healing session.  Each day there would be three sessions with a thirty minute break in between.  During the breaks we were completely silent and recommended by Tom that we walk or sit on the earth and contemplate or write in our journals.  For the first time of the sessions, I chose to walk by the marina area instead of the beach or the grass area as I had in other sessions.  As I was walking, a harbor seal swam by, waved his fin at me, swam a bit more and then dove under and was gone.  Quick as can be.  I looked around me and only two other people were looking and pointing in the direction of the seal.  I knew this was my sign and thanked the seal and my guides.  Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Why Communicate with Wild Animals?

We are at a critical time in our human existence where we need to make peace with our planet and the creatures that live with us on it.  We need to empathically feel our planet and the life on it as alive and equally as important as our human lives.  We are truly all connected and by telepathic communication we can emotionally connect to the animals and the planet in ways we haven’t done in this life before, or for many lifetimes.  I believe we all did at one time.  Reconnecting to the ability to talk to the animals, the rivers, the mountains, the rocks, valleys and even the moon and stars, is all vitally important now.  It allows us to truly FEEL CONNECTED to the whole.

Wake Up!

I am seeing more and more people ‘wake up’ to this possibility, this need.  I am feeling clients coming to me who are very psychic people, who have these abilities naturally already, they just need to know it and practice with it.  With a little bit of mentoring and practice they will soon be teaching others to talk to our planet too.  This is the snowball effect that will save our planet, our animals and thus save ourselves and our souls.  Yes, talking to animals again is vitally important to all of us.

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Josslyn Streett

360-460-7829 or

BookAnimalReikiThere are two books I recommend on this topic, “Animal Reiki” by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad and

“Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature” by Marta Williams.  Both books plus more are available in the Rain Shadow Reiki lending library or used on Amazon dot com.Book-Learning their language by Marta Williams





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By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


Yesterday I taught another wonderful Reiki II class with six inquisitive and lively ladies.  Yes, we went over our time a bit, but we had a great day, learned a whole lot, meditated with and connected to each other and the first three Reiki Symbols and they received their Reiki II Attunement.  I think I speak for all of them, when I say it was worth it.  Congratulations ladies, you are now, officially, Reiki Practitioners!  As Reiki Practitioners they are able to charge money for their services if they so chose.

Congratulations Ann, Emily, Joanie, Gloria, Melissa, and Amber!!
Congratulations Ann, Emily, Joanie, Gloria, Melissa, and Amber!!

And now, PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE!!  That is truly the way to learn Reiki.

Many Blessings, Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Reiki Quick Tip – Reiki Your Feet!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


A reminder that our feet need Reiki too and HOW to do it!

FeetReikiThis topic keeps coming up at the Reiki circles each month.  At the circles we have other people working on us and our feet get lots of Reiki.  Typically we have three to five people surrounding us at Reiki circle all practicing Reiki at the same time.  It is inevitable that someone will be at the feet each time.  My husband is a foot person so he loves to be entrusted with that area during circle.  I prefer the head or the body.  We do our best to move around during circle so each person gets to experience a different side and perspective, but we still tend to have our most comfortable areas.

Poor Ignored Feet

I admit it, I am not a foot person.  I don’t like to have people massage my feet, tickle my feet or even touch my feet.  Just not into it.  So, I also admit, I’m the first to skip my feet when I’m doing a Reiki Self Healing.  There, I admitted it…I skip my feet!  I get down to my knees and then think “Ok, that’s good, I did my self-treatment.”

7200 Nerve Endings In Our Feet

It is good.   Better than not doing it at all, but our feet work very hard for us, every single day.   They deserve more attention that I’m giving them, and maybe your feet do too.

Another reminder – Our feet are also critical to our whole bodies’ health.  Every nerve line in the body ends in the feet. According to the RAA, each foot has 7,200 nerve endings in it.

Reflexology points on the feet
Reflexology points on the feet

And while reflexology practitioners sometimes talk about manipulating “energy,” the basic theory seems to rest with these nerve endings, which would love to be massaged, energized and activated with Reiki also.  Reiki is always gentle and safe.

