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Reiki Round Table – February 3,2014

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Last night, ten woman and two babies gathered to talk about Reiki and other spiritual issues surrounding Reiki practice and our spiritual journeys.  For me, as many Reiki events are, the evening was nothing short of MAGICAL  It is so difficult for me to describe these feelings to others who were not there, but I will do my best as a means to inspire others to start their own spiritual round table group or come to ours. (Been to Sequim lately?)  Finding a spiritual group you vibrate well with is more important than ever as we are, many of us all at the same time, waking up to a whole new spiritual way of living.  Have guidance and fellowship to help you through this is key to progress and having more fun with it.  Please read on, especially if you were not at this event.


I’m sure each and every person there had a different experience and the same experience all at the same time.  I felt a connection, a synchronicity with each person both on an earthly level and a soul level.  As they would talk, I would connect with them on the levels of having been through what they had been through, understanding the feelings they were having but also FEELING them myself as well, feeling their soul speak the truth, speak from a higher level of being without even realizing they were.

The ladies and babies of our February 2014 Reiki Round Table for Rain Shadow Reiki.Photo by the amazing Chelsea.
The ladies and babies of our February 2014 Reiki Round Table for Rain Shadow Reiki. Photo by the amazing Chelsea.  Please do not reuse this photo without permission.


We talked about so many different topics starting with a basic introduction as to what Reiki is to the new guests, then moving onto talking about our souls and our higher self and what it is, downloads of information, vortexes, spirit guides, the difficulty of the healing journey and finding bliss in our lives in the process, plus many other topics I’m sure I’ve absorbed into my psyche but don’t consciously remember at the moment.  It was beyond fabulous!  We got really deep last night and it was beautiful, confusing and fascinating all at the same time.  It was poetic.


I can’t share details because everything we say in round table is kept private, but I can share how I felt.  I felt a spiritual community coming together.  I felt a group of ten women and two babies who mostly didn’t know each other, sharing and baring their souls and feeling healed by it.  HEALED BY IT!!  I felt elated by the time the evening was over, full of gratitude and literally exploding with Love and Light of our Divine Creator and of these individual souls.  I couldn’t go to sleep because I was so filled with gratitude and joy, so I stayed up and wrote love notes to my two boys and snuck them in their bedrooms for them to find when they got up in the morning.  Then I settled down and did Reiki on myself.  I felt the Reiki working very powerfully, with flashes of light every ten seconds or so like an MRI machine moving over me.  My eyes were closed, the light was within.  I hadn’t had that experience in about seven years, since a Reiki Master in C.A. worked on me without touching me but created a light show that has not since been surpassed.


I’m incredibly grateful to my student, L.T. for inspiring this event.  I’m grateful to all the spiritual people who come to participate.  I’m grateful to Divine Creator for all that is.  I’m grateful to all our Reiki guides who come and surround us with power, protection and support throughout.  And, I’m grateful to my family for supporting me in these Reiki endeavors even though it takes my time away from them in the evenings and weekends.  (Maybe they are happy for the break.  LOL)

So there it is.  Worth taking two hours of my evening on a school night to be with a group of people just talking?  SO WORTH IT!!  I can’t wait for the next one!  What will Divine bring to us then?  I’m already looking forward to it.  The next Reiki Round Table is scheduled for Monday, May 19th at 6pm.  I pray you can make it, if not in person, then in spirit.

Love and Light to you all,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

6 thoughts on “Reiki Round Table – February 3,2014

  1. I am so happy to hear of the great energy that surrounds you Joss. I am not surprised but am really glad to hear of your success as a healer. Love and light to you!

  2. I am very grateful to you Josslyn, and to every beautiful soul that I had the privilege of meeting at your home for the RRT. It was a wonderful, healing, spiritual and magical interlude, thank you for sharing your Divine Insight with so many others. Love, Light and Blessings to All, G

  3. Thanks so much April for reading and following. You knew me way back before I knew what my path was. I’m so grateful for your continued support as a friend, you are one of a kind. Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Thanks Geraldine, I feel exactly the same way about meeting you, and all the ladies, incredibly grateful. Your presence has made a big impact on our Reiki group very quickly. You have fabulous energy and we all feel love emanating from you continuously. Also so happy to have your unique experiences shared with us. We feel honored and blessed to have you as a part of our spiritual community. I LOVE meeting new Reiki people!! So grateful you came and had a good experience. Blessings, Joss

  5. Meeting you and being part of the roundtable the other evening was a lovely experience. I can hardly wait to begin the Reiki 1 class next month! Your sincerity, enthusiasm, awareness, and complete beauty are such an inspiration. Thank you!!

  6. Thank you so much Gloria! I was so grateful to meet you & I’m so grateful for Geraldine bringing you. Such love we had in the circle that night, such openness, acceptance and compassion, I loved every minute of it. I’m really looking forward to our class coming up, I am always excited to teach Reiki to new souls, it is one of my passions in this life, sharing Reiki. Thank you so much for participating with us and for the lovely things you wrote about me. You warm my heart. Blessings to you and we’ll see you very soon. Get ready for two very magical days, Joss

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