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Reiki Is Always With You

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

A Josslyn Reiki Story

Colorado River view
Colorado River view, lower Grand Canyon, photo by Robert Streett

Years ago when we lived in California my husband and I used to go on camping trips in canoes with a large group of his fraternity friends from college.  We would load up the canoes with camping gear, food, jugs of water and take off down the Colorado River for three days.  It was a blast.  The company was great and we loved getting away from it all, literally.  This was ‘dig a hole’ to do your private business, type of camping.  When I had my two boys I took a few years off and Robert went without me.

Our youngest was almost three years old when he went on his first Colorado canoe trip.  He was a natural.
Our youngest was almost three years old when he went on his first Colorado canoe trip. He was a natural.


When my youngest was almost three years old we started going again, the whole family.  We took some friends of ours for their first time, a single mom, Cat, with her four-year old son Blake.  They were adventurers like us and had a great time.  However, the second night on the river Blake came down with a fever.  Cat came to my tent at about midnight concerned.  We were out in the middle of nowhere and she had used up the last of the children’s Tylenol when she put Blake to bed.  I woke up anyone who had children on the trip and asked but no one had any more medicine to give him.  Blake couldn’t sleep and was crying and very hot.  I had just received my Reiki II level advancement and asked her if she wanted me to try Reiki on him to calm him down.  She was aware of the Reiki I did and jumped at the chance to try something that may help.

Our family has always had a thing for rocks.  Here is our oldest son holding a rock he found on the trip and brought it back in the canoe with us.
Our family has always had a thing for rocks. Here is our oldest son holding a rock he found on the trip and brought it back in the canoe with us.

A Long Reiki Night

I laid down next to Blake and asked him if I could put my hands on him to send him some healing.  Cat laid on his other side and told him it was ok.  He was very cranky and hot and just plain miserable.  I laid my hands on his head and after only a few short minutes he calmed down and went to sleep.  Cat and I noticed that whenever I had my hands on him he seemed cooler.  He certainly was calmer.  After about an hour I figured that was enough so I told her I’d go back to my tent. As soon as I got up he awoke and started crying and fussing again.  So, I put my hands back on him and ran the Reiki again.  I tried a few times to get up and go at different intervals with the same reaction each time.  I finally asked her if she’d prefer I just stay in her tent all night and she seemed happy I offered.  I stayed all night long running Reiki the whole time.  I’d doze off at intervals here and there but held the intent that the Reiki would continue to run though my hands to Blake. As long as my hands were on or near his little head, he was calm, cool and sleeping.  I was tired the next day but so grateful for this gift God has given to me to help others.  When you have nothing else with you, Reiki is always with you.

We left first thing the next day, a day early to get Blake back home to his own bed.  He had an ear infection and was better in a few days.  Having the Reiki to help him sleep and be calm was a true blessing.

I had forgotten about this scenario until tonight when my oldest son came in with a tummy ache.  While I was giving him Reiki to fall asleep I drifted back to this story and felt the urge to tell it.  You never know what circumstances you’ll be in but you can always count on the Reiki being with you.

Reiki is Always With You

Once you have been attuned to Reiki you are always attuned to Reiki.  Even if it has been many years, the Reiki will still run through you when you place your hands on someone with the intent to heal.  If you have not worked with Reiki in a long time it may be nice to take a class again and get a refresher, even another attunement.  The more the better I say.  But, it is not necessary.  Once you have Reiki, you always have Reiki.  I suggest you USE IT!!  And use it often!!

In Love and Light,


4 thoughts on “Reiki Is Always With You

  1. love this story!! and love the pics of the boys, especially the one with the rock! so funny!

  2. I always offer Reiki when someone tells me they’re hurting (emotionally or physically.) Even if it won’t totally solve the problem, every little bit helps, I say.

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. Very cute pictures, and very inspiring.

  3. Thanks Lauren, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for letting me know that. I’m glad you liked the photos too. I, of course, love looking back at photos of my boys where they were young because they are growing up so fast. It always reminds me to slow down a bit and enjoy them. Thank you for reading, I pray you are having a wonderful first Christmas in your new home. Miss you, Love you, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Joss

  4. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Amy. Yes, I know YOU are excellent at allowing others to experience Reiki first hand. You can talk talk talk about Reiki until you are blue in the face, but truly it is DOING the Reiki that allows people to have their own personal experience. You do that for people beautifully. Thank you for that. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. thank you for letting me know. It means a lot to me. Love and Light to you, Joss

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