As well, we have a nice sized chakra in our feet which very importantly brings up Mother Earth energy for grounding.  No surprise with the way I have ignored my feet that this is a continual issue for me.  No judgment, we all have our issues.  So, you can see, as a reminder to myself and all of you, our feet need more attention than we are giving them.  Reiki is the perfect, gentle way to give your feet that attention whether you love to have your feet touched, or not.  Thank goodness, with Reiki you can do it either way, touch or no touch.


Traditionally taught method of doing a self-treatment on your feet.  My son modeled for us on the fly.  Photo by Joss Streett please link if used.
Traditionally taught method of doing a self-treatment on your feet. My son modeled for us on the fly. Photo by Joss Streett please link if used.

Our feet are probably the most uncomfortable to get to.  It’s an awkward position to lift our feet up and do Reiki on them on our lap.  I have many clients who physically cannot do this due to age or physical issues.  Then others like me who get so far and then finish or fall asleep before the feet get Reiki.


We talk about this in Reiki I beginning class.  I’m thinking most teachers probably cover this.  But, since this topic keeps coming up at circles,  I figure a little reminder doesn’t hurt.

HOW to Reiki Your Feet

  • Traditional method – put one foot at a time up on your lab and do hands on Reiki on your foot.  Two hands on one foot at a time.  One on top and one on bottom works nicely. (see photo above)

    My son beaming Reiki at his feet.  Photo by Joss St, please link if used.
    My young son beaming Reiki at both of his feet at the same time. This is much easier on the body for people with physical limitations.  Hold your hands where most comfortable.  Photo by Joss St, please link if used.
  • Beaming method – Simply put your feet up on a cushion, ottoman,on the bed or even keep them on the floor, and beam the Reiki from your hands to your feet.  One at a time would be best but to beam Reiki at your feet at all, at this point, is all good.
  • Eye beam – beam the Reiki through your eyes, with intention, to your feet one at a time or at the same time.  This may take practice if you have not done it before, but what better way to practice this than by doing Reiki on the hard to reach feet?!  Simply hold the intention in your mind, body and spirit that you are beaming Reiki through your eyes to your feet and then look at your feet.  Imagine this is working and ask Divine to send your Reiki guides to add help for you.  They will give you insight as to how to do this.


Please remember, the comfort of your body is important.  You do not want to injure yourself in any way while doing Reiki.  Do what feels good to your body first and foremost and the Reiki energy will flow more abundantly and with ease.

Reiki Symbols

Yes, definitely work with your Reiki symbols with your feet.  I bet your feet will soak up the extra love and attention.  Using grounding symbols at this point would be fabulous since your feet are one area where you may bring up Mother Earth energy for grounding.  The Power Symbol (CKR), or the two Master Symbols (UDKM or TDKM) would work beautifully.  And, of course, since with Reiki there is no wrong, work with any other symbol that your intuition advises for your feet.  It’s all good!

I pray this little reminder will get some of your feet feeling the love very soon.  I know my feet are much happier.  Thank you to all of you who participate in the circles and help to bring so many blog ideas to share with others.

Blessings to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

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Reiki Quick Tip: Reiki Your Luggage

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher  for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, Washington

LuggageSantaThe Holiday season is here and many of us will be traveling to be with people we love.  Nothing can spoil a visit with loved ones like lost luggage.  The busier we are and the more people who are traveling, the more likely an accident with your luggage will happen.  One year traveling on the train to come visit us, my sister had her entire suitcase of Christmas presents stolen.  It didn’t ruin our holiday but it certainly put a damper on it.

The Archangel of Travel Lends a Hand

I had a healing/reading recently with a client who was going to be traveling out of the country with her two sisters.  This was going to be their first trip together as fully grown women to their ancestral homeland.  My guides alerted me to the fact that another woman was going and was possibly going to have luggage problems that would disrupt her mood the entire trip and therefore make the vacation for all of them not as spiritual as they had hoped.  My client then confirmed that her sister-in-law would be going on this trip too.  My guides told me that her sister-in-law is not grounded because she is going through a lot and this may cause energy imbalances in her own ‘universe’ that could lead to the luggage getting lost.  My client agreed that her sister-in-law had a whole lot going on in her life right now and even more big events right before they take their trip.  She agreed that this could very well be the case.  Since my client wasn’t sure if her sister-in-law would be open to Reiki and grounding techniques, my guides recommended that she Reiki the luggage before the trip for her instead.

Nothing can ruin a vacation like lost luggage.
Nothing can ruin a vacation like lost luggage.

I also recommended that she ask Divine to send for an angel of the Highest and most Sacred Order to help with travel.  The only angel that has come for me when I ask for travel help is Archangel Raphael.  Ask Divine and receive, Archangel Raphael would go with them and the luggage to ensure safe arrival for all.  It worked beautifully.  They recently got home and all went well.   They had a spectacularly spiritual trip and a wonderful time being together.  Of course, there is no way to know if the luggage would have gotten lost, but why take the chance when it’s so easy to take an angel with you and Reiki your luggage.  It only takes a few minutes to do some preventative Reiki work. 

How To Reiki Your Luggage

As always, there is no wrong way to do this, other than not doing it.  Even that is not wrong because if you know about Reiki, read this and still choose not to Reiki your luggage and it gets lost, then it was a wonderful learning experience.  Nothing is ever wasted, we learn from every experience if we are open to it.  But, wouldn’t it be easier to just spend a few minutes surrounding you and your family’s luggage with Reiki before you head out for an adventure?  Yes, it would be.  By doing this, you ensure you are in the flow with the Universal energies and they will be with you through your whole trip helping and guiding a long the way. If your luggage still gets lost, then it was a learning experience you couldn’t avoid.


  • Before you leave the house is probably the easiest time to Reiki your luggage.  While it’s all together sitting by the door, before you load it into your car, sit with it for a few minutes and run your Reiki through and around all of it.
  • If a big group of people are going and you won’t all be together before getting to the airport or even on the plane, use your Long Distance Symbol (HSZSN) and run Reiki from your home anytime before the trip with the intention of sending Reiki to all person’s luggage.

    At the airport you'll be a little more stressed and pressed for time, just activate your Reiki symbols if you have them and let the Reiki do the rest.
    At the airport you’ll be a little more stressed and pressed for time, just activate your Reiki symbols if you have them and let the Reiki do the rest.
  • At the airport, if you forgot to do it earlier and are now a little rushed for time, simply draw the symbols of the Mental/Emotional (SHK) and the Power Symbol (CKR) over the luggage and send them with Reiki blessings.
  • Don’t forget to Reiki your car, your train, boat or airplane to assure a safe and secure travel experience.
  • And, always Reiki YOU!


  1. I hold up my hands or imagine the luggage in my mind’s eye and the Reiki flowing to it.
  2. Close my eyes and mentally/intentionally invoke the Reiki as if I were in the prayer position or the Gassho.  Next, ask Divine to send down my Reiki guides to help me.  I never do any spiritual work without my Reiki guides.
  3. Let the Reiki flow with intention.  You can visualize the Reiki flowing into the luggage, send Reiki symbols into the bags through your hands or through your eyes.  You can chant the Reiki symbols in your head with the intention that they are flowing out your hands and into each individual bag.  Set an intention of the safest and most joyous trip for the luggage possible.  Use an intention that works for you and your travelers.
  4. Reiki your luggage until you feel it is enough.
  5. Thank the Reiki and your guides!  Enjoy your trip!!


  • Ask Reiki Source/God of your heart to send down the Highest and Most Sacred, the Best of the Best of travel guides to go with you and your family for a safe and

    Archangel Raphael has been one of my healing guides from the beginning.  He is the only guide I know of specifically meant to help with travel.  Call on him for any travel needs.  He'll lead the way the entire trip.  His name means "It is God who has healed" or "God heals." archangel_raphael2.jpg
    Archangel Raphael has been one of my healing guides from the beginning. He is the only guide I know of specifically meant to help with travel. Call on him for any travel needs. He’ll lead the way the entire trip.

    joyful trip.  Put any positive intention to how you want your trip to go: calm, blissful, serene, prosperous, positive relationships, etc.

  • You can Reiki the plane, your hotel you’ll be staying in, the rental car, your journey, anything and everything having to do with a safe and wonderful journey!

Many Blessings to you all at this magical time of year!

Josslyn or 360-460-7829